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The XCritic Interview: Jane Wilde


There is always so much mystery that comes with meeting the superstars of the future. One of the most common mistakes fans, media, industry personnel will make, is the assumption that a young starlet is simply riding a wave of success as dangerously as possible until she is thrown off. Nothing could be further from the truth with the phenomenon known as Jane Wilde. This Queens-born beauty who has a passion for hip-hop, honesty, performance, and passion is anything but your latest up and coming porn superstar. Starting as a cam-model, Jane discovered the ropes of the modern adult industry all by her lonesome. That actually sounds kind of dreary because this independent woman has managed to not only take her status into the heavens herself but also become a “Spiegler Girl,” take the convention and logic that was the way of the industry years ago and managed to yield it’s benefits to her, doing things her way. Jane is a performer who knows her brand, knows her body and will hold you to that degree no matter what she does. What this writer found out was something even more powerful than her commanding personality. I discovered a very humble, very intelligent young woman who honestly made me second guess the way I see the youth of the world being she is only twenty-one. These twenty one years might as well be a hundred, for what you are about to learn is wisdom, hard work, self-sacrifice and a love for the fans and the people who got her here are what makes up this soon to be porn megastar in the midst of her first performer showcase with Jonni Darkko and Evil Angel. A feat rarely reached by industry veterans and would be hall of famers let alone a young beauty hailing from the NYC.

Jane Wilde
Don Juan: First things first woman, where in New York are you from?

Jane Wilde: I am from Queens.

Don Juan: Get the fuck out, I am from the Bronx! Wicked cool. So, are we talking that you grew up near the “two stories?” That section of Queens where some of the greatest Italian food on the planet is served?

Jane Wilde: So, I am from the neighborhood known as Rego Park. There were some really great Italian restaurants but they were not really in my area. Now that I think about being back home and the restaurants that were even so/so I miss them so much because now that I am living in LA, any pizza is better than anything here in Los Angeles.

Jane Wilde
Don Juan: The food is fucking horrible in LA.

Jane Wilde: You ain’t lying it is so fucking bad oh my goodness.

Don Juan: You know what is so funny? When you go to Studio City, people always go to that In and Out burger. See, you and I we are some fucking New York natives, we already know this shit but I had a producer I was working with one of the first times I went to that part of LA and all he could say was, “We must go into this In and Out.” I had to break it down to him, I said, “dude, this doesn’t taste like anything. This shit sucks!”

Jane Wilde: It does suck. In and Out burger, they have the best fucking marketing scheme of all time. Because everybody from all across the country is so obsessed with In and Out Burger, not realizing that their local burger joint is better than In and Out. THAT SHIT SUCKS! Oh well, live and learn.

Don Juan: I fucking love you woman. That is a bold statement. It is a true one on top of that. It is so hard to see what a person’s character is on social media. I am an ancient ass mother fucker who is just used to conversation. You do not know shit about a fucking person when you are texting. From all the people who know the both of us they said, “when you two get to meet each other, oh shit!” That is what I’m talking about.

Jane Wilde: I feel you. For me, I never wanted to be this fake persona. For me, Jane Wilde was something that I never wanted fans or others to come up to me and ask, “how much are you like the performer, like Jane Wilde?” I want people to know that Jane Wilde is an extension of the real personality that is inside of me. I didn’t want “Jane Wilde” to be something that was just conjured out of thin air. So, what I put out on social media is all me, it is who I am. It is who I have always been. It is just selective parts of who I am as a whole, which is how I think personally that everyone should run their brand. You should not be showing everybody all parts of you, well, actually it is a mixture of showing enough of yourself but not everything.

Don Juan: Yes, yes! Darlin’ you are talking to the guy, who when he started doing design work and this was back in the Vivid days when their building was up in Studio City and they were the powerhouses. I used to tell even some of the Vivid Girls, “you can not show anything for free damn it!” I have always been like you. It is all about creating a show. So much of that type of knowledge is what matters most.

Jane Wilde
Jane Wilde: It does really matter but I think that covering things up is not always the right thing either. You will see sometimes, where a performer puts stickers on her nipples even though they are out there doing hardcore porn. To me, it is a little silly but to each their own obviously. Everybody creates a brand for themself, they could be making their money on Instagram and the only type of sex work that they do is taking their top off and showing their breasts. So yeah, in that case, I would understand why you would put stickers on your nipples then. Because if your nipples are your main source of income, you don’t wanna give that away for free. Me personally, I am out here already working for all these companies like Brazzers and Evil Angel. The stuff is out there, it is not hidden, it is not a secret. Social media for me is using my nipples to bring someone in and say “yes, that a boy.” So there are so many things you can show that are and are not giving things away with what I do. There is a thin line between both.

Don Juan: Oh my God, that is the rope you ladies have to walk and it takes so much to discover what is right for you, what is right for your brand. I have heard so many things about your amazing character and personality. Me, I am a cheesy fucker so I am a very blunt and outgoing person. So much so that whenever you speak of presentation and I love that by the way because I enjoy helping people fresh to the industry, on day one, learn what their brand is and how important it is to stay true to that in their own way. That is what you are really selling. There is sex everywhere and it is your presentation that sells you. If you are badass enough to do it, you can sell shit without even taking your clothes off and that is the truth. You are the epitome of that in young performers and I mean that darlin’. The day that I messaged you to set this up, never have I seen a person have nine promotions going at the same time and two of them are from Evil Angel in the same fucking release cycle. That is fucking impressive. I think that is something very deserving of a person works hard and I know that you do.

Jane Wilde
Jane Wilde: Yeah I do and thank you for acknowledging that and I have always had this problem before I got to porn of feeling like an outsider. I discovered that when I got into porn and I am sure that a lot of people experience something similar, that I had something to offer and it is not just the sex. It is the entire package of myself. It is everything that I choose to put out there in the world. It is my persona, my looks, my performances, my content. Every single one of those things has been carefully curated, then added to the world. People think that it is something that we just throw out there without any thought. That it is some kind of bullshit where we put everything out on a table and you can just take anything that you want. I don’t want to put anything out there that would make people look at my work and be output by it in some way. I definitely try to be conscious of being myself but I give the people what they want to see, well, I try to for the most part.

Don Juan: Madam, you do a fantastic job. I won’t name names because I am like you. I believe in integrity at many levels, I have seen you perform with the stiffest performers and my stars, you turn that production into something magical. I have seen you work alongside them, people who are veteran stars and I say to myself, “damn, she carried the fucking scene.” That is so impressive for a performer to do this, this early in their career. That is impressive, that means that you give a shit because you are in the scene. You would be surprised how many performers are oblivious. Truthfully, the industry needs this. I mean that darlin’. I believe that this industry has the potential to unlock so many things in the real world and the entertainment world because everyone watches it. Whoever says they do not is full of shit. If the industry could ever get someone who could ambassador that link life, honesty, and sex. It just won’t be something lucrative, it will be something that changes people for the better. I truly believe that shit.

Jane Wilde: I completely agree and that is why I really look up to and admire performers who are not just doing it for a check. There is this stigma about the industry that all of us just do this for the money. I understand that this is something that gets you money and that need in life to get money. I wake up in the morning and go to get paid at work as well. Beyond that, when I am actually at work, you have a choice. You can go do what you need to do in order to get through it. Just barely doing what is required to get by and then take your check and go home. I think if you work like that you are leaving things to be open where your fans will say that this was not your best scene or this was your worst scene ever. Or you can work harder and have your fans give you that recognition for what you put into it. Anything else will just have them saying, “this was just a scene.” For me, I do not want to be ordinary, I want to be extraordinary.

Don Juan: That you are darlin’. Working in the publishing world as well there is something that always bugs the shit out of me and it is the way that people get labeled and typecast in this business. I run into so many people who only work in the world of writing and publishing just to get a fucking paycheck. They don’t get the fucking scrutiny that you performers do. Just because you are female, you are beautiful and your modeling, all with sex as the cherry on top, people are always in this frame of mind like, “these gals are just in a gold-digging frame of mind.” That is the furthest thing from the truth. I have met more empowered women in this industry than anywhere else in life and in any profession.

Jane Wilde
Jane Wilde: I completely agree once again. I think that in this industry it is different from other parts of Hollywood and other parts of entertainment. As women, we might not be treated the best but we command this industry. We might not have the most power within it, in terms of the higher levels of the patriarchy but we do run the show. There would not be porn without women. It is a different experience to go out and get an agent but at the end of the day my agent is not on set with me, my agent is not telling me how to perform. My agent is not telling me what to expect from these long time legendary directors. When I tell you that I was so nervous to meet Jonni Darkko, let alone shoot with him, it was something. I first followed him on Twitter and then he started following me, no wait, now that I think of it, he followed me first and it was so shocking that he knew who I was. Then I followed him back and he was the first to message and say, “Hey Jane, thank you for the follow, I look forward to working with you.” When I tell you that it was such a surreal first experience I mean it. It was a big moment for me because that made me realize that I am not some random porn girl that nobody knows. I am actually getting to be known as an anal talent. This is my schtick, this is my brand and people are starting to recognize that of me. It just felt so good.

Don Juan: That is as exciting as it gets in any form of show business. Jonni Darkko is a true treasure of this industry. He knows art, he knows this business. The first time I ever got to chat with him he complimented me on my wording, my vocabulary and more. It means something when another artist recognizes what you put in. Angela White recently told me he is just the best at putting glamour and debauchery together. I feel you on every point, when he gave me that compliment on my writing, I went apeshit too. We spoke about writing and the method of perfecting it. There truly is only one Jonni Darkko.

Jane Wilde: He has such a way about him. He has this power when he is shooting you to make you either feel real shitty, or make you feel like a supermodel, like a million bucks. (What Jane speaks here is a power few fans know. We had opened this interview by speaking about her bluntness and her charisma. We spoke about how being pushed helps us and is a tool of those who want us to do better, to become something. I literally had the movie Whiplash in my mind about what it has to be like to work with Jonni Darkko. He only shoots the best and like that tale of being the best shows, the conductor's methods are there to elevate you to greatness if you can withstand what he is trying to teach you. Jane literally could not stop talking about his powerful direction and motivation. I had to point this out because some critics of this business do not think this exists and shame on them. Jane proves them otherwise.) When he makes you feel shitty, he is not doing that on purpose. He does not want to make you feel shitty, he wants to instill something in your brain that if you are doing something that you could be doing way better he is not going to sugar coat it, he does not beat around the bush. He will ask you, “why are you doing that? Do it like this and this is the result you will get.” Then, you do it the way he tells you, you swallow your pride and you say like I did, “holy fucking shit, you are right, you are a fucking genius.” Literally, everything he has taught me and that he teaches me it is pure knowledge. I thank God that I did not go to college honestly. Because this is my calling. I feel like I am learning so much stuff about modeling, acting, performing, learning about the history of the industry. Which is going to help at what I wanna do which is be here for a very long fucking time.

Jane Wilde
Don Juan: Darlin’ you nailed it to a tee. You know Jonni and Evil Angel are letting us use the images that he shot with you for the film and oh my God they are fucking gorgeous!

Jane Wilde: Those are some of my best photos.

Don Juan: He knows how to mix these lighting schemes that are just like fucking-a, how did he see this in his mind before he took the picture or shot the video? It is incredible. How did he see something before it was even on a digital screen?

Jane Wilde: I don’t know. I don’t think anyone knows how his thought process works in terms of his creativity. I don’t know how he does it, I just know that I love it. I have become totally obsessed with it. Obviously, I trust him. So, let me tell you about how we made the cover. That was not the first version of what we shot. He showed me the first version and I was not feeling it, I had thought that the other looks were stronger. He looks at me and he says, “no trust me, these are the ones that you want.” I asked him why and after he explained his reasons and broke things down for me the way that he saw them. I knew that he was exactly right. I told him, “I should have never doubted you.” He simply had to clue me in. He has a vision for everything. There is a reason behind everything that he does and everything that he does simply works. He never misses the mark in my opinion.

Don Juan: Fuck that is so wicked. You know, what I am about to say, it is a testament to you. I can see this in all you fucking do and I can tell we are alike in this characteristic. I love it when someone challenges me in things that I say, things that I do. Yes, I have been doing things in the industry a long time, like Jonni has but when you have someone who will say, “hey bro, do this thing this way.” I think people who don’t know any better or, are not dedicated, only see me snapping at them when I am actually trying to create something but it is not, it is me giving a shit and when someone tells me, no, take another look that means they give a shit, just like you do. I hate it when someone will give in and say yes, even though they feel different in their heart or that you made a mistake. Nothing is worse than that in my opinion. I love it when people point that out. I really do and he does too.

Jane Wilde: The thing is, well, let’s put him and I in that scenario and he took a second peek at it and he would stop, take a look and he would see where you were coming from even if his way is still the correct way. He is not stuck in his ways where he will not see where it is you are coming from and what it is that you see. If there would ever be a moment where he thought what I saw was better, he does not have any qualms about what is better by collaborating with you to create the best results.

Don Juan: Yes!

Jane Wilde: Why I will now do anything I can to work with him is that he still has a certain level of control over his product, which is important because it is your product and your brand and at the end of the day too and you have to hold onto that. There is so much that you have to trust in his view and yet he still gave me my own creative control in a lot of ways. It really made me feel like it was my movie. That was very special to me and that was a very special experience.

Jane Wilde
Don Juan: I can not wait to see this film. When you are a critic, you sometimes just line up what is next and do not give it a second thought. It is about that mixture of quality and quantity. I have seen many performer showcases over the years and when my editor said take a look at this, my first reaction was, “fucking-a, she has her first showcase already!” It is fucking amazing to see because the promo and the marketing by Evil Angel are spot on. So, are we ready to begin the fun questions? I like to do my interviews a different way. What has been on my mind since second one being that I have been away from New York for so long, it has changed so much. I loved Red Hook, well, everywhere in Brooklyn. I don’t know what your opinion is but what is your view about how modern New York looks? Has it changed in a good way or a bad way in your view?

Jane Wilde: First off, to answer that question, I don’t like it. I really don’t. To be honest with you, yes I love it, it is where I grew up and it has a special place in my heart. It is like how you love your annoying family members. You do not want anything to do with them but you still love them deep within your heart. Now, how I feel about New York. I don’t know if it has changed. When I was growing up I definitely did not pay attention to it. Perhaps I did not appreciate it growing up. Or maybe I did not venture out enough. I did later on as I got older but there is a big part of me that wishes that I would have gotten a head start on such things. I do not think that it is even possible to see New York within twenty years of living there. So, I don’t really know if it has changed. I would say that there has been a little bit of change and what has changed to me is that back in the day we would have a whole block of stores that had a bunch of smaller places that got replaced by big businesses. There used to be this place called Johnny Rockets and it was this 1950’s style diner. It got replaced by Chipotle. Yes, that is truly a metaphor for what has happened everywhere in New York. They have done so many things, I mean they have "genderfied" Manhattan and the same thing to Brooklyn and of course it made its way to Queens.

Don Juan: It is so awful, I mean this is what I had to find out from someone who has been there more recently than I have. It has been almost fifteen years since I have been there. Just like in the Bronx, my boys always tell me everything is gone. You used to be able to go into a Dominican grocery, or a Puerto Rican restaurant and now there ain’t shit. It has all been replaced by Starbucks. I am always like “fuck you, noooooooooooo!”

Jane Wilde: Yeah, there is a lot of Starbucks and a lot of change. I guess I just wasn’t paying attention to it while it was happening.

Jane Wilde
Don Juan: No, I feel you. That is what all my cousins say. It is like it all just went up around them so fast. I think that will always be how it goes in New York.

Jane Wilde: Now, every time that I go back there I notice.

Don Juan: No, it is crazy, I am the same way darlin’. I think all of us New Yorkers, we have that soft spot for the "mom and pops" stores. We invented that shit. I don’t wanna see New York turned into LA! Ahhhhh!

Jane Wilde: I would never want to see that. I don’t think it will. There will always be something about New York. It is that culture and city where everything is just in close proximity to one another. That will forever be its vibe.

Don Juan: Oh, I hope so. I always love to ask this of a fellow native New Yorker because you know this, nobody gets us, they think that we are all fucking dick heads, no? We just know what we are and who we are and where we are. I bet you get this shit all the time, it is not cockiness, it is not even confidence. That is just what you gotta be. When you are in line, getting a fucking hero made and the line is out the door, you better know what the fuck you want when you step up to the counter. So, here is the question I have been dying to ask you for years woman. You remind me so much of Debbie Diamond the way that you perform and present yourself. I would love to know, who or what is it that inspired Jane Wilde to become Jane Wilde?

Jane Wilde
Jane Wilde: That is a good question. I would not say that it is one single performer who inspired me. There is definitely a group of ladies that inspired different parts of who I am as a performer and as a person in general. That is how I approach this subject within the industry. I would say Riley Reid is the first influence that comes to mind. That is due to the fact that she is petite like me and she is in my opinion, the number one porn star in the world. Everybody that I have ever talked to, they know who Riley Reid is and she just basically showed me that it does not have to be on a smaller scale, I can dream big and I can go big. She makes me feel that giving my all and trying my hardest pays off when I give it my all. She is a performer who made me have so much confidence in the way that I look. Before I knew who Riley was, I never pictured in my mind that someone who looks like I do could ever become a popular porn star. She is the performer that made me realize that you do not have to have huge boobs or big curves. Or that you have to be super nasty and do all these crazy things. You see Riley and she has always been the definition of the girl next door. Seeing her work, it made me have this realization in my mind that I could at least give it a shot. With her, I saw that it was not impossible to chase my dreams. Now there are a lot of girls who have inspired me. Adriana Chechik is another. The way that she performs with such dedication to her scenes, her commitment to everything, it just inspires me. When she shows up for her scene, she literally gives everything about herself into the part, every single time. I hope that I can become that kind of performer. Believe it or not, I don’t feel like I am on that level of commitment, it is just so fucking hard. What I see in her is a performer who truly does that every step of the way and I would love one day to be able to say that I am on the same level of professionalism and talent as her.

Then, last but not least, there would be Piper Perri. She is retired now and was someone that I knew who she was because she was so tiny. Growing up, I was super skinny like she was. People always told me I looked sick and my bones used to stick out and people would make fun of me for that. When I would look at her, she was really skinny and petite too and was really popular. People loved her for it and that was what made her the inspiration she became to me. She was one of the stars that put that final thought into my head that I really could do this with my look. Now, I look back and I could not even imagine not being in this industry. If I would not have been. I see that I would have a lot less confidence in the person that I am right now.

Don Juan: That is so awesome for you to share. You know, why I compare you to Debbie Diamond. She was a performer who was tiny and had these petite attributes that she changed the industry with. Her style, her look, and performances, they were something that people had never seen before. She was petite, small, athletic but also a woman whose force was something no one ever expected. Debbie was the type of performer who would simply make you lose yourself as a voyeur before she even took off a stitch of clothing. You have a style like that and it is fucking cool to see because you do not see it much anymore in this industry. Perhaps that answers the question of how unique you really are darlin'.

Jane Wilde: Thank you.

Don Juan: I also love what you said that people in this industry inspire you. I think this industry is very inspirational and I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks otherwise because, truthfully and Rebecca Bardoux use to say this to me all the time, “we are therapists in a lot of senses, even if we do not want to be.” It is a challenge to do that and have that thrust upon you as you gain fame and stature. I think the way that you have handled this success, it is pretty fucking amazing. I truly enjoy the way that you deal and interact with your fans. You do it professionally. I dig that.

Jane Wilde: Thank you again. I like to see it as my fans are the reason that I am able to do what I do on the scale that I do it. There is no reason that anyone should ever look at them with disregard or anger for any reason. OK, yes, there will always be individual people on a small scale who are trolls, or for some reason are just angry about their own life and there are times people like that will take it out on you. I would say as a whole, my fans are like, well, let me just say it this way, I feel like I basically owe everything to them. When I started, I didn't even see the worth in me myself. To be perfectly honest, I thought that no matter what, things could possibly work out if it is truly meant to work out and I never thought that in my entire life that I would be able to do the things that I do and get to see the places I have been. I just don't really get it but I know one thing, it is my fans who got me there.

Jane Wilde
...She laughs the sweetest laugh you have ever heard after this. Showing a side of herself that I think few would ever know exists. She is such a powerful performer and an amazing actor. It is like she sees the way the fans see her and it makes her smile and laugh with glee. That is Jane Wilde. Our conversation does not end here, there is more to come as we spotlight her first performer showcase. This film she spoke of is massively flying off the shelves, being reviewed and watched by every critic, porn fan and their brother and sister. It is a film of power, with a rare look into not only the elegant side of the newest superstar in the making but also a woman who you can see looked to create something different. Jane’s Anal Addiction has so much that Jane has never taken part in and what I can say after finally getting to sit down with her, she is doing it for you, the fans plain and simple. Never in one second did this little lady hide behind some gimmick, or preachy overtone like you do see with some performers. Jane’s take it or leave it beauty is something wonderful in the world of adult entertainment. It's something that has never been seen. Yes, we have had performers that have a bite to go along with their kiss but never one who truly eats, sleeps and breathes this business. This woman is truly the next icon in the making. One who has directors, producers, fans and critics lining up around the block just to witness the phenomenon.

Don Juan DeMarko


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Special thanks to the amazing Liz at EvilAngel.com and Jonni Darkko for the amazing photos.Make sure to pick up your copy of what looks to already be the top starlet showcase of 2020, Jane's Anal Addiction.

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