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Performers: Pineapple Support Is There For You


Pineapple Support

XCritic has mentioned this a number of times. Industry members seem to always be tweeting about it. We've interviewed respected industry members like Lance Hart and the person who made this support possible on nothing more than an idea, Leya Tanit. We're all in this awesome family of the adult world (as reviewers we're kind of on the edge of it looking in through the peephole) but we all know that when it comes down to basics we're just normal people with exhibitionist or voyeuristic tendencies or both. Sometimes, you just need to talk to someone that understands your profession and won't be judgmental about it, and can help you get over whatever hurdle you are facing. That's where the team at Pineapple Support comes into play. Reach out. Call them, tweet them, whatever. Just reach out. Seriously. It's that easy. Their website is Pineapplesupport.org. Their twitter is @pineappleysw. Check it out.

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