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The XCritic Interview: Harley Haze


Harley Haze


There are some things in life that come at you like a freight train. None are more welcomed than the attention, look and wonder that is woman. A porn star will forever be associated with that stunning elegance that lay upon the surface, and throughout the industry's history, nothing has caught fans' attention more than an exotic beauty. Alicia and Venessa Del Rio. Domonique Simone, Asa Akira. These are just a few among The Hall of Starlets whose stunning, one-of-a-kind look forever changed the adult entertainment world. But there was always more than meets the eye. These exotic angels all made darkness look so damn alluring, with their powerful presence and passion for the X-Rated game. They were speakers. They were models. They possessed charm and charisma that had them in the collection of every single porn fan from the second their first director said action. This brings us to Harley Haze and her debut with Slayed.com. The Vixen media brand is ranked right up there as being one of the most sought-after adult film companies by fans and starlets alike. It is what makes Harley Haze and her debut so special. It takes such depth to make a Vixen scene fly. If there is one thing Greg Lansky did years ago when he swept the boards at AVN and XBIZ, he forever changed the expectation of what porn can be. If you read the XCritic review of Harley Haze’s scene debut, you will find that this starlet did what all those legendary names did before her. In so doing, she became an instant hit, with a scene debut that shows that the most sought-after thing in the world of adult entertainment, exotic beauty. Let’s meet this one, shall we? So, without further delay, Harley Haze. 


Don Juan: There is nothing more thrilling than having a performer jar the brain of an old history major. I am so enthralled with the things you have done, the places you have been in your life.


Harley Haze: Thank you, how are you? Right, right. I can’t believe that you are from Denver. I lived there for quite a few years. 


Don Juan: I dig it doll. Now, did you live in Denver or one of the tiny suburbs? See, because I live in one of the tiny suburbs near Littleton. 


Harley Haze: Oh, I was right there in the middle of Denver. I lived right by Coors Field. Do you know where Market Street is? 


Don Juan: Oh, yes. So, you were right in the middle of downtown? Fitting for a starlet who loves to live an adventurous life. 


Harley Haze: Yeah, it was a really fun time in my life. 


Don Juan: I have been a jack of all trades my whole life. I used to build buildings down there many moons ago. I helped build the Ballpark Lofts, which used to be right across the street from Coors Field. 


Harley Haze: Yeah, I know just where you are talking about. I used to live right there on Market. I cannot remember the name of the apartments right now, but it was such a beautiful scene. It was catty-corner to Coors Field. It was always so much fun getting to go to all these great places to eat and drink. Walk home drunk and see all these amazing scenes. It was amazing.


Don Juan: Oh, my God! You are so lucky! That is what every young person dreams of if they’re living in this area. I know that I sure as hell did. Right there off Market, you are right smack-dab in the middle of all these great clubs. There are so many different places to eat. They even have a fucking dog park in the middle of it all now. You had to have been in heaven woman


Harley Haze: I lived in the building that was right on top of one of the best fucking places to eat, it had these wonderful empanadas. It was so good!


Don Juan: Oh, I bet. So, were you living here while you were going to school?


Harley Haze: No, I was working when I was in Denver. I had just been living in London while I was attending law school. I was basically out of money, and I was just sitting there, watching my student loans rack up after my first year. So, my best friend, she was moving to Denver, so that she could attend graduate school at the time. I really wanted to move back to the states and that is what I told her. And I suggest that we just get an apartment together. So, we did. 


You think that you have seen everything from the starlets of this industry, then, you meet another. We cannot discuss anything further with Harley’s visit and stay in Denver. However, what I can tell you is that this woman’s skill and mind is not limited to law. In the same character as Hemmingway, this beauty crossed an ocean to do something that few people will ever get the chance to do. By the time this starlet was twenty, she had lived a life that many would be envious of. Yet, she wears it well. Harley Haze’s level of talent and dedication is beyond mind-blowing. 


Don Juan: Woman, you are fearless, and I could tell that just by reading about you with other companies. 


Harley Haze: Oh, I am just impulsive.


Don Juan: Beautiful and modest. The truth is that you must have that to fully pursue any dream that you have in life. Even if that dream is becoming a lawyer or moving to another state to just party like a porn star. You know, when I lived in LA, I was holed up in a dump off Sunset. I lived with a bunch of fools who never had the rent, but we always had money for drinks, and we always managed to find the ladies. That is the only thing that matters when you are young and truly living.


Harley Haze: Oh, my God. When living in LA. There is always money for drinks. 


Don Juan: That is funny. We were a group of writers who were always eating Top Ramen as our nightly cuisine. We were having fun, chasing our dreams, and I think it comes with the territory.


Harley Haze: Right, right! I know what those days feel like. That build-up to getting paid. Then, you must decide what to do with it. 


Don Juan: So, may I start out this interview by saying this, HARLEY HAZE! I love a woman who picks a true stage name. Something with true sex appeal and bad-assery!


Harley Haze: Thank you. My best friend helped me think of it. When I was camming, I spent a lot of time trying to come up with my name. I discovered that there are so many great names that are already taken. When I was camming, I was camming as Harley Baby. Then, when I got to the film side of the business, I knew I had to have a better way to introduce myself to the fans. 


Don Juan: So, I say this as a Latino, talking with a beautiful Latina. 


Harley Haze: Oh, I am not Latina. There are so many websites that list me as Latina, but I am not. I am Indo-Caribbean. I have no idea why so many companies think that I am Latina?

Harley Haze 

Don Juan: Oh, do tell more. This is so fascinating. So, is it something along the lines of a Pacific Islander background? Like I have in my gene pool? 


Harley Haze: So, my ethnicity originates near Trinidad, in the Caribbean. My family all hail from there. Trinidad, it is the southernmost island off the coast of Venezuela. 


Don Juan: Oh, so you have a little South American blood in you as well?


Harley Haze: Well, the island has a funny little history. It has been controlled by the French and the British. I think that it may have even been colonized by the Spanish. Almost all the people that inhabit that island were there for two reasons. They were slaves from Africa, or they were indentured servants brought over from India. So, my people come from the indentured servants that were brought over from India. I believe the year was 1850.


Don Juan: Wow, that is fucking amazing! 


Harley Haze: Yeah, I get labeled Latina a lot, and that is because no one knows what Indo-Caribbean is. It is a very, very small island. 


Don Juan: My stars, there is nothing more beautiful than intelligence. Now, I may be sounding like a dumbass here. But is the country also known as Trinidad and Tobago? 


Harley Haze: Yes, it sure is. A beautiful, island country. 


Don Juan: That is so fucking cool! I was going to say my fellow Latin beauty, but the bottom line is, us ethnic souls, we have bloodlines that stretch across all continents! 


Harley Haze: Oh, yeah!


Don Juan: You know, something I would love to talk about with a new starlet is agency work. Tell me, how has Motley Models been treating you? I ask this because these guys seem to be taking the industry to a whole new level with what they are helping the performer to create. 


Harley Haze: I love Ryan and Motley. From the beginning they got me work. They had me shooting with all these amazing companies and people. In my first two months with them, I want to say that I got at least twenty scenes. They have been so supportive of all the things that I am trying to do and never pushing me, on my boundaries. It is so nice to have an agent who goes over what it is that he is setting me up for. Asking me if I am comfortable with everything that is going on. It has been so important to me when it comes to the things that I shoot on the fetish side of the industry. Whenever I talk with my agent, it seems that he is going a million miles a minute, but that is what you want in this business. That is just one of the many things that makes him absolutely amazing!


Don Juan: Oh, us busy souls. That is what we do twenty-four-seven. Is it not? I am thinking that you are a fellow work-a-holic as well. You just seem like such a go-getter woman! I could tell by the time it took us to schedule time to just sit down and chat. 


Harley Haze: Oh, yeah. I am so tired. I have been so busy this last week. I went to New York City, and it was my very first time getting to see New York. It is just the most crazy, beautiful city that I have ever seen. 


Don Juan: Get the fuck out of here! I am from Soundview, South Bronx. That is my home city. 


Harley Haze: Oh, wow! That is so crazy. I had never been, and I was staying in Chinatown, I guess on the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge. It was absolutely amazing! 


Don Juan: Now, did you make sure to cross the bridge over to Brooklyn? Take in some of the best take-out food on the planet? That is a must for any visit to New York. 


Harley Haze: Yes, I definitely got some pizza. I have to say, I tried a few Latin places, and I must say, they were not the best places to eat. We went to several Mexican places and the food just was not that great. 


Don Juan: Oh, my God. You are a bold, truthful soul. I dig it! Especially being that you are from Texas. The Mexican food in Texas, it is just so, one of a kind. There are so many different types of Latin food to have out in New York in comparison. I personally love Dominican food. It is so zesty. 


Harley Haze: Well, I do not get to indulge as often as I would like. I am a lifelong vegetarian and any type of food that has that vegetarian option, I am open to try. That is why I love Mexican food. There are a ton of vegetarian options and dishes. Especially when you go to a restaurant. 


Don Juan: Oh, my goodness. If you have not shot for her yet, the person that you are going to enjoy shooting the most with is Erika Lust. She is Vegan and she likes to have her sets always having a Vegan option when it comes to food and catering. I think that is so cool personally. 


Harley Haze: I have not shot with her yet. 


Don Juan: I love the fact that she has so many crew members who are vegetarian or Vegan. I think that a person should always be open to trying new things and thinking in new ways. You never know where life may take you when you allow such ways to prosper. 

Harley Haze 

Harley Haze: I respect that so much as well. I think that people who make that change when they are older. They have more dedication to what it is that they are doing. See, for my family, we descend from Indian culture and a Hindu background. I just naturally do not eat meat. It is a different story for my brothers, but I was a person who always ate what my mom ate. She was a strict vegetarian. So, that is where such things arise from, and I think that is why I do not want to eat animals. 


Don Juan: I respect that so much. You have such a beautiful culture within your heritage. The cow is sacred and it’s for good reason if you consider the genetics, and how a cow can thrive almost anywhere on the planet. If you minus out just beef, you take away so much food in the world and that is not necessarily a bad thing. There are alternatives. Like I said, it is all about thought. 


Harley Haze: Yeah...Uh, huh! 


Don Juan: Damn doll, there is so much complexity to who you are. I wish I had you for three hours when it comes to this interview. It is humbling to meet another person with such depth and culture. Those are not two things that are as common as they should be in modern society, and its people. It is cool that you speak of such things. Because I think it is more universal than people think. 


Harley Haze: Right! That is what I absolutely love about my culture. I wish that I could be represented more as Caribbean, but it is something that not enough people understand. Most companies that are out there. They see dark skin, dark hair, and their first assumption is Mexican. 


Don Juan: You remind me so much of my ex. Who herself was this dazzling exotic beauty with so many bloodlines. No one could figure out what she was, and we loved fucking with people. 


Harley Haze: It is so weird to go through my profiles on websites sometimes. Most of them do not even have a category for Caribbean. A lot of the cam sites that I used to work for did not have the proper designation either. I would talk to the moderators, and they would tell me, “Just pick one!” I had to always pick Indian. Then I would have Indian people tell me that I did not look Indian. I used to say to myself, “I do not need to hear all of this!” All over a category!


Don Juan: I yearn for a day when a beautiful woman is simply a beautiful woman. 


Harley Haze: Yes, it is something very strange to observe from the outside looking in. I think it has a lot to do with the fan’s fetish side. That is why I think that they need to be able to give my ethnicity an accurate name. 

Harley Haze 

Don Juan: Now, this is why I say that all you do has so much more validity behind it than people give it credit for. To become a star in this business, it takes the ability to become a character. If that is not proof of the talent you all have as performers, I do not know what is, and your example is perfect when it comes to ethnicity and becoming someone’s fantasy. 


Harley Haze: Oh, yeah. It is a lot. The rate to which this world costumes porn. It is a lot!


Don Juan: I have been in this business for more than a few years. It mesmerizes me like nothing else to read about a starlet who has read the pages of Playboy and was motivated by the magazine in so many ways. Reading that magazine, it did more than send me on a lifelong love affair with the female sex. It made me appreciate fashion, modeling and so many other things that women partake in and dominate.


Harley Haze: Yeah, I remember the show Girls Next Door most of all. That show came out when I was in high school, I believe. I just could not believe that this was a life that you could have. Just that thought of being able to be classy, and sexual, it was something that I wanted to learn, and know more about instantly. Before that, I had always thought that being classy meant that you had to be modest, and that is obviously not the case when it comes to that show and Playboy. I still have that dream that I will be lucky enough to work for them. 


Don Juan: I am going to send your stuff over to Holly Lyn Ruprecht. She works in Playboy’s cyber division and is just the best of people. 


Harley Haze: OK, yes! I think that I follow her on Twitter. 


Don Juan: Holly Lyn, she is just a gem of a person. I think that you would fit in just perfectly with Playboy. I really do. I think that you would be a great fit, not just because of your external beauty. You also fit the bill with your ethnic background and amazing intelligence. That is all Playboy material. 


Harley Haze: Thank you for saying that. 


Don Juan: Do you remember the days when you could pull out the centerfold from the magazine?


Harley Haze: Oh, my gosh, yeah! 


Don Juan: You are the woman who would wow us with what we see with the photo. Then, wow us with what we read on the stat sheet on the back. With your success, accolades, and schooling. You are a perfect fit for them, woman! 


Harley Haze: Aww, I appreciate you saying that. 


Don Juan: To take one last glimpse at your education woman, I am just so damn impressed with the fact that you studied psychology in the places that you did. 


Harley Haze: Yes, I got my bachelor’s in psychology, and I minored in history. The history that I studied was very heavy in the Italian Renaissance. That is what I took because those were the classes that my school offered. I won’t go as far as to say that it is my interest, but it is interesting. Yes, psychology means so much to me. One of my roommates, who got her master's, is running her own practice now. As a therapist, she is actually healing and helping people. There are so many discoveries they are making these days. It is remarkable.


Don Juan: Oh, I know. One of the most fascinating things I read, and this just came out within the last eighteen months. Is that a mother passes down her emotions to her child while pregnant? Just as if they were cells within her blood. The human mind and spirit are such a beautiful mystery. 


Harley Haze: Right! Just everything that is intergenerational is amazing to learn about. To see what it is that our grandparents went through. Their struggles and so forth. Even though we do not know what it is that they have seen. I feel like our bodies can tell that story and know it as vividly as our grandparents experiencing it. I think there is so much that is locked away within ourselves. 


Don Juan: YES! I agree, one-hundred and ten percent. I think that they will one day find out that our emotions exist in some type of code within our DNA, and I am talking at a level that is day to day emotion. There are things we do not even have names for yet. I think there is quite a bit more than what we know, and I say that coming from a family with a long list of males who are alcoholic womanizers. 

Harley Haze 

Harley Haze: Yes, there's so much that we obviously do not know yet. I don’t know. It is a subject, theory, and practice that is going to constantly be changing. There are so many times that a therapist gets a bad “rap” for so many years. As a society, we have limited them over the years as to the things they can do. The ways that they conduct their research. The way that they have changed the rules and regulations in the past decade has really helped in so many ways. I think people are getting more help than they have ever had available to them. It is helping it to become a more respectable industry and career. 


Don Juan: Oh, yeah! I also come from a really poor family. One that did not have access to mental health evaluations and things like that. I remember when I first messaged you on Twitter, and I talked about taking care of a sick mom. One who has had so many ups and downs with her mental health. I have known the importance of psychology for many years. I have taken care of her since I was eighteen. Over these years, I have learned that there are ways that we can emotionally support each other. Those ways, they are the best medicine that I have seen come along and they defeat anything that can be given over the counter. That is for damn sure. 


Harley Haze: Exactly. I think it is amazing that you take care of your mom. That is such a hard job. I know what you go through. Last year, my grandmother had some health issues. I found myself taking care of her a couple of months out of the year. Having done that for her, I know how hard each day can be. It was tough. It’s a fact that you must take care of yourself when you are taking care of someone else. 


Don Juan: Yes, it is. Truth be told darlin’, I am a positive person. But, the thing that I have learned about taking care of a parent, is that patience is a virtue beyond anything in this life. It is something that can save you in ways that nothing else can in this life. The way that I have gotten through so much is patience. I chalk up so much of the great things that have happened in my life to that lone virtue. A virtue that people say is not even a virtue in today’s world. It is something that goes hand in hand with psychology. 


Harley Haze: I could see that. For sure! I think that a lot of troubles in life come from acting impulsively. Not taking a second to breathe or step away from the situation... having patience. It definitely helps with that. 


Don Juan: You know, when I went to school, I went on a part athletic scholarship, part academic. I have been in sports since I was a child. We teach our youth to kill, kill, kill, when it is your opponent. We teach our children that it is all or nothing. I think in many ways, that thinking has leaked into adult life for so many, and that way of thinking is so detrimental to society and growth. That is what I love about this industry. I see people like you, and I can hear it in your voice. There is a woman who lives adventures. A woman who takes risks. I see a person who sees a challenge and says to herself, “OK, I am going to conquer things this way.” That is the most special of things in life. It really is. As we get older, we try to teach that we need to suppress and lesson that within the human heart and mind. I think those are the things that keep us alive and vibrant. 


Harley Haze: Yeah, for sure. 


Don Juan: Woman, we have been talking for twenty-five minutes and we have not even begun talking about the porn shit. You rock woman! 


Harley Haze: No, you are all good. It is cool that we spend some time getting to know each other a little bit. I feel a lot more comfortable talking now.

Harley Haze 

Don Juan: I dig it darlin’! So, before we truly get into the porn-esque stuff. Did I read that you were a gamer as well somewhere? I think the first-ever scene I saw you within, was something for Nubile Films. You had on this big gaming headset or something.


Harley Haze: Yeah, that was such a funny scene. Now, I do like gaming. I don’t like to say that I am a “gamer”. Because a true gamer puts in so much more than I do. Which is cool. I love to game when I am bored, and I grew up playing as well. Most people my age did. When I was younger, I played Tomb Raider and The Sims. The most recent game I have been playing is Dishonor. Have you played that game before? 


Don Juan: Yeah, I know which one you are talking about. I miss gaming. I wish I had more time for it in my life, comparatively when I was younger. 


Harley Haze: Yeah, see that is the thing. When I play games, I will usually play for around two to three hours, and I know that there are a lot of people who put in a lot more time than I do, and are so much more dedicated than I am. I do not think that I have ever finished a video game. 


Don Juan: Woman, how I love your honesty. 


Harley Haze: Well, I will play anyone at Super Smash Brothers, or Mario Kart! 


Don Juan: Oh, fuck yeah dude! I am talking about some old-school Mario Kart too. Some Nintendo 64 shit. Now that would be so gangsta to get down with you on that. 


Harley Haze: Oh, my God. The one game that I can play for countless hours on end is Mortal Kombat. I always love to play as Kitana. 


Don Juan: Yeah dude! I would always play as her when I would play Mortal Kombat. Like, why would you want to be any other character than the sexy bitch who cuts people’s heads off? That game was the first game to have these sexy women who could just fuck your shit up! How cool was that?


Harley Haze: I know! I would only play the pretty girls! 


Don Juan: Fuck yeah! Me too! I remember when Street Fighter 2 first came out. I said to myself, “Why do I want to play as some big ass hairy dude when I can be the hottie who is looking fly and beating the shit out of everyone?” Dude, I would always be Kitana and Jade.


Harley Haze: Yeah! We think the same way. I would also love playing with Melina. Remember her? OK, so her face may not be that hot. But her body was amazing! I mean she is so freaking hot! 


Don Juan: Oh shit, I forgot. You come from a Hindu background. All those deities, of both light and dark origin. The mixture of a woman’s beauty, the power of a lizard, and the wonder to woo your mind. That is what those characters always reminded me of. Woman, she has mesmerized me in so many ways, for so many years, in so many places and times. 


Harley Haze: That is amazing, and it is like that with so many cultures when it comes to women. There have always been women who are beautiful, curvy, and the object of our desires and dreams. 


Don Juan: Oh, my goodness. You said a mouthful right there woman. The things that they inspire within the human heart, especially within men. It is just as epic as it gets in life. 

Harley Haze 

Harley Haze: Yeah, I know exactly where you are going with this. It is like when you walk into a museum and you see all the paintings and sculptures, especially the ancient Egyptian stuff. It was all about the worship of women and the celebration of all those little things you talk about. The outfits. The way that their make-up was done. Yeah, I just love it too! 


Don Juan: OK, so this takes us into our second industry question. I must tell you this, and I say this as a guy who has been a publicist for the best damn Girl/Girl Performer on the planet, and she was a woman who was “gay for pay” and got away with it. That is how damn good she was. I just have to say that it is really cool to see a new performer, who is a woman, who really loves women. Am I right in that assumption? 


Harley Haze: I do love women, and I am talking even in my personal life. I really do not care if you were to press me one way or the other. I do not care about gender. I have dated all kinds of people, all over the spectrum, and maybe that is why I do so well within my Girl/Girl scenes. I do love women. 


Don Juan: Darlin’! You are an amazing performer. When I was in college, I used to escort. I was also a man who was blessed to have a gay brother who taught him so much about confidence. It was here, in college, trying to make some extra money, that I discovered so much about myself and the people around me. I discovered for myself if I was gay, or bi. Truth be told, that gave me confidence in so much more than just my sexuality. I see and hear that same kind of confidence in you, within your performances. That is just so cool to me. 


Harley Haze: I agree, I agree. 


Don Juan: When I had your work put on my desk, it was a true breath of fresh air. Yes, I write about that a lot, but the truth is, I see hundreds of new starlets every year. Not all of them are in this business for the right reason and have such true passions as people like you. 


Harley Haze: Thank you for saying that. Yeah, I love it. I have been really lucky to have worked with women who really seem to enjoy working with women as well. Trust me, it is really nice to be able to say that about every scene that you have been in with another woman. I hope that it helps the scenes to look that much better to the fans. I think it does help when you are actually physically attracted to that person. It helps the chemistry so much to have that physical attraction. 

Harley Haze 

Don Juan: Fucking-A! You know, another thing that people never give a Girl/Girl scene credit for, and once again, this goes back to my views about the allure of women. A woman, she can sell a scene simply with her touch, with a kiss, with a caressing motion of her hand. A man just cannot do that. I do not give a shit how hairless or feminine he is. A woman sells that better than any other creature on earth. You madam, you must be the ultimate performer to sell that with another woman, and homie, this being your rookie year in this business, you are so naturally gifted at all those things. 


Harley Haze: I really appreciate you saying that. I hope that I did a good job in all the scenes that I have taken part in. I hope that I did a good enough job to get booked again with those companies. I really do like working for the companies that shoot Girl/Girl. So far in my career, I think that I have done more Girl/Girl than I have Boy/Girl. 


Don Juan: Yes, I noticed that too when I was researching you. 


Harley Haze: I would prefer to do Girl/Girl. But, right now as I am starting my career, it is hard to go to any agent and tell them that I only want to do Girl/Girl. That would be so nice when that day comes in my career. 


Don Juan: This is a statement that I think only performers will understand. I do not date people outside the industry anymore, but it is not because I am obsessed with dating porn stars. I just cannot date bullshitters or stupid people anymore, period. I think that if a person is to do this line of work as their job, they must be honest with themselves. I see a woman like you doing things the right way, and it’s how performers used to do things many years ago, and that is a kick ass thing. Most performers would start in Girl/Girl, then go onto Boy/Girl, then anal, group scenes, orgies, etc. Then, after all that, you get to come full circle and direct your own film and make the porn you are the most passionate about. That is the wonder of performers such as yourself and others. Few pay their dues to do such things in this life and I respect that. No, I love it! 


Harley Haze: Yes, I am trying to do things at my own pace. So that I can take my career in the direction that I want it to go. I do like to shoot Boy/Girl, but I am the happiest when the scene I am booked for is Girl/Girl. I feel like lesbian porn is so much prettier. It is all that I want to watch. I don’t know. I do not want it to sound like I do not watch Boy/Girl at all, but….


Don Juan: No, no, I feel what you are saying, my dear. You know, most fans do not know, it is not always about having great sex when you are on set. Some shoots are far better than the next. I will just say, so I do not get myself in trouble with gossip, of how lucky you were that one of your first shoots was with Mick Blue. My God, the man is such a romantic on-screen. 


Harley Haze: Yeah, oh, my God, that scene was so hot. It was very intense. I was so sweaty during that entire shoot. 


Don Juan: That is so gangsta dude! I have had a few very close friends work with him for the very first time this year. I told them that Mick is going to be that guy who brings so much more to the table than they ever thought. He is that man who will let passion come to the forefront of his performances and not every male can do that in this business. I imagine you are starting to find that out in your own career


Harley Haze: Oh, yeah! It was great working with him, and the entire team. They were all great. I am telling you, that house we were shooting in. It was so beautiful! Everything just came together to make that a really great scene. 


Don Juan: He is a performer who expresses how he feels in front of the camera. I don’t give a shit if a man is gay, straight, or bi-sexual. We love seeing that in other men. 


Harley Haze: Well, I do see that this is a job from many viewpoints. At the end of the day, we are here to get fucked. Mick, he is a guy that just fucks soooooo good. I think that is very hard for a male performer. I often think about the pressure that they are feeling. I think to myself, “Do they know the pressure that they are under?” I wonder how they can keep going at some moments. How are they going to cum and finish? For us women, we can it ten times in a row, without even blinking! But it has to be so hard for a guy. You can’t do it too soon, and you can’t do it too late. I often wonder to myself if they are preoccupied by that thought?


Don Juan: I think the same thing, and I say this to every male performer, especially the new ones, who think it is a game. “Dude, you have to dedicate your brain to this business, and if you don’t, you are going to piss people off, and no one is going to like working with you,” I tell that to them because I do not want them to have a shitty time in the business. Some never think that could happen to them because they treat things like it is the ultimate fucking party. 


Harley Haze: I think that the males do have it very hard in the business. I agree. 


Don Juan: OK, I want to close this interview with a look at your Slayed.com scene. 


Harley Haze: I am so happy that it came out. I had been waiting so patiently, and I could not tell anyone, as I did not know if I could talk about it. Or say the things that I eventually said about it, being that it is a new website. I feel like I have been holding my breath, and I was so excited when they released the scene. That was a very special day for me. 

Harley Haze 

Don Juan: Oh, that is just the best of things to hear. They are all in on this interview. They are letting us gain full access to the scene and photos, so we can simply show the fans the wonder that has a new model like you so excited. 


Harley Haze: What I will never forget, is getting to work with Vanessa Sky, and she is such a hottie! She was a freak in all the best ways! 


Don Juan: That was such an amazing scene. They dolled you guys up in the most amazing ways. From the make-up to those disco balls. Everything was so amazing!


Harley Haze: Yes, they did such a good job, and I am always a person who stresses over hair and make-up. I think that a person can get consumed by a feeling that things will become unmanageable on set with something like that. Not here, the entire shoot was just so good. The sex was amazing, the set-up was amazing. Oh, my goodness!


Don Juan: I loved how they lit that scene. The pictures show that the lighting was just perfect! They took their time with the whole shebang. 


Harley Haze: Oh, I agree. Every photo that they shot was so beautiful. Do you know what else was great? The jewelry. There was so much of it, at times I felt like they needed to take a piece off, but in the end, I was glad that they didn’t. Being on a Vixen set, things are just so efficient, and the crew is just so helpful. I hope that I get to shoot more scenes with Vixen in the future. 


Don Juan: Oh, my God, I hope so too. Truthfully darlin’, you are a perfect fit for their brand. You know, I have a little island blood in me. I am sporting a twelve-inch mohawk, and it’s curly. I bet you can totally understand that. Our hair, it is so hard to deal with!


Harley Haze: Yes, I know where you are going with this. I have always had such a routine that I need to do for myself. So, when you get a call sheet that asks for a specific look, or I am shooting with a friend, my mind goes to so many places. I start wondering what is going to go with what, and if this goes with that. At times, you wonder, “Are they going to be mad at me if I don’t show up with the look that they wanted?” That is what made the experience with Vixen so wonderful. To be able to show up, without make-up, and no product in my hair, it eases my stress. When I got there, the hairstylist knew just what to do. They knew exactly what would make me look good. 


Don Juan: You know, this brings me to another question that I wanted to fit in. Now that you are a performer in the business, I read that you are watching more porn now. When you saw who your co-star was, I would have been twitterpated myself. Vanessa, she is not just beautiful. She knows how to bring out the lust in her co-stars. 


Harley Haze: Right, right. She was so amazing to work with. I don’t want to ruin anything for the fans who have not seen the scene, but let’s just say, I was soaking wet afterward! 


Don Juan: That is fucking awesome sweetheart. I can only imagine what you two created together. Harley, you have been one of the great new surprises in the Girl/Girl genre, and this is going to be massive. You can see that from ten miles away. That is why you deserve so much promotion. Scenes like this, they do not get their “just due” always from the fans. 


Harley Haze: Absolutely. I know so many women, even ones who consider themselves straight, they will only watch Girl/Girl porn. 


Don Juan: Yes, I hear that from so many of the girls too! Lesbian porn, Girl/Girl, it is something that EVERYONE watches. So many people have such a fear of admitting they like watching two girls have sex. 


Harley Haze: Yeah, I believe that as well. I feel like lesbian porn is more reflective of how sex would really happen between two people. It is more natural than Boy/Girl. There are just some things that you cannot do with a dick in the real world! {Shared chuckling} But Girl/Girl porn? It is the nearest to what real life sex is like. 


Don Juan: I one hundred percent agree! I think it is what brings out the true, fiery passion that lies within a woman. 


Harley Haze: For sure, for sure! Again, that scene was absolutely amazing! I could not have asked for a better co-star to debut with Vixen. Her sex skills are just insane! 


Don Juan: Ahhh, you fucking rock girl! OK, so, I know we are doing this interview a little in reverse. I must ask, because I have not seen this story anywhere, how did you find your way onto the film side of the business?


Harley Haze: I guess you could say that I found my way onto the film side from camming. You can also say that I just had a lot of determination. I wanted to do more when I was webcamming. It is as simple as wanting to learn how to squirt, and my curiosity led me to explore these places. Also, when I first moved to LA, I decided to reach out to an agent, but that didn’t go anywhere. Let’s just say we were on the same wavelength. So, I spent an entire year just doing webcamming. It was during the year of the quarantine. This was February of 2020 I believe. I remember because it was April of that year that we were all in lockdown. That is just how I spent that whole year! 


When you have that much time on your hands, you are sitting down and talking a lot with fans. At least I know that I was. The subject came up more than anything else that I would talk about with them. That really made me miss in person interaction. It was right after AVN that I started to follow Motley Models. I looked up their roster. I saw all these amazing ladies. Emily Willis, Scarlit Scandal. They looked like hot, beautiful, well put together women, and they were all with Motley. That is what made me want to follow all it is that they were doing. I think it was Ryan who sent me a message. When we talked, I just knew that it was going to be good. Things just felt so right, and I just gave it a go! 

Harley Haze 

Harley Haze, she is one of the gems that the pandemic created, like the earth does a diamond stone with time, and pressure. I have sat down with so many performers over the last five years, few have left the impression that Harley Haze did, and she continues to wow the crowds with her epic Girl/Girl work. Speaking of which, we were able to sit down and review this lovely new starlet's work, and it was everything that she said that it would be. Read the XCritic review for yourself by clicking this link: https://www.xcritic.com/review/45547/groove/ Groove, yes, Harley Haze is definitely in one, and I truly believe that she will be one of the new faces who helps to change this industry. Performers come, performers go, but this “Texan in California” is doing everything the right way. She is not buying her fans. She is not having someone else run her Twitter, Instagram or OnlyFans. This woman is putting in the time when it fits her schedule, and that is what a porn star should always do. We love to focus on the “rock star” mentality in this country, but we never allow the porn star version to surface, even though they are basically the same damn thing. A group of artists, doing something they love, looking to survive, trying to make money, and one day achieve a dream and discover a part of earth they never knew existed. That is who Don Juan DeMarko thinks Harley Haze is. The stars above are opening up, giving her a place to shine. That is for damn sure!

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Instagram: harleyxxhaze


Special thank you to Mike Moz, and all of the Vixen Media staff. Photos VIA Slayed.com. Also, thank you to the amazing Harley Haze herself for taking time to take us through her world and history for well over an hour.


To book Harley Haze, find her on the Motley Models Page


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