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Checking Out LoyalFans.com


Loyal Fans

I'm currently checking out a popular fan platform, LoyalFans. Admittedly, I've only been on the site for a few minutes but from a viewer's perspective, it's fairly easy to navigate and operates basically like most similar platforms.

Once, you are signed in as a fan (I can't speak to how this works as a creator just yet) it's simple. There are "recommended" accounts to follow right upfront which I have to assume are picked randomly when you first sign up as the system has no idea of what types of content and creators you might be interested in. There's also a search bar up top where once you start typing in a name it will autofill a list of creators that have that as part of their names.

Once you land on a creator page that interests you there are a few things you can do to interact with them, depending on what they allow. There are clips to purchase, live shows which may or may not be public, you can subscribe to them using a credit card, or purchase coins where you can unlock content for a certain number of coins (which as of October 6th, 2021 will be valued at $.10 per coin according to a splash screen when I logged in). The coins can also be used to tip creators. There are other options available, as I said depending on each creator, and some I have stumbled upon like Caprice G. do offer free content at times.

If you are looking for performers like Katie Morgan, fret not, she is definitely here at LoyalFans. Vicky Vette and Violet Doll are two other stars I have come across in just a few minutes on the site! If you aren't familiar with Violet, she is known for cosplay so with Halloween coming up, now would be an excellent time to see what she has in store!

Okay, I have to go explore this site some more, and I suggest you do the same as more and more content creators are signing up with them every day!

Here are just a few of the creators that appeared on the list of recently updated content creators page. Just use the aforementioned search bar to find their profiles!

Alexa VaultAnna Bell PeaksBrittany Andrews

Kiara MadideJennifer RavensongVicky Vette

~cyber5 September 28, 2021