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Get Physical: Digital streaming versus DVDs.


Physical vs DVDIn this digital age of streaming, it isn’t too soon to call it for physical media, it is indeed a dying medium. DVDs aren’t quite dead and buried yet but the funeral is planned for probably one of the longest known death throes of anything that could ever “die”. Even though the collector’s market still exists for these plastic discs the masses of people online prefer the instant gratification of streaming content rather than spinning DVDs. If you look around at what is going on you’ll see those big-budget movies now premier on streaming services in your homes next to the option of watching it on the silver screen at the motion picture house. Thankfully our reviewers here at XCritic factor in both types of mediums when watching and reviewing adult films.

Our resident reviewer, Moutasem “mutantmo” Seyam, reviews all types of DVDs when addressing the ever-encompassing world of adult entertainment in his writings. Check out hardcore stuff like Deviant Hardcore’s Dominasian 3  which "mutant" reviewed recentlyOther types of porn are on his reviewing radar besides the BDSM-flavors, like stuff from Bellesa FilmsCheck out his DVD review of Not So Innocent if the rougher side of smut isn’t your thing. 

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