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Years ago, adult film legend Jewel De’Nyle was laughed at when she took on the role of performer turned director. She went on to blur the lines between fetish and mainstream. She made it cool to be nasty, and changed the world of adult entertainment in ways that we are starting to see bear fruit. When the publisher of this amazing company gave me my first column, an honor, and a dream that I still can not believe is real. I thought hard about whom, and what, I wanted to write about. A few ideas sprang into my head, and the three that carried the most weight were OnlyFans, production companies, and performers. 

Lacy Lennon 

There are very few performers who you can put into those three categories, and say that they conduct themselves well. Lacy Lennon, she is one of them. Having just been named the latest Girlfriends Films contract star, I feel now, more than ever, that it was a calling from the heavens above, to be able to sit down with this A-list starlet and create my very first production. Now, in today’s age, creating content is easier than it ever has been. Some screen legends would say that this is what is killing, or has killed, the XXX film world. I myself used to believe this, but as of late, I am starting to think differently. 


Now, one thing that has always separated the best from the rest is the look and style of a production. That is something that has been a part of adult films since the days of Deep Throat. A film that is still one of the highest grossing independent films of all time. A film that even Jackie Onassis went to see. Gerard Damiano’s view of oral sex made porn become something that would one day be on every person’s phone and laptop. Few will admit to that, but that is for another day, another discussion. That is what I knew would help me sell this project to Lacy Lennon, at a time when I knew the industry needed something different, as did I. Enter, the one and only Dean Capture. 

Lacy Lennon 

If you ask any performer, and I have many, they will tell you tales of Dean Capture allowing their spirit to shine. From the porn newbie who gets fifteen minutes of fame, to stars destined to become immortal like Lacy, Dean has captured their hearts, as much as their minds. Over the span of a few decades, this industry icon has been hard at work perfecting his lighting scheme. Shooting the biggest stars in the world, and leaving you with images and video that you will never forget. From YouTube and Google, to the best XXX websites and production companies. This man’s touch is known from coast to coast, continent to continent. If I were a gambling man, I would say that is what sold Lacy on allowing me to co-create this piece of art, that would become a part of her brand within Vain Productions, XBIZ and even the Girlfriends Films newsletter. That is how vast the stretch of independent cinema can be. That is what brings a production back to its roots, and the days of adult XXX theaters across the many streets of so many big and small cities.  


The tale of our production begins there, and was followed with many moments that I jumped the gun, being a pain in the ass to my friend Lacy. Who has always been as cool as a cucumber with me, and that says a hell of a lot with anyone who knows the both of us? From style, to shoot location, Lacy took the reins of this project and told me to be patient, have faith, and see where it is that she could take our investment. Little did I know that I was working with the new Girlfriends Film's contract star. Little did I know just how far this performer's business savvy has gone and who it has connected with. Our project took us to some of the most sacred land in the state of California. A mecca to the porn world, as is the woman who owns the property. Things just felt too good to be true for me. I could not believe that this was what I was going to be a part of, and maybe that is what we need to start expecting in this industry. Instead of waiting for the other shoe to fall, or bad times to show their head. We need to have faith that the people that we work with have our backs, think the same way we do, and have our good intentions tucked away safely right next to theirs. I have been told by many XXX screen legends, that is what once made this industry great. Perhaps that is what will make it great once again. 

Lacy Lennon 

This brand-new age of the industry has so many possibilities, and perhaps it is in the past that we need to find our future. Performers for ages have complained that they do not get a fair shake. Production companies have long said that it is a gamble that does not always pay off with performers, and the great artists, photographers, and production people, are left in the middle, trying to figure out how they can keep a roof over their head, all while maintaining peace, happiness, and creativity flowing. Maybe this pandemic was meant to bring about the connection that this industry has lacked for so many years. I don’t want to toot my own horn, but the days of “sandbox” porn are coming to an end. OnlyFans is proving that. Adult entertainment is not about what I want to watch, it is what you want to watch, the person reading this article. I see more performers, production companies and people catering to their fans. Looking at what sells best, and what it is their fans talk about. Porn, and entertainment, has not always been like that. Porn, for the most part, has been about what the producer wants, and only what the producer wants. That does not, and will not work in a world where the next Avengers film will not be shown in theaters, as much as it will be streamed across the internet, and we need to be prepared for that. I think you now know what I mean, when I say that this creation and connection with Lacy Lennon, Dean Capture, and Girlfriends Films. It was just meant to be. These are all examples of how things can work together. How everyone can prosper in an unknown future ruled by bitcoin and NFTs. The digital age of porn will be one mixed with truths from the past, innovations of the future, and the rebirth of a phrase that has seldom been used in the world of adult films, creation, and rejuvenation of the porn superstar. The first, I think, lies within the words of this column. Anyone care to gamble otherwise? ……. I thought not. Welcome to The Don Juan XClusive. 


Lacy Lennon



Model’s, you can reach out to Dean Capture yourselves, to take part in the glory of this independent age for which we live. Follow him on Twitter at:@DeanCapture


View our independent production, ONLY available through Lacy Lennon’s VIP OnlyFans >> https://onlyfans.com/misslacylennon

Watch the Solo Series interview with Lacy Lennon over on XBIZ TV >> https://www.xbiz.tv/v/1675098495/The-Solo-Series-Interview---Lacy-Lennon



View the latest scenes, from the newest Girlfriends Film’s contract star over at GirlfriendsFilms.com


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