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The XCritic Interview: Emma Rose


In February of 2021, AVN press released the newest TransSensuals series entitled ‘My Best Friend’s TS Sister’, featuring a cast of performers, each one a bigger star than the next.


Emma Rose was an easy fit for top billing, putting her on the cover photo was a no-brainer.


Rewind a couple years ago, and most would’ve never saw her coming. Now, it seems as if nothing is out of reach for Emma Rose, one of the fastest rising starlets in the industry. Notice I didn’t differentiate between girls, guys, mainstream, bi, or trans. Just– the industry.


In a lot of ways, lines between genres are fading, and the adult industry is coming together, now more than ever. Pun intended.


I've known of Emma Rose since the summer of 2019, but really started following her the first part of 2020. There was a photo of her, sitting outside a balcony, perched high above the city streets. It's an eye-catching shot, one of the most memorable I remember seeing of her. The thing is, it’s more than a pretty girl posed off a hotel balcony. The image holds a mystique, drawing you in, offering a glimpse into the phenomenon that is @OhItsEmmaRose.


I have always remembered that photograph, imagining of what it would be like to meet, or maybe even someday, just to talk with this mystery woman … to find out about this girl– Emma Rose.


Of course, I never thought that would happen. But then … it did. Guess what? She’s an awesome girl. Emma’s down to earth. She’s totally NOT full of herself. She laughed at me during a phone call, then laughed at herself in the next breath. She doesn’t pull any punches. She isn’t afraid to talk shit when it comes to music or gaming. She texts with misspelled words, smoochy faces, and funny emojis. To be blunt, she’s about as normal as they come … except, you know… she’s a superstar.


I found out a little bit about the girl I saw up on the balcony. I think you will too. Get comfy and give Emma Rose a few minutes. Here’s some of the stuff we talked about.



Jim Steele– So, all right, can hear me OK? I can hear you. Alright, we are good. Thank you, by the way, it’s really cool to get a chance to interview you.


Emma Rose– Oh, of course. I was reading some of your other interviews, and they're good.


Jim– Thanks, I appreciate it so much. We’ve been chitchatting about doing this for about a month now.


Emma– Well, I had that surgery.


 "Emma had some cosmetic surgery, took several weeks to heal, and promo'd an exclusive Post Surgery Face Reveal April 24, 2021 on her OnlyFans


Jim– I hope you’re feeling better?


Emma– Oh, yeah, definitely better. This Saturday, I have an OnlyFans show, it’s a “Face Reveal”, because I haven’t shown any of my fans my new look yet. So, I'm super excited for that.


Jim– That's great. I'm happy for that. Sometimes, even the simplest procedure can turn out with all these awful complications … That's just what I've always heard is, you know, people are often scared to go to the hospital for basic stuff. You never know what's gonna happen.


Emma– Yeah, you mention that, and two weeks after my surgery, I had an infection in my jaw, and I had two abscesses. I had to go back to the hospital. My surgeon said, it was the first time he's had an infection like that in something like five years. I was just like, “Oh, great, it's got to be me, huh!”


Jim– Well, I'm happy you got through it, I’m happy to know you’re feeling better. Let’s dive right in. I really noticed you around the first of last year, as in January of 2020. It was like this perfect time, hopefully we can get back to that kind of life, just before the pandemic, and nobody really knew it was going to take place. If I remember correctly, that's when I first really started noticing you on Twitter and your OnlyFans. Then, maybe around March of that year, you started coming out with some scenes from a couple studios in 2020?


Emma– Yeah, my first scene was with Christian XXX, and we went back and forth on what I wanted for my scene. But then also, it was still kind of scared about starting porn, and that went on for over six months, all throughout 2019. Finally, I was like, you know, let's do it. I am confident that I want to try this. I had my first scene in January. I had an Evil Angel scene and a Grooby scene in March, and then the pandemic happened. So, that was stressful!


Jim– So, let me let me stop you for a minute. When you say that you’re really sure that you wanted to do this, do you mean going strictly from, say, Cam or OnlyFans, if you will, into scenes? Was that somehow … in your mind, what was the difference?


Emma– Yeah, so I had two different things that I was going through. I was a stripper for years after college. Then, I tried to do corporate, because I have a marketing degree, but didn't like it. During the beginning of that time in January, I was looking at apartments in New York, because I was going to go work in cloud sales there– I was actually going to give up adult work completely. I was going to be an office girl and live that kind of life. And then … I started porn. As soon as that happened, all the companies started talking to me, you know, hitting me up for work. I was like, “Oh, wow, there IS something more to this!”


Jim– Hmm… So that was, I guess … that was really kind of when you said, “Well, this is 100 percent what we're going to do?”


Emma– Oh, yeah, for sure. I'm happy I didn’t move to New York in the middle of a pandemic.


Jim– Wow! That's something that you wouldn't know from just the Twitter feed, or your OnlyFans. Well …  we're glad that happened then! We talked a moment ago about your surgery. So, a few weeks ago you shared two photos on your Twitter. One was from four years ago and the other from the present day. I'm thinking, a couple different questions. But first off, what an incredible journey that must have been.


Emma– Thank you.


Jim– You’re welcome. But, yeah, I always thought that you were pretty anyway. So, when you started getting into the cosmetic, the hormone therapy … A better way to put that is, did you know even before all of that, you were going to be this trademark phenomenon that we all know now, of OhItsEmmaRose?


Emma– Oh, definitely not. They started hormones back in April of 2017. I was always so scared because, I wanted to transition, but I was going through a lot of therapy and everything. I just hated my life at that point. But honestly, I never really thought that it would have grown into what I look like now? Then also, how big I've gotten … I'm still, like, really amazed by that at this point, because it’s still kind of surreal to me.


Jim– So, when you look in the mirror in the morning, is that what you mean? You can't believe that this beautiful face is looking back at you?


Emma– Haha! Definitely not since surgery. I'm in love with my face. Still, I never wanted to be a Barbie doll. I love the girls who do that. But I always like … when I take off my makeup, I still want to look pretty. I don't want to gather all the attention. I think that's also why I never got implants, Haha, as of this moment. But yeah, I am very grateful, but even looking back at the whole picture, I feel like every two years is a lifetime away. There's been so much change in the last four years. One thing was because when I was 19, I was taking steroids. I was trying to get bigger and be more masculine. Well, when that was starting to happen, I was like, “Okay, you know, I don't like this at all!”  I was getting muscles; I had a six pack. Then I hated myself even more. Emma Rose, best shot in black bra and panties, Jim Steele, XCriticSo, between 19, and then 20 and 21– because I started my transition at 21. Then, it was kind of like being a baby transwoman, and that’s a whole entire experience by itself. From there, into the woman I am today. Everything seems so different. It's hard to explain if you're not trans.


Jim– Yeah. I'm familiar with the trans community, it’s a complex thing. I would imagine that's an interview, in and of itself. So, we probably can’t get too deep into that, but I certainly would like to go over some of the background that went all of it. I know that other people would be as well. I think that whatever you're doing, from my point of view, is just the right mix. Because I see you right there at the top of that list of trans performers, and I say– Keep it up! That’s terrific. Moving on a bit, let's talk film, because that’s where we started a moment ago. You're making some good moves. Some cool moves. Let’s see, “Transfer Students” from Gender X, with Jim Powers directing. The pairing on that film caught my eye. The genre of course is TS or trans. But at this point, I kind of see past that. I think that the lines are getting, from my point of view, real blurry, if you will.


Emma– Yeah.


Jim– That's not a bad thing. I think that's a good thing, and it's welcomed by an awful lot of people. But that film was billed as top and bottom, and it had almost … the appearance of the performers in agreement with that, and make that kind of … I don't want to call a TS film straight, but it’s almost, at a glance, that's how it looks. So, what are your thoughts on that? Is that a progression? Is that good? Is it bad when a film looks that way, to the person seeing the box cover? Well, they used to have in the video stores, they don’t anymore. Now, it’s the whole Internet thing. So, you know, the cover photo for the film.


Emma– Oh, like the top and bottom?


Jim– Yeah. There was Dante, Dillon Diaz, Draven and then you know, Jenna Gargles, Shiri Allwood, Claire Tenebrarum was in there, along with yourself. The way that film was advertised. It almost looks like boy girl, but it's not.


Emma– Oh yeah, I understand what you mean now. That was one of my favorite movies, and I wasn’t topping at that time. Hmmm. I think it’s nice to see, those performers are nice on the eyes. I personally like to see a mix of all everyone topping, instead of just the guys, or the girls, or all the girls bottoming. Do you know what I mean?


Jim– Sure. I absolutely understand what you mean. I think that film, and I'm using it as an example for maybe a couple of different questions. It didn't try to hide anything. If anything, it put it in the spotlight, almost as if to say, “Hey, this is absolutely normal. It's hot, and it's cool. Let's watch this.” I liked that about it.


Emma– Yeah, I did, too. And I think it was a good movie. I was so surprised that I got an AVN nomination for it. Because it's like, “Oh my God!” My first year, I did not expect that at all.


Jim– Well, I think that you deserve it. But with you, I look at you as having had this incredible following, even before you went into film. Do you feel like that? It’s almost like you're riding a pre-existing wave, if you will, into what was coming up next. Does that jive with your thoughts on how you operate?


Emma– Yeah, I started with Twitter in the summer of 2019, because I was dancing, and I wanted to delve into amateur porn, but not do porn exactly … at the very beginning. I think I’ve always been good with people, and I really love my fans. Building that following before definitely helped. There was always somebody who was like, “Oh my God, you should shoot with this studio, or shoot with this girl, shoot this guy.” And even at this point, I'm still learning all these names because with Covid, it's kind of hard to network with other performers. I rode a small wave before porn, and now … how that it's taken off, it can be overwhelming at times, because I'm just not used to it. But now that I have a schedule down, and I can get to everybody, it's nice.

Jim– Yeah, and I referenced Twitter because everybody references Twitter, Haha. But I saw a response to one of your tweets from Kendra Lust, that she's only four hours away from you or something.

 "Emma Rose is an internet sensation. Throughout our conversation, I noticed more and more, the humble side of Emma. It is obvious that she is in love with her fans, appreciating every one of them. Meanwhile, there is a hint of hesitance in her owning how big her brand has grown over the last couple years. Once we got past me being starstruck over her, and stumbling over my words, I found her to possibly be starstruck by not only others around her, but at times, even by herself. I think that, in some ways, Emma still sees herself as this sweet unknown. She is totally aware, yet remarkably unaffected by the stardom that follows her.


Jim– Does that kind of thing make you feel like you've been catapulted into a little bit bigger sphere, if you will, of influence?


Emma– Oh, for sure! I haven’t shot with a cis girl for studio work. But I shoot with a lot of cis girls for my OnlyFans. I remember when I met Kendra Lust, I loved her. Oh, my God. She wanted me to be her first trans scene, and I was so nervous. And now I’ve shot with Toochi Kash, who is a big Instagram star, and she also has an OnlyFans. So now, shooting with all these new cis girls that other people haven't really shot with. It's amazing, and it's just kind of like, umm, mind-racking.


Jim– I’ve talked with more than a few female performers that, you know, they may do they do lesbian, or bi. They do boy/girl. But there is this interest out there, it’s not brand new, but it's newer, that I have been noticing, in girls shooting with performers like yourself or I'll toss Aubrey Kate in there. There's a lot more than just a couple of what you might call mainstream that want to shoot with you girls, this beautiful group of transwomen.


Emma– Oh yeah. That's the new big trend. A lot of the girls are into shooting with trans women. Of course, there’s me, and then Daisy Taylor just did another scene. So, I think you're going to see us coming out like this, and actually being accepted. People are wanting to see this, so that's nice. It’s definitely not like it was 10 years ago.


Jim– No, no, no. Because ten years ago, you couldn't get away with it and you might have even had a problem shooting with a bisexual guy, a hurdle that has been crossed a long time ago now. But that brings up the stigma around trans. I look at you, and I think, OK, so I don't pretend to know what goes on, or what you go through. I kinda like that a whole new group is interested in you. Like Kendra Lust on your Twitter going back and forth, but that’s the industry. How do you feel in your personal life, on the whole being accepted thing? If I’m walking down the street in front of you, I don’t know the difference, and I don’t care. Unless you came out and told somebody, I don't think they could possibly know the difference at this point. All I see is a pretty girl walking down the street. I don't mean to generalize you. But, if that’s the treatment you see and stigma being gone within the industry, are you seeing that in your personal life as well.


Emma– Oh, yeah. In my personal life, I rarely wear makeup. Even my fans don’t always like it, and they’re like, “Oh, can you please NOT wear makeup?” Haha. But if I’m just walking down the street, I don't have any problems. In porn I would have expected, like a lot of girls or cis girls to be all catty and mean. But honestly, everyone I've ever worked with, whether it’s on OnlyFans, or the first time they’ve worked with a trans girl, has been such a nice experience. There’s no one that I would say, “Oh, they’re such an asshole.” Everyone has just been so nice and accepting.


Jim– Because they can be that way to each other, to each other, you girls can be fucking vicious. I see these Twitter wars going on all the time where, someone’s like, “Get the fuck out of here. You're never going to work again. I'm going to tell the directors you’re a bitch, and they're not going to hire you.” And I don't know what just exists with girls or not. I see it more with the girls than the guys. Haha. If they're not being mean to you, then it’s o.k. Nobody's jealous of your good looks. By the way, you being so gorgeous is going to be my theme for the whole interview.


Emma– Thank you. Haha


Jim– You’re welcome. Haha. I’m gushing over you. I can admit it. Hmm. I'm looking at my questions and I'm trying to stay on track or else I'll just sit here and …


Emma– I ramble sometimes.


Jim– Oh no, you're fine. We've talked a lot about your looks and your appearance, as in “I” have talked about it a lot. The first time I noticed you was a photo of you sitting on a balcony.Emma Rose, Balcony, Icon Brickell, Jim Steele, XCritic I think it was early last year (Interviewer's Note- I believe the photo referenced was posted March 2020 at the Icon Brickell in Miami). The way it was shot, and you’re all posed perfectly, and I was like, “Whoa, she’s fucking hot.” Do you ever think, or see yourself doing magazine covers, as in Emma Rose on Glamour in the checkout aisle? Is that an option for you or something that you ever think about?


Emma– I would love to. I used to model back before I transitioned. Then I went through a time, maybe for two years, where I wasn't comfortable with myself in front of the camera. And now, one director told me that I needed an agent. I’m like, “I don’t need an agent for porn.” He said, “No, not for porn, for T.V.” I don’t think there’s been anyone like that in the industry, for decades. So, just to hear that, for me, was very encouraging, and it’s something that I do want to look into. In the past, I was doing sexy photo shoots, but I would like to look at something for T.V., the runway, or magazines. I think it would be such an amazing opportunity, but it’s a little nerve racking.


Jim– Why is that? Why would it be so much more nerve racking than, say, going into an industry shoot with take your pick studio and whoever as your co-star?


Emma– I think it's just because I'm so comfortable with sex. I’ve been in the adult industry for years, ever since I was 18. Like when I was stripping, or what I’m doing now, I love to have sex with the camera. I love to use my eyes, hands, and body. But then, I feel almost more vulnerable if I’m in another environment where I must have clothes on, and I’m fulfilling a certain image? I just find that to be harder than taking off my clothes and showing that part. I don't know why. It just comes easy to me that way.


Jim– Hmm. Well, it's an interesting thought. But I think you'd be great at it.


Emma– Ahh, thank you.


Jim– You mentioned that you're in love with it, and easy with the camera. I’m not so sure that everyone comes by that naturally. And you mentioned it, well, you didn’t mention it per se, but I’ll mention it. The eye contact, I think that your solo scenes are sexy as fuck. But, when you’re working with other performers, that confidence that you have in front of the camera, just with Emma; are you able to convey that, if you’re working with a less experienced or possibly a weaker performer, somebody that's maybe not on their game that day? With your talent and your skills, do you feel that you're able to pick them up, and take that scene to the next level, but still carry them along with you?


Emma– Oh, for sure. I've had a couple of moments like that. Depending on who you’re working with, you just have to kind of go with the flow and make that happen. But I haven’t really had that kind of issue. That’s the good thing about getting to know somebody before shooting with them. I like messaging them before the scene, because if you don't know somebody, it’s kinda hard to know to expect. But I feel like, all the time, even when the camera's not rolling, I’m fooling around with somebody, like we’re always flirting or something.


Jim– So, let’s put it out there. If you had to pick a performer, I don't care if it's girl, boy, cis, doesn’t matter. Who would be the one that you would want to say, “I want to book a shoot with ‘fill in the blank?’” If you want to talk about it like that, that you're flirting. We can just put it out in the open right here.


Emma– Do I have to choose just one? I mean, for a studio shoot … Aubrey Kate and I shot together for an OnlyFans. I just know that on a studio shoot we would have so much chemistry and have such a hot scene. I’ve hung out with her and she's really cool. But I think that another person that would be a good performer that I have always wanted to shoot with is Adriana Chechik. She is so hot. I would love to shoot with her because her scenes are always super slutty and super-hot.


Jim– Ok, so that's a question I don't have written down. What if you just walk in, and do a scene, kind of unannounced. What would you prefer? A super glam type of set or just kind of a gonzo type, super slutty… Everybody's just getting it on.


Emma– Yeah, I don’t like bland. I think my favorite scenes have these awesome outfits, and a nice background, oil everywhere. I love it. Also, I enjoy switching, I don’t like to stay in one position. Like, that would be my dream scene. 


Jim– And that would be with one other performer, or possibly two or three.


Emma– It's a hard question because I love threesomes, but I haven’t done a threesome for a studio shoot. For OnlyFans, you can just put a camera wherever you want. My favorite would be a threesome with a guy and a cis girl. 


Jim– That would be nice and goes with the whole thing of TS. It’s hot, it's nice, and I love to watch it. But when you bring in just a guy or girl, then it almost makes it so much more than it already was. And so, yeah … I'm sitting here staring at my screen thinking, “Yeah, that would be hot.”


Emma– Haha. Yeah, and my favorite, in my personal life, is that I love couples. You get two beautiful people, and they love each other, and then I'm like a unicorn in the mix. I get both of what I want. It's the best.


Jim– Unicorn, and that’s in your bio. Is that how you see yourself? A beautiful one-of-a-kind woman, this wonderful creature… “Emma?”

Emma– For Sure! I love being trans, but more than that. Emma Rose, Red Hair and Makeup, Super Hot, Jim Steele, XCriticI also like bisexual. I like being fully versed. I like to top, and I like to bottom. I like girls as much as I like guys. I feel like I'm so weirdly balanced that I am down for anything and everything, and I do think that's hard to come by.

Jim– I won’t disagree, you’re beautifully unique. You're shooting content. We’ve talked about top, bottom, and solo. But today, consider the way your body is working, the way you're feeling … what would be your preference, if you were cast, and it was top or bottom with a cis girl, a guy, or even with another trans. What are your thoughts on that? Because you even asked that question on your Twitter a few weeks ago. Asking the fans. What would they prefer to see? I'm wondering, which would you prefer to do?


Emma– Top or bottom? If you look at my ManyVids, nearly all the videos are flip fucking, because that’s my favorite. I like to go first, but if I want to come, I want to bottom. So, I'll top first, and then we’ll switch back and forth. But if I had to choose top or bottom, and not verse, because verse is my go-to, then guess I would have to choose bottom.


Jim– Well, being verse is the good answer, if that’s what you prefer?


Emma– Verse my favorite because then I get both sides, and it’s super fun. The power exchange is something that I love, especially with tall guys. I don't know why, but if I see some guy who’s like 6’3” or something, there’s an overwhelming need to top him, because I think it's just really hot to top a masculine, tall guy. I don't know. It's kind of weird, I guess, but …


Jim– I don't know if it's weird. Maybe it's just that you see a tall, good looking guy and you want to fuck him. Right? So, that's not weird at all. There are days when I might like to do that.


Emma– Yeah! Hahaha.


Jim– You, your makeup. You mentioned a moment ago today about you don’t always wear so much all the time. Take a Saturday, Sunday, or any day that your day off, when there's no cameras, nobody's looking at you. And I would agree with your fans. I think that girls are sometimes prettier when they're just without makeup. So, on your days off, what are you doing, just hanging out on the couch in sweatpants? Do you ever have a day off like that where you never, ever get dressed up the whole day? Or are you always automatically just ready to go out?


Emma– A lot of time I'm actually very lazy. What do I look like on my day off? Haha. If I go out Saturday, then I'm going to chill on Sunday. Maybe I'll go out to brunch on Sunday, and then if I do, of course I'll do my makeup. Usually on my off days, I love hiking. I miss the beach from when I was in Florida. In Vegas, I can’t go to the beach anymore, but there are so many different trails and mountains, I like to go to a different one each time. I’m into gaming. I don’t watch movies for very long, because then I’m just a couch potato and I’m brain dead. So usually something that's mentally stimulating. I try to dance for at least 30 minutes a day, since I haven't danced in so long. But now that I have my pole, I’ll usually work that in on my free days as well.


Jim– OK, so I just made two notes, because the pole is terribly interesting to me. I thought that was one of you dancing a while back was one of the best short vids I've seen in a long time. And of course, that goes back to your days as a stripper. Do you want to talk about that?


Emma– At the beginning of my transition, I danced in Hollywood, Florida and Tampa for like a year and a half. And at that time, I was passable. And then I started dancing at cis clubs up in Atlanta, D.C., up in Providence. Also in Tampa, but the thing was that a lot of people knew I was trans in Tamps, so it wasn't really safe. I mean, it's a terrifying thing to do because nobody knew. That manager didn’t know I was trans. I would have to tape my dick down, and I would just act innocent to minimize contact. If a guy got too close, I’d just be like, “Oh, I’m not that type of girl that likes to be touched down there.” All my dances were on stage, so I wasn’t giving lap dances or anything. I did that for like two years and it was just super stressful, because you’re worrying about that all night. But the money was so good. And, prior to that, I used to dance, even before I transitioned.


Jim– Really? How did that go?


Emma– It was good. I danced in Fort Lauderdale back when I was in college. That’s how I paid for college. Haha.


Jim– Alright, so back then, let's say you were at a level 1 or 2, or whatever it might have been. Now, you're up to a 9 or over a 10. Everybody knows you. I'm sitting here thinking that if you were featured, I would go to that club that night. So, is that something that you would ever consider, maybe it would be a fun thing to do, or not?


Emma– Oh, absolutely! I was just having a conversation with a friend yesterday about that. I think Cobra just shut down, because of Covid, and The Lounge shut down in Vegas, and that was a trans club. The conversation was, that I wanted to do a trans night or something at a strip club. If you do it right, and you have stars at least once a month. If it's just weekly, or if it's every day, then do it once a week. There would be so many people who go. And I just I love dancing when I'm on stage. I used to do drag back in the day, like when I was 20.Emma Rose, OhIsEmmaRose, Sitting with Panties, Hot, Jim Steele, XCritic Before I was a stripper and porn star, I’ve always been a showgirl. There's something about having an audience watching you. And when flying upside down on a pole, and you can just see everybody's face staring at you, it is literally the best feeling in the world.


Jim– I could see that. You probably don't get the full effect of that, what I would call the instant feedback and gratification, like on your OnlyFans, or your ManyVids. But you absolutely would get that in a club.


Emma– Oh, for sure.


Jim– Yeah. I think that would be a good deal, especially now, you're a superstar. You could grab a few girls and go do some feature nights. I’d be up for that.


Emma– But I think the only one that I know of is like Jolene in L.A. I don't know if there's any other on the West Coast. I know of a few down in Tampa and Hollywood, Florida. I think there's clubs that are still going, but they just need more marketing for people to know that they exist. Otherwise, it’s just going to be locals who would go.


Jim– We mentioned your OnlyFans, and ManyVids. Is there one that you really prefer over the other one or both of you push both on the same?


Emma– My OnlyFans the most. It’s just so easy to use, and I can actually talk to people. The ManyVids isn’t so easy. But also, the OnlyFans is just so popular, everybody knows what it is. Some people don't really know what ManyVids is. My next venture, like this year, is that I really want to start working on my PornHub account and having exclusive content on there for people to watch. There's just so many platforms to keep up with. It’s hard to know which one to really push.


Jim– Alright, so keeping up with all that. Shooting, bookings, promo, plus everything else that goes along with it. Do you have an agent that takes care of all that, or do you self-book? Do you do all that yourself?


Emma– I self-book. I work through my own contracts. I have advisors, people I ask for advice, but for everything else, I do it myself. So, at times, it does get overwhelming. But that's why I have a strict schedule. I stick to a time block schedule like this is for OnlyFans, this is for filming, this is for messaging, etc. If I keep on that, I'm good. But as soon as I start getting away from that schedule I’m fucked.


Jim– Yeah, I know all about straying away from a schedule. From the minute I wake up in the morning … I'm constantly fucked, cuz I don’t pay attention to what I’m supposed to be doing. So, I know what you mean.


Emma– Haha, yeah. And emails are another thing, I don’t check them nearly often enough because if I’m not careful, I get wrapped up in something else. I try, but occasionally I’ll miss something, and someone is calling me saying “Hey, check your email!” I’m all like, “Oh, I’m sorry!!” Yeah. It's still a work in progress.


Jim– So, look back at 2020. That was a huge year for you, for some it wasn’t, but hey, for you it was big. Now we're in April 2021, talking about some exciting stuff. I’ve mentioned a couple shoots that are coming up. Do you have any big things in your crosshairs for this year that are just tremendous? Do you want to give a little sneak peek of what might be coming our way?


Emma– I'm still in contract with TransAngels, so I have things to do with them. Then, after summer, I was wanting to make a really big scene. There are a lot of guys who want to see me do a professional shoot with a cis girl. I’m also looking into a side project, not for studio work, but a little film that I'm trying to make for my OnlyFans. I want to do a series. I don't want to get into too much detail.


Jim– No, that's fine. We don’t want to give everything away.


Emma– I just think a lot of girls, we have a lot of content, we have a lot of solos, and vids on clips sites, but we never make our own films. Emma Rose, black boots, see through top, Jim Steele, XCriticI think that's a missed opportunity. My favorite porn ever is Lit erotica. I love reading and the storyline. I know that some guys just don't care, and some do. If I made something, I would want to have a story, film, and some performers that are super-hot. I think that people appreciate the quality that goes into that.


Jim– I just talked with Ricky Greenwood. You've worked with him. And you know, he's big into the story. I'm big into the story, maybe I'm biased because I'm a writer at heart. But for me, I can just read, and it goes a long way. You know, maybe if you get the sexy looking text message from your significant other in the morning, you are just going all day long thinking about what might happen. That almost does as much or more than, you know, a visual.


Emma– So even on my OnlyFans, I love audio recordings. I really like that, and it’s just me speaking. There's no video. A lot of guys really like that too.


Jim– Alright, so we’ll just roll this into the “Go subscribe to your OnlyFans segment”. But what other than that, the personal messages from you, if that's not enough, because it's more than I think a lot of performers take the time to do. What do you think sets yours apart from the however many thousands of other OnlyFans accounts? If you had to just give me a couple of things, what’s going to drive me over there to subscribe to you, what would that be?


Emma– I think my quality is really good. I use my camera, and take the time to answer everybody, and make an actual connection. I think that's the worst thing you can do if you're a creator is just to be like ‘any other girl on the Internet’ because there's literally millions. I always make a genuine, real connection with my fans. I can become emotionally vulnerable, easily to a lot of people. I end up letting my guard down, so I’m not playing an act, so they can get to know me as a person. I think that connection keeps people coming back for months and months. I’ve had fans who have subscribed since 2019, so that’s very important to me.


Jim– I think that that would go both ways. It’s not the first time I've heard that from a performer. But to develop relationships, if you will, on OnlyFans, can sound a bit off. I know from an outsider’s point of view, they’d be like, “What the hell are you guys talking about?” But I know the subscriber, to one of your fans, they’re like telling their friends, “Hey, Emma sent me a message, or she sent me a voice text!” And that’s just super cool. But to hear you say that you become emotionally invested in that is like, “Yeah, right on.” I always go back to your fan base. I think that the ones who follow and subscribe to you are some of the most loyal fans out there today. 


Emma– Yeah. So, it's like not everything on my OnlyFans is sexual. A lot of it is what I'm doing in the morning or what I’m eating, and what I'm doing as a hobby, some of it’s not sexual in the slightest. There's a lot of people who kind of like that even more, with just a sprinkle of sexiness in there. It’s a lot more than just “Dick, dick, ass, dick, dick…” I think, rather than just having 100% of that, it’s more like having people see that I’m a real person, which I love.


Jim– Alright, so your fans, and Social Media in general. On Twitter you’re just above 160,000 followers, and your Insta is around 62,000, is that right?


Emma– Yes.


Jim– Well, that’s only in 2-1/2 years’ time, which is impressive. Of your fans, and maybe you know the answer, maybe you don't, but how many of them are trans, straight or gay, or do you pay any attention to that at all?


Emma– I think my percentage is like 90 percent men who follow me on Instagram. There’s a small percentage of those who are trans. On OnlyFans I maybe 3800 fans on there right now. A lot of people like to dress up and not be judged for it. And that's a big part of trans girls, that they feel comfortable talking to us about it. But I feel like the most are straight guys, that make up the bulk of everything. And then even some women are really getting into liking trans girls, which is cool. I am getting a lot of new fans that are female and cis gender. They are like, “Oh my God, you're so hot.” And that’s just very cool to hear because, a lot of times, like you would assume, at least in my experience, that most cis women don't really know a lot of trans girls, so they can feel insecure, or they don't know where they stand. But now especially coming into 2021, where more people are knowing us, I think it's really cool to hear girls saying like, “Oh, my God you’re my fantasy, you're so cool.” It’s neat just being relatable in that aspect.


Jim– I can speak from a guy’s point of view, I don't know that I could put my finger on it, but there's something there, like, “Yeah, I want to see that.” But it’s interesting that you bring up the women that are just suddenly interested in you. I mean, you're growing your fan base, so that's cool, and that means that more people are opening up to the notion of that we're fluid. We move, you know, from one end of the spectrum to the other one depending. And so, there’s nothing wrong with that. Very nice. I’m gonna change the subject over to a back and forth we had on Twitter, about your taste in music.


Emma– Oh, I love music!


Jim– You were all about Kevin Gates the other day. And to be honest with you, I'm not really familiar, but I looked, and I listened. And I emailed you back and said, “Oh, I'm totally digging this Kevin Gates right now. … Leave me alone for a minute!” Haha. Someone- Quick, listen to this. What's your favorite when you're working out, when you're hanging out, when you're doing whatever?


Emma– I have the most eclectic tastes. Everyone says, “Oh, I listen everything.” I’m like, “No, you don’t… But I do! Haha.” I love Soul, oldies like Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James and Motown. Sometimes I really like to listen to rap, also experimental stuff. There’s some new stuff I’m into. But then Pop, and R&B, you know, baby making music. I love that, especially when I smoke.Emma Rose, Hot Selfie, Jim Steele, XCritic


Jim– When we smoke what …


Emma– You know, weed.


Jim– Yeah, well. I wasn’t gonna say anything, but I call that “reaching into my top desk drawer”, and that means that I'm not going to get anything else done tonight.


Emma– Oh yeah. I don't know how people can work on that. That's for the end of the day. But yeah, I listen to so many different types of music. One of my favorite artists is general right now is Tanerelle. She is really smooth.


Jim– Well, and the other day I was listening, and it reminded me instantly of something like a Toni Braxton lookin riff, is kind of what I got out of that a lot of your man, Kevin Gates.


Emma– Mm-hmmm. And I love his voice, it’s like …


Jim– No, it was it was good. I was like, “I'm happy that she turned me on to this” and now I'm kind of a fan of his.


Emma– I play a lot of my music on Instagram. I put up one of my favorite songs, pretty much on any slide on there, because then a lot of people are just like, ‘Oh my God, I love this artist!” My brain has its own soundtrack. Every day is a different song that just pops into my head for no reason.


Jim– I’m looking over my notes while you're talking, and, wow, we've talked for 52 minutes! You just turned 25, right?


Emma– Yes.


Jim– O.k. I’m happy to be getting back on my game with the age thing. Lately I’ve been way the fuck off on people’s ages. So, you’re a Pisces. Is that supposed to mean something?


Emma– Whoever loves astrology will tell you that everyone loves Pisces.


Jim– Is that why everyone loves you? I didn't know, now I know why. You just turned twenty-five. You’ve done a lot already, and everyone is looking forward to what you’ve still got to show us. We’ve talked about an awful lot of stuff. Tell me the question that you wished I would have asked.


Emma– The one thing that's interesting is my background.


 "The transitioning period that any trans individual goes through can be tricky. There is no doubt that many, whether in the trans community or otherwise, would find the details fascinating. Where some might prefer to keep the details under wraps, Emma is open, if not downright enthusiastic about sharing her journey, having documented it carefully via social media posts and updates. I hinted at the question early on but didn’t press the issue, but not for a lack of interest. Instead, I felt that delving headlong into this, could be a standalone interview. I was happy that Emma brought it back up.



Emma– I grew up on a farm in Florida, like in rural Florida. I’m from Tampa, but it’s inland. My parents are really country. Coming from that background to what I am today is an interesting thing. My friends and family are redneck and really country. I love them and they mean well. But growing up, we had cattle, goats, chickens. I moved out when I was 18 for college. I thought that was just an interesting thing about me. Haha. I used to be a little farm kid.


Jim– Fair enough. I didn't ask that pointed question because I didn't know how far back into the “past” or whatever you wanted to go. But I'm more than happy to talk about that if you want to for a minute. I’d love to. I feel like the point of these interviews isn't necessarily for what everybody already knows, the things that are out in front, so to speak. But when we can find out the back story, kind of where you were at, and where you came from, that's interesting stuff. So, growing up on the farm, you look at yourself today, and you think about yourself back at that age, at what point did you notice that you were going in your own direction?


Emma– That was in my early teens. Looking back, I love my childhood, and I’m happy that I had it, instead of being a city girl??? But, around the middle school, I was pulling away from that kind of life. My high school was in the middle of an orange grove, just to put that in perspective. But then, even when I turned 18, I didn't really know that I was going to be traveling as much as I did after college. And I never would have thought I would be out in Vegas. That was a shock, even to my friends. It was the beginning of 2020 when I said, “Hey, I’m gonna move, I'll miss y’all.”


Jim– Did you date much in high school?Emma Rose, Pink Bunny Ears, Cute, Jim Steele, XCritic


Emma– I did not date that much. I did at the end of my senior year. I had a relationship for two years, and he was in his 30s. Then when I was 21 at the beginning of my transition, I dated a guy for about a year, and he was 48. I dated my ex last year for a few months, and he’s in his 30s. I just don’t date a lot. I have flings, like little infatuations, but finding someone to keep me focused is difficult. It’s because I'm such a free spirit, I like to love everybody. So, it’s hard to go to one person who’s not the same way.


Jim– Sure, because you're kind of one to go, “I want to go here tonight, and there.” Then you get somebody who might be like, “Well, I'm going to sit on the couch, watch TV and essentially stay in the same place.” Meanwhile, you're wanting to go out, boom, boom, boom, and do different things,


Emma– Yeah, and I’m very spontaneous. I love going on a trip, just on a whim. It’s why I love couples. I feel like I get my I get my fix, and it was a nice experience.


Jim– Oh, so you would prefer to, if you had a fling, so to speak, for it to be with a couple, rather than just one person?


Emma– At this point. I think so. Haha. I think I’m scared of commitment.


Jim– Meh… There's a lot of people that are scared of commitment. Let’s back up a minute. So, you're growing up in a small town. Were you ever “straight”, or did you always feel gay, or that you were going to be trans? At what point did you know that?


Emma– I always knew that I liked boys since I was little. But then when I envisioned myself in the future, I saw myself as a wife, or businesswoman, or anything in a female role. I never saw myself as an adult male, I always saw myself as an adult female. Which is so weird because I didn't know anything about trans girls until I was 18, or right around there. It was when I finally went to a bar for the first time, and I met a girl, and she was just so interesting. I was like, wow. It got my head turning into like, “Oh, is THIS why I'm feeling the way I do?” All my other gay friends don't feel the same way that I do. And that took a couple of years for me to understand, and to grow into.


Jim– So there's a whole other … Hmmm. Yeah, that’s very interesting, but for you, I suppose it fits, that you didn’t feel necessarily gay, or bi, or anything. You just feel like you– like a woman, period.


Emma– Yeah. Then growing up, I liked girls, but I was also intimidated by them. And then throughout my transition … I’m a firm believer that hormones and everything can change your sexuality because it changes how your brain works. And now, my attraction to women is different, I'm not intimidated anymore, not as much as I was. And then also it's … being with a girl is just so different than being with a guy. It's just so nice, but it's hard to explain because I don’t feel like I’m straight or gay. I just like people.


Jim– I'm completely off script at this point, and just taking in what you're saying. But I would imagine that where you're at now, it has been liberating on a personal level. You know who you are, and you know what you want. There's really no guesswork left to figure out, right?


Emma– Oh, for sure.


Jim– Cool. And you found the right place to be.


Emma– Yeah. And even now, there are so many new experiences because of porn, but I love it.


Jim– Ok, well, like I said, I wanted to ask that question. But again, I felt like it was something we could probably talk about for hours. I think the most important thing is that you're here now, and that you're absolutely comfortable in your own skin, and feeling good. Let me look here before I let you go. One last question for you. Are there any awards that you have your eye on in the next year or two that you would just love to grab a hold of?


Emma– Oh, yes, I would love to get some nominations at the AVNs, either Trans Performer of the Year or Fan Favorite. Emma Rose, OhItsEmmaRose, black bra and panties, hot, Jim Steele, XCriticI think that's such a nice Award because it’s chosen by your fans and not by the industry itself. I think that a really cool Award. This one that I got, New Face and Gender X Model of the Year, that was great. But that's kind of my goal this year, to get one of those. And hopefully these conventions and Expos will happen again. I've never been to an Awards Show and I've never been to a convention because of Covid. Even before I was in the industry I never went. So, hopefully some of those happen again this year.

Jim– Yeah, and I feel you on that because I had tickets in 2019 to the AVNs, and I didn't make it out there. And then, of course, last year, you couldn’t really go to those in person. I'm kind of looking forward to that, too. Especially the conventions and the several expos. Awesome, I appreciate your time and we look forward to seeing you around and maybe talk a little bit more later.


In the meantime, everyone– please Follow Emma on Twitter @OhItsEmmaRose, on Instagram @OhItsEmmaRose, and go Follow and Subscribe to Emma Rose at OnlyFans and ManyVids. Also Check out her Website and LinkTree at www.OhItsEmmaRose.com Also, a very special thanks to Erika Icon at TheRubPR-Thank you very much Emma.


Emma– Thank you.


Jim Steele would like to thank those at @XCritic for helping to make this possible, including the editors @TheRealCyber5 & @TheDonJuanDeMarko, as well as the Internet Adult Film Database @IAFD for the extraordinary resources they help to make available.


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