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Top 10 2021 Gay Films by Apache Warrior

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2021 was a very good year for gay porn. The levels of provocativeness, creativity, acting skill, and production level has highly improved in the past decade. The competitiveness for the gay viewer is high. I give much credit to the gay production companies for their desire to grow and be innovative.
Here are my ten can't misses!
The Last Course by Disruptive Films
What do you get when someone invites six handsome men for a secluded private get-a-way? You get a whole lot of lingering intrigue and mystery and not to mention amazing sex along with a blockbuster orgy at the end. With a superstar packed cast of Dante Colle, Michael DelRay, Lance Hart, Dakota Payne, and others give this film a supreme aura to it. Viewers will be glued to the screen as they figure out who invited them and why. Even when the host is revealed, there are still questions to ponder. The Last Course reminds me of an Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece.
 Painful Love by Icon Male
A very emotional coming-of-age production starring Casey Everett as a troubled young cowboy figuring out his sexuality. A mentor named Pops (Lance Charger) takes him into his wing and teaches him professionalism, maturity, and trust. The rustic western scenery along with the scenes of Casey trying to tame a horse capture that cowboy poke feel. The moral of the story: It's always important to have someone to believe in you!
Every(BODY) by NakedSword
This one is my personal favorite film of the year for it's celebration of the human body and human nature. Director Marc MacNamara interviews each performer before their scene to give us a window to their beautiful souls. Whether one is gay, trans, or a cross-dresser, everyone is special. Much credit goes to Marc and NakedSword for putting trans Lana Summers into this film since she is not your typical performer that you see in gay porn. This trend of being more inclusive will continue in this genre and it will make gay porn more inviting to more people.
The Study Group by Next Door Studios
For amazing three-way performances, The Study Group is the one to see. The sex is highly passionate that will make the audience want to jack off with extreme pleasure. Mega studs like Dakota Payne and Roman Todd bring it on so much that they deserve an award. The other performers are not slouches. They put up awesome performances too to make this film the best three-way production of the year.
Born to Porn by Falcon Studios
This film is a "Behind-the-Scenes" look at the lives of some of the most popular Falcon Men like Cade Maddox, Colton Reece, and Devin Franco. There has always been a mystique to Falcon contract stars. In this very insightful production, the viewers will see their favorite stars in a more personal and humble light. Also, it is always a major plus when you see these handsome and beautiful eye candy guys fucking to pure delight. The lighting level is very high.
The Territory by Raging Stallion
Beautiful woodsy cinematography, rockin' outdoor sex, and a compelling storyline with a twist headline this very complex movie. Overly confident business developers Cole Connor, Devin Franco, and Andre Donovan want a piece of the wilderness, but protectors of the land always have an upper hand. At the end of the movie, it's a head scratcher, but in a good way.
A Man in Uniform by Icon Male
Who hasn't gotten turned on by a man in uniform? This film has high marks in doing it for you. With Pierce Paris and Dante Colle as navy officers, JJ Knight as a hunky fireman, and Nick Fitt as a cop, there's a lot to admire and get off on. It's truly a guy's fantasy.
(Un)Lucky in Love by CockyBoys
All that Tayte Hanson wants is to find Mr. Right to fall in love. In a series of mishap dating situations, it looks like it's never going to happen for Mr. Lucky Jones. Combined with a very funny and creative script and directing, the actors have the devices to perform so outstandingly.  Tayte's moments with Angel Rivera and especially his scene with a bearded Brock Banks who is dressed in drag are hilariously funny as hell.
Tales from the Locker Room 2 by Falcon Studios
From legendary director Chi Chi LaRue, a film that tugs to our fantasies for athletic men. Led by cute hotties Cade Maddox and Max Connor, we get to fantasize about mens' naked bodies in the locker room and their sexual exploits. All of that scrumptious testosterone and cum in a secure place where removing one's clothes is a necessity.
Courtesy of French-Twinks.com
FBI: Frisky Boys Investigation by French Twinks Studios available only on French-Twinks.com for download and streaming.
The funniest film of the year is by far this one. It centers around a poisoning and three main people of interest (Paul Delay, Lucas Bouvier, and Justin Leroy). Drag queen Tatyana Clarkson shines brightly as the no-nonsense, yet hilarious police officer who interrogates each one individually. Another story has the suspects accused of a stolen car incident. Great acting, directing, and screenplay. This French film has English subtitles. 

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