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The XCritic Interview: Sinn Sage


Here’s how this started. I get a DM from Cyber (our editor extraordinaire at XCritic), “You wanna interview Sinn Sage?”

“Huh… sure man,” I typed back, “It’ll be fun.”

Five minutes later, an email comes in. Tanya Tate from Star Factory PR is looking to confirm. “Cool” I thought, “They’re on it.”

We did a quick back and forth and agreed on a good date and time for me to call Sinn Sage.

The next day, I get a call sheet. That’s got all the talking points, links to photos, it’s the stuff that Sinn wants to promo. At the end of it was a note that gave the time for the interview, phone numbers, and ‘duration of call, 60 minutes.’

“Shit.” I’m limited to an hour?

Don’t get me wrong, there’s no guarantee I was going to last an hour. For all I knew, Sinn might end up hating me and hanging up. Still, I was hopeful that we'd hit it off and have a good talk. If that was the case, I didn’t like the thought of being limited. Anyhow …

I prepped like I always do. Did a little research. Took Tanya’s questions and kind of built them out into several more questions. I anticipated Sinn’s responses, fashioning other notes as I went.

The whole time, I’m thinking, I’ve gotta keep this straight. The 60-minute time clock set by two of the most respected professionals in the business made me want to be overprepared.

Then, I stopped. I was prepared enough. I knew who Sinn Sage was. I knew some of her accomplishments. I had already reviewed her new film. Get your game face on Jim and remember, this is gonna be fun.

               I sat down at my desk and called Sinn Sage.

                          Here’s the stuff we talked about.




Jim Steele - Sinn Sage, I appreciate you taking some time with me today, and how are you doing?


Sinn Sage - Yeah, I'm doing fantastic.


Jim - Cool. The main thing that I want to talk about first, and then we can get into some other stuff, is the new film coming out from Sinn Sage Studios, "Sinn's Trans Lesbian Lovers". Now, how does an announcement like that, hearing your name, the name of your company, and working with Trouble Films in putting this out - and I don't know if it's a bit of a departure - but how does that make you feel?


Sinn - Well, everything that I do is “M.E.” style, it’s Do-it-yourself. It's just my husband and myself. We shoot everything, and I perform in everything so far. We put this film out through Trouble Films. We don't have the backing, and the money, and the power of a major studio, so to hear you say that, and see that we're getting some press, and some promo, it feels amazing. It's awesome to have my own studio and to come out with projects that I am in control over. This is how I want to represent myself in this industry, and we’re making the porn I want to see. So, in that sense, wow! It feels like an accomplishment.


Jim – You definitely have your own brand on it. Right off the bat, I noticed a few things about the film. It's shot in real places with natural light. I mean, it's lit, but nothing fancy. And that's okay because it keeps it looking real, and things are being shot in a way where they actually could happen, which is what everybody wants to see. So, that's a cool thing about it.


Sinn - Wow. Thank you. Yeah, I feel like that's what I like too. I want to cater to those who are looking for something authentic and real, and who are looking for something that looks like the sex I could be having in my personal life, and that's what I want. I’d like people to see representations of reality, a sexy reality.


Jim - It's the sex they could be having, or they wish they were having. Haha. It’s not like they have people lined up like you do. But that's what makes you– you, and that's cool.


Jim - One thing I've wondered about you for a while, and I notice it in the... I think it's at the beginning of the second part of the first scene with Chelsea Marie. The camera is panning towards the bed across a nightstand, and there's a Bible laying there, with your strap-on laying on top of the Bible. I'm curious because even your name, let's face it, is kind of a playful thing. How important is it for you to have that dichotomy? The good versus bad? Is that kind of at the root of things?


Sinn - Oh, no. I think for me, it's always just kind of about being a little... gosh, I feel like there's a word for it, but I can't think of what it is. A little tongue in cheek? It's not really any greater symbolism or anything like that, it's just like a “wink” and a “nod” to... I pretty much identify as an atheist. But I like to poke fun at that stuff every once in a while. And yeah, I'd say when I chose my name, that was a consideration with that as well. So, … it's a joke that I can laugh at, and maybe other people can too.


Jim - So we could throw that directly back to Motley Crue and "Shout at the Devil". I remember they immediately came under all this fire, but then they said, "Oh, it's just a joke. We're shouting at the devil. We're not worshipping the devil." I get it.


Sinn - I mean, I can't worship something I don't believe in, and that would include the devil too. But yeah, it's just a little joke. I'm not trying to offend anyone, but it makes me laugh.


Jim - But the good versus bad, and does that make the bad that much hotter?


Sinn - I suppose. I think that we are trained and conditioned to believe that there's only two sides to something.Sinn Sage, Jim Steele, XCritic, Star Factory PR, Tanya Tate, Trans, lesbian, strap on, sex, life You're straight or you're gay, you're good or you're bad in these types of things, and I feel like that's simplifying situations. I think that life is mostly shades of grey. And I think that sometimes when bad things happen, there are people that we look at and say, "That's a bad person," Meanwhile, there's still some goodness in there too, and vice versa. Those are my feelings about good and bad.


Jim - Okay, well, I think if people were honest about it, that's going to be their take, that it's not one or the other. It's like you say, there's an awful lot of grey, and within that, there's certainly some interesting and fun things to be had, and you're giving that to us, so that's cool.

Jim - I want to talk about Aphrodite Adams for a minute. And I really hadn't paid that much attention to her until I watched the film. Of course, I knew who she was. But in the film, it comes off like a lot of your other ones, where I'll say that it’s so authentic. I don't think there's much acting going on in there, it’s real. So, I wanted to get your take on her. She’s tall, blonde, big boobs, and then here you are, and it's a great scene.


Sinn - Oh, good. That makes me so happy to hear that. I actually met her at Talent Testing, and she has this great personality right off the bat. I wanted to create more with trans performers, and I was very attracted to her. So, I was like, "Let's do this." And then Drake and I went over there to shoot with her, and she was just so full of life, so vibrant, really talkative, and open about everything. She was happy to top or bottom or both, which is what we ended up doing. She an absolute joy.


This was the part where our conversation got real. I love that moment in an interview where the two people talking start to get comfortable with one another. This was that moment. I was hearing from Sinn Sage about the mechanics of what went into this killer scene with Aphrodite Adams. I never get tired of hearing some of the behind-the-scenes stuff, I’m not sure anybody does. After all, everyone knows that porn stars meet up in the most unlikely places, as an example, someplace like Talent Testing, or possibly the supermarket. Even better, was the account given for what took place after the scene, just sitting around, talking, and getting to know one another a little bit better, what could possibly happen except … you guessed it … another sizzling hot session for film.


Sinn - When we finished with the scene, I said, "Do you want to make some more content? Maybe we could do a blowjob on Drake." And she's like, "Yeah, let's do it." She was so enthusiastic. After that, we just hung out for a little while and talked, and she told us about her life and what's going on and her transition and all that stuff. She's really open, and I think the whole time just really fostered the ability to have this intimate connection, and I think came across onscreen. She's just a delight, and I can't wait to work with her again. I'm definitely going to.


Jim - We can't go through the whole film, obviously, but I did notice there was kind of a contrast, if you take Aphrodite on one hand, and then Chelsea. The two scenes are completely different in that, like you mentioned, Aphrodite was slow and sensuous, but Chelsea was like a rock star. She was like, “Hey, let's get it on!” But both of them were really good in their own way. I did notice that, like you said. It's not always the same way.


Sinn - Yeah. It's like you have to meet your partner where they are and just allow for them to make a unique experience. I try to flow with the energy, what's coming from the other performer, and that's what makes it so great. You’ve got two totally different people and they're both incredibly sexy. They bring something different to the table. I like to let that shine. I don't want every Sinn Sage scene to be just like, “Oh, that’s Sinn.” Sure, it’s me. But part of what is me is adopting, I guess, or allowing space. I don't have to dominate everything. I like to see what the other performers are  going to bring.


Jim - I know that you're kind of - I don't want to say you're bossy, but maybe you are - a little bit of a dom. Is that easier for you to do with a trans girl, or does that need to be straight up lesbian all the time? Is there a difference when you get into that?


Sinn - No, for me working with a cis girl or a trans girl, it's the same thing. They're both really cool. If I work with anyone, I'm like, "Okay, well, what would you like to do? What should we do? What kind of things do you like?"Sinn Sage, Jim Steele, XCritic, Star Factory PR, Tanya Tate, Trans, lesbian, strap on, sex, life For me, I like to use my strap-on. But as an example, though, when I did the scene with Sophie Ladder, I hit her up and she's like, "Well, I like to top." So, I said, "Cool, you can top me then." I like to do a little give and take. But it’s just really what makes you comfortable. And I just go into it and let the moment take over. I don't try to micromanage it. You know what I mean?


Jim - I get that completely. And you mentioned Sophie Ladder. I actually had that as one of my notes because the scene with her, it was very different than the others. And I had the thought that trans girls together are so hot - I enjoy it. A lot of people do - but there seems to be a lot different chemistry when you introduce a cis girl into it. And I really saw that in this film. It's a mix of hard and soft. Did you get the same vibe that you could add something to it by being this really hot lesbian cis girl performer who's all of a sudden in this full-length feature and it's a trans feature? Because I think you added a lot to it, and I think that it brings out a different, shall I say, side to the trans girls.


Sinn - Yeah, it does. I think what the industry has tended to do in the past with trans girls is that you have to check all these boxes. If you're making a scene with trans girl, trans girl must use her cock to penetrate– usually the man, or vice versa cis man must penetrate trans girl with his cock or whatever. And it’s like check, check, check. For me, I didn’t want to do that at all. I wanted it to be like, “We are two human beings. We were meeting to have sex, and what do you like, and what do you want?” That's what's important to me. I want to make stuff that the performers are passionate about performing in, the things that they like to do, and they enjoy, and makes them feel good. I want to empower people. That's a big part of it.


Sinn - The other thing that’s a big deal for me is that queer porn is the porn that I want to make. I want that representation of showing this and being like, “Guess what?” There are trans lesbians and can we please see what that looks like. Because I feel like that gets pushed aside and kind of ignored by mainstream trans porn. I feel like most of the time it's about what's going to earn the most money. And I don't really approach it that way at all. I want to showcase some real trans lesbianism with me being the cis girl. So, I hope I accomplish that, and people like to see it.


Jim - I think that you accomplished that.


Sinn - Thanks.


Jim - So if we take it back to the Sinn Sage Studios– the chemistry is real, you're really getting into it, you're having a relationship with the performers, and you're getting to know each other. But speaking of production, not just the scripts and not just having big budgets or quality or staying power, all these other studios are maybe dabbling in this, and some are doing it full time, and here you are. So, what do you have going for you that other studios don't? A better way to put that would be, what's the one thing that you have that nobody else can offer to accomplish all this for the long run, and continue making these great films?


Sinn - I think the difference is that I'm not really beholden to anything, except my fans, the ones who speak to me and talk to me. They'll email me and let me know what matters to them. What I've gained over the many years I've been doing this is that what speaks to them oftentimes is stuff that's not being made by anyone else, namely something that’s authentic, with realness, and real chemistry. You mentioned not acting. Yeah, we’re not acting and not putting on a show, not making ridiculous groans just because that's what you always heard, and expected to hear, when you watched porn.


Sinn - I come from this having performed in porn for almost two decades. I don’t only look at numbers, or how many followers a performer has on social media, and so I'm going to book them. That's not my concern, and I don't have to do that. So, yeah, if you come to my studio, you're going to see stuff that's just, again, real. I don't have to polish everything and make it look a specific way or check those specific boxes. I can make what I feel like making.


Sinn – I believe my fans like to see that coming from me, and they feel represented by that. And so, when I get that feedback from fans, it's so rewarding because I feel that my purpose in life is to inspire people to first of all, find their truth, live their truth, live authentically, and from the feedback I'm getting, I think that's what's happening. So, to me, that's the most rewarding thing. Making a living is great. This is my job, and this is what I love doing. But I'm not trying to pull in big numbers. If I make stuff that turns me on, then people will respond to that. And that's what I go for.


Jim - Okay. So, I'll jump ahead a few of my notes. And people do respond to it. Sinn Sage, Jim Steele, XCritic, Star Factory PR, Tanya Tate, Trans, lesbian, strap on, sex, lifeSo, I guess one of the most popular way that people respond to it is with awards.


Sinn - For sure.


Jim - And that's from the industry and the fans as well. I can't list all of the awards that you've had. It would be a long list.


Sinn - I've only got two in my house.


Jim - Sure. And a lot of people count the nominations as almost awards. I've gotten into the habit of doing that a little bit. So, there's your explanation for the long list of awards, but you're correct, you had two.


Sinn - Nominations, for sure, yeah.


Jim - Well, I've got AVN Performer of the Year, girl/girl …


Sinn - Yes, I have two AVN awards.


Jim - Which one of those would you consider to be your biggest accomplishment? Something that you would hang your hat on and say, "Well, that's what I was aiming for, and that's what I was shooting for?”


Sinn - For me, when I won the award in 2013, it was for best girl/girl scene with Dani Daniels. And personally, I felt always that I was doing award-worthy scenes at that time, but that I hadn’t gotten recognition from my industry because I had always only performed with women. And I just was like, they don't give those kinds of awards to girls like me, to performers like me. And that's honestly how I felt, especially watching it happen, going to AVN, seeing what projects were winning and things like that. And I was just like, “Nah, that will never be me and that's fine.” When I finished shooting that scene with Dani, as soon as we were done, I was on the bed and I was just like, if I ever was going to win an AVN award for any scene, that was it, what we just did. But then the award show came, and we got nominated and I was like, “Wow, that's pretty cool.” I have been nominated for stuff before, I just never won. So, we got a nomination, and I thought that would be the end of it.


Sinn - Then when they announced it, and it was the type of award where you walk up on stage to receive it, I was in utter shock. I was so surprised. I ran up there, I was like, "What?" So, I think that was also the beginning of a little bit of a shift. I don't know. I don't pay too much attention to it now. But I will say that 2014 was the first year that they had all-girl performer of the year as a category. My thoughts were that up to that point, performers who chose to do only girl/girl were just not acknowledged with awards. But after that, it was like, “Oh no, they're giving a nod over here.” And that has gotten even better now because look at the trans inclusiveness that's happening. I think that's what's really important to come out of this, more inclusiveness and representation.


Jim - That's a nice point that you bring up. And I've heard people say the award is not so much, but what it represents. When you were first talking about that, you said "girls like me", I'm thinking, what do you mean, girls like you? Well, that's what you meant, girls like you. Because 10 years ago, we were kind of where we're at now, with trans girls … where that's really come out into the forefront. And it's got to a level that I've described as that magic moment when somebody's cock pops up out of the bathtub - I can't remember which scene it was in your movie - but until that happens, you may or may not know exactly what's going on. You don’t know if it’s trans or not, it’s just a hot scene, and that's the good part about it.


Sinn - Yes, and that's the other thing. I think a lot of trans representation in porn right now is it's always like this. I think you're a cis girl until, “Uh oh, there's a dick.” What? I’m shocked and surprised. No, I don't want that. I don’t want it to be sleazy, or that it's like clickbait. I say, “No, we are human beings, we're not like a circus sideshow act.” That's what is important to me.


Jim - I always think that there's a certain point where a lot of people, when they see that surprise moment, that they're supposed to turn off whatever feed they're on, turn off the TV, get up and walk out of the room, and be like, “Shame, shame, shame.” Of course, that's not the way it is, or the way that it should be. But there's still, in the back of your mind, something that expects people to react like that. And it's so cool that we've gotten past that. Finally, we’re like, “Oh, well, okay, let's continue.”


Sinn – Yeah. For me, here's this human person that I'm attracted to. So, what’s between the legs is not really important for me. I see a beautiful girl. But I will say this, about the awards thing, and the reason why I felt it was a peak or an accomplishment. That was the first time I had gotten that level of recognition for what I had been doing from my peers, and from my industry. You get lots of recognition from the fans and everything, tons of it, they tell you how great you are all day. But to get that from the industry in which you work, it hits different. For me, that that was a big accomplishment. It means a lot to me.


Jim - Sure, and I appreciate that. Let me ask you, because kind of dovetailing with that, tell me I'm wrong, but there’s only one credit for you doing boy/girl and that's with Drake ManO'War, right?


Sinn - Yeah, so my boy/girl stuff is all with my husband, Drake. For one example, we made a movie, and it was a threesome movie. that was such a joy. He's been in most of my productions that I do for my website, my custom videos, my clip stores, and stuff like that. He's always my male talent. And he's just, yeah, the only guy for me.


Jim - Happily married and congratulations. Hooray for you. Good going. Does that have something to do with the all-girl pairings that you have on film?


Sinn – No, not at all. When I first started in the business - I mean, we're talking about 2002, 2003 - I was with someone at that time, I was with a male and he was my boyfriend, and things were a lot different in my life and in the world. When I got into the industry, I was like, “Well, obviously, I'm not going to work with guys, because I've got my boyfriend, and I don't fuck other guys.” And it wasn't even really a consideration. It's just, this is what I'm doing.


Sinn - So when I finally left that relationship - it wasn't a good one - I realized for the first time, “Well, I have this freedom now. If I wanted to do that, I could do that. I could make more money and be more popular.” Sinn Sage, Jim Steele, XCritic, Star Factory PR, Tanya Tate, Trans, lesbian, strap on, sex, lifeBut then I thought, I'm not going to just jump into doing that. I really wanted to consider if that's even something I wanted to do at all. And I'm so grateful that I didn’t because I know myself so much better now. Hopefully, we all know ourselves a little bit better with every year that passes. The reason I don't do boy/girl has nothing to do with my husband. Our relationship isn't really like you're allowed to do this, or you're not allowed to do that. I'm not really attracted to other men except for my husband. I'm so attracted to him.


Sinn – I’m still learning about my sexuality too. I guess I'm a bit more sapiosexual with cis men. I’m not attracted to a guy in the way that I can be with a woman on set. I can always find something attractive and beautiful about a woman, no matter what, and be turned on by her. But with men it doesn't work that way for me. I have to know you and find something really special in you. As an example, you're really smart, or you're funny, or you have a beautiful heart. But that takes time for me to get that sexual attraction going. And with men, that's not something that can happen on a set in only a few minutes. But with Drake? I love him and I’m very sexually attracted to him.


Jim - So you're married, you're working together. For a lot of people that works out, and for some, it doesn't work out. What's your secret of success in being married, living with, and working with, especially in this industry, your spouse?


Sinn - Yeah, I mean, we're together pretty much 24/7. We have lived in a van together, and we plan on trying to do that again, travelling around the country. We did that for about three years. It was incredible. But it's not like we don't ever have those struggles, or those tiffs. We reached a certain point, and we were like, “You know what? We need a little help working together.” So, we got some therapy and it really helped. We both understand how to communicate better with each other, and really walk that fine line of working together, and also having a marriage.


I have spoken with many industry performers who are married, and they all have a list of “certain things” that are necessary parts of a healthy relationship. It never fails, first on that list is communication. Without being able to talk, or communicate, it’s going to be an uphill battle. I was delighted when Sinn began talking about going to therapy sessions with her hubby, and how that experience made their relationship so much better. If both partners are committed to fostering a stronger relationship, it’s a terrific thing. I’m a huge fan of therapy whether it’s for your marriage, or any other challenge you might be facing.  


Sinn - It's challenging. It's not like something that any two people could just get into and do. After our experience, I believe in therapy. I always did, but now I've seen it, and felt it for myself. It's such a powerful, amazing tool, and it can change your life in so many ways. So, for us, I feel like the therapy really helped with our patience, our understanding, and our communication as far as working together. Now I feel like we have those tools to walk that line with ease. It's not even a struggle anymore. So, there's that. I also just think that we just fucking love and appreciate each other so much, that I don't ever really get tired of him. I love that we spend 24/7 together, and I know he feels the same way. I miss him if he leaves.


Jim - Cool. You're making me tear up over here. That's beautiful though.


Sinn - Yeah, we've been together for about 10 and a half years. It'll be 11 years in April. And yeah, it's amazing. Drake is definitely my partner for life.


Jim - Alright. So, we're going to make everybody soft around here thinking about Valentine's Day and lovey dovey stuff if we're not careful. That's beautiful though. I'm happy for you guys.


Sinn - Thank you.


Jim – Let’s go back to on screen stuff because I skipped ahead a few questions. You've got this strap-on. Now, I got to ask you, do you have a magic strap-on? Does it have some special powers… how do you get it to work so good?


Sinn - No, all the magic is within me.


Jim - Well, it's an honest question. And I'm not a girl, so I'm not going to pretend to understand, but I'm sure you have some rubbing up against sensations, but at the end of the day, it's an inanimate object, yet you use it as if it's not. And so, kudos for that.


Sinn - Yeah, I mean, that's the thing. When I put it on, it's not an inanimate object. When I put it on, it is a part of me and that is my cock. And I feel like that's where the problem a lot of performers have is that they can't... It's like I psychically connect with it. If I put my dick in a girl's mouth, I physically do feel this connection on my clit and it’s  pulsing and throbbing. But the biggest sex organ is the brain.Sinn Sage, Jim Steele, XCritic, Star Factory PR, Tanya Tate, Trans, lesbian, strap on, sex, life So, when I’m getting into it like that, pulling it on, strapping it on. I’m grabbing it, and stroking it, and looking at myself, and that gets that connection going with me. I really settle into having the cock and fucking with the cock, and so I have no problem going there. I feel gender fluid, especially when I put on my cock. And so, for me, I love to go to that place.


Sinn - I think a lot of girls are so concerned with looking and being feminine. That's who they are, and that's totally fine. But then you take a girl like that and say, “Here, take this strap-on and fuck this other girl with it.” They'll put it on and they're just kind of like, "What do...? Okay, well, I'm just moving it in and out.” Instead, I feel like this is my cock, and I'm using it to please you, and that's what gets me off. I think a lot of men too are like, "Well, how do you even really enjoy it? You can't feel anything." And I'm like, "No. No, no, no, no, no. I feel a lot." And I love pleasuring other girls and seeing their face, when they’re actually enjoying what I'm doing. To me, that's what gets me off. Maybe I'm not having an orgasm, but I'm getting off.


Jim - Yeah, right on, you're enjoying your partner.


Sinn - Yeah. Fuck, yeah. To me, that's kind of what it's all about. That's what's at the root of all my scenes. I get to put my hands on this lovely person, and I want to eat that up, I want to soak it up.


Jim - I'm with you. I agree 100% with that. But you mentioned something earlier that you like to top. This wasn't in my notes, but Dante Colle told me that if you want to top, that's cool, but at some point, you need to be a bottom. And he said sooner rather than later so that you can understand what you're doing to the other person. So, with you as a cis girl, you kind of already know that, and really know all the moves that you need to bring to the table, along with what you're saying - the sensuality and the brain is the biggest sex organ. If you put all that together, then I guess you can see how you can "handle” the strap on the way that you do. Just an oddball thought.


Sinn - Yeah, that's exactly right.


Jim – But no girl just wants to get pounded for 30 minutes, I wouldn't think that anybody would. But I guess you'd be surprised at the people that don't know that.


Sinn - Yeah. And so that's the thing too. Topping and bottoming can be terms used for just about any vanilla sex, but we also use it in the BDSM community. When I first started in the industry, I was a bottom, I was a submissive for probably six years. And then I reached a point where I found that some of what these tops are doing to me is not the way that I would do it. So, I was like, “I'm ready to try being the top.” I felt like I'd experienced enough to know the things that I think are good, and the things that I think are not good.


Sinn - It was actually Belladonna that gave me my first opportunity to be the top in a scene, and I feel very proud of that scene, and I feel like I knocked it out of the park. That was what got me my first job working for Kink, which is something I had wanted to do for a long time. People at Kink watched that scene that I made for Belladonna, and they hired me to be a top. Now, I pretty much only top if it’s BDSM scenes.


Sinn - Also, with age, your body stops... I can't speak for everyone, but for me, it was like the things I used to be able to handle and take as a sub? Nowadays, “Oh, fuck, no. No, you're not doing that to me.” Just more sensitive I suppose. That movie was "No Warning" from Belladonna. I did a scene with Charlotte Vale, and it was just awesome. It was sexy, and it looked really cool. That was my first experience being a top, and I feel that now I'm very skilled as a top and I have my way of doing it. I really love sensual domination. I'm not trying to be loud and scary; I'm trying to be sexy. That's what I'm into.


Jim - Yeah, and I mentioned earlier that you're kind of... I don't want to say you're bossy because you're not, but you're assertive and you show up and you take control, but in a very non-threatening, a nice way about it.


Sinn - Yeah, I like that.


Jim - So is that just on screen or is that in your personal life as well?


Sinn - Oh, that's a good question. I think I've reached a point in my life where I try to be kind as much as possible. I want to listen to what other people have to say and consider it all. But I don't take shit anymore. I mentioned my previous relationship was not great. I did not ever stand up for myself, and things that I thought I didn't put my foot down or I would just kind of be like, "Well, okay, whatever you say. You don't think it's a good idea? Alright." No, I've had enough of that in my life, and I've learned from that and grown from that. And so, I'm assertive just in the sense of, I'm not going to take shit, that's for sure. Now, at least with my partner, it's not where one person dominates over the other, it's very equal. Just peace, man. That's what I want. I just want peace.


Jim - That's such a good goal for everybody to have. And I think we've all been in those relationships where you say, "No, I'm not going back to that." So, I get it. Onward and upward is what I say.Sinn Sage, Jim Steele, XCritic, Star Factory PR, Tanya Tate, Trans, lesbian, strap on, sex, life


Sinn - Yes, absolutely.


Jim - And it means different things to different people. But yeah, let's see here. Onward and upward to your pay sites, Clip4Sale. What else we got?


Sinn - ManyVids, Clips4Sale.


Jim - Yeah, your OnlyFans. Oh, are we still doing OnlyFans?


Sinn - Yes. Yes, I'm so busy and I struggle with energy sometimes and there's so much for me to do. I do want to find another one, another fan site to utilize, to have as almost as a backup. I'm sure I'll find the time to do that soon, but it hasn't happened quite yet.


Jim – I’m looking at Loyal Fans, I think a lot of people are. So, the OnlyFans, Clips4Sale, ManyVids, what can the fans who might not know you expect to see there? Is it a mirror image of your films, or is it completely different over there?


Sinn - Oh, I would say it's completely different. And the reason why is because the majority of the content in my clip stores are custom videos. Not 100% but a lot. I do lots of trade content and content with other performers where we're just coming up with our own ideas. But most of the content is custom videos. There's just this wide, vast array of stuff. It's basically a grab bag. If you go on Clips4Sale, they actually have a search bar function. So, you can go on my store, it's SinnSageDreams.com. and at the top you can type in a keyword. Let's say you want to look at my strap-on stuff, so you just type in strap-on. It'll show you all of the clips that I have in my store that are strap-on.


Sinn - But let's say you have an ass fetish, or foot, or something like that. You can type that in, and it'll show you the clips that have of that. That's what my store is, basically everything, and whatever I make goes on there. Sometimes you might be able to find stuff that looks intriguing to you, and you check it out, and you're like, “This is really interesting, and I really like it, and I didn't even know that I liked it so now I have a new fun thing to go explore.” That's what my clip store experience is like. You can see everything that you want, and things you didn't even know you wanted.


Jim - That's a good way to put it. Well, you're very unique. But in the business sense, you've got your website at SinnSage.com and your clip sites. In addition to that is Sinn Sage Studios. A lot of other people are doing this, kind of like you’re pulling the coins back from the middle of the table and into your own little corner of the world, and it’s like, “This is my stuff, this is what I'm controlling.” What are your plans for that in the future, as far as growing that? Are you bringing in other performers, or is it just going to be you? What are your thoughts?


Sinn - It's hard when you’ve reached a good spot where you've accomplished a lot of goals, then you're kind of like, “Okay, well, what now? What's the next goal? What's the next sort of long-term goal?” I'm bouncing around a lot of different ideas in my head, for sure. I definitely want to keep producing custom videos. For me, that's a lot of fun. I like how everything is different every single time, every production that I make for a customer, …  you get exposed to so many interesting things. I find it fascinating.


Sinn - I love making other people's fantasies come to life in that sense. To me, that's really fun. So, I'm going to continue doing that. And then I think a lot about ideas that I can use that would be me shooting other people, and just kind of being a little bit behind the camera. I have no plans to stop performing in front of the camera anytime soon, so don't worry, fans of mine, but to have those options would be nice. I don't want to give away the ideas that I have quite yet. But yeah, I think getting into some amateur stuff.


Jim - The amateur stuff is cool though, right? It's hot. I think it is.


Sinn - Yeah, very hot. Maybe it will be like a lesbian training or something like that. Yeah, so seeing who I can find. Again, like I said, one of the goals is to get back in the van and travel around the country again.  Sinn Sage, Jim Steele, XCritic, Star Factory PR, Tanya Tate, Trans, lesbian, strap on, sex, lifeIt would be using various ways to meet other models around the country who are interested in shooting this stuff, or getting them into it, and guiding them in that sense. But yeah, getting on camera and shooting two girls together? I think that would be cool. And so that's something that I could do. Other than that, we’ll see what happens.


Jim - Interesting. You in a van with Drake picking up people? Okay, I could see potential with that. You tweeted something, I believe it was yesterday. It was a YouTube video and this kind of all feeds into that, and I've talked with so many other people about this. The video was entitled "Anti-Work Heroes Onscreen - How to Escape Your Job", and it's not meant to say that we don't have to work but, like you have been saying for the last several minutes, to be able to get to a spot in your life where you not only enjoy yourself, but you enjoy what you're doing for work. And I think that it's just a terrific sentiment that more people should pay attention to, even if they don't wind up in a van with their husband shooting content in, …  I don't know, a rest area, a hotel room, wherever. But it's still a really healthy way to approach your normal day. And I like that.


Sinn - Yeah. I feel like a couple of years ago, the wool got peeled a little bit off my eyes as far as the way the world works, and especially America. And I feel like the way that life is constructed for us– to step in line as soon as we reach that age. And it's almost like a pipeline. And for a lot of people, I think it's a pipeline of misery because you just do what you think you're supposed to do, because that's what everyone does in this Protestant work ethic, that your life isn't meaningful unless you are working for someone else eight hours a day. Except then, you're too tired to enjoy your family or anything. But you're supposed to do that, and you don't get to hop in a van and go travel the world until you're old enough to where now it hurts, and it's way more difficult to do. But you're not even meant to truly enjoy your life until you've worked for 40, 50 years and then, “Okay, well, now you can just relax.” Well, what about those 40 or 50 years where my body felt good, and my mind felt good? And also, who guarantees that you're even going to make it that far?


Sinn - Every day is a gift, and we are told that if we appreciate that gift and participate in that, they’ll say you're lazy, or you just don't want to work, or you don't want to work hard. I don't feel that working hard is the purpose of life. And so, I do feel that I found a loophole to that shit. I'm fucking blessed and I'm very lucky and grateful. I would love to see a world where more people recognized what was going on, that when you sell your body and mind (so that someone else will pay you so that you can survive and have food and a roof over your head), you can at least do something that's fulfilling for you, makes your heart feel good, and makes your spirit feel nourished. I feel like that's way more important than how much money you can make or how fucking hard you can work.

This {the super smart, compassionate, and caring individual} is the side of a “Porn Star” that most outside the industry, and even a few insiders, don’t get the privilege of seeing. Or, if they do, it’s sometimes disregarded as “less important” …. You know because a porn star couldn’t possibly come off as an insightful human being, right? So, so very wrong. Adult performers are people too, and the vast majority are some of the most incredibly caring and articulate individuals I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Sinn Sage was no exception, taking me into a full blown discussion focusing on sociological conditioning and human aspirations! Note to self- Get Sinn's recommendations on favourite podcasts or books.


Sinn - I just feel like it's a mass delusion. We waste our lives so some other fucking asshole can get rich, some asshole who just does not give a fuck about you at all and is trying to extract as much currency out of your labor while paying you the least amount for it so that they can make a profit. And then you have to beg for permission to take a fucking vacation, or to help your wife after she had a baby and spend time with your family. It’s all this shit that we just accept like it's okay. No, this is not okay. It's sick, and I feel pretty passionate about that. So, every once in a while, I'll tweet a video about that, and probably three people watch it, but whatever. I feel there is a responsibility with my platform. There are people who look at and pay attention to things I say. I want to be the change that I want to see in the world. Know what I mean?


Jim – Yeah, and I saw something the other day that makes a lot of sense. It's what you're saying about your platform, about your voice, that the most successful feeds have, of course, content, and ads. But then they've also got - it doesn't even have to be original - something with some substance that says something. It doesn’t have to be about the industry, about sex, or not necessarily about money, but about being a human. And that's really an important thing.


Sinn - I agree. I'm more than just my work, and I want people to know me and the things I stand for. To me, that's important. And so, yeah, there are certain types of people that might be like, "Well, here, have my money," and I might be like, "You know what? I don't even fucking want your money, dude.” It's not all about that for me.


Jim - No. And at the end of the day, we're all human beings. I think some of us, it takes us longer to get to that point than others, but that's what it is. And so, to come together, learn to get along, and learn to enjoy yourself on whatever path you’re on is so important. It's too bad that some people never get there.


Sinn - It's tragic. It really is tragic.


Jim - Okay, well, I'm glad I brought that up because it's an important thing that just gets lost in the mix. And your film is terrific, don't get me wrong. But for me, the most important thing isn't about always what's onscreen. Sinn Sage, Jim Steele, XCritic, Star Factory PR, Tanya Tate, Trans, lesbian, strap on, sex, lifeI want to know about the people that are on screen, but also what goes on with them, how they built their lives, and they came to be where they are. And I know your fans do too. So that's cool. But anyhow, the new film - and thank you so much for that, I really appreciated that - the new film is "Sinn's Trans Lesbian Lovers,” and you got a whole cast of, a great group of people: Aphrodite Adams, Chelsea Marie, Cassie Cummings, Sydney Screams, and Sophie Ladder. I would encourage everybody to go out and take a look at that, and I know some people are going to say, "Well, I'm not into trans stuff." O.k., at some point, I wasn't either. But take a look. Sinn does it in a way that I think most people will come away from it feeling good. If you’re not already number one fans of Sinn Sage, you'll be on your way to being there. I liked the film.


Sinn - That's awesome. Thank you so much. And you're right. I hope that anyone could watch it. Someone who might have thought, "Oh, a trans woman is somehow different than cis woman," would come away feeling different. I wanted to sort of even the playing field with this movie. I want people to watch the way that we interact and realize “Oh, a trans woman is a woman,” and that's it. I hope that we have cracked open some minds a little bit. That would be amazing.


Jim - And I think that with you, the authenticity of a scene shows through in an easier, more transparent way than with some other performers where you might have to watch for 5, 10, or 15 minutes before you say, “Oh, okay. Well, that was a real scene.” You prove that pretty quick. Look at Aphrodite, and that was a real orgasm. Her eyes rolled back in her head. I was afraid that she might need medical attention after you got finished with her, because I wasn't for sure that she knew where she was. It was just a terrifically authentic scene. And yeah, I think people are going to pick up on that, not only in this film, but in other work that you're doing as well.


Sinn - Amazing. Thank you so much.


Jim - That's my take for whatever it's worth.


Sinn - That's worth a lot. I really appreciate it. Gosh, that's awesome. Thank you so much.


Jim - So everybody can find that film. It's available for download at your website, www.sinnsage.com. Go there for clips, photos, live stream, and customs. Sinn Sage is also at OnlyFans, Clips4Sale, and ManyVids. Very importantly, so you can get a just a little taste and more of what we've been talking about, Follow Sinn Sage on Twitter @sinnsage and you're going to see all the updates, what she's up to, what she's thinking about, and especially what Sinn Sage Studios is putting out next. So cool. What a fun time. I really enjoyed this talk.

I need to give special thanks to Tanya Tate at Star Factory PR. She did a lot of legwork in putting this together and making it possible, and I so appreciate that.


Sinn - Yes, that's awesome. I signed with her, what … like a month ago? I've just been so pleased by the work she's doing for me and the company.


Jim – Cool, that’s great to hear. Thank you very much!


Sinn – Thank you!


Thanks, as always to @XCritic, @TheRealCyber5, and @TheDonJuanXXX. These guys do the graphics and artwork that make these interviews look so cool. Also, a huge shout out to the Internet Adult Film Database @IAFD and all the insights and information they provide.


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