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XCritic Pick: My Black Hotwife


My Black Hotwife

We have the 12th XCritic Pick of 2020! That's how rare they are. Considering we have reviewed more than one film or scene a day at this point, that's a pretty small percentage of our rating systems, right? It always has been. We reserve that rating for discs that really stand out from the crowd. Everything has to just work together. The setups, the performances, the lighing, the sound. It's even rarer that we give this rating to a disc of vignettes. The XCritic Pick usually gets applied to things like feature films or mind-blowingly orgasmic toys! But hey, when something is great, we want you to know that you should definitely consider adding it to your permanent collection! This time around it's My Black Hotwife from New Sensations, and reviewer J.W. Sharp loved it and it's cast! Check out his full review!

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