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The XCritic Interview: Charlotte Stokely


charlotte StokelyIf there's one thing I'm grateful for as a writer for XCritic, it's the fact that I get a lot of opportunities to link up with serious movers and shakers. Being able to talk to models who are living their dreams is an inspiration for me to keep trying for my own. With Charlotte, I see a person who goes above and beyond what is expected of them in every sense of the word. 

Most people recognize Charlotte Stokely as the gorgeous beauty who is notorious for her sex scenes on Showtime. Though her porn work is amazing, I'd be insulting her if I didn't let her incredibly brilliant, multifaceted life shine through in this one. Here's what happened when we had our interview...

Ossiana Tepfenhart: Charlotte, let's hear how you got involved in porn. Was it an early passion, a matter of being scouted, or something that just started off as a whim?

Charlotte Stokely: I loved getting naked in front of a camera and the ideal ability to connect intimately with thousands if not millions of people around the world was appealing to me. A scout asked me when I was 17 so I declined- to be fair to him I was working in a strip club so he assumed I was 18. Shortly after my 18th birthday, it was pornography showtime, then soon later I appeared on Showtime, the TV channel also performing sexual acts. It’s such a rush and I have so much fun shooting. 

 You're currently one of the top A-list actresses in the scene, and that means you're doing a ton of shoots. Which recent shoots have you enjoyed doing the most? 

Aw shucks, thank you! I worked really hard to be where I am and I think it’s all still kicking into my reality. 

My most recent scene released is with Wicked Pictures Queen and Star, Jessica Drake for FANtasies’. Fans voted who they wanted to see her paired up whether male or female and I won by a landslide. I’ve admired Jessica for a long time and never performed with her until now, so I was very excited! And knowing I won through fan votes just really warms my heart. My fans are so amazing and supportive and I adore them. 

I do keep very busy with shooting whether it’s on set or filming for my Only Fans (onlyfans.com/char_stokely) or multiple clip stores (I currently have three clip stores separate from my Only Fans). Consistently posting is key to success so I’m shooting most days I have “off” at home. I like keeping busy and creating content for my fans. 

I’m also a Cam4 Ambassador so I do 3 featured webcam shows from home a month which is a lot of fun because it’s live! You Can see these shows at CharlotteStokelyCams.com.

Do you have any scenes you really love to shoot? What about ones you tend to find more challenging? 

My favorite things to shoot are major feature movies. I absolutely love memorizing dialogue and acting! I work well under pressure so the more responsibility I have the harder I push myself. My second favorite things to shoot are custom videos. It’s truly special because the fan gets to “be the director.” I get to learn one on one their deepest fantasies and then I act it out for them and even say their name. It’s a real honor to have someone spend their hard-earned money on specifically our intimate connection. 

You're also known for your flexibility. How did you become so limber? Do you have any advice for those of us charlotte Stokelywho might've lost our stretchiness?


Oh goodness hahaha. I suppose I am pretty flexible. I stretch every day. It feels soooo good. I stretch before shooting scenes, definitely don’t wanna pull something when spreading my legs super wide to be open for a camera, and we often shoot in difficult positions. Having a strong core is very helpful! I stretch when watching tv in bed, I stretch when running errands.

The phrase “Use it or lose it," sticks with me so I’m constantly using my body! Don’t get me wrong though, there are some days I just wanna wear pajamas and play video games, usually Borderlands 3 on PS4. We need strength and flexibility to be “stable” and we all want stability, right?

But it’s also OK to have a day off! You don’t have to touch your toes to have a successful stretch, but I encourage you try! Try and try again and one day you’ll be pushing your fingers passed your toes like it’s nothing. 


On Twitter, you're known for cracking jokes. What's your favorite type of humor?

PUNS! I love wordplay. I encourage the fans to add to it seeing how far we can go. For example, I’ll post a picture of rolls and say I love buns. Then someone adds “that’s a crumby joke,” followed by “you butter believe it”...and you can see where this is going...Double entendre, puns.

My second favorite would be “dad jokes.” My Twitter is a place of happiness. I don’t tweet negative emotions, I don’t overburden fans with my concerns for politics or environment (unless asked directly). I want my Twitter to be a place of comfort, release and happiness.

This escape for my fans is important to me. They don’t want to hear my drama they want to have fun! Honestly, sometimes I’m asked by directors who I prefer to work with, I’ll look at the performer's Twitter and if it’s all negative I assume this is how they are on set as well, so I avoid that. 

Note to self, get more sunny. With COVID-19 around, it's been impossible to do shoots. How have you been passing the time? 

Honestly, my work routine has changed very little. I work from home a lot before the pandemic so it’s kinda business and busyness as usual. The main adjustment is that I have to paint my own nails and toes. Flexibility helps with the toenail painting haha. In a weird way I have enjoyed going back to the basics. It’s humbling and reminds us all what we take for granted. I have been very lucky in regards to loneliness because I live with my life partner, also an adult performer, Will Pounder.

That's awesome. Have you been getting quality time with him?

We usually do everything together anyway, so we are having a lot of fun making quarantine workout videos for the fans and making silly humor jujitsu “omoplata” videos to bring smiles to our fans and anyone else that sees them. The webcam shows also helps with personal interaction. If you’re at home and feeling lonely, I HIGHLY suggest jumping into a webcam site like Cam4 because it’s all real-time live action and you can have conversations, see a smiling face and interact.

Do you have any advice for people who may be feeling lonely or bored?


A lot of my fans have become real-life friends with each other by chatting in my twitter timeline and recognizing handles in the Cam4 chat room. I love this. Don’t forget you can also use Skype, Google Hangouts or Facetime for interactive face to face conversations. This can be very helpful!

I want to say that even though we aren’t able to leave our homes it’s important to still practice self-care. Brush your teeth, put on some fresh bed sheets, shower, listen to music, don’t retreat away from yourself. This is a great time too for hobbies! Keep yourself busy. Don’t be idle. Don’t be stagnant. Put music videos on YouTube and learn the dances they’re doing, start a cleaning project that requires you to focus on what you’re doing, check out Duolingo and learn a language for FREE! I try to commit 30 minutes out of my day to practice learning Spanish. No mas pantalones para mi! I’m still learning hahaha. 

Yo no quiero los pantalones! Who have been your biggest supporters in the adult film scene?

If I understand this question correctly, I’d have to say my fans. This August I have been in porn for 16 years. I have fans still with me since day one. This is amazing. The loyalty, love and support from my fans is something I never even dreamed possible. Many of them have become real-life friends. My career would be nothing without my fans. For example, I wouldn’t have won some of my awards without fan voting and had the opportunity to shoot with Jessica Drake because that was by voting. I love my fans very much. 

You're also known for doing a ton of fetish work, ranging from typical foot fetish scenes to stuff like sacrilege fetishism. Do you have any kinks IRL that you enjoy?

Oh yes, I shoot a lot of fetish. Primarily femdom, forced-bi, and sissification. Not vanilla at all. If you’re reading this my fetish clip sites aren’t just looking at my feet, they get a little on the dark side of things so you really need to already be into these kinks or it’s just not for you. It’s a very specific market. It’s more bratty and mean. Goddess Stokely is a total opposite of sunny Charlotte Stokely.

Two very unique sides to a fascinating girl!

At first, I started these videos because there was a niche opportunity and over the years I find myself enjoying the kinks more and more. Some are a bit out there even for me and I make the content because the fans or “slaves” ask for it. I personally enjoy sissification and coming up with fun stories about putting make-up on straight men and having them practice dildo sucking for me.

Let’s just say it’s never boring, I try to have fun with it! (I feel it’s important to mention here that Will does not participate in these kinks!) I have a huge foot fetish and in my personal life I feel I’m always trying to stick my toes in a mouth haha. I definitely have a thing for thigh highs and stockings and never wear the same pair twice. My favorite brand is Wolford. Sooooo soft and luxurious! It’s an expensive addiction when they are between $35-80 a pair. 

charlotte StokelyWhat are the most important things you feel people should know about BDSM? About sexuality?


It’s very important to stick to what you’re comfortable with.  It’s also very important in a BDSM relationship/session/playtime that you are clear what your boundaries are before you get started.

For example, if you’re into spanking, beforehand say “I like spankings”, and then during your playtime you could squirm and say, “Nooo, I don’t like spankings” but it’s actually part of the fantasy to have forced spankings so when you’re tied up or whatever they person spanking you knows you actually DO like it; it’s just part of the acting. Vice-versa.

If you don’t like it, let them know. If they do spank you when you’re tied up and you said you didn’t want that then say so. “Hey, pause, real talk here, I don’t like this!!” If they don’t respect your boundaries, I highly advise you call it quits and do not choose this person for playtime in the future. Boundaries are good to have and good to respect in all aspects of life!

 Would you say that the porn industry has been a positive influence in your life? 


I’m a pretty positive person overall and I will say that I’ve learned a lot. At work and in real life I don’t do anything I don’t want to do. Porn has taught me a lot about managing a business, marketing, commitment to schedules and updates, it’s given me a lot of structure. It’s given me the freedom of self-expression sexually.  It’s connected me with thousands of amazing peoples. I’m in charge of my schedule and because of this, I was able to go back to school while simultaneously running my career. After a year of fast-paced online schooling, I just graduated! Time management is a very important key here. Porn has positively influenced my life in these ways and many others. 


We might have scoped a new art project involving pinup playing cards that you're involved in. Want to talk about it?

Lorenzo, the artist, is a sweet man I met through Anastasia Pierce. They are a lovely married couple. I first met him doing camera work for some scenes she hired me for. One I played Harlequin (it was nominated) and another was a Warcraft porn. He’s very charming and respectful. He has started created pin-up styled playing cards using adult stars as the models. He chose me and my best friend Romi Rain to be the two Wild Cards which I think is awesome. 

It is awesome indeed! So, I heard through the grapevine that you're a popular chick! Who are your best friends in the adult film world?

I have a handful of besties but I’ll tell ya about my top two. 

Romi Rain has been one of my best friends for more than three years now. I love that she speaks her mind and stands up for the industry making change and growth for us all. She recently won the Positive Image award from XBIZ and I agree, she’s a powerful woman that doesn’t take any shit and encourages others to do the same. I love that about her. She’s very honest, fun and cares about people. It’s not uncommon for us to send each other 8-minute voice texts daily chatting about anything and everything. We speak almost every day. It’s a bonus that she’s also super hot haha. 

Will Pounder is another one of my best friends. We were best friends before we started dating, which I think is very important and a huge part of our relationship’s success. We do everything together. We talk about science, metaphysics, we work out together, we help each other film, we play video games together, go on road trips, act goofy. He is very honest and always smiling, we laugh a lot. We are both very into health and we both have our own personal crusade mission to spread the word that our thoughts actions and food influence our human lives and health. We are able to openly communicate all our feelings, thoughts, fears, past and future, etc., and have mature conversations about them without judgment. This is important for bonding. We’re a kickass team! 

I have about five best friends in this industry, and five best friends out of the industry. The important thing is when you can 100% be yourself around someone hang on to them. Don’t muffle your thoughts because you think someone might not understand or care the way you do, always be yourself. As Dr. Seuss said wonderfully, “Those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter!”

Always always be true to yourself. And sometimes it’s ok to outgrow a friend. You may have met someone at one point in charlotte Stokelyyour life that worked well with you but then you grow apart. That’s ok and happens naturally. Just always be true to you and always be your own best friend first. Look in the mirror and say “You’re awesome! I love you!”  But for reals, do that, It’s powerful. 

I'll give it a shot. Tell me something that most people would never guess about you.  

Hmm, well I’m allergic to chocolate. That surprises a lot of people. I started college when I was 15 years old. I collect crystals and high heels. I don’t watch scary movies. I have a fascination with viruses and DNA. I used to want to specialize in working with Ebola and Marburg and work for the CDC.

Ebola scares me.

Basically anything to do with the human body whether it is reversing diseases by balancing nutrients in the body, metaphysics and the pineal gland, sociology, I’m a very curious lady especially when it comes to humans! I have a big fascination for space weather and daily I look at solar wind speeds, monitor coronal holes, and see how these things interact with our Earth's magnetosphere. I’m a bit of a nerd for this stuff. 

As a fan of unique science facts, I approve! Though we all know you from your amazing porn career, I know that you're the type to have additional side projects up your sleeve. Care to let fans know about them? 

I’m currently working on writing three books. I won’t say much more at the moment about that. I did just finish school and earned the title Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I’m starting a vlog and I’ve been thinking about maaaaybe shooting and releasing boy-girl sex scenes with Will. I’m feeling out the fans to see if this is something they’d like to see.

So far, a majority want this by asking me directly about it. But it’s a big move since I’m a girl/girl only performer and everything I do is strongly calculated. Last year I started a healing company called the Greatest Feelings, working directly with sexworkers only. T

his has kinda been pushed to the side for now while I formulate it better. In the meantime, I’ve been offering my health services for free to many different porn stars. I really just want people to be healthy and happy. We’re all in this together. 


What advice would you give fans who interact with you online? Is there anything you wish fans knew?


The fans are pretty good at interacting already as is. I suppose if I had to answer something to this, it would be read the post before asking questions about the post, haha. Sometimes they see a photo and ask what scene is this from? And I literally typed this information already into the post. It doesn’t bother me but I think it’s silly. Haha. 


That's pretty involved! What are your plans for the future?

 I have the books I’m currently writing. I bought the land last year I wish to build a house on in the future. I want to travel the world. As is said, “Knowledge is learned by reading a book, but experience is true wisdom.” I want to experience different cultures and traditions and see the architecture and temples around the world.


I’ve been to Germany, Italy, Bahamas, Amsterdam to name a few. I really want to go to Costa Rica and hike a volcano! 


That is an amazing amount of accomplishments. We saw that you graduated! Congratulations! What degree did you achieve?


Thank you very much. I went to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I am now a “health coach.” I loved this program because we don’t just focus on nutrition, we focus on what brings joy and creativity to your life, help advise with finances and relationship structure. It’s the total package for health and happiness.

School involved 40 modules and I’m given a week to complete each one with three written assignments and a quiz. There are four tests. I have passed with all A’s. I’m a great student because I’m hungry to learn. I don’t know that I will ever actually use this degree, I kind of just did it for myself.

I love to learn but I am happy I don’t have homework anymore hahaha. I used to be a holistic healer for 6 years between 2006-2012 as a side job while still shooting porn. I specialized in reversing diseases like MS, tumors, diabetes, etc. I was very good at this job but then I signed a contract with Met-Art and Sex Art in 2012 and focused more on my adult career. I am passionate about both. One of the books I’m writing is about health. 


Thanks for asking me these wonderful questions. I feel the fans really learned something new about me today. I hope that everyone is well as can be and if not actively working on making good changes. Thank you for being a fan, your love, and support. Follow me on Twitter @Char_Stokely and Instagram @charlottestokely 

Photos Courtesy of Mile High Media

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