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The XCritic Interview: Spencer Bradley


What is the one story no one is talking about during the COVID-19 pandemic? To this industry writer, it is one of how many people thrived or made something of themselves during a time in history when eighty percent of the world’s population were ordered indoors and given a pink slip. These moments were even more abundant in the adult film world. Within a country that literally abandoned sex workers, adult film performers from coast to coast had to figure out how they were going to make a living, keep a roof over their heads, and do so without “Uncle Sam’s” piggy bank, stimulus checks or respect. Disgusting, I know, but this is not a tale of negativity and sorrow. But one of triumph and success. This is a story about Spencer Bradley, the Nexxxt Level agency’s star of the future. A woman who came out of the XXX woodwork during the global pandemic, to steal both the hearts and minds of porn fans across the globe. It is here that I wish to first introduce you to this native Indiana beauty. In case this is the first time you are meeting her, I must warn you, once you have said hello, you may find yourself spending the rest of your day on social media sites, OnlyFans and GirlfriendsFilms.com, looking to find out more about a new starlet who has not only thrived during a time that most have digressed but managed to create a brand that has the depth to stay in the porn world forever. That is where this beautiful model’s heart, mind, and lack of fear have taken her the past eighteen months. Imagine what we are in store for in the next twelve. I wanted to keep this introduction short and sweet, for as you are about to find out, what makes Spencer Bradley so unique is that she is not an opportunist. Oh no, more along the lines of the hardest working new starlet that will not remain a secret or under anyone’s radar for much longer. Not if this writer can help it.

Spencer Bradley 

Don Juan: Woman, you have no fucking idea how much you are my fucking hero right now! A new performer, having to postpone our interview for a meeting with her lawyer. That is music to this writer’s heart and ears, let me tell you. 

From the moment that I first observed this stunning new starlet in Lesbian Tutors #7 from Girlfriends Films, I have seen a performer grow in leaps and bounds. Her performance alongside Megan Maiden was powerful, the best in the entire film. It was a production where anyone would see the potential of this force of nature. All with just her kiss, and her smile. This was September 2020. Since then, this model has taken on all comers. Being paired with some of the biggest stars in the game, both new and old. Every time stealing the show. In one year's time, I also observed an actor gain confidence in herself. Spencer Bradley went from being the new babe on the block. To the woman who was creating art and film within productions for her OnlyFans and video platforms. I am talking about photoshoots and content that not even some production companies were attempting to try during the COVID-19 outbreak. Spencer was making her fellow performers earn their way onto her brand, with her business mind and true professionalism. This is where I coincidentally met her, after a call she had with her lawyer. Looking to learn the ropes of contracts, content, and production legality. So, now you see how my immense admiration came into play right from the start!

 Spencer Bradley


Spencer Bradley: I learned a lot today, definitely. I want to be able to start producing my own stuff.


I think it is very important that I know all the laws and have everything on hand that I need, in order to make great porn for my fans. I was learning about the things that I need to be cautious and aware of today.


Don Juan: Darlin’, as I researched you, and I am a writer who has heard about you from day one. I saw from afar that you are a woman who knows what she is doing in this business, and is willing to take the steps to find out about something if she does not know already. I love seeing the progression of a human being becoming confident and becoming this force of nature.


That is what I see when I see you, Spencer. I really want to tell you this darlin’, do not let any motherfucker  tell you that you are doing something wrong. That you are hurting people’s feelings, fuck them! You are one of the new starlets with promise, taking this industry by storm, and you are doing it the right way. You're doing it by including your fellow performers. You're making people work to be on your show. To be a part of what you are doing. We need more of that in this industry. 


Spencer Bradley: Thank you. It is really important to me to do a good job, just out of means of survival, you know what I mean? I believe that when you do bring a certain standard to set, you do want that out of others. 


Don Juan: Yes, and you already know this, that when you start in this industry, no one tells you that you are doing a good job. 

Spencer Bradley 

Spencer Bradley: Oh, no they don’t. I am telling you, one of my first scenes was so embarrassing!


I want to one day just have the money, so I can go to the production company and pay them to take the scene off their website, it is that embarrassing! 


Don Juan: Get out of here woman! Your work is so above par in this business, it is ridiculous. This is why I am so anxious to tell the story of Spencer Bradley to the fans.


You are talking to a man who is a writer, yes. But was once a collegiate athlete, and had so much more beneath the surface. I see that same thing in you.


I see this woman who looks like she lives at the gym. Maybe she has her nose buried in a book as much as possible? Combined with an intelligence and a passion to still cut loose and party? I really dig that. 


Spencer Bradley: Well, thank you again. I stripped for five years before I got into all of this and at the club, you are not selling the sex, you are selling an experience. If you want it to be an experience that people will pay to discover, you have to be dedicated. You just have to! 


Don Juan: Oh my goodness. We are going to get along. I started in this business by having a friend who became a dancer when we got out of high school. Long story short, my best friend was a dancer, and I was dating one of the other dancers in the same club. From there I got to know the owners, the bartenders, everyone really well. I was the guy who would act like a complete drunken moron. Who would come in on a Friday night, act like he did not know anybody. Have a few watered-down drinks at the bar. Then get the other patrons drunk with booze and ice-breaking chatter. All in the name of building up their confidence, to go open up their wallets to the girls dancing on stage. That was our hustle and those were fond memories of my life. 


Spencer Bradley: Bless your heart! If you had been at my club, you would have been one of my favorite people. 

Spencer Bradley 

Don Juan: It’s like you said darlin’, you learn a lot about life from working in a club. I had heard from some people that you were a dancer before you got into the business.


Being a dancer is one of the toughest jobs in the world, and not for the reasons that people think. I believe it is mainly due to the fact that you ladies must be psychologists to the public and club patrons.


Spencer Bradley: Yeah, it is a profession that is emotionally taxing. It is physically demanding, and you have to be able to keep up and keep giving your all.


Even when you are having a bad night. Then, the next day, you have to go back in and give one-hundred and ten percent again.


You have to be able to be there for people. I learned so much from my experience.

It is something where I experienced the highest highs and the lowest lows out of any job! That is what I would always say about stripping whenever people would ask me about it. 

Dancing, there is so much more to it. Intelligence is something that is required because you must be able to maximize all of your abilities. There are so many highs. 


She is not talking about drugs, by the way. Spencer and I then sat down to talk personally about the business, dancing, and so much more that we can not put into this article. What I can say about this part of the interview, is that we spoke about things “civilians” will never know and understand. About people in high places. People with power, and what we have seen and been through. What I saw in Spencer Bradley, is this charisma mixed with book smarts to know how to navigate this industry, and it does take brains to become a porn star, contrary to what the critics of this business may think. Let me put it this way. If this new starlet ever writes a book. She will keep you thoroughly entertained with that big, beautiful brain of hers, and how she has used it in life already to survive, thrive and truly live.

Spencer Bradley 

Don Juan: Let me just say this. I knew that you danced before we sat down for this interview. I had no idea that you danced for five years though. That is so impressive. No wonder you have the conviction you have behind all the things that you do. I grow more impressed the deeper we dive into your background.


Spencer Bradley: Thank you. I think dancing helped me to stay committed to porn. Going through all the characters that you go through. You know what I mean? It taught me to be strong for myself. I believe that having my background in stripping really was something to be proud of. I am grateful at this point in my career that I had that background before I got into porn. 


Don Juan: Sweetheart, and I mean all these words and sayings with such deep respect. In this industry, no one ever tells you that you are doing good. When I was watching you from afar, come up in this industry and make the moves that you are. I was like, “damn, this woman looks like a fitness model.” Then I saw that you were learning to act, and boy, do you have talent, my dear. I also see a woman who understands what lighting is and what its importance is on set and in a film. I see a performer who will tell a photographer if they do not know what he is doing, what for. I see a businesswoman who will rip a motherfucker in two, and rightfully so, if he does not know how to edit, how to light. I hope that you spawn a million copy-cats. That would make this industry such a better place and would not threaten your brand's impact, due to your incredible work ethic. 


Spencer Bradley: Yeah, it is your brand, and you need to be able to always know what to look for.


Don Juan:I have seen your professionalism within your growth. I hope you always know, I have been wishing you so much success from the sidelines here. It is a real treat to finally get to talk to you one on one like we are today

Spencer Bradley 

Spencer Bradley: Thank you. It helps, and I definitely need all the good vibes. I felt like I did not have the greatest start when I began in the industry. To tell you the truth, I was not looking to get into porn when I first started. I had moved from another state and had just stopped stripping when I first got in.


That made me discover webcamming. Then, that led to me looking deeper into places like ManyVids. Coming into the industry this way, it made me see things so differently.


It prepared me for so much. I see now that I could not have done things quicker, and I think a lot of models have thoughts like that, just as I did.


I do not think anyone navigates any profession the way they want to from the start. Porn is a place where I really learned what my potential could be. Coming up the way that I did, it made me take the business seriously, and I did that very quickly. I have been a person who has a lot of hope in her heart, and I have been using my life lessons as fuel to continue to get better. 


Don Juan: Bless your heart, my dear! You know, seeing your confidence grow, seeing you become a woman of true character. It makes me see that there is a true potential for greatness within you. 


Spencer Bradley: Thank you so much for saying that. It is not easy to harness your confidence, your self-esteem. I am talking even if you are only able to gather enough of it to make it through the day. It is so important for those around you. If you are a person with confidence, people want to be around you. People have trust in you to complete the task at hand, you know what I mean? 


Don Juan: Oh, do I! 

Spencer Bradley 

Spencer Bradley: It is a little secret of mine that I always try to keep a smile on my face. It is something that helps to keep the surrounding environment pleasant. If you do not have confidence in yourself, it takes so much out of you. I think that is what leads people to stay in bed all day long, to stop living life. Not smiling, not being happy and confident, it comes with time to having to learn to parent yourself, and when that happens, it is a long road back to just the place you were before.


Don Juan: I have worked some awful jobs in life. When I got out of college, I thought that I knew what I was going to do with my life. I began working for the worst company I ever did, and it threw me into a deep hole emotionally. It took so much to pull myself away from such toxic things in my life. I had to gain confidence to tell my boss to shove his five-year contract up his ass. I see that type of strength in you, Spencer. I have seen that beautiful ferocity since day one, and don’t you dare ever lose that my dear. I also have seen you grow, much like I did in these video interviews of you I was watching as I researched you. In the first video, I saw this beautiful, timid soul. In the last you did for Pineapple Support, I see this woman who is indeed using that strength to help others within this business. God bless you for that Spencer Bradley.

Spencer Bradley 

Spencer Bradley: That is very cool that you see that in me and can tell me about the progression of my work, my confidence, and more. Thank you. In this industry, you can have times when you think people do not see you.


Or, that people have forgotten about you. I guess that is the nature of things. I must admit, it feels good to hear someone tell you that they see the things you feel within yourself, and it is people who know what they are talking about, like you Don.


Don Juan: Darlin’ I am not a gossip guy, but let’s just say this. I have seen you work with people that others fear, and many other things in this industry we will not mention publicly.


You understand politics. You get “the big picture,” and that it is about business and a person’s brand. You get “the jest” of what it takes to be successful in this industry. You are a performer always evolving, and that makes this old reporter’s heart swell with joy for the future of this industry. We need more people like you doing this exact same thing.


Spencer Bradley: Thank you. Now, I would kind of like to dig deeper into that, if you don’t mind. 


Don Juan: Sweetheart, let’s just say, there are some people in this industry who don’t understand it is performance, and it is about bringing your A-game to meet another performer who has the ability to take her performance to an “A+” class level. So, right off the top of my head, to tie into this interview, there are many people intimidated by Skylar Vox. She is a force of nature in this industry. Like you, she is a part of the great future of porn in my opinion. To see you work hand in hand with her in a scene. To watch you showcase your talent as much as hers. That takes a strong performer. What you both produced here, because of all those things in Women Seeking Women 181, it may prove to win some hardware come January. I did not see intimidation in this scene. I think it takes guts to work with Skylar Vox, and so many people do not have that and go running scared. 

Spencer Bradley 

Spencer Bradley: Oh my God, really? I was so excited to work with her! 


Don Juan: Many people both inside and outside the business do not get why so many people are stand-offish when it comes to anything in this industry. There are a shit ton of bad PR people, publicists, agents, performers. A female performer especially has to be this way in order to find out who is full of shit in this business and who is not. 


Spencer Bradley: Yes, this is so true. There are so many who do not want you to know anything in this business because knowledge is power. When you take that away from them, it makes things harder for them in every way. 


Don Juan: See, now you see why I am so impressed with the Spencer Bradley brand. A performer who can work with XXX veterans, Hall of Fame stars, the hottest thing going in the industry. You have those abilities already. Seeing you put them to the test. It is a sight to behold. You are a person who makes her characters and roles shine brighter than the stars they booked to be the lead of the film. That scene with you and Skylar, you both stole the show in that film. That is a difficult thing to do with a cast that powerful. All the new performers who are some of the best in this business.


Spencer Bradley: Thank you. I have felt like I am a good performer, but I do doubt myself when I do not get the lead role in a film. Or get the gigs that put the focus on me. Now, before I get too carried away. Let me just say, I love Skylar. She is so amazing. She and I have been friends since I started out in Florida. I think some models will see other models get so much from landing lead role after lead role. I don’t care who you are, in so many ways, and you start to second guess yourself a little if you do not achieve the same. It makes you wonder what you could do differently, or what you did wrong. I am learning that it is all about knowledge and applying that to so many things you think you have no control over. 

Spencer Bradley 

Don Juan: You have over fifty-seven thousand Twitter followers. What Twitter is good for, and it may be the only thing it is good for, is a measure of how solid your core base of fans really is. Only the true fans will navigate that website. For me, it is also the way that I can see who are the performers who are putting in work posting. Spencer, you are a woman who is climbing that ladder the right way. You hang tough, because in three years, when seventy-five percent of the people who are in your performer class have dropped out of the industry, it will be you getting that sixty-page script from Wicked Pictures. As the lead actor, nonetheless. 


Spencer Bradley: Oh, I can not wait for the day. I really hope that I am going towards it. Because, as long as I am happy and surviving, with good friends alongside me, with everything making me smile with some recreation time here and there, life is good! It would be so rewarding to me, to get that script from Wicked Pictures, or finally get my Vixen debut. In porn, you never know when that moment is going to come for you. 


Don Juan: If there is one thing that I know, it is that those moments are coming for you Spencer. Now, this brings us to the meat and potatoes of this interview. Now, did I read somewhere that you have your cosmetology license? 


Spencer Bradley: Yes, you did. 


Don Juan: You are fucking gangsta woman! You are going to be a triple threat when you are on set. I see Spencer Bradley in the future, being the director, the producer, hair, and makeup, and you will be performing. 


Spencer Bradley: I did plan on doing the makeup for other girls in order to cut down on that cost. That is when I get there. 


Don Juan: My goodness, you are prepared to be a producer already. I love it darlin’! 


Spencer Bradley: Well, I will not lie, I have a ways to go. But, I am getting there. That is my goal!


Don Juan: You fucking rock woman! Spencer, I read again somewhere that you had the quickest interview ever when it comes to your agency Nexxxt Level and signing on the dotted line. I heard that you were in and out, all business. I fucking love that! It seems like since that meeting, all you have been doing is producing great work with Nexxxt Level by your side? 

Spencer Bradley - Please Make Me a Lesbian 21 

Spencer Bradley: Thank you! It took a few meetings to get to sign with them. We all wanted to make sure that we were all a good fit for one another. Yes, it was all business, right from the very start. I found the way that they took my agency pictures and other business-oriented things like that so professional.


Nexxxt Level won me over when they told me that they wanted me to have a long-lasting career. They told me that they almost wanted to manage me in a way. Which, to me, was very flattering, especially seeing how much they care now that I have been with them as long as I have.


They have been helping me to become a more organized person and to tell you the truth, that is where the story of a woman, getting to learn the ropes from her lawyer, stems from. I have them to thank for so much, especially helping me to become a woman who has a big interview and sits down with her lawyer on the very same day. 

Don Juan: I love you more and more by the second woman! You are just the bomb-diggity! Now, let us begin our journey into the world of Girlfriends Films with you as our guide. Girlfriends Films will always have a dear place in my heart, and I would just love to talk about every scene that you have shot with them. How many films have you now taken part in with them?


Spencer Bradley: Oh, my goodness. There was my very first one, which was with Jezabel Vessir. Then, there is the scene with Kiera Croft, and I may have been skipping one in between. 


Don Juan: Don’t forget the scene with Megan Maiden.


Spencer Bradley: Oh, yes, the one with Megan Maiden, and then right after that, I think I shot with McKenzie Lee. So, I think that I have had three covers with Girlfriends Films. 


Don Juan: Damn dude, that is so fucking impressive. 

Spencer Bradley: Then, we have the Skylar Vox cover. Wow, so now that I am counting, I see that there are at least five! I would not be surprised if there was another one that I was not thinking about.


Spencer Bradley 

Don Juan: Rock fucking on Spencer! I am always involved when it comes to marketing in this industry. Whenever they upload their press, it is amazing to see that you have been a part of so many productions. You have become one of their regulars, and rightfully so. I think that it is one hell of a fit. Whenever a scene or film is put onto my desk, most people think that a professional reviewer is the person who is just reviewing the porn that they want to. It is almost never the case. If we did, and you are talking to someone that is a female inside a dude’s body, I would not pick porn that has a dick in it. That is, if I could choose. But, unfortunately, we don’t get to dictate what we get paid for most times in life, and this is one of those occasions. Which made that first day I saw your work, and you were working alongside Megan Maiden. I said to myself, “damn, this woman brings her A-game each and every time and draws out the lust in her scene partner.” 


Spencer Bradley: Thank you again, Don. You know, when I actually look at those pictures now, and they were from when I first started in the industry. I totally forgot my mascara and I think I look terrible in those photos. 

Spencer Bradley 

Don Juan: No fucking way homie! If it were me, I would have forgotten my pants and shirt.  It has to be so nerve-wracking to be on set the first couple of times. I have so much respect for you dude. One of my questions later down the line is going to be about what your gym regiment is. You are in shape, you can get into all these gymnastic-like positions. You make sitting on the edge of a hardwood desk look as comfortable as lounging on a Lazy-Boy. You are gangsta woman!


Spencer Bradley: Now, you are just being nice, but thank you. 


Don Juan: No darlin’ I truly mean it. Girlfriends Films always look to produce a natural look in most of their films anyway. I can tell you this. I can remember watching that scene with you and Megan. I can not tell you what the room looked like, the style of your hair and makeup. That is because you two ladies let the performance do the talking. That scene was something so entertaining, and in this business, that trumps anything else! This is something to be very proud of. Especially the fact you accomplished it on your own. 


Spencer Bradley: “Accomplishing on my own.” You mean, like I just wandered in here?


This new starlet, she is a ball of fire. Just like the character of Tommy in Goodfellas. She reminds me so much of the people I met in my life very young. The mentors who could bust your chops, make you laugh, and have direction for you to follow. Spencer Bradley has her shit together ladies and gents. That is not a very common thing in today’s world, sad to say. There is this wave of laziness that has taken control of the world. Hearing that a new starlet has nabbed five film covers in her first year, it is something I have not heard since the days of the great Kaitlyn Ashley. This is the kind of fire that you need in order to stand out in the digital age of porn. This model’s reputation is one that is so misunderstood. She is a woman who loves this business. No one who has this many smiles in her set-bag and such laughter in her heart, could ever fake such a passion on camera. That is the window that you as a fan, or industry producer, should be gazing through when you want to find out what makes Spencer Bradley tick. It is that fire that makes her stand out.

Spencer Bradley 

I feel like I came out of nowhere, everywhere that I go! 


Don Juan: Honey, you did, and it is the best of things in the world of entertainment. You keep us all on our toes. You are a woman who I think will shed a great light in terms of making the world aware of what a performer really does just to get ready for a shoot, to go to a shoot, perform in a shoot. We are not talking just hair and makeup. We are talking about getting your mind and your body ready for putting on a show and making a scene come to life. Then, you get off set, and you have to do your OnlyFans, and then you have a cam show after dinner. That is, if you have time to eat. Then, you have to set up tomorrow’s scene with your agent. Then you have to do an interview with my dumb ass. It is crazy! 


Spencer Bradley: It is so exciting though! That is how you know that everything in your career is working out, right? You know? It is a good problem to have in life, to be busy all the time like this. 


Don Juan: Dude, I can tell that you and we are going to be homies! You are just good fucking people!


Spencer Bradley: You are so awesome. You seem like a person who can just read people in an instant. I hope we get a chance to meet at AVN. From day one, I can not tell you how much I appreciate your reviews and what you do for the industry. When I started in this industry, it was tough to get things going. You must be in survival mode in order to achieve some success. 


Don Juan: I will be down there dude! Wearing a tux, trying to look as pretty as you ladies do. 

Spencer Bradley 

Spencer Bradley: Oh, my God, I am sure you will be gorgeous! I appreciate you so much and seeing the things you and your company write. It all allowed me to see some things about myself and how important being as busy as you say, is. It takes encouragement to know what you are doing is beneficial. So, as a performer, you can keep getting hired. You can keep getting money, and you can help yourself to stay afloat mentally to make all those things possible. That is what started the wheels in motion for me, to see that this is something that I could really make work for me, and so many things have come very quickly for me. So really, thank you! To know that a performance is created and done with the intention of just making it in this business, then, you find out it has so much more within it, that you say it does. That really means a lot to me.


Don Juan: Darlin you are something special indeed. You are going to make me cry over here. You remind me so much of Abigail Mac. Like her or hate her, what I love about Abigail, she is a performer who made something of herself. Made something of her brand and built an empire and did it her way. I see you walking a similar path of success. I see you being that woman who speaks her mind always and looks to never hold anything back. Just like Abigail.

Spencer Bradley 

Spencer Bradley: I definitely follow Abigail Mac. I have not gotten to meet her yet. We have had a few interactions on Twitter. So, yes! I definitely follow her and appreciate that comparison, being that she is a woman who produces her own content the way that she does. 


Don Juan: I love you sharing your story of not getting out of this industry before realizing what you had in front of you and what the potential is for what this industry can do for you. I commend you for following the leads of such great starlets as you begin your career. All by being this woman of great conviction already. Survival strength, that is the key to success in all things in life. You keep doing what you're doing. 


Spencer Bradley: Aww, I just want to give you a hug. 


Don Juan: Darlin’! I love that you are friends with Skylar Vox. I would love to go in-depth with your relationship with one another. Tell us everything you can, because I am telling you Spencer, that scene is going to be a contender for a nomination this year. It really showcases what the Women Seeking Women films are meant to always be. 


Spencer Bradley: That makes me feel so good, because it is not like we got wild with a bunch of toys or anything like that. We just got wild with each other. 


Don Juan: Oh, my God, yes! You both played your roles so well. She is the rock star, and you are the sultry photographer looking to take more than pictures. You both allowed your characters and sexual prowess to shine in this film. It was epic woman! 


Spencer Bradley: So, Skylar and I first met in Florida, actually. Our first introduction to one another was the cutest thing ever. Things were just fast from the start. I was with an agent in Florida who was walking another girl and I up to a condo we were all taking a tour of. Skylar was waiting at the elevator, waiting to go up. The first time I saw her, I said, “Hi, nice to meet you, Skylar Vox, right?” She turns to me and says something like, “Am I supposed to know you?” I looked at her and just said “fuck you” with a big smile, and we both laughed and just instantly started to talk to one another. It was fresh, real, and raw right from the start. We both ended up staying at the same model house for a while. We would both stay up late a lot of nights. You know, just bullshitting and talking all night long. We would always go out and have food together. She always had these really great food suggestions. Because, you know, Florida was her spot at the time. She is from Florida, and she had been working there, making a name for herself, getting a lot done down there for quite some time. We started to become friends and then, as our careers grew, we had to go our separate ways. It happens a lot in this business. We gave each other a hug goodbye and shared some useful information between the two of us that I still use to this day. 

Spencer Bradley 

Skylar and I, we have always been cool with one another. We tried to stay in contact. After we shot the scene together for Girlfriends Films. We both went out drinking to catch up after because we just had not seen each other in some time. 


Don Juan: That is so cool. You both are kindred souls. No, I should say, kindred motherfucking bad-asses! It is no surprise to me that you both would get along and start to become friends.


Spencer Bradley: Yeah, I feel that way too. 


Don Juan: What a cool fucking story dude! That is how two bad-ass peeps should meet in this life and this industry. I fucking love it! What a treat it would be to see both of you ladies, ten years down the road, owning this business with an iron fist. We need that in this industry. Because what I guarantee people don’t know about you both, is that you are both women who care. You both have conviction in all the things that you do. That is something that will inspire others in this business. It is something that will change how even people outside the industry see everything. From filmmaking to acting and sexuality. 


Spencer Bradley: Yeah, she is definitely this unique, hard-working person. She is on top of things. She is a Capricorn, are you surprised? 


Don Juan: Shit dude! Damn! No wonder that woman is doing what she is doing in this business. 


Spencer Bradley: So, yeah! Hard worker, with lots and lots of conviction. She is always about doing her own thing too. She is not one of those people who color within the lines. She is edgy, and she looks out for her brand. I love that she is that person who wants to do her own make-up. Who wants to experience and plan all the things she does on her own. 


Don Juan: Oh, I think she is wonderful. She takes no prisoners, offers no apologies. I admire and respect that in any person. She is a performer who lives that in all phases of her life. I see that with you as well, my dear. People were so scared of her when she started. They see this big-boobed, gothic beauty. They tried to figure out how to separate those two things. Now, she is making those things an accepted part of this industry. I love it! 


Spencer Bradley: Yeah, it would be so nice to see her again real soon. I would love to do another show with her or something!


Don Juan: The path you ladies are walking, I think there are going to be many more encounters in the future. You know, Girl/Girl, it is the only genre, where two performers can sell a scene without even taking off a stitch of clothing. That is, if they are great at their craft. They can make a fan do backflips with just touching, kissing, and teasing. That is what makes the scene you both created so damn remarkable and sexy. That is why it deserves, at a minimum, more than a few award nominations, with more than a few companies.

Spencer Bradley - Women Seeking Women 181 

At times, you will sit down with a porn star on the rise and find yourself staring at the clock, and you have now hit an hour. Some get angry when you keep them over your agreed time, and rightfully so. Some do not mint at all. Spencer and I, we spoke about AVN. We talked about her keen fashion sense, and I am still aflutter wondering what it is that she is going to wear to the 2022 awards show. It was here that I found out that this amazing performer took time out for me, and that she did not take any time off during the beginning of this pandemic. We spoke about rest, recharging and how a porn star never has any time off. Not if she wishes to be successful. I can not tell you how rare that is. When you are an actor, living and creating worlds of illusion, it can take its toll on your patience for other people. This beauty, she was alive, vibrant, and wanting to tell more of her story. You see that with an Angela White, or a Jewel De’Nyle. You never see that in a new starlet who is taking that next step to becoming a superstar. It speaks volumes of this woman’s mind, heart, and character. What I will say is this. This new performer, she is helping to turn Las Vegas into the new porn capital of the United States, and she is doing so, all without minding the five-hour drive to head to LA and continue to make a name for herself at the same time. This woman did not have anger in her voice. Sorrow, or even remorse. This woman had authority and truth in every sentence. To this day, it has sparked me to again anticipate what she has coming out as the year closes. Only the greats can do that. 


Spencer Bradley: You know, for the longest time, I thought that “taking care of myself” meant that I took on as much work as possible. When you mix in SextPanther, OnlyFans, hair appointments, nail appointments, cam shows, and sending fans your panties in the mail, you have to take on real downtime. You have to. I want to say that to every performer out there. 


Don Juan: Woman, you are a workaholic like me. I love it!


Spencer Bradley: Oh, I got it from my daddy. 


Don Juan: Same here woman! Good old dad! We should have our dads get together and have them build a fucking car together. Just like when someone has two moms that are alike, a person says, “they should get together and bake a fucking cake.” Well, the same thing goes for dear old dads. 


Spencer Bradley: Oh my God, my Dad would be sitting there too, at the end of everything, sipping on his wine. 


Don Juan: Yep, yep! My Dad would be busting out some Stella, or some rare whiskey. Great minds my friend. You fucking rock! OK, now I gotta put you on the spot. I have to ask you, out of all the scenes you have made with Girlfriends Films. What has been your favorite? 

Spencer Bradley  

Spencer Bradley: Oh, my goodness. That is a difficult question. I have to say that I really liked the scene with Keira Croft in Please Make Me a Lesbian 21. I feel like we had this very “giggly” and gitty chemistry together. Like this scene, it may not have been the craziest sexually, but the chemistry between us was just absolutely adorable to me. That is the type of scene that I would want to watch. One that is between two people that are just cute together and love to have fun. Because that is exactly what we did. We were having so much fun. I can remember more than a few points during that shoot, that we were just laughing together. I don’t know if they edited any of that out, but on set, it just felt like one of the most amazing, chemistry-driven scenes that I have done with Girlfriends Films.


Now, a side note to this question. I just loved learning so many things from McKenzie Lee in Lesbian Seductions 72. I have to say that those are my top two favorite scenes with Girlfriends Films. 


Don Juan: I love Kiera. She is just one of the best damn performers in the business. 


Spencer Bradley: She is an absolute sweetheart. I could tell from the second I met her that she was a sweetheart. She was getting dressed for the scene, having a hard time with her garters. I told her, “You are just like me, huh. You won’t ask for help.” Then I go over there, and I help her with her garter. 


Don Juan: Bless your heart, sweetie. You are such a unique one in this business. Now, I have to ask this woman because you got one of the best bodies in the entire world of modeling. Are you one of these peeps who are just married to the gym? I mean, like God damn woman! 


Spencer Bradley: Aww, I am super flattered. I honestly think that is just how I carry myself throughout my whole life. When I was younger, I was always running around, always out and about. In middle school, I was on the boy's wrestling team. Even before then, my cousins and I were always horsing around. I loved wrestling, I loved moving my body. I also did cheerleading when I was younger. Then, when I was a sophomore in college, I began stripping. So, that, and being a little scrapper allowed me to never take a break from being physical. So, I think it has just all been about me keeping all of those things going in some way in my life. Being active. I also like to put a lot of effort into my scenes with my body.

Spencer Bradley 

Closing out the interview, I truly got to know a bit more about the woman behind the performer that I just can not share here. Well, at least not everything. Besides talking about creating a porn industry book club, I got to learn that Spencer Bradley is a woman who loves parties, she enjoys having a good time, with good people. She strikes me as a person who keeps a very tight circle. But then, she showed me that wonder that has always made me want to stay within this industry. She showed me a person that loves curling up with a book, not being someone who just wants to go to every flash in the pan event that happens in Las Vegas or Los Angeles. She is the furthest damn thing from a sheep that there is in this world of entertainment. She went on to tell me about her future projects, and how different things were the first year she attended AVN as a performer and what she is going to do differently now. When you live life’s adventures to the fullest, it is not easy to tell what is going to be the best way to spend a weekend during the biggest adult convention in the world. There are few people who understand what it is like to live in the realm that is the entertainment world of America. Spencer Bradley is a woman who gets that, and she shares how humble she is with one last Girlfriends Film's story and a few that she is this honest woman who is making something of herself in a world of illusion.


There are instances when you take time away from the industry. There are moments when it seems like you are coming back to this watered-down version of reality. That is the only way I can explain being in this industry at times and dealing with people outside of the industry. It is nice to finally be at a point in my career where I am now finding the people that I thought I would discover when I originally got into the industry. It is nice to find kindred spirits here, and I find that we are able to find each other quickly. 


Don Juan: I couldn't agree more. Spoken like a true poet! So, last question, and thank you so much for taking this much time with me darlin’. It means so much to all of us at XCritic. I must know, what was it like shooting for BSkow? Me, I would have been nervous as hell. He is one of the greatest directors of all time, and he is a firm man as well. Tell us about your first experience with him and being on his set.


Spencer Bradley: OK, so the very first time I was on his set, I had no idea of the caliber of talent that was around me. At that point in my career, my acting was pretty damn bad. So, in this scene I speak of, I was doing some of my first acting in a film. Serene Siren was the person who was directing and BSkow was the producer. After the scene, I messaged her and thanked her so much for being patient with me. I saw what I could have done better with the acting. 


At this point in my career, I was having a tough time trying to figure out where my place was in this industry. When you start, I think everyone gets to the point where they are jaded, and I was almost at that point. I said to myself that I am not going to take things seriously from this moment on. I was still trying, but things were getting frustrating. It was then I realized what type of people and talent I had around me on Serene’s set. What she brings to a set, it is just beyond amazing. It was on this set that I realized that I needed to put more into my acting. I saw that I needed to always be sure that I was in the right headspace when I came onto a set in order to become better. I remember meeting BSkow the first time, and he is a very serious person. I remember him talking about how important it is for a performer to remember their lines, and I never forgot that intensity. He shot the cover for the film that Kiera Croft and I were in. From just being in front of his camera the times I have, I can tell you that he is that person that already knows what my posing habits are and he knew them after only one shoot. Now, he is always chuckling at me, telling me, “remember, you have to learn to relax. Breathe out!” He really helps me with my breathing when I am posing. 


Don Juan: You hold your breath when you are posing. Get the fuck out of here! 


Spencer Bradley: I do, and I do not even realize I am doing it, either. I get into this zone, where I am just thinking so hard. I am thinking, “are my hips right, is my neck right? Will I be able to pivot this way or that way? Am I making good eyes and a good face?” That is the type of care and attention that you get on a Girlfriends Film's set. This is what they cater to with a model. They did with me and it is why I will never forget any of my work with them. I hope the fans don’t either.


It was not here that the story ends with this new starlet on the rise. She told me a story about meeting Serene Siren and how much she looked up to her. I tried to pry this story out of her, but it was running late, and I had already talked this beauties' ear off for over an hour. We had a few more laughs and talked about the business a tad more. I then went on a mission. I had to talk to my friend Serene and discover what this story was. The story goes that Serene and Spencer had this amazing moment over soup. That is all I could get out of Spencer. She had so much love and admiration for Serene in her voice. I felt that the best way to end this interview was to have the newly signed Serene Siren tell us her tale about Spencer Bradley. I told her the things I knew about Spencer and how we spoke about this shoot. Within seconds, Serene was messaging me, telling me about how much she enjoyed this moment with a true performer destined for greatness and how she wanted to give the final word in this interview. Let’s let Serene put in the final quote, shall we and end this interview with the style that it deserves. 


Spencer Bradley 

“It's really amazing that I inspired her like that. She was such a good listener; that alone is terribly hard to find! She definitely wants to do a good job, and she warms everyone’s day up with that illuminating smile she has. I hope to continue to see her blossom in all that she does in her career. That’s encouraging to hear that she’s being astute with her legalities and staying ahead of the curve, by learning and knowing how to brand her curves! I hope next time she sees me, she won’t be as nervous, ‘cause I think she now knows that I am a friend, as well as a friendly person, if you know what I mean. I will be super happy to see her beauty before me again! We were all new once in this industry, right? Thank you so much for asking me to write something about Spencer. Speaking of soup, I just actually made some as you asked me to write this final quote, and I will never forget, getting to share some with that unforgettable smile and talent that day.” - Serene Siren



Don Juan DeMarko



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Twitter: @SpencerBradleyX






Special thanks to Carmen and everyone else at Girlfriends Films for their amazing additions to this interview. Thank you to Serene Siren, and last but not least, the amazing Spencer herself. For being the most diligent of students in this amazing world of entertainment we live and work.

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