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XCritic Interview: Rachael Cavalli


Rachael Cavalli

What does it mean to be an “All American MILF?” Well, at XCritic, our definition during the month of the anniversary of our nation's independence has to do with a performer who is first and foremost, proud to be labeled a MILF. Rachael Cavalli has spent half a decade in the land of adult fantasy on film, and many of those starring roles have been as the beautiful wife, the cougar on the prowl and yes, the step-mom who is looking to have a taste of the fountain of youth, but it is also so much more than that with this blond bombshell from The Hoosier State. Come along as Rachael Cavalli takes us on a ride through her work with acclaimed directors Jacky St. James and Mike Quasar. Take off your blinders, see her world and career through the eyes of a woman who is just as American as apple pie, if not more! A starlet who is proud to be that Mom we like to, well, you know the rest! Now, onto the XCritic Interview!

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