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Another Side of Brandi Love


Brandi Love
#LoveTroopers. That is what over 700,000 twitter followers and 1.9M Instagram followers classify themselves as. They flock to Brandi Love not only for her stunningly sculpted body but also for her quick wit and her take-no-prisoners attitude towards the ever-present Internet trolls. Easy on the eyes and guaranteed to make you smile along with her, she's one of the gems that shines brightly in this industry. We've interviewed her many times over the years, chatted her up at adult conventions, and viewed her so much on our personal time and professional times that we lost track of time itself. Yes, she's that good.
However, there's another side to her that you may or may not be aware of. She and her husband are in the real estate biz!  So, we wanted to showcase her talents and interests outside of the fantasy world so many of us think of her in. She's a real person, and smart as a whip, as you will see below. We're going to delve right into her real estate dev biz! (Don't worry - we have pretty pictures and all the ways to find her naughty side too!)
Q: Why real estate development? Was it something you've always wanted to do or were you caught up in all of the great television home improvement and remodeling shows like so many are these days?

A: Chris and I got involved in real estate development simply because of our vacation experiences. We had leased a number of homes through VRBO over the years and while we had excellent vacations and made lasting memories we were always underwhelmed by the quality of the homes we stayed in. This was true of homes that cost $2000 a week and homes that cost $7000 a week.

It was a trip to Crystal Lake in Northwest lower Michigan that finally inspired us to get involved in real estate development.

The owner of the property we stayed at was wonderful and we had many nights sitting around a campfire discussing The joys and challenges of owning and managing vacation properties.

Most everyone we talk to had the same business model. They would take average homes and minimally update so they look nice, but not exceptional. They would furnish the homes with decent looking but inexpensive furniture that could easily be replaced if damaged.

Chris and I wanted to take a different approach. We chose luxury Lakefront properties that were in distressed situations and did luxury renovations with luxurious finishes. We also decorated them with high-end furnishings and original works of art sometimes from very famous artists such as Pizarro and Takashi Murakami & Loui Jover


Brandi LoveQ: Who makes the design decisions, your husband, and you or do you hire outside design professionals?

A: Although my husband and I share in the design decisions, Chris comes from a background in interior design and architecture. His mother was a long-time interior designer and his stepfather was an architect.

While I stay extremely busy with the adult entertainment business Chris stays extremely busy working with the architects, engineers, city, and county officials as well as managing the builders and various trades.

Chris will put together a lookbook for each property and once he has a vision or two for that particular project he will sit down with me and we will together figure out the best design and direction and products for each project.

Chris will then often source everything from building materials to lighting fixtures, flooring faucets, etc.

We almost always hire a kitchen and bath specialist to help us lay out the kitchens as well as choose and install the cabinetry. We always however purchase our own kitchen appliances.


Q: How about the construction side of things? Is Brandi Love donning coveralls and safety glasses and wielding power tools and a sledgehammer or is it a crew you have picked? (there's your next parody idea porn directors)

A: On the construction side of things I know many would love the thought of Brandi donning coveralls and safety glasses and wielding power tools for hours on end but the reality is it doesn’t happen LOL!

We usually interview 2 to 3 construction companies, as well as 2 to 3 companies within each individual trade. Chris has each project broken down into a spreadsheet that includes each and every aspect of the remodel. And he also has everything priced out prior to sitting down with the builders and trades.

If a builder comes in at a turnkey price that is within 10% of what the spreadsheets tell us the cost should be if we GC it then will turn it over to that builder.

If however, the builders are coming in at a much higher price then what it should be, then Chris will act as the GC and hire the trades individually.

For the first four projects, Chris did wield hammers and drive heavy equipment, etc. unfortunately he suffered three hernias, two concussions, and numerous bumps, cuts, and scrapes. So now he supervises!

Q: How do you pick a property and what's the average turnaround time for the remodel on it?

A: Finding the property is the most exciting part of the process for me! This is like a little treasure hunt. We do a lot of research on areas that are cherished vacation destinations known to cater toward a high Net worth clientele.

I then set about looking for waterfront properties between 3700 And 4700 ft.² and in need of major renovation, caught up in legal proceedings, or in some other distressed situation. Those are the little jewels!

IMHO, HGTV and reno programs on other networks are the worst possible references for people seriously interested in renovations as a business.

We have gotten to know some of the personalities on these shows and what the public isn’t always aware of are the incentives and deals that come with being on a show like this.

The reality is a full renovation on a home of the size we typically buy runs anywhere from $350,000-$500,000. These projects usually take from one year to 1 1/2 years to complete.

Those numbers and that timeline have held true over the last nine projects we’ve been involved in.

Most other investors think Chris and I are crazy but we follow the Dave Ramsey plan and do everything debt-free. And while it may limit the volume of properties we can purchase and renovate, we sleep great at night knowing that everything is paid for.


Q: What cities and states are you shopping for property in? Do you have a favorite area to look for them in?

A: If building costs weren’t insane, and finding honorable builders were easy then I would’ve spent all my efforts and energy’s on Lake Charlevoix and Walloon Lake in Northwestern lower Michigan.

Unfortunately, costs in that area have skyrocketed and we ran into a number of challenges with the local builders. So we sold off all of our assets in that part of the country.

I really don’t like to share specifics about where we have properties. Unfortunately, there are trolls who would love to try & disrupt that part of my business.

But I can say that we have concentrated our efforts on the East Coast of the United States extending from Maine down to Florida & are exploring opportunities in the Caribbean as well.

Q: What do you do with these properties? Are you flipping them, or holding on to them?

A: The intent was always to purchase, renovate & then lease the properties on a weekly basis. That said, sometimes plans change. In the case of the Michigan properties, for example, we chose to sell off those assets and reallocate the proceeds elsewhere.

In addition, over the years our personal goals have changed. At one time we really wanted to have a real estate “empire” But as time went on and we gained experience we’ve come to realize what we really want is to live a comfortable, peaceful life.

So now the goal is to have somewhere between four and six vacation property homes & Dabble in waterfront flips.

When my time in front of the camera ends, We will likely flip 1 to 2 houses a year.
Now, let's move on to your own abode.

Q: Was that a place that you found and was perfect for you already or did you buy a house, gut it, and make it your own?

A: Chris and I have always been adventurers. When we graduated from college there was a Ryder truck sitting in the parking lot at central Michigan university.

We moved into a condo that we had never seen In a town we had never visited (Ft Lauderdale FL).

It had been gifted to us as a wedding present by my parents & it needed a ton of work!  Chris And I spent three years fixing it up.

Since then, we have lived all over the country.

I’m not sure there is such a thing as the one place for us. Whether you call it adventurous or perhaps we just suffer with wanderlust, Chris and I spend time in each of our homes up and down the East Coast.

We did however kind of settle down in North Carolina and called it our homebase. True to our nature we found a home on 3 acres that had been essentially abandoned and did a full gut renovation!

Q: The last time we talked you had 3 dogs and a cat but were waiting for the chance to buy some outdoor livestock. Has that happened yet?

A:  Regarding the farm/livestock… I came to my senses LOL!

I have always romanticized about having a farm with animals and produce but the reality is with my current travel schedule and desire to move around a farm just isn’t in the cards.

Q: It's 2020 and it seems as if much of the world is on lockdown. How has that affected you and your personal life? Have your travel and shopping habits changed or are you venturing out pretty much as normal?

Q: Since most studio productions have been halted for most of the year, are you shooting more content on your own or are you focusing on your non-adult endeavors more?

A: 2020 has been both the worst year in my lifetime and the best.

Oddly Our vacation property business boomed in 2020. Due to Covid and riots in the big cities, people were looking for places to escape to. And because we offer high-speed Internet at each property people could work. We were booked solid even in the off-seasons for each of the properties. And when it came time to sell the Michigan properties, they were gone in a matter of 10 days.

On the adult entertainment side, I’m not sure I’ve ever had so much fun. From March until now I’ve been able to be at home shooting with my husband and spending time interacting directly with my fans through my OnlyFans (OnlyBrandi.com), FanCentro (SnapBrandi.com) & now FanSoda (MeetBrandi.com)

Couple that with my live shows on CamSoda & I’ve never been so involved with my fans!

In all my years, I’ve never had an opportunity to chat, sext, live cam with, and just interact on a one to one level with my Fanbase like I have in 2020. It’s been a refreshing change honestly.

Going forward, for the next five years or so,  I’ll continue to shoot Out in LA a couple of times a year. In addition to that, I’m going to start shooting scenes for my OnlyFans, etc with other performers and amateurs!

Q: Okay, I'll wrap this up by asking which content platforms are you using the most? OnlyFans? CamSoda? Manyvids? Shout out your answers so people know how to find you!

Give us your social media links!

A:  Unless some new technology comes along and replaces things like only fans or live cam here is where fans can find and interact directly with me:

OnlyFans (OnlyBrandi.com) :

- Only $4.95/month
- Live chat every Mon & Thur
- Free BTS & other video/photos
- Weekly Pay Per Download Exclusive Video & Photo content
- Custom video requests
- Texting and Sexting Daily
- Contests and giveaways

All of the content on OnlyFans & FanCentro Is raw, unfiltered, And shot on my iPhone. If you want to know what sex is like in my real life this is where you want to be!

FanCentro (SnapBrandi.com)

- $29.95/month
- Weekly Free Video & Photo Content
- Bi-Weekly Pay Per Download Exclusive Video & Photo content
- Custom video requests
- Texting and Sexting Daily

My FanCentro is more like a traditional website model. It costs more than my OnlyFans but you are getting more video & photo content included in the price.

FanSoda (MeetBrandi.com)

My FanSoda content is completely different than OnlyFans or FanCentro.

Here, I feature my own Pro-Am, scripted content that deals with my personal fetishes and kinks.

This content is shot on professional cameras using the Canon CN-E Cinema Prime lenses.

In addition, this will be the exclusive home of my unique, JOI videos. These will be available starting on January 1st, 2021.


 - Only 9.95/month
 - Live chat every Mon & Thur
 - Free HD trailers & photos
 - Weekly Pay Per Download Pro-Am & JOI video
 - Custom JOI video requests
 - Texting and Sexting Weekly!


For the past two years, I have done my live cam shows exclusively on CamSoda & unless something goes terribly wrong I hope to continue that relationship forever.

You can find me here 6-8 times a month for exclusive, live shows!


Twitter:   @Brandi_Love
Instagram: @Brandi_Love

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