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The XCritic Interview: Ashley Wolf


There have been a few times when Girlfriends Films director and Girl/Girl superstar Serene Siren has told me, “Don, this gal is a keeper.” What that means dear readers, is that my pal Serne is telling me that she has met a fellow performer who has the sex-drive, great attitude and potential to go very far in this business. Now, what I have also learned, is that whenever Serene tells me such things, it means the starlet is going to be drop dead gorgeous with a look that could make a Republican and a Democrat see eye to eye. Now that is beauty! Serene has not said this often, as a matter of fact, it is only the second time she has ever shared such information and insight with me. The first one was nominated for Best New Starlet last year and fell just a hair short. So, I would guess this means that we are about to meet someone very special in the land of fantasy on film. Ashley Wolf is not your typical porn star. She has a look that defines the term cutie pie. The first moment I had this beauties work placed upon my digital desk, I honestly could not help but dig deeper into who she is, where she comes from. With that in mind, I think you know where we are going with this veriosn of The XCritic Interview and how it came to be. I think the XXX world is in for a treat, as I learned myself from watching one of her first performances with Girlfriends Films alongside Crystal Clark. This starlet has bite and something you just can not put your finger on, but that is what we are going to attempt to discover with the XCritic Interview with Ashley Wolf.! 

Ashley Wolf 

Our conversation begins by meeting a woman and her boyfriend. Both are in the industry, both have this passion and love that you see in their pictures yes, but also in how Ashley speaks of the little things. Our schedules kept us going back and forth, and we finally got to sit down after making dinner for our significant others. This starlet is a gem. Imagine a porn star in the middle of the grocery store, giving me a buzz on my cell phone, telling me that dinner is running late with her fella, just as my sweetheart was telling me to get my ass upstairs to help her cook. Saying this woman is “down to earth” does not say it enough. She has a wonder that is in just getting to say hello in a professional manner. On the date of the interview, she called me as I was setting up a shoot schedule and she could not get through as we talked about the crazy schedules of industry people.


Don Juan: Thank you for being so patient. I am talking to a director on the other line and I said, “she is going to be calling any second!” Then my phone goes crazy and the caller ID did not even say I had a call waiting! Ugh! I can tell you are a hard worker yourself and what I think will charm people beyond belief, is how we are all small businesses. We have to be able to do so much, and we never get credit for that from people outside our industry who are not fans. 


Ashley Wolf: Right! People think that all we do is porn. 


This starlet has the sexiest voice and excuse me for being a little forward but the appeal of this beauty is vast when it comes to just who she is as a woman. The ladies of this industry must have every part of their being become a fantasy and my goodness, this is a woman that has it all. 


Don Juan: I really would love to begin with what caught my eye looking at your pages and your brand. This is what I have written down on my notes, “it looks like her husband/boyfriend and her may have already created a website. Find out the skinny with what they are doing together.” 


Ashley Wolf: Oh my goodness, yes! Please ask me. 


OK, now I am really getting carried away. Nothing in my interviews are staged. Charisma and finesse are what you see very rarely in this industry. You can tell by her voice and vocabulary that she is a woman who is confident, beautiful, and just has a knack that attracts anyone to her being. I can not remember the last time that I was this charmed with a performer, new or veteran. Ashley Wolf and the “it” factor go hand in hand ,and it shows in all she says and does and says.

Ashley Wolf 

Don Juan: I love what you both are doing. I see that you are creating little things here and there, as well as marketing yourselves to your fans in a unique way. I see a couple doing this and it makes my heart sing. I wish I saw more couples doing this in the industry.


Ashley Wolf: Yes, it is great to have someone else with me that understands what it is that I am doing. To not have someone that is going to stop me and say, “oh! What are you doing?” Having someone who knows it is work is just amazing. 


Don Juan: I think that makes so much of a difference. I can imagine you have experienced this already. When any performer starts, you show up onto a set and you learn things on the fly because nobody tells you jack shit. At least you will have that throwback with your partner so that you can experience things and talk, as well as work through them with someone. That is so important when you are starting in this business.


Ashley Wolf: No, you are right. I am so glad that I have the little bit that I have had. I did a little bit of webcamming before I started. So I had a shred of experience with performing but it was just a tiny, tiny fraction of what it is like compared to being on set. So I can not speak too much on that, but I am enjoying everything so far with the start of my career.


My stars, this woman is going to think I am a troll or her stalker here. That laugh of hers is so calming. When you are talking to a performer, and they chuckle just to seem jolly, witty, or compassionate it is like watching a shooting star at night. Ashley has that power in everything she does. Nothing is faked. Hell, if it is, this woman is an even greater actor than even I had thought her to be. It is nice to hear that happiness deep within a laugh. She has that and it is the best of things to this industry writer. 


Don Juan: Oh, my God woman, I just love getting to showcase the people with depth and warmth to their persona. I think that is the best thing to display to the XXX world. Getting to show the woman, the person, the human being. Everything that I was coming back to with looking up Ashley Wolf was something fun. Once again, my notes for some reason say, “ask her about being a skater and going to concerts.” 


Ashley Wolf: Oh my God, I can not ride a skateboard. I can't even stand on one, but I will tell you that I went to a lot of concerts when I was young, and I am talking a lot of concerts. 


Don Juan: Ahh, I got ya. I am curious to know what is the artistry behind the woman? Are you a music lover, a musician perhaps? What I will tell you straight up, you are a naturally talented actor. It shows in your dialogue and body language in your films.


Ashley Wolf: Thank you, I appreciate that. Everybody tells me that and I do not know what to say. I really do not notice. It is just like a switch within me. When the camera turns on and is pointed my way, it is something that just naturally happens I guess. I don’t know, I do not know how to explain it any other way. 

Ashley Wolf 

Don Juan: That is cool. That means you truly are a natural. I don’t think you will get to see it in a clear way until you get to work with another actor who has that same natural talent as you. My boo began in the business when she was nineteen, and I remember one of the first directors she shot for was very aggressive, and she did not know how to pose, how to arch. She was shitting bricks but she made it through the scene. She would tell you her scenes had zero acting skill, and she had to learn along the way. It was tough for her. Seeing your work, I can not picture that with you madam. That is the talent that I already see. You are aware of the camera and you are so flawless with dialogue. 


Ashley Wolf: Yeah and that is what I like about it and that is how I go into every scene that I have been involved with. I am going to be working and talking with this person on set and I approach the dialogue like it is a real conversation that I am having with them. I am just going to do my thing and I absolutely love being in front of the camera this way. 


Don Juan: I love it! How I can tell that you are a true actor, is that I can not tell if you have had a bad shoot or not with what I have seen of your work. That is what counts in the land of entertainment. I do not think fans know that it is work, it is art and when you are working with someone who wants to go home and cash a paycheck, you must make the scene look sexy and believable and that is not always easy. What I also have been so impressed to see, is that you have worked with some of the most veteran performers in this business. That had to be very intimidating and you worked well with them.


This new starlet had the luck of working with Crystal Clark for one of her first scenes. Crystal is a very bold performer and a woman who has fire and conviction within all of her roles and characters. As Girlfriends Films changes the look of what is on the surface of their company with a website revamp, we see films like this in Bad Lesbians 12, they are films that feature a lot of new talent in the XXX world. It is a performer like Ashley Wolf who steals the show in that production by being able to go toe to toe and lick for lick with a woman who is as talented as it gets in this industry as her scene partner. Ashley has that pep in her voice as she describes working with people that I will be honest, they would intimidate me just to interview. 

 Ashley Wolf

Ashley Wolf: I just try to read their energy. I try to learn as much as I can, because some of the people that I have worked with have been in the industry for so long. Some of the people that I have worked with have been in the business for ten years plus. My thought first and foremost is, that they obviously know what they are doing. Reading them, following their lead, or even getting feedback and criticism, that is important. I am a person who deals with criticism very well. I take it constructively. I do not look at it as something that is bad. It is a corrective way for me to see what I need to be doing from now on. That is how I approach working with anyone or doing anything, you know? 


Don Juan: Darlin’ I really love your character and your attitude. It shows through and through with everything you tweet and everything that you promote, no bullshit. I sat down and I took a look at the new starlets of the industry as we approach AVN, XBIZ, XRCO, and I took a deeper look at your work. My first response was, wow! This is someone who actually gives a shit and enjoys what they are doing. It is very rare in today’s digital world. 


Ashley Wolf: Yes, it is. It is very unfortunate that it is that rare, but it is. 


Don Juan: Yes, and I see it in so many places. Many people feel like they are entitled and expect so much. I see a person like you, a woman who is already starting that foundation for building her own brand. I see you shooting for big companies but you are also putting in the leg work with fans too. That is fucking awesome dude. 


Ashley Wolf: I have to. I can't just expect things to just happen. I have to physically work to get people’s attention and show them who I am. I want my good to show with all that I do. I want that good to show on film even when I am having a bad day because we all have those. I never want to look at my work, look at a film that I am in, and see that bad day on my face. Because if I see it, the fans are seeing it. I firmly believe that you must drop everything that you do at the door when you arrive on set. That is what I do each and every time. My shoots all have the intention of making something fun happen and making a good piece of porn for everyone to watch. 

Ashley Wolf 

I have got to know many superstars in this business and I have met many fresh faces that also have the ability to go far in this industry as well as in anything that they choose to do in life. It has been a long time since I heard a young model speak this way and if you were to hear the crisp flow of her words and vocabulary, you would see this is a woman who not only has a love for sex, sexuality, and the business, she is also a woman who knows that a film crew is there to do a job and that a porn star’s might is not in her good looks, but the spectacle that she is able to create for man and woman to stare in awe at. This beauty lived up to every expectation and beyond, and we were only halfway through our conversation.


Don Juan: Madam, you do it admirably. May I say that I hope to see you here for many, many years. You have a very rare combination of many good things that every model should have. It is nice to meet a model who possesses such things, I mean that. 


Ashley Wolf: Once again, thank you. Trust me, I will be here. I do not plan on going anywhere, anytime soon. I fully love the industry. I love the people in the industry, I love the community. I love how people interact with each other. I was actually just talking about how I can just go onto my social media and say something like, “I just absolutely love balls!” In the “normal” world, if you were to even speak about loving balls people would look at you and say, “what is wrong with you?” I think that is so wonderful that you can be yourself, post something like that on Twitter and it generates a response like, “yes! Me too!” Everyone gets together, and they just talk about things that I think are really in people’s heads. It is a wonderful community to be a part of. and I really enjoy it. 


Don Juan: Sexuality, I have seen it across this globe, in many places and I think that it opens people’s minds even more than it does their hearts. It lets you understand who you are but at the same time, within this industry, and I am talking about the fans too, it helps you to see how similar we all really are the same when the veil of judgment is cast aside so people can just be people. That is something I believe with all my heart and being.


Ashley Wolf: I agree with you on that, and I am sure that there are plenty more people for me to meet, but the people that I have met already, at the beginning of my journey, there are certain ones that I have met that have that, well, let me put it this way, So those things will make me wake up in the morning and I will be curious to find out how that person is doing today and randomly thinking about that person even though I have not known them that long and only just worked with them, but I felt those vibes that they are this really cool person outside the industry. It is this new, enjoyable thing to want to go find them on Twitter, see what they are up to, and discover more about them. If they are acting badly, I will not pay attention to that but for the most part, with so many people, what I have found has been good. So yes, I enjoy it. 

Ashley Wolf 

Don Juan: You getting to shoot Serene was awesome. She is someone I consider a friend and someone that I saw so much potential in from second one in this industry. I was even lucky enough to get to shoot her and interview her on camera as she was beginning this amazing year of production work and now she is directing. She is just a gem of a human being. She is a prime example of the persons you described. She is a person who loves what she does but more so than that, she is also a person who cares so deeply about the people in the business. I mean where do you find people like that in any other line of work? In any other nine to five that is out there? No one gives the XXX world credit for having such connections among just employees. You know what I am saying?


Ashley Wolf: Oh yeah and when I first met her, I was just so excited to meet her and believe it or not, we were not even supposed to be working together when we met. She was just supposed to be directing and the performer that was cast with me, she was not able to make it, and she told me, “well, it looks like it is going to be me and you!” Then my heart almost jumped out of my body. I said, “Oh my God, I get to work with you…” 


These moments of love are numerous with new starlet Ashley Wolf. Her love for the business shines through and what it sounds like, how do you describe it? If you are a male, the only way I can think you could describe this is how Michael Jordan would talk about the game of basketball. It is a moment of being a fan, being a professional. There is a tone in her voice of what you would think any person would have as they live their dream and finally get to speak about it and that is not a bad thing. Her happiness, her joy is one thing. Watch this scene from Twisted Passions 28 from Girlfriends Films and you tell me what this beautiful woman has in her voice and why.


… I just could not believe it was real while they were breaking the news to me. She turns to me and says, “Yes!” First off, the way that she directs is amazing, she is not someone who hounds you, she shows you what she wants. She literally got on the bed, and she got on the other girl and said, “this is how you do this” and showed me exactly what she wanted me to do. I just could not say anything but, “thank you for showing me this.” Our connection in that scene was just phenomenal. It was just so fun.



Don Juan: First time I ever met her and got to work with her was during XRCO last year and what is so amazing about her, and you probably got to see this having worked with her, is that she is a ball of fire. That night so many people told me that she was the woman who was tearing it up on the dance floor. Getting everyone else around her to dance. That is Serene, that is her true wonder and beauty. 


Ashley Wolf: Yes and I love it! 

Ashley Wolf 

Don Juan: Oh, me too. She reminds me of every single person who has motivated me to do those things in life worth enjoying!


Ashley Wolf: Yes, she is that type of person, that type of friend whom back in the day, would grab you and say, “come on…let’s go, come on and dance with me!” Even when you did not feel like dancing. Then, you would get on the dance floor, and she would make you dance and you feel so glad that you did. 


Don Juan: Darlin’ that is just the best analogy ever! I would just love to talk about your Girlfriends Films work. I have always thought that they put so much into everything that they do. There is a lot of passion with all the great people that have ever been a part of that studio. Now, before we get into that, I would love to ask you the question that you are going to get asked a million times, how did you get into the business? I would love to tell the XCritic readers. 


Ashley Wolf: Ahh, the most famous question. So, it was actually through Craigslist. Yes, that is right Craigslist, It was some weird, weird stuff. My boyfriend, he was actually in the business before I was. We had talked about it, and he said that this was something that could be really, really good for me. He told me that he thought that I would be really good in the industry. So, it was from there that we started looking for stuff that would fit what I was looking to do. I began by making a Twitter and then I answered the ad on Craig’s List and the photographer took some photos of me and things actually turned out to be good. This was someone that actually paid me to shoot for him and model. I am telling you when you are starting out, that is something that I was thankful for, but he was also telling me that he was looking to set me up a shoot with Vixen. 

Ashley Wolf 

Now, at this time I did not know anything about the industry. I mean nothing at all, I mean I didn't even know what Twitter was. I did not really watch too much porn or stuff like that, so I did not really know what Vixen was. So, I came home and I told my boyfriend that this guy was going to get me a shoot with Vixen. My boyfriend tells me, “really? Holy-shit, that is huge! For your first shoot! That is huge!” So, I had met a girl there and I guess that she had shot there at some point in time, and they were taking pictures of her, and I was thinking, “hey, this is legitimate, I am really glad.” There are some things you don’t know about the business, like I said. Long story short, I had just started my period, so I did not think I would be able to do this shoot not knowing I could have just shoved a sponge up there and I would have been good to go and I missed my opportunity to shoot with Vixen. So, the photographer that set everything up he invited me to do a few more photo-shoots, and I told him that I was looking to do bigger things, not just taking photos. So he took me to meet Derrick Hay, owner of LA Direct. So, I met them and I had signed with them in November 2018 and I did not get any work until January and that was due to the fact that someone else had canceled and I got the role. It was just a solo but it was so much fun. That is what got my foot in the door a little bit and then, believe it or not, they actually got me booked to sign at a booth during AVN. 


So, I was really, really excited and I actually had no idea what AVN was. I did not know how to dress or anything like that. I attended the convention and the awards show and while I was signing at a booth I met a few people within the industry. Long story short, they just did not get me any more work after that, and around March of that year, I told my agency that if they could not get me work, I was going to explore within the industry to find something more of a fit for me. They were OK with that, they took me off their roster and then everything went on in the news with my former agency and I felt like I made a good choice to sign with Coxxx Modeling after that, and I have been with them ever since. 


Don Juan: Wow, that is a very real story as to how someone enters the industry. I think that was something that is a real look at how models come into this business and are discovered. I have never been a person to hold a grudge against anyone, but you speak of doing what you have to do in order to get booked and achieve your goals. I respect that. It means you care about you.

Ashley Wolf 

There is no malice in what this stunning new starlet speaks of. Most people never know in this industry that you have to know you will fall down and you have to pick yourself back up. We spoke about people seeing her work and all she could talk about were the positive aspects for finding good fits for who she is and what she wants her brand to be. Dare I say that you do not see that often in new people in the industry. Her attitude is amazing, honest, and upfront. That is what I think anyone wants to see in people chasing their dreams. Yes, even porn stars. 


I think that this industry is about what you put into your work and if someone does not put in the work nothing is going to happen and if they do put in the effort the world begins to move for them in ways they could never have imagined. I am glad that you did what you did and did not let time or any opportunity pass you by. 


Ashley Wolf: Yeah and the thing was, I was not just sitting around waiting for things to happen. I was always texting people. I was keeping in contact with people and there were a few moments where I started to kick myself in the ass and was saying to myself, “Maybe I am not made for this industry” but I did not let that get to me and I just moved on. 


Don Juan: I think that marketing, fan loyalty, and making the people that matter in the industry aware of who you are takes time. It is literally a three-year process. At least that is how I calculate things with all that I have seen in the business. After you make a good impression, the third time you shoot for a company, that is when things truly begin for most models. You would not think it took such lengths in today’s social media-driven world but it does. 


Ashley Wolf: There are so many beautiful girls in this industry. I can see how that could ring true. For people who see beautiful girls all day long, and they are behind the camera all for so many hours in the day, they're are in a different mode than I think anyone could imagine. I mean it is not even funny. They are people who have to decide if this looks good, or if that looks good. They must be thinking all the time asking themselves are people going to want this, are they going to want to see that in that angle? It stops and makes me think about what they are doing and so many things run through my head. "Did I do this correct, should I ask this question, should I give them a blow-job right now? How can I make this shoot better for everyone including the fans?" I totally understand because I am trying to see what it is behind the camera. I think that you have to ask yourself those questions, especially about what you are doing. Does that angle really look good for me, does the expression on my face look silly or not good at all? I am also enjoying the scene and having fun with it, so I can not complain about anything I have experienced.

Ashley Wolf 

Don Juan: Madam, what a joy it is to hear that you are a student of the game. One of the people I look up to is a friend of mine, an icon of this business, Miss Lisa Ann. What I love the most about that woman is that she always took care of her brand, she always took care of her fans and when she showed up on set, that is exactly what she did. She showed up saying, “how can I make this better for me, my brand, and this production.” That is the true secret to success in this world. It really is. Truthfully, being a student of the game will be the biggest factor in deciding how far you can go in this industry. Persistence is everything and I find that so amazing when it comes to success. 


Ashley Wolf: Oh, I am trying. I am going for it. 


Don Juan: OK, I am starting to sound like the old decrepit man giving advice. Thank you for sharing such insight. My next question for you and I have to tell you that I love your ink. I am dying to tell the story of the woman behind the alter-ego. I am sensing an artist or musician. 


Ashley Wolf: I played violin in the third grade but I could not tell you how to play it now. My boyfriend, he actually got me into painting, and he says that I am pretty good at it but I don't know. I mean, I love painting now and I could literally sit down with him and paint all day long. That is usually what we do when we have some free time. I was never the person that got into sports or anything like that. I love to go horseback riding with all my heart. 


Don Juan: I love the humble nature of who you are by saying, “hey, I once played one of the most difficult instruments to play on earth but it was no thing.” Now, if that is not difficult in itself, you are talking to a writer who always wished he was a painter. Hell, I would settle just to be able to draw because I can not paint for shit and would kill to be able to. One good painting that is all that I dream of. Now I am dying to see one of your paintings because the artist in you, it shows in all that you do. 


Ashley Wolf: Why thank you. I appreciate it. 


Don Juan: I am telling you, I am going to be bugging you left and right to see one of your paintings until the day we get to meet face to face. 


Ashley Wolf: I will send you a picture. 

Ashley Wolf 

Don Juan: You fucking rock! Now, being that this is the first interview that we get to have with you, I have to ask a porn star, what porn was in her collection? Now, I was reading somewhere that you were a fan of the industry beforehand. Are we talking that you watched scenes, and knew who some of the stars were? Or are we talking you meet the boyfriend, and he turns you on to clips stores, VOD, stuff like that? 


Ashley Wolf: Well, I had not seen a lot of porn before I got into the industry. It was definitely something like just watching stuff here and there. I did not know who a lot of the performers were. I knew who people like you mentioned earlier are, like Jenna Jameson. Tila Tequila, I knew who she was when she was in LA. 


Don Juan: No, that is cool. I can totally feel where you are coming from. Women who watched porn in the business are a rare breed and it is becoming more popular these days. I have always been a man who is in-tune with his feminine side and from having so many friends of the female side of the species, I know that a woman who does watch porn, is a rare, rare mind. Being able to be visually stimulated, that is such a rare thing for a woman. 


Ashley Wolf: Right, well mostly, it is Girl/Girl that does it for me and it always has been, even when I was younger, the porn what I would specifically go to. I don’t know, I just like girls, they are so pretty. 


Don Juan: We park our car in the same garage. If I was not paid to watch porn, the porn that I would watch would be Girl/Girl. I mean come on, who would not pick that over any other type of genre? 


Ashley Wolf: I completely agree. 


Don Juan: Now, before we get into the Girlfriends Films work to close the interview, I would love to hear about Wolf Pack Productions. God, I love that name. How did you guys get that started? What is the story behind it’s beginning? 


Ashley Wolf: Well, it is still up and coming, but we chose that because of our names, it is that plain and simple. We are like a pack he and I. It is mostly Dustin’s, but we do shoot together a lot, and we will put all of what we shot on there. It is still up and coming and that is what we hope to have in the future for our fans to enjoy. It is going to something where we do a lot more on the filming side of things. 

Ashley Wolf 

Don Juan: You guys have a great presentation and look as a couple. I hope you guys not only go the route of performing but doing the production aspect of things too. It is something you just do not see in the adult world anymore. 


Ashley Wolf: Right. We want to be able to do that. Getting to spend your day shooting and things become work, work, work. I look forward to that. That is something that we both enjoy. We also want to have something for our name and what we did in this industry to look back on later on in life and what better than our own production company. 


Don Juan: Oh, exactly. I think that is the way that porn is going to go in the future. I really do. I think that fans are leaning towards something that has a more personal touch for them. Giving them a more intimate look at whom the performers are, you know? 


Ashley Wolf: Yes, I do. 


Don Juan: In closing, I would love to know, with all that you have done with them, what has been your most eye-opening, jaw-dropping experience with Girlfriends Films so far? Was it working with Serene? Or was it that Crystal Clark scene? That scene was epic beyond words woman. You both crushed it in that one. 

Ashley Wolf 

Ashley Wolf: Every scene that I have taken part in, I have absolutely loved! I am going to have to say that working with Serene tops everything and that is just because of who she is as a person.


I had already really wanted to work with her before that and like I said, it wasn’t even our scene to begin with but it became our scene. It was a thrill that I just got to work with her.


here are people you can see perform on-screen and you say to yourself, “yeah, that was wonderful.” Then you find out that there is also some people you just do not have chemistry with. I think that everyone has times like that where it showed on screen and things got super awkward.


That is the only way I can describe it, things just feel awkward with some people and situations. With Serene, I was already excited before I even walked onto the set. My excitement began in just getting to meet her first off. Then she tells me it is her that I am going to be shooting with, and we turned it into something so fun. 


Don Juan: Oh, the exuberance that woman puts into people, it is just amazing! She is so wonderful. She grows on you in the best of ways as a human being. Darlin’ how quickly time flies by and I really want to tell you this, thank you for taking time out of your schedule for us. It means the world to me and XCritic. I know this is not always the easiest thing to do. 


Ashley Wolf: No, you are fine and I really appreciate you taking time out of your day for me and getting to work with my schedule. 


Don Juan: Darlin’ that is what we media people are truly here for. Don’t let anyone tell you that it is you that needs to be jumping through hoops for us, oh no. It should always be us "hired geeks" who jump through hoops for you performers. Madam, what a treat this has been, what a treat you are as a person and a performer, is there anything that you want to tell the fans in closing? 


Ashley Wolf: Yes, I want to tell them that I love them all, and thank you so much for the support. I would not be able to do anything in this business without any of them. They have literally been a piece of my spine. If they were gone, I would not be able to walk. That is how much they mean to me. 

Ashley Wolf 

Talk about a gem of this business. I will let Miss Wolf say the final goodbye in one of the most invigorating interviews that I have ever been a part of. I really want to thank Ashley for being that woman of her word, for putting in such a great effort. XCritic would also like to thank Carmen with Girlfriends Films for providing all the links and all the amazing pictures that go along with today’s interview. 

Ashley Wolf

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