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The XCritic Interview: Kenzie Taylor Pt. 2


How do you judge the success of an adult entertainer? Is it the amount of work she has done within the industry? In part one of this interview we learned about Kenzie’s journey onto the film side of the adult world, and how a wonderful first shoot, a little luck on her side along that lack of fear to chase hers dreams began this journey of excellence and opportunity. It is an account of how things should be for every starlet who walks into this business and dreams in the most massive way possible. Or, could it be that a performer is measured at the end of her career by the directors she has worked for? Maybe it is the greatness of her brand, persona and stage life? Kenzie Taylor has worked for some of the most legendary cinematic geniuses in XXX, as well as the hard-nosed, artistic powerhouses who love this industry more than even perhaps the fans that support it. Jonni Darkko, he is a man known across the globe. Some would even call him the backbone of Evil Angel. A man who is sought after by every starlet to make them his muse for creating “glamorous nastiness.” That is what every big star has called this legendary artist's work. Her work in Anal Angels 4 is nothing short of spectacular and this award worthy “gonzo” scene shows that Kenzie’s potential for doing what she loved knows no bounds when it is Mr. Darkko who casts you. With the start of awards season upon us I can not think of a better performer to showcase to the fans. A woman who has been a part of the biggest productions in 2020 and simply adds another big role, another big company to a portfolio that has become Performer of the Year caliber each and every month since January. Part two of our hour-long conversation begins with a look at her future, and the path taken by one of the most fearless models in the world. 

Kenzie Taylor 

Don Juan : Now, we are going to get to the philosophical side of this interview and yes, I am very excited for such things with a woman who is sober, is able to become characters with her acting prowess, and possess a take no shit personality that this business needs more of…


(To summarize a bit, in part one of this interview we spoke about how she met people in this industry, how she cast her fears aside and followed her dreams from Michigan, to Florida and then to Los Angeles. Many critics of this industry think that women who enter this business are all awful people, down on their luck, or con-artists looking for a quick fix. Nothing could be further from the truth. The adult world has the same amount of problems that any other branch of work, or entertainment has. The fact the actors take their clothes off is always what they are judged on. Kenzie breaks that stereotype and judgment more than any other star on the rise in this business. She went to college, she had a successful career with every job she has been a part of, and she did her homework to make sure she had a shot to be happy in the line of work that was a love of hers' even before it became her present career. Kenzie Taylor shows the wonder of how this industry brings people together. How it gives people a voice and sanctuary to be themselves. That is what best summarizes the woman who is a leading example of what modern XXX really is.)

Kenzie Taylor 

... I love asking this question, but with you, it is something that draws more anticipation from me because of your strong will and character. You are a performer who is upfront, who is forward as can be, and that is the best of things. My question to you is, what does the word “sexuality” mean to the great Kenzie Taylor? 


Kenzie Taylor : Hmmmm what does the word sexuality mean to me? Hmmmmm, … I have never been asked that before to be honest. 


Don Juan : I can imagine. I had to try and cook up something good for you woman. Take your time in answering, please!


Kenzie Taylor : To me, when I hear of the term “sexuality” it makes me think of...my God, how do I put it into words!


(I have long asked this question of many performers. To me, it is the hardest thing to explain to people and I think that is due to the fact that it is something that frees the human mind. Which can be both a scary and wonderful thing all at the same time. Performers in this industry have what I call “open eyes” to the world, because most see things that ninety percent of the population never will not in their entire life in today's society. To know that this woman of sound character searches for the words, like most of us would do in the same situations is very humbling. It shows the wonder of sexuality and that it is a lifelong pursuit of the always changing human character and emotions.) 


Well, let’s start by just sharing my experiences that shaped who I am. I am a pan-sexual, so when I think of sexuality, I think of every individual as beautiful in their own way. That is what comes to mind and that is what I think about people in general. Even sexually, there is always something that is attractive about that person, inside and out. To me, being able to explore my sexuality in adult films, in a safe place and space, .... I just can not explain how amazing that feeling is. I just do not know how to even put it into words what I think about sexuality. It is not about whom you have sex with, or how often you have it. It is more along the lines of your sexual attraction and behaviors, along with your feelings, your thoughts and emotions. You can find other people who are physically, sexually and emotionally attractive. All of those things are a part of your sexuality. 

Kenzie Taylor 

Don Juan : I one-hundred percent agree. I love asking that question to the performers with the true purpose being, that to me, I think that sexuality is never spoken of the ways that it should be. I love that you talked about sexuality not always being about sex. For me, it took embracing my sexuality to know the value of connection with someone I love discovering what really matters about a woman's emotions and her thoughts. Getting a view of the places you all have been in your life and creating what you have for yourself, I had been dying to hear your perspective for a long time. 


Kenzie Taylor : Well, I hope that I did make my answer something people reading could understand. I feel that sometimes there are questions that make me think, “how do I articulate the right words for this? 


(We share a laugh and I think even more so, we see that there is so much to that question and answer that can go on forever. Kenzie is one of the most intelligent human beings I have had the pleasure of sitting in the XCritic hotseat. She delivers answers that are real and deep in meaning. More so than perhaps anyone I think I have had in that hot seat. She is a person who expresses the comfort of what sexuality brings to the table with so many people.) 


Don Juan : You did amazing. Truthfully, there is no wrong or right answer to that question, you know what I mean? I hope that years down the road, when it is more accepted than it is today as far as the business goes, people will see the wonder that is within our industry. There is so much of it, and they do not see it because they only see what is on the surface. 

Kenzie Taylor 

Kenzie Taylor : Yes, I agree. There is a stigma that we get within our industry and that is very sad. Because people look so down upon us due to the fact their belief is that all we do is have sex with one another and how “disgusting” sex is. It is actually more than that. I could go on and on and on about this subject. There are so many things that I love about porn and one of those things is the expression of what my sexuality is. Being able to express my sexuality, to be able to explore my own fantasies and to see what other people’s fantasies are. Being able to provide that for someone means a lot to me. There are a lot of people in this world who are alone and watching the content that I produce, the films that I make, or however you want to put it. That really makes a difference in people’s lives. I know that may sound weird but it is something that helps people as they get to relieve themselves, and I am not just talking about someone coming to orgasm or cumming. Porn is more than just the physical side of intimacy and connection. It is that chemistry that allows a person to tap into the viewer's emotions as well. That allows a person to take those emotions outside their own worlds to connect with others all over.


Don Juan : My goodness, that is wisdom deeply touching. One of the first jobs that I had, I got to cover the performers as they feature danced, and we are talking about the days when performers would take home two trash bags full of money for a three-day dancing gig.


Kenzie Taylor : Oh my God, I wish I could have been around in those days. 

Kenzie Taylor 

Don Juan : Oh my God, those were the days. A performer would show up to the club, the line was out the door, you would make fifteen dollars off a Polaroid picture. What I would see within the fans who would come to see a performer dance, and I still see this from time to time when I will watch a friend dance during a convention for support. These folks are yearning for a connection. The overall truth of sexuality is that it connects us as human beings. I do not think it is corny or weird at all that you said that. Just as you spoke, the importance of being able to express who you are, it is something that society takes for granted in so too many ways in the modern world. The films that you make, they are something that allows everyone to tap into who they are, from creation, all the way to absorption of the art. I remember discovering I was hyper sexual in college, meeting like-minded people was life-saving for me. That connection is so massive and it is something we all engage in. That is why I think it would be surprising for people to know that even you watched porn before you got into the industry. I think people believe everyone gains their confidence in a heartbeat and hearing otherwise is something very common. More common than we think and something no one would guess of the performers in this industry.


Kenzie Taylor : Uh huh. Yeah, I will agree with that. 


Don Juan: You are one of the most confident women I have met within the business. 


Kenzie Taylor : It is a daily practice to always become better at what you are doing, that is for sure. It is something that you must always be working on. 


Don Juan: You know my girl, she is a person who is inspired by the actions of people like you in the business. People that she looks up to. Those words and those actions mean so much to people, and it is something that is not always said among industry people.


Kenzie Taylor : Thank you, I appreciate that. It is nice to know that. 


Don Juan : OK, I think that makes this a perfect time to ask this question. Who is the true Kenzie Taylor? Is it the woman who stars in these amazing acting roles? Or is it the side of you that can make a gonzo title just come to life with how you make a sexual encounter so one of a kind, and beautiful like with your work with Jonni Darkko?

Kenzie Taylor 

Kenzie Taylor : To be honest, I can not really pick one over the other, I can not say that I have a quam with either. Neither bother me, I love both. When you are creating a scene like you mentioned with Jonni Darkko, the reason that it is such a quick day, is that it is literally pretty girl photos, sex stills, video and that is it and maybe like a two-minute teaser that goes along with everything. When you speak about large scale productions and making a film with say, Axel Braun, his product is amazing too and the amount of time put into everything is enough to warrant staying on set for six hours or more. I am not saying that there is not a lot put into gonzo, not at all. I am more trying to show people that there is just a different level of what must be done for both to come out right and everyone is happy and what you see at the end is something that you would watch and recommend.


With my shoot with Captain Marvel, everything down to the finest detail with the costuming was polished and refined. That is how amazing everything is and how Axel being particular about how everything is created, becomes so detailed. Well, let me also put it like this. If you are on set and you are cast in a feature film, the days are going to be long and that is because they are focusing on every part of the product. You have focus on every single shot and you may go through ten takes just to get one basic look and emotion correct. To me, that is OK because they are working to create the best in every single part of the process. Wardrobe is something that I found to be so amazing when working with those great directors who are looking to capture that in all they do. The photos in movies like that are something very meaningful to me. The pictures that I took for Captain Marvel, they took six hours to shoot. I did not mind at all being on set for that long, not at all. 


The amount of time that I spend on set is something that is never an issue for me. I think that being a performer, your job, what you signed up for, is to create a performance that brings to life the art of the director, the producer and no matter how much time that takes to make the final product, it is your job to spend the time necessary to shape that. That is your job and I do get frustrated when people come onto a film set and do not understand that, or they do not give the maximum effort, only focused on the time and stuff like that. I care about every single scene and film that I have been a part of and put out. My scenes that I do, I put one-hundred and ten percent into every part of them. Gonzo, feature film it does not matter. When I step foot on that set I am going to give it my all. Solo scene, group scene, whatever. It is that one-hundred and ten percent. 

Kenzie Taylor 

(Now, contrary to what anyone would think, Kenzie is speaking about another part of the industry that is never given credit. It takes someone with conviction at this level of the game to succeed. The news media loves to speak about our industry as if there are not people like Kenzie Taylor, and yes, this industry has a very rich history of strong women who have put forth an effort that gave them global fame from Georgina Spelvin to Lisa Ann. Kenzie’s conviction shines through like a light tower through a heavy fog. This is what the modern industry truly is. This is what the modern superstar is within our business.)


Don Juan : Oh, I can tell. You know, when you are paid to watch porn, a person who cares will learn things, discover parts that make a production what they are. You are a performer who is so good at what she does, it is damn near impossible for me to figure out which part is the character and which part is the woman in all the scenes that you have done. You are a natural performer and actor. I could only imagine how good of a dancer you were. I loved getting to see how the performers who cared would invest hours into creating their routine. Spending extra money on the expensive knee pads to wear under their boots. Going that extra mile. I see that so much in all that you do in this business and I respect that so much. 


Kenzie Taylor: I appreciate that. Yes, I actually am really bummed with everything that has been happening with COVID-19 and so many people are sick and dying but as far as how things affected my neck of the woods. I had an entire tour scheduled for feature dancing. It was going to be every other weekend in a different city and now everything has been cancelled ,and I love feature dancing, I absolutely love it. Dancing, it has always been something that I love. I think I just love being in strip-clubs in general. It just gets me excited like YEAH! (Yes, she literally lets out a big cheer.) It is never an issue when I go to a strip-club. Every time I end up just going I end up spending five-hundred to a thousand dollars. 


(She again shares this amazing laugh with me and the only way I can describe her voice is that of a person remembering something in their past, memories that brings them great joy. Maybe even memories they thought were lost to them. You can not fake this kind of happiness and exuberance. Once again, Kenzie defies that stereotype that people put on a performer. A former dancer who loves going to the places she once was a part of and enjoying every second of it. For all those people who think that these ladies are only in it for the money, may I present the one and only Kenzie Taylor and her story.) 

Kenzie Taylor 

Don Juan : That is so bad ass. You can see that in the way that you carry yourself madam. I got lucky when I started in the industry as I got to see the greatest dancer of all time, the lovely Shayla LaVeaux. Man, that woman used to put some serious coin into just her wardrobe and props. She would tell me, “I do not know how much all this matters” and I would tell her, “shit, when you got asses lined up out the door to see you, oh yes it does.” Most people believe that dancing, entertaining in this business, that is something that is so easy that anyone could do it. Finding your knack, finding your rhythm and who you are, it is so difficult in that stage of the game. I am dying to know what your feature set would look like. 


Kenzie Taylor : Well, that is the only thing I have not gotten too yet. I am almost at that stage of my career and comfort level to begin using props, but I am not there yet. I have actually just started to create my dance sets, and planning what I can do. I would say if you added up all my time dancing, planning, I have only been doing it for about a year or so. I will tell you this, I want to get into doing more things with costumes and props. I don’t know why, but I love lingerie, especially those that are three pieces. I love stockings, I think they are really sexy. When I wear that, and I wear a trench coat over it, the guys, they just go crazy! Every time that I have put that in my set, if the trench coat is there, the money just starts flying! Every time, I still say to myself, “OK, well this works now don’t it!” 

Kenzie Taylor 

(My goodness, the joy of this woman. You know, in a year when people are discovering how important it is to find out who your neighbor is and what they are inside, I see this starlet who is Performer of the Year material. This industry does not get enough credit for the minds within it. I have attended many meetings in the corporate world. Many meetings with “professionals.” Sitting down with Kenzie Taylor is like sitting down with the vice president of marketing of a well run company. She has passion for what she does. She has that gumption that makes you do your homework and brings out the best in you. The way she spoke about her dancing, it is how the performers should always be judged. As people who love what they do and put everything into it in the most positive ways.) 


Don Juan : Madam, you are a master of performance, my goodness. I do not think the public knows that in an adult film, when it comes to an actor and a performer, a true actor and performer, they do not even have to take off a stitch of clothing and bam, you have that audience in that film, in that performance. You have that ability, and you are using it better than almost anyone in the industry right now. 


Kenzie Taylor : Yeah and it is funny because I have gotten my way a lot in my life. Nowadays when I do not get my way, it bums me out a little, and I am like “damn, OK, just gotta do more.” 


(Once again, we share a laugh but it is so awesome to get to see this side of an actor, especially one of Kenzie’s caliber.)


Don Juan : You are just fucking awesome. I truly mean this. When all this quarantine shit clears up please, stay in contact with us, we always love to feature the performers who go that extra mile. To me, nothing would be better than to showcase a feature show of the one and only Kenzie Taylor. My partner, he did a lot of work with Blondage and my goodness, Julia Ann and Janine were something special. I can see you creating the same type of hype being you love dancing so much. 


Kenzie Taylor : Oh my God, I love Janine. She was one of the first girls I ever watched. Her, Jesse Jane and Jenna. I loved their work so much. 


Don Juan : I have never seen anything like Blondage. Getting to catch them perform was just a phenomenon. What made them so amazing was that they could dance side by side, lingerie still on, and they would have you eating out of the palm of their hands saying "whoa! I got to sit down and watch this."


Kenzie Taylor : Yeah, that sounds amazing! I love women, so I will be that person who gets right in the front row. 


Don Juan : Oh my God, my girl and Cherie have both told me that I am a lesbian in a man’s body, and I am pretty fucking sure they are right. OK, seriously, keep me informed for when things get rolling again. I want to send my guys out to cover your show madam. That would just be awesome. 


Kenzie Taylor : OK, sounds good. 


Don Juan : Madam, I really appreciate your time with us today and as we wind down to the end of this wonderful interview I must ask this. You are the woman who has the “molten” touch, because everything you place your hand upon turns to fire within the hearts of all the fans. I have to ask, what has been your greatest accomplishment in the business so far?

Kenzie Taylor 

Kenzie Taylor : So far, my greatest accomplishment occurred this past year. I won an award for the Captain Marvel movie and being nominated for best actress, that was something so amazing to me. That is one of the biggest awards that you can win at AVN. To be recognized for your acting, that is something that has meant so much to me. That was the award that I watched get handed out the last three years at AVN and it motivated me. Just to have been in Captain Marvel, to have been cast in that movie, that was something just as big. I was chosen over a hundred and fifty other girls who tried out. I can not thank Axel Braun enough for that opportunity. He really took a shot in the dark when he hired me because no one was giving me that opportunity to work in a feature up until then, or any type of big movie whatsoever. I kept asking and asking, and most companies kept on hiring the same people. Axel gave me that chance, and I was able to showcase that I was more than just a "gonzo girl."


Don Juan : I love the fact that you are such a student of the game. Parodies are becoming less and less in the industry and that is sad to me. I think on the flip side, the romantic features are coming back in a big way. You did an amazing job in Captain Marvel. Enough so that I think you gave that world of parodies another run within the hearts of fans. 


Kenzie Taylor : Thank you very much. 


Don Juan : Now, for the last question, which is all about working with these great directors you have. Now, before all this COVID-19 shit went down, did you get to work with Missa X and Ricky Greenwood for the first time? 


Kenzie Taylor : Yes, I sure did. I had never worked with them before, that is correct. That was really awesome. I had always wanted to work with Missa X for as long as I can remember. I always love working for Ricky, he is really cool. 


Don Juan : I love that man to death. He is such a wonderful filmmaker, oh my God! I would love to know what that was like working with a true writer and director like that duo with Missa X. What was it like being on that set? I am picturing long days on set. and a bunch of artists coming together while having fun the entire time.


Kenzie Taylor : You know, the days on set were not actually that bad. I think that the total time that it took making that film was about ten hours maybe. It is very cool working on Ricky’s set. He is very laid back and a man who knows what he wants. Which is a great combination for me. Whenever he creates a shot he knows exactly what he wants. He says it, and then we do it, and then we move on. Working on his set things move very quickly and very naturally for me. His vision for things is really cool. 

Kenzie Taylor 

Don Juan : That is awesome insight darlin’. Now, I do not know if any of the older performers ever shared this with you, but did you know that back in the day, you guys would not only get booked one day to shoot a scene, you would also get booked for an extra day, and get paid to shoot the box cover. It was an entire day dedicated to the models getting all dolled up, you shoot as many pictures as you can to find that cover and create that promo, then presto, a second paycheck on the way. Man, those were the days. 


Kenzie Taylor : Yeah, I have been told that before by a few people. 


Don Juan : I can totally see Kenzie Taylor in the Golden era of the industry, that is the wonder that is you darlin’ that is the professionalism that you carry. 


Kenzie Taylor : Yes, that would have been awesome. 


Don Juan : Oh you are just a gem of this business, so let us finish the way we would with a diamond shine finish to this thing. You are a Michigan athletic bad-ass, a lover of softball even past that level. You are a woman who took those skills from the diamond to the dance stage. You have been in the medical world, taking care of people with that amazing heart of yours. Then you used that heart to take yourself to another award-winning realm of society within the adult film industry. Tell the infamous Don Juan DeMarko something he does not know about Kenzie Taylor! 


Kenzie Taylor : Hhhmmmmmmmm, I am trying to think of something interesting. Believe it or not, I am taking piano lessons at the moment. I don’t think anyone knows that. 

Kenzie Taylor 

There is so much we do not know and have yet to see from this amazing performer. When I began the pursuit of this interview I will say, Kenzie is one of the hardest performers to sit down. She had just shot the film we are showcasing with this article from Evil Angel called Anal Angels 4 from director Jonni Darkko and I said to myself, no matter how long it takes to land this interview I will be patient, and almost one year to the day, I was finally able to sit this future icon of the industry down. When I saw this film, and this performance, I saw a woman who was taking her game to another level. She reminded me of greats like Briana Banks and Jeanna Fine. Women who had that certain something that went above their performances, their stunning good looks and their million dollar bodies. I discovered in this perfectly timed interview, that was literally as perfect as it gets from timing to conversation flow, that what may be Kenzie’s most powerful skill, most keen attribute, is that she is truly a woman who loves this business. She enjoys what comes next, and loves a challenge just as much as a relaxing day at home, and she does not get many. Kenzie Taylor in that Jonni Darkko film showed that she is one of the performers that is the wave of the future. College educated, past success that led to present fame. Kindness, yet strength of heart and emotion to not only chase her dreams but perhaps show others what could and can be. As the 2020 award season starts, I said it before, Ican think of no better performer to showcase. A woman who I have no doubt will make it a common occurrence to collect gold come every January and it will be something as simple as desire and hard work that takes her to every mountain top within this game. 

Don Juan DeMarko

Follow Kenzie Taylor at every step of her journey….


Twitter : @thekenzietaylor


Instagram : thekenzietaylor


Special Thanks to Star Factory PR and to Jonni Darkko and Evil Angel for all the pictures provided for this interview. 


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