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2020 Spank Bank Awards


2020 Spank Bank

Ten years ago, The Spank Bank Awards were born and they just get better and better each year. You see, unlike most award shows in the industry that are covering a wide swath of best this, best that, best perfomer, best dvd...Gabriel Lan and IAFD took things in a whole other direction. Each category (there's a lot of them) is filled with 15 performers and the names of the categories are highly specific. If you aren't aware what the category names are like, I won't spoil the surprise here, instead just grab a cool (or warm) beverage and head over to the blog at IAFD.com. There, you can see all the nominees!

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AARISS Preview
26 years old
RoxxyRedXXX Preview
RoxxyRedXXX US
32 years old
AmyFisher Preview
AmyFisher US
33 years old
Amy_Quinn Preview
Amy_Quinn US
23 years old
Reileerain Preview
Reileerain US
25 years old