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Remembering Dakota Skye


  Dakota Skye’s booming voice echoed through the entrance of the shoot house as she burst in, it was a day on set I’ll never forget. Dakota Skye is one of those voices that you feel on the inside of your soul when she stood in front of you and spoke.  This special time was a workday on a porn set with her that I was covering, it led to one of the most memorable days of my life. I was fortunate enough to share a day witnessing what she was so amazing at which was performing in front of the camera. She was a gleaming soul that shone through her scenes as an adult performer and it still feels weird writing about her in the past tense. But it doesn’t feel weird remembering her legacy, because I still think about her all the time, even when she was still around I thought about how awesome she was and what she had in store for the industry before she passed. I loved every minute that I got to spend with this Earth Angel, but as life would reveal, this land roaming angel left this earth too soon.

Dakota Skye being goofy on set

I want to remember her legacy by focusing on the positive mark she left in the industry. I threw the term “powerhouse petite” around a lot in my writing but she was truly a powerhouse with unrecognized talent. Some would argue that she was too unsung but I don’t want to get into the drama surrounding her life and how it ended because to some it will be how they remember her, not me, I’ll remember her by the positive mark she left on the XXX industry with her performing.

 Dakota at Exxxotica

I enjoyed her presence akin to a beautiful song that gives you goosebumps while listening to it for the first time. I remember when I first ran into Dakota and met her in person, I’ll never forget it. It was at Exxxotica Miami back in 2018, it was my first year going to conventions as a fan and writer in the industry (my first printed articles came out that year). I was still green so I was naturally timid in this new but welcoming environment. Speaking of “welcoming”, walking up to Dakota felt natural to me. After registering her luring smile the floodgates opened and I started talking to her like I knew her for many years prior, but we only had just met.

We should remember Dakota Skye for the stage she danced on instead of her life off the stage of porno. Her works will be with us forever as a talent that had the promise of so much more.  The tragedy of her loss should teach us to reach out to the ones we love before it is too late.  I can't stress enough how it was too early to lose her and how she left a huge hole where a mass of potential was to be filled. I appreciate all that Dakota Skye gave to this industry and cherish all the memories of her that I have.

Dakota Skye on set

Happy Birthday, Dakota Skye, we miss you… 

Written by Moutasem "mutantmo" Seyam

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