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XCritic Interview: Zaawaadi



From Kenya to Germany. That's a long journey but it isn't the focus of today's XCritic interview with one of the biggest splashes in XXX, Zaawaadi. When I say splash, I mean it. When Rocco Siffredi started his own studio and decided to make a star showcase he didn't cast one of the biggest names on the planet, he cast Zaawaadi. One of our team members was the first to watch it and immediately started praising it and her. Soon, a buzz was going around not only our office but those of other critics and award organizations. The next thing you know, she had multiple award nominations, ultimately winning one at XBIZ Europa and one here at XCritic. Who is this ebony beauty that caught everyone's attention almost immediately upon entrance into this business? Don Juan set out to find out more about her and we have his latest XCritic Interview!

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