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The XCritic Interview: Lexi Luna Pt. 2


I must say that I have interviewed many porn stars. There have been times of wait, there have been days when things go completely out the door. The one element that is always constant is that these amazing human beings manage to surprise you more and more every occasion with not how “normal” they are because who the fuck is “normal” in today’s world? No, what I relish the most is the fact that these amazing souls are brave enough to answer that little voice in the back of our head that tells us what is really there deep within our consciousness. Starlet Lexi Luna began her “professional” career as a teacher and after following her own “little voice” not only became a porn star, she became a part of a community that gave her back a passion that I think society tried to take from her in ways most of us never see. When you read part one of this interview, you will see a woman who has begun a trip to the adult world that is starting to become fruitful in so many ways. It is amazing that so many performers were teachers, health care professionals or dancers in their first line of work. It takes the same amount of love, compassion, thought and strength to do every single one of those jobs and you damn well better love your fellow man with the virtue of truth and patience or you will fail and be miserable. To me, that states that the ladies like Lexi Luna, they are people who are more than just the “best of us” when it comes to community. They are the amazing people who no matter what the world faces, they will be right there offering love and yes, I mean that in every way it can be interpreted. As we jump into part two here, what you will notice in a flash is the fact that Lexi Luna is a woman who defines love in so many ways. 

Lexi Luna 

(As we join in the conversation, Lexi and I are talking about this kinky cruise that she went on holiday abroad, along with her friends in the swinger community. In part one of this interview you will read about how the swinging community and lifestyle changed a woman and saved her in many ways that a loving, giving human being can be saved. A tale of self-importance and love and as we continued, she begins with a tale that is something of true to life lore in the adult film industry.) 


Don Juan: You are something special Lexi. Speaking of stories and fantasy. I am dying to know about this cruise where everybody got to eat sushi off you. I know that I am pulling a complete one-eighty but I must hear all about this voyage. Please, tell us about this story, we simply must know. I have now heard about this story from mutual friends and from your amazing publicist. 


Lexi Luna: Yes, I used to go on these cruises a lot and I would attend these classes through the swinger community. These were classes that ranged a wide variety of topics.


Don Juan: Can you give me an example? 


Lexi Luna: One class, it would be about giving blow-jobs, or there was one that was about preparing for anal. There were so many topics that they would cover in these classes, and we are talking real classes not something that was, “how to become a porn star.” There are just too many of those and so many people are trying to become porn stars these days and that was not what this cruise was about. When I would take part in these classes with these people, I would share with them my true thoughts and experiences. It was fun to share with others that there was so much that I was still learning in porn and then being able to say to these people “this is how I can help you.” I would go into great detail in these classes. When taking part in the blow-job class I would show people how to think about and doing things at certain angles. You can not make certain things go down if you are not perpendicular. There were just those little tidbits that I would have never considered that I would be teaching somebody someday but that is really what education is truly about deep down. Giving someone the information, at the level that you understand it, makes it as fun and engaging to truly teach these classes.


Don Juan: Oh my goodness darlin’. You know, you are a true teacher of the world at your core. I can only imagine what you got out of being able to teach and educate these people on. That is so cool!


Lexi Luna: Being able to use my experience to educate them was wonderful. Then, from being on the cruise, the people who host it, they asked me to do a sushi event and that is basically how it all happened. They laid me out on a table and let me tell you, sushi is heavier than you may think it is! (We share a massive laugh.) All that rice, have you seen a picture? If not I can send you a picture. 


Don Juan: No, I have not, please do. 

Lexi Luna 

Lexi Luna: I am telling you, sushi is very heavy. There was everything that goes along with serving sushi as well. All these different types of rolls, garnishes, it was very beautiful and the chef did a fantastic job. They made me look amazing. I was just sitting there and people would come by who had been a part of the cruise, attending one of my classes, and they would say,“hey Lexi, how is it going?” Then they would eat some sushi off of me. (We share another massive laugh together.) Everybody was getting pictures, it was a really fun time. It is one of the coolest things that I have ever done in my life. I always wanted to be the sushi platter. 


Don Juan: You read my mind. That was the first thing that I was going to ask, “are there pictures?” We must have them for this interview. Oh my goodness, I am telling you, if I had been in your shoes and I love sushi, I would have been eating all the sushi off of myself. The people would have got second pickings because I would have been trying to get all the unagi. 

Lexi Luna: Oh trust me, they sent me a little taste over. (We share another laugh. Lexi, she is a woman of good diction, stylish charisma and more. She paints a picture so vividly with the ability to speak anyone’s language if you know what I mean.) 


Don Juan: You know, I think that it is a natural instinct for the human to want to learn and to progress and I think sexuality is the exact same thing. I don’t want to say that I feel sorry for people. It is kind of a feeling one gets from educating people who do not want to embrace and learn about their sexuality. It is like giving them the secret code to create happiness. I think it is that simple if that makes any sense. Some go their whole life only one small step away from happiness. 

Lexi Luna 

Lexi Luna: Exactly, and that is what comes back full circle to the whole education piece we were talking about. Education today does not educate people to see that sex is good, sex is fun. Teaching people that sex is not a big deal in life. All we ever teach people, is that sex is for procreation and you should not do it unless there is a plan for it. I know that religion has a lot to do with that, especially around the world. (There is a frustration in her voice and it is not something that contains malice within it. It is the tone of a teacher who sees what can be accomplished and has given so much to see things get better for people, her students, whatever you wish to call it. I have seen this in many adult entertainers and sex workers because they truly care about the surrounding people, even if they are strangers and seeing people lonely and suffering effects them so deeply. You hear it in her voice.) Teaching teenagers about abstinence is the biggest disservice to them. That is the time when their hormones are the craziest. It is foolish of adults to think they are not going to engage in something that sparks so much curiosity within them. That is why we should teach them how to do things safely, responsibly and respectfully. Especially now, during the "Me Too” movement. As all these things happening around us in our world today, it is so important to teach them consent based sex during sex education. That is something to really think about. 


Don Juan: Spoken with such wisdom, wit and knowledge madam. You know, even when you are creating an erotic film, or performing, it is something that makes a person’s day go better and I can imagine even when you are creating these fantasies that there is something so positive and energetic to it. Adult films, they are something so much more powerful than people give us credit for. An adult film is something that can patch up a relationship, that can do more than create excitement and fun. It is art, it is reality, it is a creation of the heart and mind that creates a connection with people who may not see eye to eye on any other subject in their life with another person and that is the best of things not the worst. Even for critics of the industry, it is something that is a positive, not a negative. Especially if you are not hurting anybody. 


Lexi Luna: I mean honestly, it is going to come down to a moment when there will be a big movement concerning porn and education, which is something I do agree with. You know, we have a civic duty, we have a platform to say that, “yes, I want to create a fantasy the way that I want to.” You as a performer, as a star, have a civic duty to show people what is and isn’t appropriate. So, within your videos, while you are consenting, you are showing people that is how you do it. Teaching people the value of each other and each other’s will and way.


Don Juan: You know, I think that you would agree with this. I see so many people, who have society's judgements keep them from progression in so many ways. It is these common phrases of hate that become self-hate. Sentences like, “They say I am fat, they say I am ugly, they say I am too skinny or that I am too tall.” Those are the things that keep us from interacting with one another. That sexual innuendo that all of us feel, that all sexes engage in. There have been so many instances where I will tell friends, associates, acquaintances, that they were so close to having the girl or the guy of their dreams, all they had to do was be themselves and leave society's false beliefs at the door. 

Lexi Luna 

Lexi Luna: Exactly and you learn it so much later in life. Most people learn that when the stress of work and society leaves them no time to explore sexuality, especially their own. Then you do not have the freedom that you had when you were a teenager to be yourself and explore with others who are like-minded. You have the weight of bills, you have the weight of going to work, family issues and the aging of your parents. There are so many other things that you have to worry about instead of just being a free spirit and simply finding your other person, or people. 


Don Juan: Yes, we think on the same wavelength. Can you imagine a generation of human beings where teenagers are allowed to understand failure, the progression, the intertwining of relationships and what connection really means at every level? They understand both the emotional and the physical. The world would be a completely different place. A much more peaceful place. 


Lexi Luna: I agree and I think with the outbreak of COVID-19 parents are seeing how valuable teachers really are and people are remembering what is really most important in life. It does not matter what is going on in the outside world, what is most important right now is loving the people that are with you, that are right beside you. Especially being that everybody has someone in their family that they can not be around because they are too old and can not afford to be around anyone from the outside world of their homes. Kids not being able to go outside and experience what it is like to be playing on the playground. I think the next generation will look at this outbreak and internalize the things that are good and bad that came from it. It will be interesting to see how things either do or do not open up because of COVID-19 and if we will internalize the things that we feel and that we are facing. I sometimes wonder, will we become more outgoing, will we become a society that is more together? Can you imagine what it is like for those high school seniors who will not get to go to a prom this year?


Don Juan:My goodness, can you imagine that? 


Lexi Luna: I think that it is going to be interesting to see how society looks in ten years. Will there be more stories of people saying that I missed this person, or this place because of COVID-19 and I changed the person who I was after. Or, will it be much of the same? This is the first time that so many people have faced something this massive in history, in a lifetime. The Spanish flu outbreak was the last time we saw anything like this as a civilization. It is a fascinating moment in history. For me, as a woman who was an educator, I think a lot about how people are going to come out of this? 

Lexi Luna 

Don Juan: Oh yes. You being a woman who went to school for education, I went to school for the same kind of thing, I wanted to be a curator in a museum. Our pathways through education are almost the same. Reading about what they went through in 1918 and now we are experiencing it in our world. That is just so surreal to me. To put a positive light on things, I have learned that little things like cooking dinner, having people to share it with, those are the most important of things. Sitting around the table, getting to see your neighbors. Before this, those where all things that society deemed not important by the standards of the “digital age.” Now we are seeing that they are the most important. 


Lexi Luna: You know, I think that we did not really have a reason to believe or see them to be important before. There is that new age argument that technology took away from all that so much. I think about how many jobs are automated, and how many people worked from home before all of this took place with this pandemic. We were getting so much integrated through competitors and getting people trained through computer screens from hundreds of miles away. We simply were not seeing people face to face anymore. Now, things have gotten even more intense with technology. I really feel like we have now seen how much we need and want to get away from that, and get back to cooking dinners, feeling that connection with other people with conversation, just physically speaking to someone. There is a different feeling in the air when you are whipping up dinner. There is a smell in the room, it is so different, it hits your mind and emotions so differently. I think we have forgotten about all that. 


Don Juan: I shit you not, before all this, I was always eating fast food. I was always eating take out. I can not remember the last time I have cooked this many meals in a row with family. The thing that I think about a lot is that in the past, it was my work and constantly being in front of that computer screen that cost me a lot of relationships. It is just like you said, when you get to that point in your life you can not balance four things all at once. No one can. It is impossible and something is going to get sacrificed. It is ten times harder to get things in order so that everything does not fall apart. I had a neighbor over the other day and all we did was just sit down, have a beer and talk and it is was a lengthy conversation We tried to make that lone beer last as long as we could. It is that yearning for human contact. I sat there and just thought to myself, “how valuable is this little thing we call good conversation?” 


Lexi Luna: I sit on my patio, on the outside of my apartment and I see people walking through the halls, and they are waving at everyone, they are waving at me. Just saying hello to someone, I see that those people are just yearning to have that bit of interaction with someone, even if it is twenty feet away. It is interesting to see people this way. You know how they say when you become an elder you start to digress to the mental state of a child? That is how things feel to me. The world has a feel like we have been given a rebirth, and we are all just starting things anew, all of it. I guess you can say it is like the 1950s all over again. 


Don Juan: No, you are right. I think back to AVN this year, and I did not get to spend but one day there and I had a lot of people that were upset that I did not take time to see them. I think about that week a lot right now, and I think about my porn family and how I have not gotten to see so many of them now in almost six months. That is the first thing I want to do when this is over. I just want to see my porn brothers and sisters and spend some time with them. It makes me see how many people love, care and think about me. 

Lexi Luna 

Lexi Luna: Yes and I think that another thing that this event has helped us as people to discover, is who those people are in our lives that really do or do not care about us, especially in this industry. Finding who are the people that really mean something in your life. There are a lot of people who you think matter, who you perceive as being significant in this industry. It is all about who matters to you and what type of educational, emotional and empowering things you receive from that person unconditionally as well as mutually. I think that in this industry, you have to look at that person and look to see what you are getting and what you are giving in the relationship. Not everyone has a family that is supportive in this business, and we are each other's family in so many ways. Finding someone that you click with, that you are friendly with. Seeking that person out and not always having them be the one that seeks you out. Having that two-way street of communication, it is so predominant and finding that person as often as they find you. That is so important and that goes hand in hand with any relationship. You can not even have a friendship when it is just one person contacting the other. That is something that means so much more to people than we give it credit for.  When someone reaches out to you and says, “I just miss hanging out with you.” To me, that matters more than someone just asking me, “hey, should we hang out?” It is the fact we think about other people that we should cherish the most and those who think of us.


Don Juan: You see the things that matter the most and you are able to decipher what are the things that matter the most with patience. That knowledge is so powerful. 

Lexi Luna 

Lexi Luna: It shows you how valuable time really is, especially when we stuff ourselves into these numerous activities all at once. I think now that we have all been home for more than ninety days and beyond, people are seeing that maybe we were all caught in this cycle of going to one event right after the other without really taking time to enjoy what we are doing. Spending these days with time to be able to think intricately about what you miss about this particular girl or guy in your life. Getting to discover all over again the things we do to make each other smile is most important during these times. I hope that so many people come out of quarantine able to see new people that they meet and be all the wiser to find out if they have these qualities and traits to be let into your life because once again, that is the most important of things. 


Don Juan: I truly believe that there will be a lot of that coming out of this pandemic, I really do. You know, I think that this jumps into a little about what we were talking about in the beginning of this conversation and once again, thank you for taking time for this. I think that the reality of what matters is and the reality of sex, intimacy and everything in between in what sells a film. It is what connects our fans to everyone in the industry. I have told producers till I am blue in the face, “if you make porn more down to earth and show the fumbles and stumbles of real sex it will not destroy the industry.” 


Lexi Luna: Yes, I agree. When you see someone doing something for the first time, or I am getting to know a girl that I am working with for the first time, that is a connection. That is real. I would love to show those things on screen. I can picture working with a petite performer, and we are talking about how we are going to do the sixty-nine position and the fun I would have telling her “no, I weigh about twenty pounds more than you, I want you to enjoy the sex too.” 


(We share this massive laugh. The joke of this is that many of the things that bond the performers are these little tidbits of sexuality. It is these realms of error and timidness that connect a porn star to another, just like it would with you the reader and someone you are intimate with. The knowledge and tales of the industry Lexi is sharing, this is powerful stuff.) 


Don Juan: I think that the thing that we never see and yes, I think this would be something marvelous to see because it speaks to our demographic of fans. I think that what men never realize soon enough in their lives, is that something that comes hand in hand with sex is failure. There are times when a person does not know everything, and they are learning and discovering. I think it is that kind of failure and discovery that is the best part of sex and intimacy. Getting to understand that some things do work, and some things don’t work, that is a powerful thing not just in reality but with fantasy as well. 


Lexi Luna: Yeah, for sure. Just because you put your mouth on my pussy does not mean that it feels good. (We start laughing again as I try to get to the next question.)


Don Juan: Darlin’ I think that what would be something very beneficial for both men and women to learn at a young age and I will be the one who says it, because this is something that I run into constantly with male friends. I tell them about impotence and that everyone has an occasion where we can only last six and a half seconds but there are so many more things to a woman. She has fingers, she has shoulders, toes, cheeks and much, much more to enjoy, discover and create with. That discovery, that should be what we teach the youth everywhere, hell, people of any age who are looking to learn. You know, that is what gets me back to your work with Serene. I mean there was a moment where I could see it was just two passionate women indulging, creating.


Lexi Luna: Oh, yes I know. Serene makes it so easy. Getting to work with her as she runs a set ,where you don’t have to spend all of this thought on what the last position was. She was on top of things. What you never see her do is yell, cut and say, “OK, you were both in reverse sixty-nine.” (Another chuckle and what I think is most special about talking with Lexi, there is so much passion and joy in each moment of laughter. That is a starlet who is enjoying what she is doing, and that is what everyone’s time in the industry should be like.) That makes such a big difference. Just letting someone go. You have no idea how much better the scene feels and the scene looks to the fans when you do not have to remember what position you were last in.


Don Juan: Now that is some knowledge from a starlet if I have ever heard any. OK darlin’, last couple questions, and I am going to turn you loose. I have always wanted to ask you this since meeting you, to get philosophical like I always do. What does the term sexuality mean to you? 


Lexi Luna: Now that is a good one. Sexuality is literally all around us, in all we see and are. Breathing, living, everything that we do revolves around sexuality, it is in everything. It is the reason that we exist. Besides procreation and all that kind of stuff. It is love, it is relationships. It is every part of you, everything that you do is to increase sexuality in some way. It is the thing that makes you want to do something for somebody in a sexy or beautiful way. It is the thing that makes you want to pursue somebody. It is that voice inside you that wants you to do something different and experience a different feeling in different parts of your body. I feel that sexuality is literally being a human. It is something very deep. It is emotions, feelings and actions of a human being. 

Lexi Luna 

Don Juan: My God, that may be the greatest answer I have ever received when asking that question, I kid you not madam, my feeling and I say this due to how you answered. Sexuality, it is in everything and when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING! I one-hundred percent believe in everything that you just said.


Lexi Luna: Absolutely. 


Don Juan: You know, this conversation reminds me of this beautiful newbie on the east coast named Aria Khaide. 


Lexi Luna: Oh my goodness, I love her. She is so great. Her and her husband. 


Don Juan: Oh my God, she is one of those people you can just sit down and talk life. She has so many philosophies like yours and to be honest. That happiness I hear in your voice. That confidence. She is truly becoming a great friend. I love confident women, and I think the thing that gives all of us confidence in anything, comes from our sexuality. It is how like minds meet. I think also, the outside world never believes that confident women like you, who are truly symbols of good in our community, are here are within our beautiful industry.

Lexi Luna 

Lexi Luna: Exactly! Because most people never take that time to see them. What they choose to see them in are in these compromised positions and that has them complaining about this, that and the other. I think a lot of it is people letting off steam from not engaging in their sexuality. Women let off steam because we see the world a little differently than men. When we bitch about something it is far different from the way that a man bitches about something, especially when you are looking at it on the internet. I think that we all get a little crazy and it would not have to be so if we just took a look at that one thing! 




Lexi Luna: In reality, we are not that different. 


Don Juan: You know, I look at it this way. When I went to college, I was on partial academic scholarship, partial athletic. Then, being a guy who grew up poor, I had to work two jobs. That is how I discovered and got into the sex industry. I was hungry. I wanted to have a piece of meat for dinner every once in a while, not just some ramen noodles. Long story short, athletics and modeling are so similar. The athlete, he gets his body into supreme shape so that he can hopefully one day make money off it and everyone cheers him. Even if the guy is dumber than a box of rocks. The woman, who becomes a model, or a performer in our industry, to do the exact same thing as they are trying to become doctors, teachers, engineers. Those women are scolded for doing the exact same things, which is making money off of your body and your God given gifts. There is something very wrong with that picture.


Lexi Luna: Even when a woman is in athletics herself, they look at her different and it is a totally different standard. When a female tennis player wears a skirt, compared to the male tennis player who has these incredible short shorts, or if he takes off his shirt and has shorts on, it is something way different. 


(Now believe this or not, what Lexi is talking about is something that is legal president in this country, within in many states. For instance, in Fort Collins, Colorado, there was a ruling, allowing a woman to go topless, just like a man is and the truth of that statement is exactly what Lexi speaks of in her intelligent reply to this age-old question and statement of how things are so different for women and in all honesty, massively beyond belief for the amazing women in the porn industry.) 

Lexi Luna 

Don Juan: YES! This is the truth with you ladies. With the models of our industry and others, you women are using something that you train for, work hard to create, put in so much effort and time to create, that you make a very healthy part of your lifestyle. You all are shamed for it but the athlete or pod caster, or whatever, he is given a gold star. It is bullshit! So, before I ask you this question and I had a few friends tell me this now I must find out myself because they said you are one of the lone people like me in the business who is not a fucking pot-head! Is this true? I quit many years ago and I have to honestly tell you. I have not met someone who does not smoke pot in many, many years. So I really hope this to be true.


Lexi Luna: (Her laugh is so beautiful and outgoing.) Yes, I do not!


Don Juan: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! 


Lexi Luna: They are absolutely right, I do not. I did in college, honestly, it kills my productivity. I have a hangover the next day. I am not productive. I feel like I am doing something but then when I stop and analyze, I find that I am not getting anything done. I had to give it up, it just was not allowing me to be the one-hundred percent outgoing and exuberant person that I am. I just can not be that person who is up high at 2AM wondering what am I doing and not getting anything done. I just can’t. I need to be productive and when you need production it is not that kind of drug. 


Don Juan: No, it is not. For me, I would smoke and the amount of paranoia and self-doubt, my God it was massive. My thoughts would run wild, “Do I have something hanging from my mouth, do I have something in my teeth? Do my pants look nice? Did that pretty girl look at me or did she not?” Oh, I can't even imagine myself like that anymore at all.


Lexi Luna: That is exactly what I am saying. There is a point where you actually think to yourself that you are actually getting stuff done. Then you stop, you look back and you realize that you have been doing something for five hours and you have accomplished nothing. So yes, our mutual friends told you right, I am not a pothead. 

Lexi Luna 

You know, there is no better way to end an interview than with a porn star who has just shown that she is not addicted to anything but success and helping others. As she is not even addicted to the craze that is taking over the nation in ways never thought of before with marijuana. Lexi is a woman who also breaks every other stereotype that comes with being an adult entertainer. She was a teacher before this industry and I guarantee you, no matter what this amazing female of the species decides to do after porn it will be something that contributes to society in the same way as her two previous careers. I have interviewed many intelligent performers and Lexi may be one of the best interviews I have ever been part of and the keenest mind I have got to know in the years I have gotten to meet this wonderful human being here and there. First things first, and I never do this to conclude an interview but Lexi is a starlet who is as passionate a performer as she is an intelligent speaker. Go check out this review on one of her latest scenes and watch it. What you will find is a woman who walks the walk, talks the talk but is also humble and compassionate enough to know that others may want the things that she has, and we are not talking about money or anything monetary. Lexi is a true ambassador for what the porn industry is in the twenty-first century. This is not an industry filled with degenerates, low lives and the scum of the earth that people once believed. To be honest. This industry was never that way. It was society's self blame mechanism that looked to classify and make sure everything they did hid the core structure of porn's foundations from people across the globe. All so that they did not have to admit that they were like everyone else and loved sex and the things that come with knowing thy self. In today’s world, which is one we have never seen before, it is a porn star that is seeing ahead to a place that is wondrous and accepting for all of us. That speaks for itself during a global pandemic. That is what this industry truly is. That is what the adult performer is, the amazing Lexi Luna a woman who shows us what can truly happen for ourselves when we let sexuality be our guide in world full of people that are more uncertain than ever before about who they are and what she shows us, confidence can be gained in places you may never think.

Don Juan DeMarko

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