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The XCritic Interview: Rebel Rhyder


March is a month of focus on "super-stardom" here at XCritic, but what I would like to do more than anything during this month is, to find the new starlets who will make you fall head over heels post AVN and XBIZ awards season. January ended the fiscal year in the adult film world, so now we look ahead to the future, and our second starlet to be showcased is a woman who is doing more than making a name for herself. Hall of Fame director Francesca Le said, “all you anal stars better look out, there is a new gal on the block.” Her scene in the 2021 Evil Angel film Anal Rebels did more than spark some interesting conversation with the legendary porn star, this new starlet actually got her so hot during their shoot, Francesca had to bust out the sex toys to get herself a little taste of this phenomenon that is sweeping across the XXX landscape. Her combination of kinky sex, timid dialogue, and erotic imagination has earned her a massive following topping one-hundred thousand followers in less than one year. Yes, she is the girl next door, but she is so much more. Join us for a very special XCritic Interview as we sit down with Rebel Rhyder, one of 2021’s brightest prospects, as she takes us on a journey through not only the world of Evil Angel but her landscape of new-age love, romance, marriage, and relationships. 

Rebel Rhyder 

Don Juan: Oh my God, I can not believe I am getting to sit down and talk with you, Rebel. May I first say that as I researched you, I found myself remembering some of my past loves with pictures of you and your hubby? The romance and love you both share, it made me think of two people very special in my life, women who changed my world forever, in ways much like you and your husband talk about throughout your interviews and social media posts. 


May I start by saying that what makes this twenty-seven-year-old natural beauty something so special, is that she possesses such wonder on screen as the reigning queens of anal themselves. She is able to grab her fans' attention with her sweetheart good looks, then send their pulses through the roof by taking a dildo that is twenty inches long and putting it to good use. After she has made the sweat start to pour from her fan brow, this starlet shows a side that you will fall in love with. She transforms into the cuddliest damn kinkster you may have ever seen. It would almost be like what would happen if you crossed Debbie Diamond with Sleeping Beauty. The answer is Rebel Rhyder. May I implore you to check out the trailer to her scene with Mark Wood and Francesca Le in one of their latest films. They can give you a better example with some “visual” aids that will make this interview become that much more insightful for you. Give you some pictures to go along with the story. I think Rebel would prefer that.


Rebel Rhyder: Oh, good! (She gently laughs, and I am talking about one of the most comforting laughs. One that I think only comes from a person with true compassion in their soul.) 


Don Juan: Yes, and I think this will relate with you so much. When I met this past love, she was only twenty-one and here I was mister “I don’t date anyone else unless they are a thirty-year-old.” Boy, did she prove to me that love is something that knows no limits, numbers, ages, or times. It is something more. I saw her within those pictures that you and your husband create, especially those with the rope binding. Long story short, she is still one of my best friends, and getting to see all that romance with you two, it was the greatest research ever! It made me remember great times in my life.


Rebel Rhyder: Well good. 

Rebel Rhyder 

Don Juan: Madam, it is just very cool to see what you are doing in this business. All of my editors, I was talking to them and every single one said, when I spoke of this interview, and what we would be trying to cover, they were all in, and doing an Irish jig at the same time. That is what you spark in others already with your brand.


Rebel Rhyder: Yay, I like hearing that? 


Don Juan: You both are doing something incredible, please, keep doing what you are doing. I am going to sound like the old grumpy guy here, working in this business as long as I have, a writer does not always see a performerr with such exuberance and joy come along very often. You have something special in the way your kindness and personality radiate in everything that you do. 


Rebel Rhyder: Thank you so much. 


Don Juan: So, to truly start things off, and I have so many notes here, one of which reads; “Rebel is married and may have started her career the same time that Aria Khaide did by working with Richard Mann.” She told me that both of you were paired together during the red carpet at AVN? Is this true?


Rebel Rhyder: Yes, yeah we did. I love Aria, she is great. 


Don Juan: So, did you begin your professional career, as far as shoots go with Richard Mann? Or was there something previous before that? 


Rebel Rhyder: Um; officially, yes. I had done a couple of local shoots with companies like Glory Hole, Swallow in Phoenix. Oh, I had also shot with Blow Bang Girls, they are also in Phoenix. I shot a lot of amateur when I was in Phoenix. Now, as far as the moment that I decided, “yes, I want to be in the adult film industry,” it was when I went to eXXXotica and shot with Richard. 


Don Juan: I love it. I could write a ten-thousand-word article about how you are just the personification of the modern woman. I really mean that. It is incredible to see someone who is educated, I read that you went to school to be an aerospace engineer and succeeded?

Rebel Rhyder 

This stunning starlet’s laughter peppers this interview in ways that create such comfort. I have found throughout my years writing about this industry, that women who discover fetish, rope binding, submission, and domination, have hearts that are unparalleled in this world, and you are talking to a man who worked with people who ran charities for orphans in Ethiopia. That is where Rebel Rhyder ranks, no bullshit! There is a sweetness to who she is, not an innocence, she is far, far too intelligent, well-spoken, and witty to deserve such a classification. She is more than that. Dare I say, she defies any type of classification, there is so much to who she is both inside and out. To meet a new starlet with such depth and background, that is the modern XXX world believe it or not.


Rebel Rhyder: Yes, yes I did. 


Don Juan: It is thrilling beyond words to meet a person who has a mind that understands sexuality and has a true intelligence to complement that understanding. It is the best of things to meet someone who is doing something in their life because they enjoy it. I think as a society, we deny that so much in this thing we call “life.” 


Rebel Rhyder: I completely agree. I think that I am so lucky to get to do this because I really do enjoy it. 


Don Juan: It shows madam. Seeing what you have been doing with Evil Angel, my goodness does it show. I mean it is more than sexiness and kink. You are creating projects the likes of which I have never seen! Praise is not something big within this industry. I think you have a leg up on a lot of new starlets because of your personality as much as your passion for what you do. Sky's the limit and I hope you keep reaching for the stars. 


Rebel Rhyder: I plan on it. 


Don Juan: The first thing that comes to mind is you and Francesca Le. That behind-the-scenes interview in Anal Rebels, that is an interview. That is more than behind the scenes. You created such exuberance with her. Not many people can bring that out within that living legend. 


Rebel Rhyder: Really? (That amazing laugh of hers is just heart-stopping at this moment. Pure joy.)


Don Juan: I mean she is one of the greatest of all time. What I saw in that scene, in that interview, you brought out the performer within her. After seeing a lot of your work now, I think you have a knack for making people remember what it is that brought them to this business. That is what I saw when Francesca joined the fun even as you began shooting the scene.


Rebel Rhyder: Aww, that just makes me feel good. 


Don Juan: So, to truly begin this interview, tell us how you found your way to the film side of the business. I would love to tell the XCritic readers. 

Rebel Rhyder 

Rebel Rhyder: Well, in the beginning, not the beginning of time. (She laughs so sweetly.) In the very, very beginning, I was starting to do some webcam work. I had a friend who was trying to get me into it. She had told me that it was fun, she told me that she was making some extra money. My first thought was, “yeah, I think that I can do that!” I had been doing webcam for a couple of months. One of my customers set me up with a shoot for Glory Holes in Phoenix. They told me, “I think that you would do really great in porn.” I had always wanted to try porn. I did not think that I would ever be doing it full-time, because I already had a full-time job. My thought was, it would be really fun to just do a video or two. 


So, I went to go shoot with Glory Holes. When I got there, I think that there were about twelve guys on set. I did everything and when I was finished, I just said, “yeah, this was really fun! I think that I can actually do this every now and then." So, that is kind of where it started. So, fast-forward a few months later. Richard Mann reached out to me on social media, because he had been watching some of the work that I had been posting on Twitter. He told me that he would really like to shoot with me. My husband thought that it would be a really great idea to shoot with Richard. He told me, “He is classic, he is great!" So, I went, I shot with him, and it was with Richard that he showed me things like OnlyFans, ManyVids and more. He showed me the value of creating my own site, owning and creating my own content. It was from there that I started doing just that. That is what led me to really see that this was something that I could make money off of. I saw that I could really do this as a job, so I went and did it! 


Don Juan: Wow, what a great story! 


Rebel Rhyder: Yes and from their studios began to contact me and I started shooting for them, and it just sort of took off from there. 


Don Juan: I think that the studios are making the right choice shooting you. Being a writer who votes on the many awards committees in the industry, I have so much respect for the performer and performance. The art of XXX if you will. You are just a wonderful combination of both. I am blown away by the speed you have grown within this business, all within a year. 


Rebel Rhyder: Me too! 


Don Juan:I kid you not, it could not be happening to a better person. 


Rebel Rhyder: Thank you. 

Rebel Rhyder 

Don Juan: I had so much fun getting to discover your brand and dig deep within it. I dig that you are a person who takes this job seriously and has so much fun doing so. My girl is someone who always helps me to see so much more when it comes to performers in this industry. I think that is why I loved getting to see that you and your husband are doing all of this together. 


Rebel Rhyder: Yeah, it is great to have a partner who is supportive. It is definitely a team effort. 


Couples within the world of adult films. They are more common than you would think. Open relationships come hand in hand with a more accepting world. They are not just a product or inclusion of porn. If you frequent Twitter, or Rebel’s OnlyFans, what you will see is a couple enjoying time together, just as much as you will see this new starlets push her boundaries for her fans. I think what makes Rebel Rhyder the true definition of the modern porn star. It is something lies within her significant other and their heart for all they are doing together.


Don Juan: Yes, oh yes, it is all about that support system and that togetherness that we all share as people. I love this darlin’ , you got me going all over the place and that does not happen very often. Now, what I would love to ask for question two, that is if you are OK with sharing. In that interview with Evil Angel and Francesca, you spoke about your hubby. I am just dying to hear the story about how you and he met.

Rebel Rhyder 

Rebel Rhyder: So, we met at an art studio. Every month, this studio hosted a Shibari event, where local Shibari artists would come and do their rope demos. I was actually with a girl at the time, and she was telling me that I needed to get out of my shell. She was the one who wanted me to go to this Shibari event. She was getting tied up at this event, and she told me that everything was going to be great. I told her, “Yeah, OK, whatever.” 


So, I went, I saw her get tied, and I thought this was all just really, really cool! My husband was actually the one who tied her. All I could do was just sit there and watch him do his work. It was not until the next month, that this event was happening again, that he actually asked me if I wanted to try it. I told him, “Yeah, sure, I will try it.” 

Rebel Rhyder 

Again, that laugh takes me to this place that I am so familiar with. Shabari, rope binding, it is one of the most interesting mixtures of art, sexuality, release, and pleasure. I have found that some of the happiest couples, who have been together the longest, have all been a part of this wonderful fetish in some way. Rebel’s husband is a professional when it comes to this lesser-known art that is getting bigger and bigger as each year goes. It's growth is not just due to the adult film world either. The phenomenon is something within sexuality that is in the mind, the heart and your own truth. Shibari is about something more than what civilians would call a traditional "orgasm." As I began to see with Rebel, she is a woman whose laughter always came during these moments of remembering her own self-discovery. I do not think that is celebrated enough in a world that wonders why so many couples drift apart. This woman’s stories are all these in-depth tales of self-evolution. My thought when listening to this former aerospace engineer was, “if only people followed such steps, perhaps they could know the joy of such laughter.” To analyze things even deeper, maybe this modern thought process is something that would help more people stay together if they gave it a chance? What this stunning new starlet speaks of is the modern romance story.


From then on, we started tying together and things just kind of took off from there. He invited me over to do some stuff with him, we actually have a rope studio in our house. So, he invited me to try a suspension, and if I was curious about such things. I told him that I was, and I went over his house. From there, we just started tying together more and I just pretty much never left! 


Don Juan: He had you from the get-go huh? 


Rebel Rhyder: Yep, yep, and he totally knew it. 


Don Juan: Aww, that is so wonderful! I love hearing stories like this. I was once the guy who told one of the loves of his life, “I am going to turn you into a hopeless romantic as well.” Nope, she brought BDSM into my life, and I felt like I was born again at thirty. I know exactly how you felt. There is nothing like that feeling!


Rebel Rhyder: Absolutely. 


Don Juan: It fascinates me so much to read other interviews and hear you speak that way about rope binding and Shibari. This gets me back to Anal Rebels and that interview, my goodness, that interview. Francesca asks you, “what else do you like?” You talk about the “art” side of production and erotica. I just LOVE seeing a performer who has such passions in this business. 

Rebel Rhyder: Yes, that is my favorite part of the business. 

Rebel Rhyder 

Don Juan: I dig it darlin’! Now, what I would love to do now, is talk a bit more in-depth about Francesca Le and shooting Anal Rebels. Once again, that scene had Francesca sounding like a kid in a candy shop, I kid you not. For you to bring that out in her, that was pure magic. I think the world of her and Mark, and I would just love to hear about the whole story of that day. 


Rebel Rhyder: Oh, they are both just great people. I love working with both of them. Mark was super easy to work with. Francesca shooting me and some of her commentary, it made me, I don’t know, how do I say this, it made me want to perform even better. It was fun, I loved it!


LeWood Studios is run by two of the most legendary performers on planet earth. Francesca Le, she was known to be, and still is, one of the greatest performers of all time. This is a starlet who helped create the modern industry in so many ways. A woman whose kink on film, combined with her glamorous good looks, helped to create a brand of Evil Angel that is known widely across the globe for being beautiful and nasty. Francesca and her husband Mark Wood still perform, but I think it takes a powerful performer to spark these two into a frenzy of fucking and fantasy. That is what this film contains. Just read the XCritic Top Rated review and see for yourself. LeWood, Evil Angel, Mark, and Francesca, I think they all became established due their ability to gel with performers like Rebel Rhyder throughout their career. Porn stars who take kinky to a level that few know how, especially as well as Mark and Francesca. That unity, that chemistry, it can change the world.


Don Juan: Once again, you sent me down this rabbit hole of sexuality. I am just in awe of how you guys made that scene. The toy portion of the show is fucking epic! My girl told me to tell you “quadruple thumbs up!” Then I learned that those toys came from your traveling suitcase! Oh my God woman, you are awesome! 


Rebel Rhyder: (Laughing that amazing laugh.) OK, so I showed up on set, and they asked me, “do you have any toys?” My answer was, “I actually do, but they are all pretty big.” Mark and Francesca said, “OK, why don’t you take them out, and we will take a look at them.” Then, I pulled out all of these monster size dildos, and they asked me if I was OK with using them, and of course, my answer was, “Yeah, sure!” 

Rebel Rhyder 

Don Juan: Oh my goodness, now I know exactly why Francesca loved you. I do not mean to be negative here, but you just do not see that in performers these days in the modern industry. Especially a new starlet. I can only imagine what was going through Francesca’s mind when she was watching you get prepped and ready for that scene, with these circumstances. Rebel, I think that what you are doing with Evil Angel is simply outstanding. I think they are just a perfect fit for what your brand is. 


Rebel Rhyder: Thank you, I love working for them. All of the movies that I have done with them have been amazing so far. 


Don Juan: That is fucking awesome. Now, to dig a little deeper with them, I also loved the work that you did with Aiden Riley. That behind the scenes was so lengthy. That was thirty minutes that I think fans will want to see. Not thirty minutes that fans bypass. I think there is nothing like seeing the amazing souls in this industry like Aiden and Richard. This was something else that was just outstanding.


Rebel Rhyder: Those are just the things that seem to happen when you get carried away, and you can not believe that it has been thirty minutes with all these great things happening around you.


Don Juan: I love it! I think that you guys are creating insight for fans that they never get to see. I like that people get to see how a scene and performance are created on set. Getting to see that connection. That is just fucking awesome and so genuine. 


Rebel Rhyder: Yeah, and I think that is important too. I think that is a big part of the industry. 


Don Juan: Yes, I do as well. Do you know what I would love to know? I would love to find out, what is your preference? I am seeing a woman who loves performance, who I can already tell is a good actor. What is your forte when it comes to this business? Are you the woman who enjoys the gonzo shoots and performances, or are we going to see Rebel Rhyder with these massive roles with dialogue in the future? 


Rebel Rhyder: Well, I have not done any massive dialogue as of yet, I am definitely open to it in the future. The gonzo stuff is, um, I just love it! 

Rebel Ryder 

Don Juan: What I enjoy the most about seeing your brand on all these sites, it has to be seeing you transform into the performer. As I browse through the comments, I see so many fans refer to what they see as timid. Being a comic book lover, what I would call it as being “mild-mannered” and just like Superman, seeing you become Rebel Rhyder, this performer who is creating these anal spectacles like no other performer is, it is fucking awesome! Fans are going to love seeing you put on this show, then sit down and talk to them with intelligence, diction, truth and heart. 


Rebel Rhyder: Yes, like a switch flip. 


This starlet has taken part in new director Adira Allure’s latest film. A woman who much like Rebel, is a true performer, whose love for the outrageous and kinky sides of sexuality, have made her a household name in the porn world. This “switch flip” is something that I do not think any fan will see coming. That is the mystery and the draw of Rebel Rhyder. To get lame on my readers as I always do for a split second, this is the wonder of sexuality and becoming who it is that you want to be. I think so much of Rebel’s early success comes from that place within herself. It is not the twenty-inch dildo that is making audiences’ jaws hang to the floor. It is not the intense action that is rarely seen this way. What it truly is, what is putting asses in seats, I think it is simply a woman becoming who she is, and that is what sells, that is what fits in with these productions like Invading Uranus.


Don Juan: Getting to have so many people in the industry placing your work upon my desk, it has been exactly that. It is you flipping a switch. It is Superman going to Clark Kent and then vice versa. 


Rebel Rhyder: The industry, it is really bringing me out of my shell. I used to be a really, really quiet person. This industry is good for me. 


Don Juan: You know Rebel what I would love to talk about next, with a woman of your intelligence level, I am the person who firmly believes that it is sexuality that helps us to become the people that we are meant to be in life. People joke around and say that sex is not something to invest thought, time, or emotion in, when truthfully, sexuality is in everything that we do. I would love to know, what is the definition of sexuality to a woman like you? 

Rebel Ryder 

Rebel Rhyder: The definition of sexuality, well, I think that it is something natural, you know? For the longest time, I was a person who bottled it up. I was that person who was saying, “no, that is wrong, that is bad, don’t do that!” I was not realizing how natural sexuality is, for me and for humanity I think. But, the problem with society is that everything is just so taboo. That is what makes sexuality so hard to talk about, because sexuality is something that needs to be talked about more. It is because it is the most natural of all instincts. 


Don Juan: That is fucking awesome. I see a lot of myself in you, we share the same outlook madam. I went to this fancy college, did all the things that society told me that I “needed to do.” So, when I came out of my shell, it was like becoming a new person once I allowed my own sexuality to come to the forefront, you know? 


So, I know that no woman ever likes to be compared to another, especially in this business. This is all in the name of good, trust me. The passion for art that I see within you, I see you and I see a person like Adira Allure, I think that the both of you are changing the way that people see porn. I must find out what it was like working with Adira? I ask this because seeing what you two came up with in Invading UrAnus, my God you ladies are amazing! 


Rebel Rhyder: I love Adira! I say this to my husband a lot, but as far as the women I work with in the industry, I see them as co-workers. Adira, I see her as a friend. I really, really like her. 


Don Juan: What I love about her, she is a fearless artist! That is something I respect and admire so much within her. She does what is in her heart. How can anyone hate on that? 


Rebel Rhyder: Yes and I really look up to her. She is really super creative. Adira is just an amazing performer, person, just all around. 


Don Juan: Now, did I get this right, were you in her directorial debut as the closing scene for Evil Angel? 


Rebel Rhyder: Yes, yes I was. 


Don Juan: That film is just so unique. 


Rebel Rhyder: It is. 

Rebel Rhyder 

Don Juan: For that film to come forward, it took guts, but after getting to talk with you and getting to know you a little better, I think that it is also about whom she cast. Once again, you all did something that is the Evil Angel of the future. 


Rebel Rhyder: The amount of work that she put into it too. It is just like you said, mind-blowing! I was just so happy to be a part of it. 


Don Juan: I am so glad that so many people are casting you in these films. As we come to the end part of this interview, I hope that if you ever have any questions on anything, I am an open book in this business and you will reach out to me. I see a person like you and I see a performer who belongs in this industry. My help is always there for those who do love this business as you and your hubby do. 


Rebel Rhyder: Well thank you so much, I really appreciate it. 


We spoke in length about starting out in the industry. She had just had her latest scene with Richard Mann premiere on EvilAngel.com, and she spoke about the people in the industry, like Richard Mannm help out new talent. Bitches Be Crazy, it now has something more than meets the eye after Rebel informed me just how much her scene partner in this film changed her life and started a career that is something every new starlet should emulate, and I think that is something that Rebel Rhyder would not mind us saying, not one bit. 


Don Juan: The way you see so many people, and make things more than business, what a breath of fresh air that is. Especially this year. This industry was once about togetherness, about a bunch of like-minded souls bonded together in ways some people never know or experience. We need that to return to this form of industry so desperately. 


Rebel Rhyder: Yeah, I agree. It should not be about “how can I get ahead?” It should be about, how can we all get ahead. How can we bring each other up? 


Don Juan: I one-hundred percent agree. I will tell you, every director that I have spoken to that you have worked with, they tell me how much they appreciate you sparking that emotion within them. That is the sign of connection, that is the sign of unity. 


Rebel Rhyder: I am so glad to hear that. This is why I love my job. 


Don Juan: The last thing I must ask, and I read this in an interview as well. I read that you are into video games and metalworking. So, are we talking that you are an artist? One that can post up some pictures of some epic metal and welding? 


Rebel Rhyder: Somewhat, I am very much a beginner, but in my backyard, I have a whole metalworking station. I have a forge and everything. I want to get into making knives, some BDSM toys, and stuff like that. 


Don Juan: You have done more than take my breath away in this interview, thank you so very much for your time Rebel. I can not tell you what it means to this old reporter to sit down with someone who is fearless. A woman who is doing all the things she wishes to do in life. It is not as common as people think in today’s world. 


Rebel Rhyder: Yes, but it should be. 

Rebel Rhyder 

That it most certainly should. I am not hyping up the business I love because it is my job or my duty. I have met many different types of performers and people in this world and Rebel Rhyder ranks right up there as one of the most unforgettable souls I have ever encountered. There is this video that has been burned into my memory since I last saw it. It was a picture of Rebel in this cute onesie that looks like a cow costume. She is shaking, bobbing, and dancing around the room, all as her husband’s camera records, and you see that amazing smile and hear that unforgettable laugh. He asks her, “are you hungry?” She stops, comes back into reality, and smiles again to tell him yes with joy pulsating throughout the video. This Twitter post was alive in ways that I hope people do not look past and see it for what it really is, happiness. This is the fastest starlet I have ever seen to 100K in terms of following, and it is being done by that fearless way that she approaches every single walk of erotica in this business. I see Rebel Rhyder as one of these new age starlets who will do so much more than we ever thought a porn star was capable of. It is something she has within her that is beyond her sexuality, beyond her intelligence and thought. It is a pursuit of happiness that is changing the way that we all feel comfortable around one another. A great person in this industry once told me, “if you can not share every side of yourself with someone, especially the weird and kinky, why even bother?” How true that is, and how much that is needed in a world that has been shut down for over a year now. I have no doubt that we will see so much more of these great things, not just from Evil Angel and Rebel Rhyder but a combination of everything and everyone within this article. That is what makes Rebel the Modern Porn Star of 2021 and beyond.



Before we go, I implore you, check out this new starlet's work. Here are a few reviews from the XCritic word smith’s and their view of this amazing combination of Rebel and Evil Angel: 


Read John Boy’s full film review of Bitches Be Crazy: https://www.xcritic.com/review/45394/bitches-be-crazy/

..and then my full fledged view of anal and beyond with Anal Rebels: https://www.xcritic.com/review/45389/rebel-rhyder-ass-licker-buttfucked/


Follow Rebel Rhyder on Social Media:


Twitter: @RebelRhyderXXX


OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/rebelrhyder



XCritic would like to thank Evil Angel for providing all of the ideal images for this interview. Thank you to LeWood Studios and the amazing Magalie.

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