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The XCritic Interview: Tanya Tate Pt. 1


There are some things in life that you must attempt no matter what the risk is. When you see the girl of your dreams pass by you in a crowded hallway you must say hello. When you are in Las Vegas, sinning is what you better be doing the second you step off that airplane. If you are a writer in the adult film world and you hear that twelve time MILF Performer of the Year Tanya Tate, the icon of icons, is beginning a new business venture in the world for which you write in, you make every single fucking attempt that you can to get her to let you sit her down and tell her story. That ladies and gents is exactly what I did. Tanya Tate is a woman who is more than a soon to be Hall of Fame performer. Tanya is also a successful director in the realm she helped elevate to new levels, quite possibly becoming the greatest Girl/Girl performer of all time in the process. She took on the other side of Hollywood, began her own YouTube series that features a world that is all Tanya that few ever get to see up until now. All this while staring in horror films, becoming a comic hero, we have the action figures to prove it and finding time to record podcasts with professional wrestlers. Now, if that is not enough to enshrine this empowered woman from Liverpool, England within a millisecond to the Hall of Fame, perhaps the fact that she is also a “mum” in her personal life and has been one of the most dedicated publicists this writer has seen anywhere in the world will be enough to persuade you. If Tanya were here with me, she would say, “let’s tell a story now shall we, the fans should not be kept waiting even a tick.” She would be right of course, she always is. What brings us together is The XCritic Interview with Don Juan, which means we are going to also show you a side of Tanya that you have never known and what an honor it is to be able to tell you this tale of one of the last true queens of the industry.

Tanya Tate 

(We begin our conversation over the phone due to what is the year of our lord 2020. Tanya is a woman who gives very few interviews and her last few were done with some well known faces on the “mainstream” side of the industry. On a side note, Tanya is a woman who I have always looked up to and for years we have built a correspondence with the quality of work we have done together. We begin do by doing what I do best and that is talking her ear off, getting my recording equipment ready and asking her how she made such interviews shine to say it kindly to the hosts of other narratives.)


Don Juan: You know this was the first time that I actually got to have you as my subject. This was the first time I got to research you in depth and Tanya, let’s just say I do not know how you do it. Well, I have a pretty good idea but every single video interview in your career, you carry the weight my friend and you make everything so entertaining. Few can do that these days. So, to start this thing off in a way that only I can, tell our readers the story of Tanya Tate that they have never heard before. 


Tanya Tate: That is a very good question. Don, I will be honest, I think that me fans and your readers, everybody already knows me. There is so much out there that has already been said and I have done most of the talking.


(I can not express to the readers the charm and professionalism that is within every sentence that is uttered from this woman’s lips. It is far deeper than “English” charm and wit. It is that warm feeling of professionalism that you only get from the true students of the game.)

Tanya Tate

The first thing that I think of when it comes to that question is me, in the kitchen on YouTube Live. Everyday people get to see me making breakfast, getting out of the shower, starting out the day in whichever manner the day calls for. I think that me fans and the viewers are getting to see everything, even when I get to show off me new pink pajamas.


(She laughs so charmingly. There is a simplicity to Tanya Tate that is so wonderful and real. I must say, for the first time ever I could see through the fans eyes and see why they follow her with much passion and faith. That is very rare for a reporter to see and feel, that is all I will say.)


I think letting the fans into that part of me life and day, that is the story that I have never told them before. Don, this story is a real as can be. The fans get to see all the noise, all the chatter that goes on with my day. I invite the fans to see the real me, and they get to see that my day, like anyone else’s, is not always sugar and spice and everything nice. Being a mother, part of what you experience is different one day to the next. Fans get to see me on days when Ozzie is just screaming and singing all morning long. That is what you get to see, that is me. 


Don Juan: OK, you knew I was going to ask this because I have always been curious. Tell me what a normal morning is for you now. I am dying to know as are many, many others I can imagine. 


Tanya Tate: Well, after I spend time with a good morning to all on my stream I usually go from there to me phone and I begin to jump on my OnlyFans. The OnlyFans keeps me plenty busy. I try every day to add a few videos of me to my OnlyFans


(OK, not to shamelessly plug this legendary starlets platform and page but I can tell you this is extremely rare in the world of OnlyFans. Tanya has left some mystery as to what she has waiting for fans. This is truly something where it is you and the legendary starlet and you both get to decide where the fantasy takes you. The only thing I can truly tell you with the years I have gotten to know Tanya is that you putting yourself in the hands of this stunning queen of the industry is never a bad thing.) 

Tanya Tate 

Then, the day moves to the computer. (She chuckles again in that amazing accent of hers.) I spend a lot of time on the computer just getting to talk with my fans. I love talking with people, I always have. Don, I hope that does not sound too boring but that is what me day usually consists of. That is Tanya Tate’s story now that she is a mum. 


Don Juan: My goodness, you make it sound like a walk in the park. Once again, I do not know how you do it. So when do you get time to begin new business venture? I sit here pondering to myself, "when did she have time to get everything combined into one with www.texttanyatate.com?


Tanya Tate: Well, on most days after I have spent a good amount of time on me OnlyFans I then get a small amount of time to check my other platforms. www.texttanyatate.com is something that just astounded me when I began to look into what it was. This platform allows fans to do so much with me. A typical day is where a fan can video chat directly with me along with many other features. It is a brand new platform.


Don Juan: I am sorry to interrupt my friend, I have to ask this, how often do you run into the fans who ask about your movies? Has that been a difficult transition with this new chapter in your life and career? I hear so many performers have a hard time with that and their fans. 


Tanya Tate: Oh no, I do not think like that at all. I tell the fans that they can see me in my "movies" here. The "movies" that I make now are here in me house, in my bedroom, in my kitchen. www.texttanyatate.com has given me the ability to be able to do all of those things I did in my film days right here with my fans just for them. You can see me in my garden, you call it a yard. You can choose where you want me to shoot for you. I do not shoot with the big studios anymore. When I got pregnant and had a baby, a lot of things went through me thoughts and I truthfully realized that I did not need to shoot for the big studios anymore. I could do everything from the comfort of my own home and I never had to leave the house. I think everyone who has a child feels that type of calling that comes with being a mum but I also wanted to be able to be me. I wanted to still be that naughty woman as well. It was all about finding that balance with things like that. It is something that takes a very, very steady balance to do. So, the fans should know that they can see me, and we can create our own stuff just me and them. These are more than just new videos. These are my personal videos. I think that these videos have a lot more to them even than the films that I directed because when I share something like this with somebody I have found that the fans do not always know when they go to other sites, where their money could be going. The fans will know that this is money going to make the personal productions that they want to see, the way they want them made. It is so personal for them and for me Don. 

Tanya Tate 

You know, when a person shoots with a big production company, most fans do not know that we performers are given only a one time payment. Then, we shoot the film and that is the only money we make off of the film. If you are a fan you may come upon one of my scenes and the company has reedited it so that it may not be the same scene that you remember seeing once upon a time. I can not tell you how many times a fan has messaged me, and they tell me that a new scene has just come out with me when all it is, is something that has been re-edited that I shots years ago. It even happens with some films that are more than a few years old. I do get something out of being able to share this with me fans directly. Being able to choose who I share these new scenes with and how. This is what is supporting me in more ways than I think the fans realize and that is what I want to make them aware of. This is why www.texttanyatate.com has been such a great addition to what my dedicated fans can now have access to. My relationship with is very intimate because I enjoy those little things like getting to try on lingerie, or role-playing with them. 


Don Juan: Tanya, I have to ask being that you are a performer whose passion for the business was shown in every clip that you did. I always enjoy getting to talk with your peers and finding out how much they enjoyed working with you and being on your set. How have you adjusted to this change now? Has it been easy? 


Tanya Tate: The best way that I can answer that is just by saying one word, YouTube. Becoming a mum has been a change in many good ways and one of those ways is that you see how dedicated your fans really are. YouTube is a family friendly site. The content that I make on YouTube is for everyone to enjoy another side of me and yes I enjoy getting to let them see that part of me life. It is not a difficult change, it is just something different Don. I will occasionally have that person that wanders over to YouTube and starts getting a little out of hand and for the most part the fans realize what is going on when they see I am getting breakfast going for the baby in the background. There are those times that I have to tell them that we are not going to go down that alley on YouTube. I have some people handling the admin of my chat rooms and that always helps things to go smoothly. Or maybe I should say, makes it run smoother as things always should. I think there is only one way that fans can see what I am talking about and I want to invite all of your readers to come and check out my channel on YouTube. You can find me on YouTube by going to YouTube.com/TanyaTateTube you can subscribe and I will tell you all when I am going to go live. Remember, I usually get things started up in the morning. Sometimes I am up at nine o’clock, sometimes I will be up and seven. Getting up early in the mornings has become my go-to with Instagram Live as well. 

Don Juan:Now Tanya, I am not going to lie. I loved getting to research one of the greatest starlets in the industry's history and find all these videos. I loved getting to see you cutting up fruit, feeding the wee one and the way that you engage your fans. 

Tanya Tate 

(This may sound like malarkey but what was so fascinating about researching Tanya Tate and seeing her become a mum was seeing this woman who brought the fans into her home, into her life. You can not fake that and you can not run with such things, I do not care how good of an actor you are. Tanya has taken the world of adult and put them in the first real reality show. That is the only way I can describe what Tanya Tate is doing on this platform and as shocking as this may sound, it was kind of cool to see the ultimate porn star engage in some very quirky interactions with her fans.) 


Tanya Tate: I have a lot of things that I do with me fans. I always have a word of the day. I think this ties back into your original question of telling the story that me fans have not heard. The question of the day I make something they all can relate to, like what is your favorite holiday, or what is your favorite kind of movie to watch or music that you listen to. There have been so many days that I have grown very fond of. Occasionally we get to talk about Liverpool and the football club and many other things about me hometown. You know Don, they just won a championship as you and I have talked about me favorite football club a few times in the past. 


Don Juan: Oh yes, I know how much you love your, as we call it, soccer team. You are as devoted as they come madam. Tanya, I think the world of what you are doing. You know, you are one of the few performers who is putting on a show during this pandemic that is giving people a chance to interact. I understand that there are a lot of people who have no outlet and I think the world of you for doing such things in times when others do not have the courage.

Tanya Tate 

Tanya Tate: Oh Don, it is not just me. I have a lot of people helping me. I have some wonderful people helping to run the admin of the channel, the show, the livestreams. They are just wonderful. You know, me fans, they mean a lot and the thing that I noticed very early at the start of this thing was that there are a lot of people in very deep isolation with everything that is going on. I realize that they are getting up with me in the morning and getting up during these times it is not always candy and sunshine. I have days when we really get to talk to each other out there. Trust me Don, there are days when I literally can be screaming eeeeehhhhhhhhhhh! I think a lot of us are. This is where I think home life helps. The moments where I get splashed with juice in me eye. Or the food comes flying out of nowhere. It is chaotic at times and then you realize these are things that we all face as real people. I imagine each and every person out there and how they are reacting. (She laughs very deep with that beautiful English accent and I mean deep. You can tell she is enjoying the memories.) I am a firm believer in the power of positivity. I want to be able to start the day off and allow things to become pleasant no matter how they start off. I always try to have and bring a lot of fun out there. Bringing out the positive, I enjoy doing that and living it everday.


(During these days of COVID-19 what this reporter has seen is a lot of fear and a lot of people unsure of what is going on. You can imagine what is going through my head and what did go through my thoughts when Tanya wanted to discuss certain things about what the days look like in our world. That is something that speaks for itself ladies and gentlemen. Here is a woman, letting us into her life and not missing a day mind you, during a time when a smile is more valuable than it has been in over a hundred years. I won’t name any names but there have been many stars on all sides of the industry who just do not want to face the days we are all embarking on together and that is understandable. It once again speaks for itself everything that is Tanya Tate.) 


Don Juan: As you know, that is how I live my life as well. Positivity is something I would love to hear more about as much as your new platform and modern day creations for the “Tanya-Taters.”

Tanya Tate 

Tanya Tate: Don, like I said before. Positivity is how I live each day. It is something that will fill up the room you are in if you allow it. My OnlyFans platform is what I spend a lot of time on but this new venture, this new platform, texttanyatate.com allows so much more personalization. The video chatting to me is bigger than any other platforms I have done such things with me fans. It also combines message chatting with me as well as phone calls. 


Don Juan: Oh my God, I am going to sound like one of those commercials over here on television but that is something very unique. I had no idea. I don’t think there are many platforms at all that offer that kind of access as I would have known about it. 

Tanya Tate: Oh, I have been on many platforms before and there are a small amounts of others you can find me on but these two, they are platforms I love to be active on, and I am active on both of them all the time. Oh, you made me just remember, the fans can find all of my platforms that I have been on by going to texttanyatate.com I made that site for that very reason. To make it a lot easier for fans to find everything in a snap. 


Don Juan: Darlin’ you are one of the last great performers who knows how to take care of her fans. Who knows how to balance that integration that must happen between the fans, you and all the work that you have done in this amazing business of ours. Over the last two weeks I got to back track and find out a lot of stuff about you even I had forgotten. I watched a lot of your YouTube stuff, it is awesome my friend. 

Tanya Tate 

Tanya Tate: (That lovely English laugh) Thank you, it is definitely something different. YouTube is a very unique place but I think it has made me try different things I had not in the past. YouTube is very strict about what you are allowed to put out and anything that is inappropriate, you risk your channel getting shut down. 


Don Juan: Yes, well I think that the world is heading to a new and better place with certain things like sexuality. I see many companies and people creating things that are a little bit more risqué which is something I do not see as all bad no matter what audience you are presenting it to, especially sexuality. I mean that with the most respect, being that people are creating things in a very respectable way. You know, this takes us into great question number two. I would love to ask one of the greatest performers and actors this industry has ever seen, whe then become a director and now, she has become a mum. I would love to hear about those thoughts, about what it is like for you to go from a director, actor, performer to now being a mother?


Tanya Tate: It is wonderful! (If only you could have heard the joy in this woman’s voice.) It is wonderful being a mum. Don, it has many challenges. The way that I see it, everything you just spoke of has challenges. There had to be. When I was a performer, when I was a director, everything had its own set of challenges, that also came with their own set of different achievements as well. Being a performer, that was something I will always love. I loved being in front of that camera. I loved those days on set and being made up to look so beautiful and so sexy, then getting to become a director and getting to make films and scenarios that I had always dreamed of doing. I never thought I would be able to turn my own thoughts, my own fantasies into these little vignettes where other performers got to act them out the way that I saw them in me mind. There were a lot of scenarios that were my true life fantasies that I got to have a lot of fun with the girls making. There were also many times that what we were creating required a lot of acting and I had so much fun doing that as well. That meant a lot to me being a fan of so many things like comic book heroes and me love of Cosplay. That was really, really nice. 

Tanya Tate 

I think another thing that happens in every stage of your career and especially becoming a mum is that your body changes. Being a mum you have this baby growing inside you and there is a lot that changes about you on the inside and out. I think that not only is it that your body stretches but a few things change about the way that you think and carry yourself with. I can remember that the first thing that changed about me was my feet and my shoes. I went up about half a shoe size, and they never shrunk down. The way that I looked at this, I could have been angry, I could have got frustrated but I then stopped and looked at things for what they are. I did not look at this as I now had fifty-three pairs of shoes that were just going to sit there. No, now I see things as I have fifty-three pairs of shoes that I can make some else’s life better. I decided to look at things positively and now I am going to donate them to a local group that supplies clothes and shoes to people whose families lost many things they had before events like we face today in the world. I can’t think of anything better than to give these shoes to a place that will also give them to a lot of local people. I have a little of everything that I am parting with as well. I do not think they are going to want a pair of me stripper shoes but hey, you never know, there may be some gals looking to become strippers. Then there is the weight that you put on when you get pregnant and that can be tough for a lot of women out there. For me…


(Right as she begins to speak about her pregnancy, her son opens the door and begins singing and yes, he is singing the entrance song for WWE wrestler John Cena. Tanya’s laugh is moved to a conversation with her beautiful son about his favorite WWE superstar. You could not plan something this touching. For those of you who do not know, Tanya is one of the biggest wrestling fans in the world and has been on many wrestlers podcast’s just like these here and here. As she was about to explain what a model gives up for their child with a smile. The wonder of life and love happens, I think this is something that speaks even louder than the words of this interview ever could of who porn stars really are.) 


Don Juan: Oh my God, that is so cute, he is singing John Cena’s theme music! (massive laugh across the continent.) 


Tanya Tate: Yes, and he came in with his little WWE belt. That has become the way that he enters a room lately, dah-dah-dah-dah. 

Tanya Tate 

Don Juan: He is so lucky, he has two professional wrestling companies to grow up with. On top of having two of the best people in the world enjoy such great love together. Wrestling has been and still is something big and connecting for my family. 


Tanya Tate: I know he will. That was just so cute. (I do not think that there is anything a person can do that could mimic the joy that is heard in that room with mother and child. It is as if the article is coming to life before we have even had time to record it on tape.) I lost me train of thought but that is another one of those benefits that I spoke of. 


Don Juan: You were talking about donating stripper shoes and the perks of now becoming a mother. The first thing I was going to say to you, being that I am starting to grow accustomed to growing older now at my ripe old age, is that watch, two years down the road what will be the new provocative fashion statement that is no longer taboo or too risqué. This is going to sound so conservative coming from a person in the industry. I am glad I am not young today seeing how most women dress. My goodness, if I was, I would be a young man in a whole lot of trouble. 


Tanya Tate: (We share a deep chuckle.) Oh my goodness. Yes, so we were talking about the shoes and my body changing. I will be honest with you, look at my current pictures now and you can see exactly what I mean about your body changing due to pregnancy. 


Don Juan: Well, this is going to sound like me kissing your butt, but I think that since a model sees her imperfections before anything, due to the fact she is a model and gets paid for her beauty and makes a living that way, you all see things that the fans may never see. There are far more beautiful imperfections to a model that the fans love and see before there is anything they see that is detrimental in the model’s mind. Who are we kidding here? You are going to be in your seventies, and I am going to still be asking you how the hell do you look so young still? 

Don Juan DeMarko 

Tanya Tate: Well, you do have to work it and the truth is that we all age. I feel that I am a bit older now and when you do have a baby you have to be the person who accepts what you can and can not do, but you have to also know that there is happiness in the things and places you may not have thought them to be or have them come from. That is what becoming a mum has been for me Don. 


Don Juan: Darlin’ I am glad that you are because you deserved to be. You are not the person who ever gloats about how hard you work and I can only imagine how hard you are working now in this stage of your career and life. You have been known to me and always will be, as one of the hardest workers I have ever met in my life. You know when I heard you were having a baby I said to myself that is a very special thing because we need more of that in this world and yes, in this industry. Showing the sides of the amazing women who become mothers, who like you, put maximum effort into everything, even the growth of her family and her child. That is amazing my friend. To preach a little bit now that I finally have Tanya Tate on my hot seat, this is the question I have been wanting to ask you forever being a Beatles fan and loving the industry the way that I do and the people within it, I really want to know, I would love for you to tell us about Tanya Tate’s Liverpool. You are going to go down as a legend in this business, that is no BS. I want to hear the story of how Tanya Tate sees Liverpool. That is only fitting to ask a legend. I have been to London but never Liverpool. So feed this hungry soul a story of Liverpool won’t you?


Tanya Tate: (That amazing chuckle of hers opens to.) Well Liverpool is completely different from London. Well, you have to be slightly cautious with how you speak about a city. I do not want to offend me neighbors in other cities. The people of Liverpool are best explained this way. Let’s say that you go there for holiday Don and the first place you go is heading to the pub. Someone is probably going to walk right up to and start talking with ya. You may end up having the longest conversation you have ever had with a lot of truths being told about ya. It is a very friendly place and the people there are very down to earth. That is how my run-ins have always been with the people there. The history of the city is that it is/was one of the big shipping centers of the UK. There are so many places and stops that have to do with maritime and the naval/ship companies that have headquarters in Liverpool. It is very common to see many sea going companies that have a Liverpool address. It is one of the biggest shipping sites and there were so many things that go out of Liverpool then went out to take care and supply many things in the rest of the country. I get asked many times if I am Irish and what a lot of people do not know about Liverpool is that a lot of people from Ireland got on the boat that made a stop to Liverpool and that is where many people got off. A lot of me fans will ask, “are you Irish?” I have to always say no but that is where the confusion comes from a little bit. My goodness, so many people think that I am also Australian too but I can not tell you how they arrived at that conclusion. I always understand that from people after I tell them, “no, I am English.” There are so many people that left Ireland, and they settled in Liverpool. There is a massive Irish community in Liverpool. There is so much comfort in that city with many different people and that is what makes it something wonderful to come back to. I love going back home, I love getting to go see me family and that feeling comes from just getting out there and getting to see and meet a lot of people. That is just how we are in Liverpool. 


Now Don, of course being that you love the Beatles as do I, there are all those magical places that any Beatles would love to go see. Yes, I have been there. Places like Penny Lane. We even went to go see Paul McCartney’s house. I will never forget getting to see the garden. There was someone who looked just like Paul McCartney, only rounder. It could have been his brother. That was fun, we also got to see Strawberry Fields. That will always be something very special. That is also one of me favorite songs. There is so much memorabilia for you when you go there. There are also two big cathedrals as well. I think you would love it. Both are these massive, massive buildings. 


Don Juan: Oh, I love that type of stuff. I think that is something we never get to see here in the states. 


Tanya Tate: We have so many massive statues everywhere. There are so many buildings that you could go see and right alongside them or within them will be a massive statue. A lot of them are very old too. 


Don Juan: I love that old timeliness of everything within the UK. American’s are so oblivious to this, they are not used to things that have so much history to them. Oh my goodness, you are making me want to punch my ticket right now. You had me at “walking into a pub.” You know me, I already talk too much already, so I will be right at home there.


Tanya Tate: You will be. Now Don, or to any of my fans, if you do come to Liverpool the last thing I will say is that you have to come here and see a football match. It is what you all call soccer. To all of us UK people, we call it football because you play it with your feet. Liverpool just won the English Premier League, and they won the title in the most dramatic fashion with seven games to go. We won it based on the points and it has been nearly thirty years since we done it, so you have to promise me that when you make it to Liverpool and you see all the places I have told you to see, after you have gone to all the great bars and pubs, you have seen everything I told ya, you make sure to see a football match because you know how much I love our club in Liverpool and I know you will as well.

Tanya Tate 

I do not think I have ever been in the middle of an interview with someone and I did not want it to end, even as I transcribe things. Tanya Tate is a woman who has done so much and as she spoke about her fellow countrymen and spoke of being humble and down to earth, that is exactly what she is. We have yet to get into the films and memories of her time in the industry in part two of this interview. In the next chapter we will get to hear even more about texttanyatate.com and how she became the brand ambassador and what she hopes she can help create for other performers in the industry. This is a proud moment for me, as Tanya Tate is one of the hardest interviews to land, and that is for no other reason than the fact that this is a woman who enjoys the world she is in at all times. Tanya is the definition of that person that can light up any room and change the faces of those around her with just a hello. To see a woman, a legendary performer of the adult film world now become a mother and not just a mother but a woman who enjoys every second of it, it shows the world that there is another side to a porn star. There is another level of excellence and professionalism that their scenes should convey to fans and skeptics alike but never do because it involves skin and passion, which is not a travesty, no. It is something that is there so that people like Tanya Tate can show them a performer can star in mainstream films, can become a superhero, all things we will talk about in part two but even more than that, this amazing woman from Liverpool shows that you can never stop living, never stop dreaming even as you begin the next chapter of your life no matter who or where you are. 

Don Juan DeMarko


Make sure to follow Tanya Tate on Social Media until we meet again…


Twitter: @TanyaTate


Instagram: tanyatate


Website: TanyaTate.com



Mobile: TextTanyaTate.com


Pictures Courtesy of Filly Films, from the 2017 film Lesbian Family Affair Vol. 5

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