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The XCritic Interview: Vera Bliss


One of the many privileges of working with XCritic is the ability to take a behind the scenes look at the guys and girls who work in the Industry. For the most part, as wild and crazy as they appear on the outside, the Actors and Actresses that scroll across our T.V., computer, or smart phone screens, wearing nothing but a birthday suit, are at times, extremely private individuals. In many ways, the Biz is a closed-door type of clique. And that’s not just a saying, but rather- a necessity – a haven of refuge for our Stars. Still, is it any wonder? Hell, they’re human, just like the rest of us. Not everything is up for a camera or web-chat.  Even the XCritic logo doesn’t get you absolutely full and unfettered access… But, it’s pretty damn close! This week, I was fortunate to have a conversation with Vera Bliss, who is quickly becoming a fast up and comer. She’s got a good business head on her shoulders, and knows where she’s going. She also knows where she’s been. Even though we don’t touch on all aspects of her personal life in the following conversation, I can assure any who meet or interact with Vera will find that she is the real deal. Level headed, sweet natured, and super polite. In many ways, she made it on her own, doing things her way, in her own time, with little or no help from anyone or anything - except her own intuition. She’s got a terrific plan of action plotted. She’s made all the right moves, and knows exactly what it’s going to take to realize her dreams… Along the way, she hopes to make some of her fan’s dreams come true as well!

Vera Bliss, XCritic Interview with Jim Steele


Jim Steele- Thanks for taking some time Vera, how are you?

Vera Bliss- Great and you?

Jim- I’m good, thanks for asking.

Jim- Alright, we need the important questions first:

Jim- Where are you from?

Vera- L.A.

Jim- Favorite Color?

Vera- Pink and Purple

Jim- Favorite Music?

Vera- Rap, rock, techno, 90’s

Jim- Favorite Food?

Vera- Sushi or steak. 

Jim- What’s your Twitter?

Vera- My Twitter is @TheVeraBliss, and my Instagram is @TheVeraBliss… Follow me on both!  


Jim- Haha, o.k. Enough messing around. Let’s get going. How many videos, and/or scenes have you made?

Vera- Over 30


Jim- Which videos… or Actors and Actresses have been your favorites to work with?

Vera- My top fave scene would have to be my first ever scene I did in Miami with J-Mac for Reality Kings called “Suck On This”. Serene Siren is my top fave of all I have worked with! We had such a deep connection; you can definitely see it in our new video together!


Jim- I’ve heard that J-Mac is a great, down to Earth type of guy, so I get that. But, Serene Siren plus you as a favorite??? Nice. It begs the question: Do you prefer working (or being with) guys or gals?

Vera- Both!


Jim- What was the driving force that pushed you in the direction of working in the Industry?

Vera- I have always been a very open-minded person and have always been very promiscuous growing up as a teen. I started selling my used wet panties on Craigslist when I was 18. After that, I started doing online webcamming. I thought it was so much fun to be able to make money and work at home. A porn agency contacted me on webcam asking if I wanted to come out to LA or Miami to shoot porn and I thought about it and then decided yes! It just seemed natural, like the next step to my career! Now I work at the Mustang Ranch Brothel in Reno Nevada as a luxury companion, and it is the best choice I have ever made! I feel like I am even more involved in my career now so more than ever because people that watch my porn can actually make it a reality! It’s the best feeling in the world knowing I am making someone’s dream cum true!


Jim- Well, I’d say that having that kind of mindset early on would certainly help to prepare you to work in the Industry. So, starting out doing webcams, I imagine the first time or three could be a bit nerve-wracking. Still, you’re kind of in your own little bubble. Did you have any apprehension the first time you were “live on set” with however many people hovering over you with lighting and cameras? Did Miss Vera have first, or second-time jitters?

Vera- I was very nervous for my first ever porn scene with J-mac for Reality Kings because I had never done it before, but it came naturally!


Jim- In many of your movies, you play a shy girl, coming off as inexperienced. At least, until the action starts. Then, it’s pretty damn clear that YOU absolutely know what you’re doing. I’m curious though, what was the “Real Vera” like in High School? Shy, outgoing, flirty…? Please don’t say that you were a Nerd and couldn’t get a date! Nobody’s gonna believe that!

Vera- I was definitely not a nerd! I was a C student who graduated high school. There would be rumors going around saying how I’m a slut and everything, and I just embraced it! It did not bother me what they thought of me, because I’ve never been one to care what others think of me. I was not shy or outgoing, but I always hung out with the guys. Let’s just say I fucked the whole group of friends.


Jim- Back to why and how you got into the Industry: was it something that you put a lot of thought into, or did you just jump into it? At what age… or time in your life, did you sit down and say, “I am going to do porn!” 

Vera- I debated about it for maybe a month or so and then finally decided why not? It will be a fun experience! I was 21 when I decided officially. 


Jim- After your first big payday, what was the first thing you went out and bought “Just For Vera”?

Vera- 2015 Dodge Challenger 


Jim- Cool, those are super nice cars. So, you did (and are still doing) some movies. What made you decide to head out to the Mustang Ranch?

Vera- I saw an article on DailyMail about brothels and I figured it would be a great way for my fans to cum play with me real life!


Jim- Sounds like a good game plan. How many clients who have made their way out to see you are fans? I’m guessing quite a few, right? How long does it take for them to come back down out of the clouds once they meet you in person?

Vera- Tons! I get people from all over who have seen my pornos or who have always wanted to be with a porn star, and I can fulfill that fantasy for them.

 Vera Bliss, XCritic Interview with Jim Steele, Luxury Courtesan,

Jim- From my understanding of being a courtesan, I would think that you’re more in control of what happens as opposed to say, a scripted movie… or to some degree, a cam show. How does that affect you as a woman? In other words, does being at the Ranch empower you in some way(s) that performing in movies did or did not?

Vera- Yes. I was actually just talking about that earlier to someone. I love being able to be in control of what I choose to do and don’t do! You can be that way in porn also, but you won’t get as many shoots if you don’t do anal or blacked. Which I don’t do and refuse to do. Because I don’t need to do it. They (some directors/producers) make girls feel like they have to do it, or they will stop getting you shoots if you don’t.

With working at the ranch, it’s not like that. There is no pressure on me to where I feel like I am forced to do something I don’t want to do. Being able to make my own decisions is very empowering. I feel so much more confident and happy being able to meet and connect with my fans in a legal and safe environment.


Jim- That’s good to hear. Believe it or not, a lot of us care about the girls, how you’re treated… how you feel. I know that some don’t, and that’s too bad. Empowerment and safety brings up another question along those same lines. Everyone knows that clients pay for parties at the Ranch, and I guess they’d want to “get what they’re paying for”. Still, I’d imagine there are times when you just gotta say… “Nah, I don’t think that’s gonna happen, we’re not gonna do that.” And then, if that does happen, is there ever kind of a back and forth argument, or are the guests respectful of your boundaries? 

Vera- I have not had that happen very much at all. Most everyone is very respectful of me and if they are not then I will walk them back to the bar and they can chat with another lady. Simple. 


Jim- Sounds simple enough. When you’re in the heat of the moment, what do you enjoy most, what turns you off?

Vera- The only thing I don’t do is anal. I’m open to most all fetishes!


Jim- Back a couple questions, not only The Mustang Ranch, but producing content in general. How has the Covid-19 shutdown affected you (and the other girls)? What are you doing differently these days to keep the wheels turning… in continuing to making ends meet?

Vera- The shutdown hasn’t really affected me that much. Sure, it cut my trip short, and I had to cancel appointments that I had scheduled at the ranch. I have always made money online and the #1 site I use is my Vera Bliss Onlyfans

I post all my nudes and naughty videos on there. You can’t find them anywhere else, and it’s the best way to connect One on One with me!


Jim- Which trip did you have to cut short?

Vera- My March trip because the virus shut us down. 


Jim- Earlier this year, there was a write up in Bliss Life by Kristy McLean, entitled The Power Of Human Touch And The Art Of Courtesan – An Inside Look At Mustang Ranch. In it, she went into detail about the power of human touch as it relates to not only sexuality, but also as it has to do with people’s social well-being. I think that this is an aspect of the legal courtesan that many people don’t know about, or maybe it’s something they choose to overlook. Kristy mentions that a vast majority of clients are “overwhelmingly male, straight, educated, divorced, and in their early 50s”. She goes on to say that nearly 50% of the parties that occur do not involve sexual contact. Has this been your experience?

Vera- Yes, it has! Most people want to think we are fucking 24/7. I know the perception is that we never stop, and that all we are is a whore house (well yes, we are a bunch of sexy sluts), Haha. But the truth is, I’ve had weeks where I have absolutely no sex! 

I have had parties that are simply nude massages and I’ve even had guys who tell me “I just want to cuddle” We all go thru so much in life such as divorce, a death in the family, illness and sometimes all we need is to relax, and enjoy a sexy sweet girls company. There are proven health benefits that we need touch as humans! 

We are so much more than just a sex object. We are a friend, a confidant, a companion… a lover. We can fulfill your deepest fantasies and desires! We are everything you want us to be! ️


Jim- It’s an interesting part of the write up, because that demographic is prone to depression, loneliness, even suicide. Yet, as Kristy points out, “The Art of the Courtesan” is a multi-faceted role. Sure, at times, you play out a fantasy for a while. At other times, you might act as a shoulder to cry on, someone to watch T.V. with, or simply someone a client might sit and “talk to”. She identifies a real need out there, especially in today’s topsy-turvy world, of people just needing to interact with another. If that has been your experience, how does it make you feel to just “be there” for another person? 

Vera- That is why I love my job. I love being able to connect with people and help them to get thru whatever it is there going thru. I have been thru a lot in my life personally for my age so it’s very easy for me to understand and provide good advice. I love to talk and get to know my clients!


Jim- How does that (the human connection, caring, and possible impromptu counseling of clients, as well as the sexual aspect of it) add up to making you not only a better Courtesan, but also a better person in general? Kind of an off question maybe, but I’d love to know how your line of work helps to round you out as human being. What do YOU get out the whole experience? 

Vera- Being able to meet and connect with new people– that IS the experience! 


Jim- You’ve been working at the Ranch for about a year now. I’ve known Madam Tara for a few years, and Madam Jennifer as well. From my view on the outside, I hear nothing but good things about the Ranch: community outreach, helping kids out with school supplies, and providing Holiday meals for those in need, to list only a few of the things that you guys are a part of. Of course, there are the ‘rocking parties too! Vera, what makes The Mustang Ranch special to you?

Vera- I started working there in June of 2019, so it has not been a year yet. The Mustang Ranch is extremely special to me because it’s like the big family I never had before! I lost my dad when I was 15, so I never really had a family. When I am there everyone is so friendly- including the staff and the girls who work there! I always have a good time when I am there, and I always enjoy the experience of being there. I miss it already!


Jim- I’ll bet you do, and I’d imagine your fans and clients are eager for your return. Still, it’s good to know you’ve got stuff in the works, and you’re not standing on the unemployment line! I’ve gotta ask, any idea or inside information on when the Ranch plans to re-open? Do you have any idea of when your next stay out there will be?

Vera- I’m hoping by mid-May, and if so I will make a trip back out in May, and plan to be there frequently throughout the months!

 Vera Bliss, XCritic Interview with Jim Steele, Luxury Courtesan,

Jim- What are your next steps, the next big plans in the works? You are releasing some killer videos/trailers, and the Mustang Ranch is sharing those on their Twitter. (Thanks Tara and Jennifer!) It seems like you’re gearing up to be a double or even triple threat! What can we expect from Vera Bliss in the future?

Vera- I’m hoping to be on a few more magazine covers, and I plan to make a ton of new content! I just recently purchased a travel bus I am renovating and will be traveling all over the country soon so stay tuned to my Onlyfans for some amazing content!


Jim- Thanks again Vera, I’ve enjoyed sharing some time with you. I’ll be on the lookout for your travel bus adventures. Maybe that could be a Part II??? In the meantime, we’ll all be following you on Onlyfans,  Twitter @TheVeraBliss and Instagram @TheVeraBliss Cheers!


Follow Jim on Twitter @TheJimSteele


 Photos Courtesy of: Vera Bliss

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