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XCritic Awards: Nominees 2020


XCritic Nominees

Yet another year of watching adult films and the industry, in general, has gone by, and once again, the XCritic team has deliberated on who and what we think are the best of the best. It's not an easy process, especially in an unprecedented year for everyone but our internal tabulations are complete and ready for you to check out. For those of you that may be just joining us, the XCitic Awards are, and always have been entirely virtual. There are no lavish parties, or conventions surrounding them. They are our way of letting performers, directors, producers, and studios know that we are watching them and making sure the cream of the crop gets recognized by those of us that watch these films on a daily basis! Here's to another year behind us and hopefully a better one ahead of everyone! Now, on to the nominees....

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SandyLovely Preview
SandyLovely IL
23 years old
AmyFisher Preview
AmyFisher US
33 years old
OpheliaHardin Preview
OpheliaHardin US
53 years old
Amy_Quinn Preview
Amy_Quinn US
23 years old
TaylorVause Preview
TaylorVause US
23 years old