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The XCritic Interview: Joshua Lewis


I thoroughly enjoy doing interviews, and this conversation I had with Joshua Lewis is no exception. I had been wanting to talk with him for the last several months, but for whatever reason, I hadn’t done so. Then, I watched as Josh’s star climb higher and higher, and finally, I thought to myself, “Self, get off your ass and talk to him!”

I messaged Erika Icon from TheRubPR and asked for an interview.

I’m so happy that I did.

Josh is like a breath of fresh air. He’s charming, upbeat, and funny. I think I marked “laughing” or “shared laughter” 4-5 times throughout, but we were both laughing more than I could count. The parts of this interview that I edited out were from both of us carrying on about something to the point where all you can put down is {shared laughter}! That makes it fun.

But then, Josh can also be serious. He’s level-headed and seems to know exactly where he’s going. Joshua is professional, and understands the business he is in. He’s got some good ideas and thoughts on improving himself, as well as our adult industry that he has already begun taking by storm.

So … that’s the introduction. Please pull up a seat, sit back, relax, and spend a few minutes getting to know Joshua Lewis.




Jim Steele - First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me today.


Josh Lewis - Yeah, of course. Thanks for having me.


Jim Steele - Dude, I'll tell you what, I haven't looked at every single scene or thing that you've done, but I've definitely had my eye on you for the better part of a year. You had a great year, right?


Josh Lewis - Yeah, no, I definitely have since I signed with Sandra (Sandra at OC Modeling) last September.


Jim Steele - So first off, just so I know, do you go by Josh or Joshua?


Josh Lewis - Josh works.I like my porn name, don't get me wrong, but I tell everyone, "Just say Josh, don't say Joshua."


Jim Steele - I gotcha. So, you were talking about Sandra and OC, you signed with them in September - that would've been 2021 - when did your first scene drop?


Josh Lewis - I'm trying to think. Probably like November.


Jim Steele - So was your first deal ever through OC?


Josh Lewis – Yeah, before that, I was just doing content with ManyVids and OnlyFans.


Jim Steele - Okay. So, you’re just starting out - and you're only 20, and I say only because I'm a lot older than you are, so I guess I'm allowed to say that! Haha. At what point did you start just doing your own deal on ManyVids or OnlyFans, or wherever? When was that?


Josh Lewis - It was January of last year, so January 2021.


Jim Steele - Okay, cool. And what brought that on?


Josh Lewis - I was originally going to go to school in fall of 2020 for fashion design at Kent State. I graduated in 2020 from high school and then I was going to go to school that fall, but then COVID messed things up with that. So, I looked around, and porn was something I always wanted to do, like in the back of my head. It wasn't like, yeah, I'm going to be a porn star when I grow up, I'm going to do this and that. It wasn't like that. It was just that occasionally I would think about it, like, “What if I did that?” And then, with COVID, OnlyFans was taking off big time around that time too. And so, since I wasn't going to school, I took a part-time job at FedEx for a little bit. But after that, I just fully went in on OnlyFans and it spurred off really quick. I got lucky, because I met the right people, and then once I got onto Twitter it started getting bigger. After a while, I made the move to Vegas. And slowly after that, all the pieces started to pick up and come together.


Jim Steele – Nice. I won't say that every young guy wants to be a porn star, but a lot of them do. I mean, at that age, I was thinking, “Wow, that would be a cool thing to do.” So, did you have any kind of persuasion or encouragement from your friends, or your girlfriends, that “Yeah, you would be perfect for this,” or was it just you thinking all this on your own?


'I enjoyed hearing from Josh how he went about getting into the business, and the key word with him was that, even though it may have appeared to be an overnight success from the outside, that the pieces to where he is now “slowly” fell into place, and that’s an important thing to consider. No matter the industry or profession that someone chooses, it has to be for all the right reasons, and you really need to love whatever it is that you’re getting into, and I was happy to hear that Josh truly enjoys what he does for a living. Everything is a slow process, and almost nothing comes together quickly, and years of planning, hard work, and perseverance is what it takes to get ahead in life. Josh understands this and is even planning his future with equal patience and consideration.


Josh Lewis - I mean, when I was in high school, people would be like, "You're definitely going to get into porn," or something along those lines, because I was super sexually active in high school, and even after that. So, people egged me on in that way, but nobody really thought it would go this far. Haha. I never thought it would go this far, but it kind of just happened that way.


Jim Steele - It kind of just did, didn't it!?


Josh Lewis - Yeah. It just kept picking up, and picking up, and picking up. And the gears kept rolling and I was like, “Wow, I love my job!”


Jim Steele - All right. So, you get into it. You're with OC and that’s a great agency to be with. You know, what can I say?


Josh Lewis - Yeah, I would say so. Especially for guys, by far.


Jim Steele - So you're definitely already very well placed. But just waking up in the morning, from where you sit now, what's the best thing in your day when you wake up that you have to look forward to about your job or your life?


Josh Lewis - I would say everything because I'm not just stuck in a box. Josh Lewis, No Shirt, Smiling, Jim Steele, XCritic InterviewIf I'm not booked one day, even though I absolutely love going to set every day, then I'm either picking up my camera and learning stuff with that, or I'm editing or I'm uploading. Other times, I'm just taking the day off and playing video games or hanging out with some friends in town or going hiking. I would say my life is great, and I'm in a really good spot right now, which I'm very appreciative of.


Jim Steele - Yeah, and you sound upbeat. Why shouldn't you? Haha, I guess I am too. But hell, we should all be upbeat all the time, right?


Josh Lewis - Oh, yeah.


Jim Steele – So, you run all of your pay sites, but you mentioned editing. Are you in charge of all that or do you hire any of that out?


Josh Lewis - I was for a long time. Then, as I started shooting more and more, and trying to do paid shoots and content at the same time, I slowed down on that. I've been hiring out those jobs to other people to some of that for me, and I'm currently talking to a couple different site managers and stuff to hopefully pick somebody up and hire them here soon because it's way too much at this point.


Jim Steele - I mean, if you just edit what makes a five or ten-minute video, that's a few hours of work just doing that.


Josh Lewis - Yeah, and especially now that I'm not just shooting with my iPhone. I just picked up a Lumix GH6 a couple of weeks ago because a couple of directors told me, "If you want to start shooting, get this." So even with that, now I have to compress files and upload them in such a way to save space and not crash my laptop.


Jim Steele – I love it. You're learning that plus the finer points at such a young age, so that's going to leave a lot of options open for you, right?


Josh Lewis - Definitely. And that's the way I look at it because even though I am 20, I'm being realistic with myself. I'm not going to be a male talent forever and do what I do on camera without going to extensive measures, which I don't want to. So, I'm trying to learn the stuff behind the camera, and with the camera so eventually I don't have to just be that. I’ll be able to do more, if that makes sense.


Jim Steele - No, it makes perfect sense. It makes really good sense. But you mentioned about other measures. So, what do you mean? Enlighten me. At your age, what other measures? Not right now, but in the future. What are you looking at? You don't want to take pills, you don't want to do injections, that kind of thing?


Josh Lewis - Yeah, exactly.


Jim Steele - I get it. I'm here to let you know that at age 48, everything still works really well, but not nearly as good as it did at 20!


{Shared Laughter}


Josh Lewis – That’s good to know. Haha. I think about male talent in the past, and they didn't have access to any of that. They just did it all simply with their head. There were no pills, no shots, no pumps, or surgeries or anything like that, and that's the way I look at it going into scenes now. I don't need that. And people did it all those years in the past without any of that.


Jim Steele – You’re doing fine. Plus, you’ve got one after another gorgeous co-stars. So that helps, right?


Josh Lewis - Of course. Absolutely.


{Both Laughing}


Jim Steele - But let's go back just a minute. Where did you grow up? Toledo, was that it?


Josh Lewis - Yeah, Toledo, Ohio.


Jim Steele - Okay. So, you graduate in 2020, and this is what you think you might be doing, but when it really became "real", what your friends and family think about that?


Josh Lewis - So my friends, they were like, "That's good for you. I'm glad you figured it out," and they're happy for me. With my family, I talk to some family members, but not all of them. It kind of got rocky there, and I'm sure it'll be better after a bit. But what can you do? I'm happy.


Jim Steele – Yeah, I hear you. If it's your mom or dad or your grandma, sometimes they come around, and sometimes they never really come around. But like you say, if you're able to sleep at night, then that counts for an awful lot.


Josh Lewis - Exactly. I'm the one paying my bills. I'm the one putting a roof over my head and making sure there's money in my bank account and they're not the ones doing that. So, they can't really complain.


Jim Steele – No, you’re right about that. You mentioned Vegas, is that where you're based at nowadays?


Josh Lewis - Yeah, Vegas.


Jim Steele - Cool. Then it's not very long of a drive or whatever down to LA if you need to go down there.


Josh Lewis - It's about four hours, so it's not too bad, it's manageable.


Jim Steele - I know that you stay awful busy. How many days a week do you think that you are on set?


Josh Lewis - It honestly just depends. I have weeks where I'm on set for three days, and then sometimes I'm working six or seven days in a row. It just depends how I feel and how my dick's feeling.


Jim Steele - Yeah. How many scenes or money shots, whatever, in one day's time, what’s your max? I’ve gotta know.


Josh Lewis - When I get booked for a scene for one day, obviously I only cum once. But sometimes I'll do content once or twice afterwards, or even in my personal life. So, I guess you could say sometimes I cum three to four times in a day and then some days it might be one, some days it might be two. Or I'm taking those couple of days off where I'm not doing anything. It really just depends.


Jim Steele - You mentioned your days off. I watched that scene from Brazzers with , The Gamer Chick video, and then I’m wondering if you’re really into gaming or whatever in your personal life? Is there anything where you’re like, “This is what I want to do on my day off,” and that's what you're doing? What's your fave?


Josh Lewis - I've been going through a big movie phase, so I've been watching a lot of older movies lately. But if I'm not doing that, but I'm either playing Fortnite or Call of Duty or Madden.


Jim Steele - So older movies. What are we talking here? 1980s, 1940s?


Josh Lewis - I would say '90s, early 2000s, maybe some '80s.


Jim Steele - Okay, so movies. How about TV shows? Are you a Netflix guy that just chills on the couch for a weekend and binge watches something?


Josh Lewis - Yeah, I actually just did that. So, there was a movie called "The Lincoln Lawyer". It's with Matthew McConaughey. Great fucking movie. But they just had a Netflix entitled “The Lincoln Lawyer” come out, loosely based on that movie, and it's pretty good.


Jim Steele - Yeah. I love Matthew McConaughey. I'm actually writing that down. I'm going to check it out.


{I literally hung up the phone after our interview and binge watched “The Lincoln Lawyer” on Netflix. Jim’s rating: 5 Stars = a fucking terrific show.}


Josh Lewis - He's a great actor. I just watched the movie with him in it last night or the night before. It's called "Time to Kill" or something, I believe.


Jim Steele - Oh, shit. I watched one too a couple of days ago with him in it and I cannot remember what the name of it was, but it was very, very good. I wish I could remember what it was, but that's okay. So, the friends you grew up with - of course, you're in Vegas, so you're not close - you might still talk with them, but they obviously probably don't live close to you. So, the girls and the guys, I know sometimes they're a little bit different the way they associate in the business. It could be girls and/or guys, but do you have any business friends that you shoot with as well as just hang out with?


Josh Lewis - Yeah, definitely. I hang out with Oliver Faze a lot, he's in Vegas, and Tyler Cruise. A couple of the girls, like Angel Gostosa, she'll come over and hang out sometimes and Maria Kazi. It just so hard to line up schedules with each other. Because I'll be in LA one week, and then they'll be in Vegas, and I'll come back home, and then they'll be in LA. Haha.


Jim Steele - Yeah. I live just outside of Louisville, Kentucky, but a lot of people think that I either live in Vegas or Los Angeles. And so, they're like, "Well, just come on down." And I'm like, "It's a five-hour plane ride, man." Not quite to your level, but a little bit similar. So let me ask you this. It could have been even when you were looking to get into the business and especially even now, is there a certain veteran performer that you really looked up to, or even took you under his or her wing and mentored you?


Josh Lewis - I wouldn't say that I did. But my first scene was "Sis Loves Me", with Lily Lou, and there's a director out here named Robert in Vegas who shoots for Porn Pros, TeamSkeet, and a few other companies. I’d say he's the one who really taught me, “Okay, this is what you need to do before a shoot, this is what you need to do for this, for that,” and he booked me my first couple of scenes. I really owe it to him, because I don't think I would be as good of a performer as I am right now, if it weren’t for having him on my first couple of sets.


Jim Steele - Okay. I gotcha. So, we mentioned Brazzers, and I think your debut was in March with Brazzers, right?


Josh Lewis - I believe so. It was with Octavia Red, I think. Yeah.


Jim Steele - Yeah, Octavia was in the "Sex with my Specs", which was pretty cool. I wonder if you had any acting experience, but it looks like you’ve got a knack for it because in that scene, you're just really goo-goo eyed over her, and she's giving you some shots, but yet– you're building that anticipation. And so that was a cool scene with her. And then the stepmom, I always think those are funny when she's fucking you right in front of the dad and he doesn't know. I never get tired of that. So that was a big deal though, right, with Brazzers?


Josh Lewis – Yeah, it's great how that scene happened, because one of the directors from Brazzers made a tweet that they needed a new guy for the scene that day. So immediately I see that, I texted my agent, and that's how I got in my first official boy/girl Brazzers scene.


Jim Steele - Yeah, but everybody's aiming at Brazzers, and that's a pinnacle kind of a deal. So yeah man, that's really cool that you hit that.


Josh Lewis - Yeah, they're really a great company. They do a lot of promotion for guys and the girls. They're putting you on their Twitter feed and stuff like that.


Jim Steele - It's a ton of promo, my friend, they do a lot. You've also got some stuff on the way with Cherry Pimp, and you've already mentioned TeamSkeet, MILF.com. So, of all those that we've mentioned so far, if you had to pick a favorite or something that you would say, "Well, they were way cool," which one might it be and what would be your reason for that?


Josh Lewis - That is so hard. That's a tough one.


Jim Steele - You don't have to answer if you don't want to. I'm just curious because you’ve got this… an avalanche of really cool things on top of you right now. So, I'm just kind of wondering, what does it look like from your point of view?


Josh Lewis - That's really hard because I really love all the directors and just the way that all the scenes are different, the way the companies shoot them. Josh Lewis, White Shirt Unbuttoned, Smiling, Serious, Jim Steele, XCritic InterviewSome can be funny or serious. So, it's really hard to just pick one. But I've been shooting for TeamSkeet, and MILF.com a lot. I can say that I really enjoy shooting for them.


Jim Steele - Yeah. And we're not downplaying anybody else by this question, not by any means. But you mentioned the funny or the serious. If you had to pick between those two, what would you prefer?


Josh Lewis - Probably the funny ones. So, for Team Skeet we do mom swap, and sister swap, so we have to ad lib a lot. I wasn't really the greatest my first scene with ad lobbing, and then as we did more and more, it just got funnier, and I started getting better at it. Now, as we’re doing more, those little one-liners pop up right to the front of my head, like it's nothing.


Jim Steele - But the best part of this is always when the stepmom gets jealous somehow and she snatches your dick away from the girl, and then they're fighting over it, and when that's going on, is it ever difficult to keep it up? No matter what’s going on, in the back of your mind, you may or may not kind of be chuckling a little bit because it's comical, let's face it. Does that ever break your concentration or are you able to keep going with no breaks?


Josh Lewis - I'm pretty good at it now, but sometimes I drop the one-liners and the director, and everyone loses it. That happened the other day on set, and I just tried to go with it, make it part of the scene, but nobody could not stop laughing. So sometimes it's just like, “Alright. Haha!”


Jim Steele - But isn't that what kind of makes it, when it's real like that, even if it's not super, super sexy and sensual, it’s real. As long as it's funny, you guys are still having a moment, that's what makes it cool, right?


Josh Lewis - Oh, yeah, definitely.


'The Stepmom/ Stepsister scenes, for me anyway, have always had two different dynamics. On one hand, they can just be the dirtiest kind of hot thing you ever hoped to watch; and then again, sometimes they’re just funny. I really enjoyed hearing from a guy who does these on a regular basis that I wasn’t the only one laughing while two girls are fighting over his cock. Meanwhile, 'ole Dad is just inches away from the action, but somehow doesn’t know that his wife and daughter are getting fucked 6 ways to Sunday by this young man that he probably thought was “a good kid” a few minutes ago. My outtake on that, but I never get tired of those scenes.


Jim Steele - I'm curious to know. If you had to pick, and it might be in your personal life, if you have a personal kink that really gets you going, what is it?


Josh Lewis - I don't really think I've come across any personal kinks really because I'm just turned on by mostly everything.


Jim Steele - Mostly everything?


Josh Lewis – Yeah, nothing weird, but mostly everything.


Jim Steele - Fair enough.


Josh Lewis - It's funny because when we go over our yes’s and no’s before our scenes, they're always like, "What are your yes’s, Josh?" And I'm like, "Everything, whatever you want to do."


Jim Steele - But you're not supposed to say that, though … Right!? I guess it's okay unless there's somebody over there with a gigantic cucumber that they're looking to aim it someplace you don't want it.


Josh Lewis - I mean, I do say nothing in my butt. But for yes’s, I don't just have one certain thing that I enjoy.


Jim Steele - I got it. So, again, this is not saying that somebody is less than perfect, but who, to date, has been your favorite or your most enjoyable co-star, co-performer?


Josh Lewis - I have more than a few that are memorable. I recently worked with Madi Collins, Kimora Quin, and Chloe Surreal and they were fantastic. And I've worked with Kimora Quin before for Cherry Pimps, so that was an amazing scene we did for TeamSkeet. And I would have to say, I really loved my Reality Kings scene with Lily Lou and Gabi Paltrova that we did a few months ago too. The chemistry was all there, and it was such a great scene.


Jim Steele – Cool, that's got to be the life, and I’m happy you’re doing so well, but you’ve also had some nominations from all that work. You had a nomination for the YNOT Cam Awards for the male creator of the year and also for Fleshbot for best male new talent.


Josh Lewis - Yesssss!


Jim Steele - Right on! How does that make you feel when you look in the mirror?


Josh Lewis - It makes me feel great and it definitely makes me feel very proud of myself and extremely thankful for everyone around me, whether it's friends, family, my publicist, and my agents! I’m just incredibly thankful to be in the position that I am in right now because I wouldn't be able to do it without any of them.


Jim Steele - We've already gone over this a little bit, but when you first started, did you ever think you would be in the position to have awards?


Josh Lewis - No, definitely not, and you can never tell, when you’re going in, how it's all going to play out. But now, I have my whole body in the water of this entire industry, and… I feel like I can do whatever I put my mind to, as long as I believe in myself.


Jim Steele – Yeah, I hear that. Do you work out? What are you doing to maintain and improve this really cool physique of the attractive male porn star?


Josh Lewis - I definitely try and work out when I can. It's really hard with my work schedule, but I'm trying to get into a routine. The problem is when you try and go before set, or even after, especially on longer days. So, I would say sex is definitely the main thing that keeps me in shape currently. But its’ also just watching what I put into my body and just overall taking care of myself as far as foods I eat and what I'm drinking.


Jim Steele - Just besides being a good-looking dude and having a nice cock - and by the way, you got great hair. I don't have very much hair left, but I try to deal with it. But, forgetting the girls for a minute, as far as male talent goes, what’s the most important thing that you bring to the table?


Josh Lewis - The most important thing I think I bring to the table, and I think all guys should put this into their head as a male talent, is that our job isn't to try so hard to be the star of the show, because if we do it right, we will shine.Josh Lewis, wearing ballcap, Smiling, Jim Steele, XCritic Interview But our job is really to make everyone else's day easier. And I'm very much a firm believer in that, making sure your co-star's comfortable, making sure she's having the best time, and she's taken care of while on set, but also making the day easier for the directors, and the PA’s, and whoever else is on set. So, when I'm on set, I'm always asking the girl what she needs and making sure she's good. I'm asking the director if he needs anything and being very conscious of the yes’s and no’s that my co-star tells me before and making sure she's having a good time. I’m also doing my best in opening up to the camera, so the director doesn't have to cut, and tell me to adjust, things like that.


Jim Steele - I'm glad that you mentioned that because I interviewed Skye Blue, I think it was a month or two ago, and she had a scene with Dredd. And he’s a great guy but he’s also huge, it's like he's got a third leg down there, right? And I had always heard this about him, and she was backing that up, and was saying, "Well, he's such a sweetheart and his whole deal for that day was making me and the others feel just way comfortable and safe, and then the rest of it just kind of takes its course." And then, like you say, you're going to have your shining moment. You can't have a boy/girl triple-X scene without a cock. So, that’s cool you brought that up because it was right in line with what she was talking about that made it such a great day, and such a comfortable experience for her.


Josh Lewis - I'm glad she had that good time and talked about that. But yeah, you can't have a good day if everything else is running off course and you're making it about you. At the end of the day, it's about the girl.


Jim Steele - And would you say that in your personal life that's how you approach it as well, that it's all about her, right?


Josh Lewis - Yeah. In your personal life, it's about you want to get her off and she wants to get you off. So, you make whoever you're with in your personal life the star because you want them to feel good too.


Jim Steele - Yeah, I got it. And the old saying, nice guys finish last, I think there's a lot of merit and a lot of stock you can put into that. So, do you have a personal dating life?


Josh Lewis - No, not really at the moment.


Jim Steele - And is that just because of your line of work or you just don't have time?


Josh Lewis - Well, for one, I don't have time and two, definitely my line of work, because I wouldn't want to mess around with people outside the industry when they're not getting tested every two weeks and things along those lines because I don't want to put myself at risk and I definitely don't want to put the people I'm working with at risk either.


Jim Steele - Yeah, you're right on target with that. I think most people operate that way. There's a couple that don't maybe. But yeah, I would personally be scared to death just to go out to the bar down the street and pick up whatever. You know what I'm saying?


Josh Lewis - Oh, yeah, definitely. And even if it's something small, like chlamydia, it's treatable. But then again, you're out of work for a week to two weeks because you have to get your new tests. Oh, I'm positive. Oh, I have to get my medicine. And then you have to wait however many days and then get retested.


Jim Steele - Yeah, there's no guarantees. Somebody put a video out on Instagram - oh, it was Mark Spiegler in an interview with EmmReport, and he telling about how he warns people just getting into the business, that it’s not all glamorous, and you might have to work with people you don’t like. A whole list of things, and also that, at some point you may or may not catch a disease. It was a very candid and overdue kind of talk. So yeah, it's a job hazard. But, if you play by the rules, and do the right thing, I think that more often than not it’s going to be okay.


Josh Lewis - Absolutely.


Jim Steele – Yeah, and that doesn’t have to influence this next question, but I'll just segue into it. If there's one part about your job that's kind of tough, that's kind of a hurdle or a mental mind fuck, what would that be?


Josh Lewis – It can be stressful to put yourself into that mindset when you're on set to get into that state of mind to perform. I wouldn't say stressful, but it can be a mentally exhausting job being a male talent at times, but not in a bad way. Don't get me wrong, I love my job so much.


Jim Steele – So when you meanstressful, it’s like, you can't fake a hard-on, right?


Josh Lewis - Exactly. It's just like you're digging deep, really, inside your head. Josh Lewis, Black Swim Trunks, Smiling, Jim Steele, XCritic InterviewAnd sometimes I'm just in the mood at the time so it's just like a super easy day and let's roll right into it. And then sometimes it's just like, okay, it’s not, but I click that little switch on in my brain, and we’re good. I really don't know how to explain it, but I'm sure other male talents say the same thing. It's like this little switch in your head and it kind of just turns on before the scene.


Jim Steele - Yeah. I'll be honest with you, you're the youngest male talent I've ever spoken with. So, I think it's like everything else, as you get older and years under your belt, I don't want to say it happens automatically, but you develop a system for that, or at least that's what I've heard.


Josh Lewis - And that's what I was going to get into, is that at this point it's like I wouldn't say I'm like a sex robot in a bad way, but now it's becoming automatic. As soon as I’m like, “Okay, it's time, okay, it's time. Let's go.” You pick that up as you do more scenes where it comes naturally, and at that point, your head's just wired to know when to do its thing.


Jim Steele - I'm not talking about a ManyVids, or amateur, or anything like that, but the first time you were really on a set, did you surprise yourself and have some stage fright and have to take a minute to get ready?


Josh Lewis - Not really a minute, but yeah, I definitely had some stage fright, but I felt like that went away, the more scenes I did. I would say after my 10th one, that's really when it was like, “Okay, I got this.” I’d say after my 50th or 60th scene it became as natural as rowing a boat. Now I’m totally being able to know what to do and being able to get right into it.


'I have spoken to guys before and this is a constant theme that very few outside the business actually give them credit for. We all know that girls aren’t in the mood sometimes, and that’s a commonly accepted thing, but most people assume that guys, especially a 20-year-old guy, are ALWAYS READY to pop a rod and get at it. The assumption is so far off base, and particularly true when you toss them on a set with multiple performers, crew, and onlookers. I appreciated the way Josh answered the question, doing so in the most professional way possible, that yeah, sometimes it’s difficult, but you pull it together, and find that happy mental place where you can perform. No matter the age involved, we’re all biological beings, and everyone has their limits. The moral of the story: know yourself and your weaknesses, and work daily to improve so you can always be that much better.


Jim Steele - That's cool. Five years from now, where does Josh see himself?


Josh Lewis - In five years, I definitely see myself branching off doing things in the porn industry, but not necessarily being a male talent. I mean, I'm sure I'll still be a male talent, but I believe, and I want to be doing other things too within the industry.


Jim Steele - What? Like directing, producing, that kind of stuff?


Josh Lewis - Directing and producing, yeah. Stuff like that. I also plan to have a website by that time that's fully up and running.


Jim Steele – Okay, I was going to ask you about that. So, you're shooting for a lot of people. I was actually going to ask you about if you had plans to have your own website with content that you own, or that you've had a hand in either producing by yourself or along with somebody else, if that was in the deck of cards?


Josh Lewis - Yeah, definitely. That's where I'm planning on leaning towards with my career and my content and my work and stuff like that. Because OnlyFans isn't always going to be there, ManyVids isn't always going to be there. Who knows with those websites? So, being able to have your own spot to sell and release your own content is definitely the way to go.


Jim Steele - Everything changes, and even if it doesn't change a lot, it changes a little bit. And you have to wonder if in one year, or ten years, is it still going to be here? Is this going to be available? And it might not.


Josh Lewis - Exactly.


Jim Steele - Alright, so that's your professional life. What about your personal life? I don't want to make it like “if porn went away” because that's not where I'm headed with this. Is there one thing that you'd like to do just on your own and get really, really good at, something just for you?


Josh Lewis - I definitely want to learn to play a couple of instruments and speak a couple of different languages as far as that goes. I mean, if I were doing something like a little bit outside of the industry but still being in it, I would be getting into real estate. You wouldn’t think it, but owning property goes with porn too, as far as having a house to own, sell, or rent out for shoots.


Jim Steele - You're funny. No, but it's actually a great point. So, you could literally be flipping houses and making money and you would have a new set for any number of days or weeks every other month, right?


Josh Lewis - Yeah, exactly.


Jim Steele - I guess I never thought of it that way, but it's not a bad plan.


Josh Lewis - A lot of things you wouldn't think incorporate themselves into porn. And like in real estate, if I bought a house, I can Airbnb it out, I could rent it out to studios to shoot their scenes in and rent it out to models who are staying in town who need a place to stay, stuff like that.


Jim Steele - No, it's a great plan, actually. I would encourage that. It sounds fun. And if you wanted to, you could just go crash there on the weekend and have a party.


Josh Lewis - Yeah, exactly. I've been looking at Turo too. I've been trying to figure that out and how realistic it is as far as making money renting a car to people.


Jim Steele - What did you call it? You've been looking at what?


Josh Lewis - It's called Turo T.U.R.O. Haha


Jim Steele - Okay, I've not heard of that, but I'm glad that you told me about it.


Josh Lewis - Just like a car rental place, but it's like Airbnb for cars.


Jim Steele - Okay. Well, I don't know about that. A lot more things could go wrong with renting a car than a house.


Josh Lewis - And that's what I was thinking. I'm like, how much would I trust somebody to rent my car and use it for a couple of days and then return it or not have damage on it and all of the above?


{Both laughing}


Jim Steele - Yeah. Well, I was watching "Jackass 4 - The Movie" the other night, and they rented that car and went and put it through the demolition derby and then returned it and it's all torn up. But I know people that are on the no-rental list, and they'll hit me up and I'm like, "No, I'm not going to rent you a car. They won't rent it to you. Why should I put my name next to yours?"


Josh Lewis – Yeah, Haha, seriously!


Jim Steele - I'm like, "Are you fucking crazy? I'm not doing that." True story. It happens all the time. I don't know if you know people on the do-not-rent list, but if you do then they're on that list for a reason.


Josh Lewis - No, but I've had people ask me to co-sign for them on a loan, and I'm like, "I'm not fucking co-signing for you."


Jim Steele - Fucking assholes {both laughing}.


Jim Steele - All right. So, you're in the business, you're on the fast track, you're on your way to who knows what, and we all hope it’s gonna be terrific. But, knowing what you know now, if you could pick one kind of pet cause, and say “This is my deal and I want to make it better,” what would that be? It could have to do with any number of things, just something that you think could be better.


Josh Lewis - I would say testing, honestly. Just there's been a lot of issues with that and paying 190 bucks every two weeks or even more often can be a little rough at times. Especially for those who are just putting their foot in the door. When they're not established, and they want to get started, that’s a little hefty to pay every two weeks.


Jim Steele - Yeah. I mean. I won't disagree. I use TTS, but I don't go every single two weeks. But I don't shoot like you do either. Still, if you’re going to be current to shoot, or, like you say, there are people just getting their foot in the door, it’s an expense. You might have a draw fee, and then be looking at $250 or $260 all said and done, and that’s every couple of weeks.


Josh Lewis – Yeah, so you're paying like $600 a month, and that's half of some people's rent.


Jim Steele - I feel you and I hear you on that. But I do know this, that it's cheaper than if you go to a doctor office or like Planned Parenthood. If you go there and get a 12-panel test, it's like 500 or 600 bucks, and you wait a week. I like that it's a fast turnaround from TTS, and it's reliable. But yeah, I get you on the cost and it's something that’s recurring, and never stops.


Josh Lewis – Yeah, seriously. I really don't mind because I'm paying for my safety and everyone else's safety too. But there's new people trying to get their foot in the door, and maybe there’d be some way to make that better, so it’s easier and more attractive for everyone to be safe, because that’s the most important thing.


Jim Steele - So I was going to ask if you planned to run for president, because I thought that would be cool to have a porn star for President, and you're young enough that you could still do a bunch of stuff and get your candidacy in order. {At this point I’m laughing my ass off at my question and couldn’t stop thinking about it.} Er, um. Sorry. That was a silly question. I'm sorry for bringing it up.


Josh Lewis - No, you're fine. But I don't think I would run for president. I don't think I could do it.


Jim Steele – I always remember this funny story from Doug Stanhope, who I think is the funniest comedian out there today. I think the minimum age is like 35 and he's like, "Fuck that. Let's lower it to age 16 because if nothing else, young kids, they might not have all the answers, but at least they're doing something and they're going forward and that's better than these old fucks are doing."


Josh Lewis - Well, yeah. {Laughing} I like it, but still don’t think I would want to do that.


Jim Steele - All right, so back on track. Is there anything that I didn't ask you that you wished I would've brought up? That's become one of my favorite questions and sometimes I strike gold and sometimes they're like, "I don't know. You asked me everything."


Josh Lewis - I got to think about this one for a second.


Jim Steele - That may or may not be good.


              {Clock ticking in the background}


Josh Lewis - That's a tough one. I like that question. I like that question a lot.


Jim Steele - It's a good thing we're not on the air right now, or else they'd have to play some elevator music.


                                      {Jim puts on a relaxing musical interlude}


Josh Lewis - Yeah. That's a hard one. Wow. Yeah, I can't think of anything right now. I really can't.


Jim Steele - That's okay. I can't remember when I started asking that, but I actually went through my notes decently quick and so I was like, "Wow, I'm to that already." It just blows my mind that you were out of high school in 2020, and then here we are, and you're already... Oh, I meant to ask you about your social media. That was right here in my notes, so I'll roll into that.


Josh Lewis – Haha, I was just going to say it's kind of crazy because I didn't realize how young I am for being a male talent in the porn industry.


Jim Steele - And it's funny because I know guys that were in the business in the '80s, like Sean Michaels, as an example, and Tom Byron was the same way. I know I’m missing other guys who started at that age, but they were both 18 years old when they showed up at Jim South's office, and that was in like '82 or '83, so you’re in good company. I think that here lately, it seems like they might start a little bit later than that. So, for me, it’s a treat to talk with you, because you're this young energetic guy, and that's terrific. But, yeah, your social media, and you’re in that age group where you grew up with this stuff. Your Twitter is, what, at like 97,000 followers, and you got 26,000 on Instagram?


Josh Lewis - Yeah, somewhere around there.


Jim Steele - All right. So, which one of those - and I know that you’re on other sites, you’ve got your Snapchat, and everything else, but which is your favorite?


Josh Lewis - I would say Instagram. Josh Lewis, White Shirt, Climbing Stairs, Serious, Jim Steele, XCritic InterviewMaybe just a little bit more because I like doing the question polls on there, where I can really interact and answer questions from fans. I don't feel like I get that on Twitter. I'm just retweeting scenes that come out and hearing compliments from fans, which is great. But I like that social interaction of answering questions they have.


Jim Steele - Interesting. I've heard that about Insta from a couple of different people, but also because you're able to show more of your... Well, on Twitter, you can get away with just straight up triple X, or whatever the hell you want to put up there. But on Instagram, it's a little bit more artistic in a way.


Josh Lewis – Yeah, a little bit, I would say so. When I'm on Twitter, I just slap porn on there, or I'll throw up a corny tweet to get some engagement. But on Instagram. I actually have to post something and think about it and I’m like, “What's a good caption for this?”


Jim Steele - Yeah. I appreciate you, and the follow on Instagram, you’re feed is great. Most of the time, mine sucks ass. I'm trying to look at what I posted last. Yeah, it's the dog with lettuce for fur. That's dumb. I'm not you. You've got all these gorgeous photos. Once in a while, if I have a good pic, I'll post a photo or two and that's cool. But it's definitely a different audience on Instagram. And that's where I was going with this. I didn't know if that played into it for you.


Josh Lewis – For me, Instagram's a lot more user friendly than Twitter. I feel like Instagram's way easier to get a grasp on than Twitter, for sure. But Instagram's algorithm is so weird right now where it's really hard to gain traffic consistently. I know it's a lot more different for girls and they just like blow up overnight on Instagram. But for guys, it's like such a slow-moving train. Whereas for Twitter, it's way easier and faster for me to grow. It's so weird.


Jim Steele - Yeah. I imagine your Twitter follower clock just kind of like ticks away, click, click, click, click, follower, follower, follower. But I mean, I'm the same way on Instagram, where it's like you fight for every single follower. But you're doing really well on both of them though. And then you got your Snapchat too, which I don't understand because I'm old, but that’s fine. So, if you get the most personal enjoyment out of, say… Instagram, which one do you feel like helps you the most professionally?


Josh Lewis - That's a tough one. I think Twitter and Instagram both help equally. It's so weird because as far as like promoting yourself goes, it's like a really bad ratio. It's like every 10 to 20 out of like maybe 1,000 followers, maybe even more than that, go to your OnlyFans and stuff like that. Some days where you gain a lot, it'll be more, but it's like it's a really weird ratio from your socials to your paying platforms. That's why for me, when I'm trying to promo those sites, I'm either doing Reddit or TikTok or posting a video with my links watermarked on Pornhub or XVideos, because it's a lot easier to get traffic that way.


Jim Steele - Yeah. I've heard from some of the girls that they get more traffic to their OnlyFans and their other sites through Instagram - and it's weird, like you say - even though you can't show your triple-X content on Instagram. Somehow, maybe it's just the suggestive nature of the photograph that grabs somebody's attention. I don't know. But it's definitely different, and I can't put my finger on it either. But, speaking of pay sites, which one do you pay the most attention to and plug the most?


Josh Lewis - Definitely my OnlyFans, for right now. I do have my own website, but I haven't been doing much with it recently. On top of shooting, I want to put the most attention on the sites that are making me money currently. I can only do so much, so that's why I'm bringing on a team to help me run my sites.


Jim Steele - Okay, cool. And I guess I'm glad I brought that up because it led me into this whole line of questions that I had absolutely forgot about. But what other cool scenes or studios do you have waiting in the wings, that are getting ready to drop?


Josh Lewis – My Cherry Pimp scene recently came out, “Tiny and Petite Freya Von Doom Loves Sex Live”, and I’m working on a bunch of new content. A couple other new ones are “The Queens of Cream” from Mom Swap/Team Skeet, and  “Lessons from a Master Chef” at MYLF.com. I also have five new scenes dropping on MILF and TeamSkeet this week, which I'm excited about.


Jim Steele - Cool. That’s terrific stuff Josh. I’ve got to give a huge shout out to Erika at The Rub PR. She does a great job, and I’m always so thankful to have her, and also over to Anthony and Sandra at OC Modeling for keeping you as busy as you can possibly be. I encourage everybody to give you a Follow on Twitter, on Instagram, over at your OnlyFans, and all of your other social media, which they can find at your AllMyLinks. Thank you so much for talking with me this afternoon, Josh. I really appreciate it.


Josh Lewis - Yeah, of course. And thank you so much for having me too. It was definitely a pleasure.


Follow Joshua Lewis:

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