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XCritic Interview: Dr. Heather Berg


Dr. Heather Berg

 Here at XCritic, we appreciate everything about the world of porn, not just the visuals themselves. So, when we hear about an academic analysis of it that took a decade of research and work, we're all in. We not only spoke with the author at length but we also have a review of the book itself coming up along with a very interesting and fun recipe from her!

Ever wonder what Marxism, feminist and gender studies, porno flicks, making a latte’, and giving blow jobs all have in common? Well, there’s a new book out called “Porn Work”, written by Dr. Heather Berg, and she mentioned all the above when Jim Steele spoke with her for the latest XCritic Interview. Listen, if there was a book called “Porn Work”, I’m buying it. If it included bits and pieces of interviews, from 81 adult performers, directors, agents, and whoever else is involved in the happenings of Porn Valley, talking about sex, money, and the finer points of late capitalism … I’m asking why didn’t I buy it yesterday? You will too. “Porn Work” is here. Check out the interviewget a copy of the book.

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