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XCritic Interview: Tanya Tate Pt. 2


Tanya Tate

Many moons ago, XCritic brought you the first part of our Tanya Tate interview and today we bring you the sequel. Sometimes, you have to simmer a tasty recipe for it to be as delicious as it should be, and in this case, that is true. Tanya is one of the top talents in the industry and recognizable to even the most casual fans and that's not a fluke, as she has put in all the leg work to climb the ladders of success. Not only does she light up the screen during her performances, but she also works her pretty ass off behind the scenes, whether it be behind the cameras of her studio or promoting talents that her PR firm represents. As you read our interview wrap-up, you'll see that there is much more to this lovely lass than meets the eye.

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