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The XCritic Interview: Harley Haze


Harley Haze

Don Juan sat down with Harley Haze and they chatted for a good hour about a number of things. First things first, let's state that Harley is NOT Latin. She is Indo-Caribbean but it seems that's not really an existing category for most web and cam sites. Like many of the new starlets we have talked to over the last year, Harley's story began or did not begin, at the start of the pandemic lockdown but now that things are "getting back to normal" with the studios, she's ready to rock and roll. In fact, Miss Haze has already worked with some of the biggest and best-known studios but there is much more to who she is and what she has already accomplished prior to joining our lovely industry. Let's hear her story. Grab a beverage and dive in!

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