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The XCritic Interview: Mary Moody


I will not lie, it is a new thing for this "old school" lover of erotic cinema to give webcamming and independent vignettes an equal amount of time in the spotlight and what I will say is that the performers of this amazing new world, they are very deserving of the following they are receiving and pandemonium among the fans that they cause with everything that these dedicated performers create with their brands. Mary Moody is a very special performer to us here at XCritic. As the world of social media platforms clamped down their monkey wrench of censorship around our necks and our social media accounts, starlet Mary Moody was one of the big-name performers who helped us out and took part in one of our last social media takeovers to ease the pressure of judgemental world upon our business and outreach. This starlet’s professionalism and character opened my eyes to the world of camming and performer content in ways that I never knew before meeting her. This starlet did something that was classy beyond words by going out of her way to help one of the industry's biggest film review and news companies build their fan following once again with her internet reach and might. This is when I discovered that there was far more to meets the eye with a woman whose success seemed to just all of a sudden happen in everything she did. To a trained mind, one knows better though. This tale you are about to hear comes from Mary herself, a look at a performer, actor, model, and businesswoman. A starlet who in this writer's opinion is going to change the way we see XXX and the people who make it the modern wonder it is forever. 

Mary Moody 

Don Juan: OK, one of the things that has always drawn me to wanting to do an interview with you, it has to be that your first scene was with Jenna Sativa, a legend in the genre as well as the business. Not only did you make an amazing scene with Jenna, but you were also able to exist on the same wave length of perfomance as she was. That is beyond fucking impressive for a first shoot.


Mary Moody: Well thank you for the comment but I will say that I have no idea what I was doing. 


(Our conversation began with a phone call, as almost every interview these days is across the continent due to COVID. Mary has a charm and this calm demeanor that you do not see very often in actors and models. She has this very wonderful charm to her humility. This is a woman who shot with one of the most massive adult magazines on the planet in a heartbeat and now she tells me that a scene, that is regarded as one of the best of a legend’s career, tells a tale that words can not. Yet, this beautiful, intelligent woman gives herself zero credit for the creation of such power. As a writer, this is what you hope every interview will turn into.) 


Don Juan: Madam, that is what the greats always say. You have been booked with some solid talent to start your career and I will be honest, they are performers that some people just can not handle when they are getting in front of the camera for the first time. You have made your characters and passion become as well known as every person that you are working with big or small and most your scene partners have been legends of the game.


Mary Moody: Thank you and once again, I don't even know how I do that.


(Her laugh is this beautiful chuckle, a laugh with a range that would make any person in the room light up with a smile.)


Don Juan: I loved getting to start my research on you as a performer. I came across the amazing films on YouTube. It was you and some friends, as well as some other performers and the way that you brought the viewer into your world, your reality. It is as unique as I have ever seen with a performer on YouTube. 


Mary Moody: You know, I am about to launch a new YouTube series. It is not really a series that is “reality” based. No, this series is going to be about giving advice to models for free. That is what I have been working on a lot lately. I think what you came across were some random videos that I took part in. 


Don Juan: Oh, you must do this. Being a man who went to school to write and then getting to learn what I have in this business, I think that you have a natural charisma for not only doing such things well, but having people stay, stop and listen. That is something that would make the industry better. One of these videos I found was you showing off the gift bag that you got at the Porn Hub Awards. I think that the way that you converse with the camera, it brings the fans into the room right next to you. 


Mary Moody: That is so funny to hear because I was dead tired the morning after the Porn Hub Awards. I was going so slow just trying to put something together that morning. 


Don Juan: That night was insane. I had two cameramen booked and we did not get their names in for badges. I was scrambling at the table to get everything going all night long. It was madness. I think everyone had a long night at that awards show. 


Mary Moody: Oh yeah, it was great though. I am really sad that there are no Porn Hub Awards this year because it would be happening right now around this time in September/October. Now, there is just nothing this year. 

Mary Moody 

Don Juan: Yeeeeeeessssssssss! You know with everything that this damn pandemic has brought upon the world, it is making me remember why I loved going to awards shows in the first place. Now, I hope that award shows never get old for you and you never take my path of not seeing what is to be cherished about them every time. Last year, I was only at AVN for one day and now, I just want to be able to attend every single day of the event and see my friends. I miss that so much.  


Mary Moody: Yes, I never realized how much I looked forward to that “mini-vacation” even though it is a ton of work. Getting to go out and travel and have something to plan for. This year has been rough and I have been quarantining very strictly. I am not working currently with anyone but it has been rough without the convention, that is for sure. 


(A side of the XXX world that fans, critics, skeptics do not know of is the business side of the industry is that each performer, especially a woman who is in the cam world, she must be able to operate from day one as if she is a small business. Marketing, booking, politics, paying taxes, and keeping a budget strict is just a small amount of business schedule that a model faces every day and month in this industry. I would say that I sense NO fear in Mary Moody’s voice. No, far from it. I hear a woman speaking about a global change that has affected everyone in ways that I think none of us expected it to. People in Hollywood have to earn a living too, and choosing to quarantine is something that tests not only a person’s patience like it does most other people but a model is faced with turning their cabin fever into food on the table and a roof over their head. Mary, she has a strength and honesty in her voice that speaks of the work I know she has been putting in while she has been in quarantine, just check out this post here and you will see what I mean. https://twitter.com/missmarymoody/status/1319782185843322881)


Don Juan: No, I feel you darlin’! I got lucky in a sense that with my two jobs that I can work from home. In December, I decided to make some good life changes for myself. I took some time off work and thought, “I will just go back to working in the office in February.” Then all of this shit happened, so I feel you on the craziness of these times. I am also a huge germaphobe, so I am like fuck this!


Mary Moody: Well, it is kind of nice to hear that someone else is actually quarantining as well. I just can not see how all the people are just going out. 


Don Juan: Oh, I know. I feel the same way that it is cool that there is actually someone else doing the same thing that I am. My girl’s “wifey” she came into town, and she kept telling me, “come on, let’s go to a movies and my response was, “fuck no!” OK madam, so to truly dig into this interview here, I want to first make sure I have all of your accolades correct. Now, you were the 2020 Best Cam Model at XBIZ? Is that correct? 


Mary Moody: Yes, and I was also the Chaturbate Broadcaster of the Year at the Live Cam Awards in 2020 as well. 


Don Juan: Oh, cool. Congratulations! I really mean that because I remember when both of those companies started. I know the people who started them. Now, if I remember correctly, I think I got to see you at XBIZ? We have not had the pleasure of meeting face to face, but I am seeing this cute gold dress in my memories of that night. It was either gold or yellow?


Mary Moody: You mean this last January? Oh, yes. I had on this gold shimmering dress that I bought online. 


Don Juan: Yes, I remember it. You are basically talking to a woman in a man’s body and I love all the little things about a night out on the town for a lady. I remember asking people, “who is that?” My girl tells me, “that is Mary Moody!” 


Mary Moody: Oh my God, I had no idea that I was going to win. I was actually looking at my phone when they were calling all the names of the nominees. I was just completely not prepared for any of it. 


Don Juan: That is honestly what makes it even more special. You know, your diction, the way you converse, and I saw this when I first saw your pictorial with Penthouse. I think it was either 2016 or 2017. I said to myself, “that woman has something!” With some people, you see sophistication from second one and that is what I saw with you. My first impression was, “this woman is going to bring back the flavor of pictures with fans. That was one of the most vivid shoots that I have ever seen. 


Mary Moody: Oh, then you might be surprised to know that was my very first time ever being photographed. 


Don Juan: What! Get the fuck out of here! Really?


Mary Moody: Yes, I am talking this was the first time that I had ever worked with a photographer. 


Don Juan: That is amazing. So you are the Kobe Bryant of our industry. You literally take one step onto the court and you are wowing the crowd like an all-star from day one. I believe it. 

Mary Moody 

Mary Moody: Yes and once again, I had no idea what I was doing. I had started camming in March of that year and that shoot was in October. 


Don Juan: Damn, that is freakin’ impressive. Now, the way that I wrote this, my girls parents, they love psychology we will just say. There is this natural fearlessness in your voice and it radiates in your scenes, your shoots, everything. You just do not hear stories of people who have never webcammed, who had never modeled and the step into the business and not only get these opportunities, they maximize them to a level that is above spectacular. I am just in awe madam.


Mary Moody: Well, I think I am fearless to a certain extent. I would see things and yes, I had no idea what was going on but I also spoke up and said, “this is normal right?” 


(I have had the pleasure of interviewing a few people in politics and corporate business. Mary’s wit, thought process, and speaking ability just reminds me of that person who understands conviction. She is forward, and she is not hesitant with any answer. I will not say that is rare in this business because most people would be surprised that some of the most honest people I have ever met in my life work in porn. What I will say is that Mary has that drive where you can tell she is not afraid to ask questions. Where she understands the value of communication. If you could hear her words, you would simply be even more floored than by just reading them. Which already should have your head in the clouds, as I know mine is editing this article.)


Mary Moody: I once again state, I have no clue what I am doing. 


Don Juan: Darlin’ I am telling you, my day job is something that also consists of writing. When you consistently work with people who write, you discover that for the most part, writers are fearful people. 


Mary Moody: I am fearful when I am writing. 


Don Juan: Oh my God, you are too much woman. No, no, I am serious. I think you will totally get this then. We are observant and most of us, we observe from a distance. You, Mary Moody, you have to be the person who is the muse and be right there in the mix of it all. You are what the writer, the photographer is trying to create the concept with. Even me, being the big loud mouth interviewer, I see this model who is as fearless as I have ever met. 


Mary Moody: Why thank you. 


Don Juan: OK, here we go with the most boring of all questions. Now, what I would love to know is how did you get into the film side of the business. 


Mary Moody: I never have interesting stories for these questions just so you know. So, the honest answer is that what took me to that side was that I wanted to make more money. That is it, right there. I had some financial goals when I started that I was not seeing myself reach. So, a few years ago, as this was all going on, I texted Sam Phillips at Penthouse and I told her that I wanted to look into doing porn and that is it. That is how it started.


Don Juan: What are you talking about? That is a great fucking answer. It is an honest answer. I love that this is your answer because you are showing yourself as a young, capable woman, who is working hard and taking chances in the name of making a living for herself. For putting a roof over her head. In any other industry in the world that would be celebrated and it is a damn shame it is not in our industry. That drive for financial success is so important. 


Mary Moody: Yes, I agree. At that time, when I started in the industry, I was just a Chaturbate model. That was all that I really cared about or knew about. I was focused on my camming a lot and that is what led to Penthouse finding me, that is how I got that gig. You are going to love that I say this so much. From there I really had no clue what I was doing and because of that, I honestly did not pursue a lot in that first year. My attitude was that I am here to cam and I do not know anything about that side of the industry. I had gotten some random opportunities along the way. When I look back now, I think that I could have done better. I don’t think I took full advantage of some opportunities. I did not market or advertise myself properly without knowing what I know now. For professional porn, it was my pursuit of more money. I was not satisfied with where my career currently was at that time. 

Mary Moody 

Don Juan: Madam, I truly commend you. When it comes to the business side of anything in the world of entertainment, there are many people who are taken advantage of. I think once again that is the nature of the business and it happens in every business there is. I think our industry just gets the ass end of everybody's judgment. Here is an example of what I mean. The scene that stands out so much to me stared you and April O’Neil with Girlsway. She is such an intimidating performer to me because she is so talented. She is such an amazing actor that she will literally sit down with her co-star and get to know them, find out what it is that they know, or do not know in the spirit of making a great scene together. Most people are never that lucky to have a scene partner like that. 


Mary Moody: You know April was just amazing. She was just so chill and that made me feel so comfortable around her right away. Honestly, if I do not know the performer I get to set and if I have not heard of them before, I do not look them up. I am the person who will do my work and then look them up later. I have no idea who they are at times. 


Don Juan: You simply rock. Your honesty is something amazing. I love hearing stories about April. I have had some of my closest friends in the industry tell me about these amazing days on set where they planned everything out, or spent time together before the shoot. I just think the world of that woman. She is a true performer. 


Make sure to check out the XCritic review of that scene: Holy Matri-Moly!: Something Borrowed


Mary Moody: It was just amazing to work with her. It was definitely a fun scene to create with her. 


Don Juan: You know this makes me bring up working with Jenna again. Jenna Sativa, that is my Cuban homie. She is just a bundle of sunshine and I can only imagine what it was like to work on that set with her. Especially for your first shoot. Were you intimidated? What was that day like on set? 


Mary Moody: Honestly, she set the bar so high with our scene. I will say this, I have worked with some people after and it just does not compare to what we were able to create that day. I was not intimidated because like I mentioned earlier, I usually will not look up the person that I am working with and that is my own fault. I am just a person who is in a bubble. Nowadays in my career, I have branched out and I look to find out who people are. That day, I had zero information about who she was and what I will tell you is that Jenna was super sweet. She was also super into the scene because that is so important to me because that allows you to create real chemistry with the person that you are with. I mean we are performing, yes, but if you are faking it the whole time it is a lot harder for me to make the scene be as good as it possibly can be. I need someone to bounce back that energy onto and off of me. 


Jenna, she is just so authentic with being in the moment. She is right there with you every step of the way. She is there with you and not just in her head. She is not this person who is just looking to see where the camera is. I mean she set the bar so high in my head. So many of the scenes since that day I myself saying that they are not as exciting as the scene with Jenna was. They are not as into this as Jenna Sativa was you know?


Don Juan: Oh, I can only imagine. Jenna has worked with some of the closest people in my life and the one thing that is so admirable, it is her passion for beauty and modeling. That is what she cares most about. She and I could talk pin-up girls for hours due to her real life love. She is that woman who can take you to these massive mountain tops with her beauty and spirit. Then she brings you right back down to earth with her kindness and true character. 


Mary Moody: Oh yeah. No, I love being able to just chat with other performers and talk to them like a regular person. People are usually just shy when it comes to what we do. It is what makes meeting someone who is very open and talkative on set so special.

Mary Moody

Don Juan: I so agree. There is nothing like that. Being that you guys are always looked at as the entertainer only, it gets hard to deal with certain things. Or on the other hand, it gets lonely. Now, when it comes to performance it is already as tough as it is. My girl, she shot a scene with someone who wanted to not be there at all and the second she touched her she started moaning and turning on the "fake-fest" genes as I call them. It throws her game off every single time. I think that is so hard because that person is making the other do all the fucking work in the scene. 


Mary Moody: Oh yes! It is always the worst when the camera pans to your face, and then they just stop eating you out. They will just literally hover and just wait for the camera to come back. You just come to not enjoy that moment of people hovering over you. 


Don Juan: You are a gem, madam. You know, I am glad that Erika got us together for this interview, I really am. I honestly do not think that Girl/Girl gets the type of credit that it should in the industry. It is true fantasy and being that it is the highest searched genre says it all right there. They never give the performers the credit that is due to them. It is a difficult performance. It is not easy like so many people think because it is two women. 


Mary Moody: Well, honestly boy/girl content sells better when I make it and I am assuming when pro companies make it as well. So, although my Girl/Girl is highly sought after, the boy-girl just sells more. It is what many people think is the maximum excitement that you can get. 


Don Juan: I agree to a certain extent. I think that a lot of the pro Girl/Girl companies do not always book talent that wants to work with another girl and that shows. I won’t go as far as to say it is easier to perform or anything like that but it falls along the lines of if a person does not like to act, they should not be an actor. I think the same thing when it comes to Girl/Girl erotica. Now, this gets me to my next question. Did you create MaryMoody.TV before you starred in your first film? I really like what you created there. 


Mary Moody: Well, MaryMoody.TV is just a link site where fans can basically find all my pages and social media as well. 


Don Juan: Oh, OK, I got you. See I asked this because I was checking out that site and I read your blog that was there, I saw some great photos and I just thought that was such a unique presentation for a starlet in the business. 


Mary Moody: Oh, why thank you. I want to continue to write and like I was telling you earlier, I am creating a YouTube series. It is going to be somewhat like my blog. It is business advice for models. I honestly spend a lot of time doing free consultations for people and I just can not do that anymore. My DMs have been completely open to models for years and that has been a rule that I have followed since I started. That rule is allowing a model to be able to contact me for anything they may need. That is what my YouTube series will be. I am going to be outlining my basic business advice and there will be blogs on that website that will go with those videos as soon as they are launched. 


Don Juan: OK, so let me make sure I am getting all of this. So, let’s make believe that I am a new performer. Is this something where I could go to your page, perhaps hire you to get financial advice, business advice, model relations? Things along that nature? 


Mary Moody: What I am hoping to do is create a YouTube series, well, let me start here. I have already filmed one video so far and it is a video about the three principles that I follow in order to be a successful business person. Then, later videos will build on that idea. There is so much information in this industry. There is so much that I want to and do share with models. Usually somebody will DM me a specific question like, “how can I do this on OnlyFans?” I will give them the reasons why or why not. I can really do that all the time but I honestly can not keep up with the amount of questions that I get and then there are some models who will just reach out, and they need to know what to do. I mean I have had questions where a model is just flat out asking, “I am lost with everything, please, tell me where to go.” I can not do that for them one on one and that is where this video series comes in. 

Mary Moody 

Don Juan: Wow, that is cool. You know, I think that the industry needs more of that. I could tell you endless stories of women coming into this industry at nineteen and not learning anything about the business side of things until they are twenty-three. This hits home big time with my girl because she, to this day says that she wasted those years. I try to be that person who comforts when that topic of conversation comes up, but truthfully, I wish I could go back in time and change things for her and I commend people like you who are offering this kind of valuable advice to those who really need it. 


Mary Moody: I have some rules that I have always followed since I have been in the business. I do not sell advice and I do not sell consultations. I believe that as a marginalized group that I need to be giving this information for free. So, I am hoping that my YouTube series will take care of that basic knowledge that I can share with other performers. My goal is when a model comes to me, I can say, “I have a video for you.” I am hoping that once I have most of the series out, and we are talking a very substantial amount, I might offer paid consultations but I just don’t like charging women money.


Don Juan: You fucking rock dude, that is so fucking cool. 


Mary Moody: Your partner, her years are certainly not wasted. I got caught in so many things that I can relate to with her in my first year. I was a Penthouse Pet when I first started and I had no idea what that was. I probably could have got more out of that by simply asking and there were so many situations that I wish I could have known better. At that time a person just does not know and everyone is secretive with their advice and some circumstances arise where they do not want to share what they have gone through. I think that now, we should share that information with other models. Personally, I have given other models all the advice I can and I have always given that advice freely. There are no secrets in how I run my business. I have never seen my income become less from doing that and sharing that advice with others. 

Mary Moody 

Don Juan: Oh, bless you darlin’ you are going to make me cry over here. Bless you sweetheart. You know, people really need that in this business and for you to say that you do it for free. You know, I have always been a person because of my girl and my friends, I want people to be able to come into this business and this is why I commend what you said about making money. I want performers, when you all turn twenty-five in this business, which in some instances, let’s be straight, that is people saying you are getting old. I want people to be able to say that when they turn twenty-five or thirty-five, that they enjoyed what they did here and that they have something to show for it and that it is something that they are proud of. That is why I have been commending you so much right now because this business can go that way, it can, but only if people choose to go that way and build on what is happening. 


Mary Moody: Oh yeah. You know how you said your partner started at nineteen? I started when I was twenty-three, I was a little older and honestly, the girls starting at eighteen, nineteen they need that information. There is so much maturing that occurs within five years. If I had started at eighteen I would have been a mess. 


Don Juan: Wow, you are in your mid twenties? I would have never guessed that. You have one of the most youthful looks that I have ever seen. 


Mary Moody: Yes, I just turned twenty-eight. 


Don Juan: Wow, get the fuck out of here! No bullshit, my guess would have been that you were twenty-three or twenty-four! No bull-shit, no ass kissing intended. 


Mary Moody: I often have people tell me, “my, you look like you are nineteen.” I don’t know what to say and can only say, “uh, thanks.” 


Don Juan: Oh my goodness, does this mean that you go to the liquor store and you still get carded? 


Mary Moody: Oh, I do not drink but I actually get carded a lot when I have gone to a few casinos when I have attended AVN. I will be that person that stumbles upon a table where some friends are at and the person running the game has told me on more than a few occasions, “what are you doing at this table? I need to see some ID!” I have to tell them, “no, no I am old enough to be here.” Yes, I do get carded at every table I go up to. 


(Every attempt to get to know who this starlet is results in another character trait that is not out of left field to me but perhaps it is to our readers. A Penthouse Pet, who does not drink, who is creating a web series to help her fellow performer, for free mind you, who also has a business plan for what she is doing. A porn star who has plans to grow the right way and has an honesty that is humble. One where she jokes about herself and admits to things that only the most honest and intelligent souls would and honestly, it is my guess that it comes from being a woman who has not only mastered the wonders of the human ways of life that are out in the open but also those that we tend to keep behind closed doors like sexuality, confidence and compassion.) 

Mary Moody 

Don Juan: That is so funny. You are just wonderful beyond words. I just have to say how much I admire what you are doing again. Helping others in this industry, it is the best of things and it means so much to a man who loves his porn family for they are people I will always love and need in my life. 


Mary Moody: Oh yeah. I love performing, so it is hard to imagine stopping because I truly do love my job. Before COVID I have to say that I do miss LA in January but then all of this happened. I had actually rented a pretty large place because I was planning not only to set up a studio, but I was also going to have this studio include an area big enough so that I could teach others how to cam. I was going to be doing something a little more hands-on than what most people are used to. So, that never happened and I still have the spare room which has not even got to become my spare shooting room yet because of the pandemic.


Don Juan: Once again, the first person you made me think of is Jenna. You know when her career was going a hundred miles an hour, she moved out to LA from Florida, and she bought this massive place and was going to be using it as a shoot location for other people and companies. Now, when she got her place, the industry was not in the same place as it is now. If you can hang onto this place you have, I think that this is the perfect time for these kinds of things to be going on. Especially when things go back to normal. I think this is something that will not only be lucrative for you, I think that you will be able to expand people’s creative sides with content in so many ways both yours and with other great minds. 


Mary Moody: Have you had a chance to see the content that I have been putting out? I know it is not the easiest thing to see being that it is behind the walls of OnlyFans and other secure places. 


Don Juan: I have not gotten to see the full videos but I will tell you this, I have seen the links and I have seen the promos that you create for your fans and my goodness, the first thing that I was going to tell you is the photography and the videography is breathtaking! Oh my God, do I detect a deep passion for cameras and photography? Because what I am seeing is so damn beautiful!


Mary Moody: About a month ago I bought an eight-thousand dollar camera. Yeah, I was very excited about it. I stream with it on Chaturbate now. Also, if you pay attention a lot to Twitter, I just uploaded. It is a free “Kimpossible” cosplay video that is up so that I could enter the contest. It is one of the newest things that I have released. You can go check that out if you want. 


Don Juan: Now this is the contest where you get a couple of thousand dollars cash if you win right? 


Mary Moody: Oh, yeah. The first place prize is like three grand. 

Mary Moody 

Don Juan: HELLS YEAH! 


Mary Moody: I am telling you, I have just been so obnoxious since I entered. I have just been so adamant about having all the fans vote for me, dear God! I moved up to sixth place in less than a day. So please, go out and vote for me. 


Don Juan: You got it! That is fucking awesome. I was going to answer that with, yes, I love your Twitter page. Now, for me, Twitter is a business page but I have followed your career for a while and I have to say I love your work as an artist. It is very rare that a performer will follow and I will say, “fuck yes!” That is what I indeed did when you followed me today. I have really respected your work for a really long time madam. 


Mary Moody: Thank you, I feel like I am putting out my best work lately. Which has been great because I have nothing else to do. 


Don Juan: I really love what you are doing. You are putting an emphasis back on elegance, erotica and beauty. I think that today’s porn world has forgotten that. I think today’s industry has shifted the focus too far on things like nastiness and vulgarity. Yes, the industry does need that, but we also need that elegance that combines with glamour, and my goodness, you have everything in that department with your work you are creating. 


Mary Moody: That is funny that you say that because I follow pages mostly that inspire me on Twitter. So, I follow a lot of people and not just the models that I know. I also like to seek out creators that have that vibe that I am always after and I guess it does fall into that category because a lot of them fall into that category of erotic creations that are not cheesy, or pornographic, and I am constantly inspired by all these great inspirations out there. I am trying to put out the same type of things that they inspire me with. I get lost in the things that I enjoy in life and I guess that I do not necessarily know how that looks to other people. 


Don Juan: I can tell you as a critic here that it flows in everything that you do. That passion of yours shows big time. I was so mesmerized by just the photos that you publish. You make a person stop and say, whoa! I have done that work for years. I have worked for a few magazines and websites and would do a lot of PA work or assemble a team and an idea to shoot. I still do it from time to time but I enjoy the writing side of the business at this particular moment in my life. Seeing performers who care so much as you do, it makes telling these tales of the people of the industry that much more special. You are one of the rarest models to come into this business when it comes to your looks, your savvy and that no sass bullshit that you take no part in and will simply give the world what for with your amazing honesty. 


Mary Moody: Yeah, you mean my “bad customer service.” 


(We share a massive laugh. Mary Moody, she is a woman of very honest answers, and she will give that to all fans of this business. She calls it bad business but what it truly is to me, is a woman who has conviction and a person better have that if they wish to step into her domain and do anything else than enjoy what she has created for her fans' entertainment. She is blunt, she is not rude. She is firm, she is not mean. Most of all, she demands so much out of herself that you must be someone at that level yourself if you are ever going to criticize a woman who is a true artist in this industry. Enough said.)


Don Juan: No darlin’ there is nothing bad about what you do. Models and performers who have your gumption and possess such diction, charisma and intelligence, we need more of that in this business. 


Mary Moody: I think that is why I am taking the path I am with all that I am doing now. One thing I hate to see is a model who has so much potential and I see that they are not living up to what they can be through their own actions. 


Don Juan: Oh, I love that you have that mindset. That is what I strive to do with my colleagues in this business. I want to bring back that integrity and yes, this side of the business had it for many years. The glamour, the passion of what this industry is, it means so much to me and I see that it does to you on an even deeper level. So, for the last question, madam, I wrote it down this way. Mary, your dedication to sex workers, sex work and everything of this amazing industry is so massive. I read somewhere that you studied sexuality, so I must ask, what does the word sexuality mean to Mary Moody?


Mary Moody: In what context? 

Mary Moody 

Don Juan: Well, I would love to know, what does the world mean to the performer compared to the women behind the alter ego? What is the first thing that just comes to your mind? There is no wrong answer to this question. I would just love to know the thoughts of the woman and the performer who is so intelligent and has studied psychology as well.


Mary Moody: I mean sexuality, it can encompass anything from actual erotic porn to just batting your eyelashes at someone. I guess that I would honestly define it as sexual excitement within anyone else besides yourself and once again, that can be anything from a glance too full on hardcore porn. 


Don Juan: You are just an amazing woman. I freakin’ love you. I myself believe the power of sexuality is so grand. It unlocks so much in the human mind and the human spirit and I just had to get the take of what sexuality is to a woman who is so sex-positive herself and embraces and promotes sex-positive actions within everyone around her. 


Mary Moody: I do have a mission to educate my fans whenever I have the opportunity. I assume you have never caught one of my life cam shows? During my shows I always try to give sex-positive responses and advice. As a performer, you just get approached by so many people on cam and if I have the opportunity, I try to explain myself or educate them in the most sex-positive way that I can and not in a shameful way. 


it was here that I became tongue-tied as we talked privately about life, the industry and these days of COVID. What I can say in closing is that Mary expressed how much she loved her fans and how she would not be here without them. Her publicist booked us on a solid thirty-five-minute interview session as she is a busy woman who is in demand. I will honestly tell you, I never expected to create an article with her that is so informative, that is such a beautiful expression of what XXX, erotica, sex work and sex workers are. I began this interview talking with a performer whom I looked up to and had so much respect for. By the time the fifty-minute mark hit, I felt that I left with a friend and that is something I can only imagine her fans feel when they get to see and meet someone whom you can tell within seconds of meeting her, loves this industry and more so than that, loves herself and those around her. Mary Moody is our first featured cam superstar in many months if not years and what I will honestly say, Mary, is a person whom I will never forget. A woman who opened up an educated man’s eyes to a world and a love even deeper than he ever thought existed in the land of adult entertainment in the twenty-first century. 

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Special thanks to The Rub PR and Maria with Adult Time for providing all of the stunning pictures in this interview. : 

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