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The XCritic Interview: Aria Khaide


Getting into porn is not for everyone. Yes, this is true like it is with any job. “Porn is not for everyone” in terms of consumption. I do not know that to be entirely true after sitting down with new starlet Aria Khaide. We spoke in length about the wonders of sexuality and how much it is consumed around the US and all reaches of the globe that a fiber optic cable can reach these days. What truly made me see the light was how much this newcomer to the industry has already made herself at home among the superstars of the business. Her Twitter page is filled with so much fun, sexuality and love that even before I picked up the phone to give her a call, I knew this was going to be exciting. Some people were born to be in this industry, and it is that type of performer who truly reaches out to a fan and shows them what this industry truly is, a safe and fun place to enjoy the sexual impulses and passions we all have as human beings. This stunner looks like she just stepped off the pages of Italian Vogue. A frame that could cause a ten-car pile-up as she walks down a busy intersection. This sharp look of an Elle Macpherson or a Cindy Crawford is what she possess. I mean there is a reason this gal has reached amazing heights and numbers within six months of being in the industry. She sincerely has that old school charisma where you would gladly spend your entire paycheck just to call her on the telephone. That is the wonder Aria has. As we pass a month that was all about trying to see into a crystal ball and predict the future, Aria here looks to have more than luck on her side when it comes to making a big splash in the world of adult films and entertainment.

Aria Khaide


Don JuanSo, let’s start with the fun shit! (The days leading up this amazing event, Aria simply charms my pants off, I mean in the most literal sense possible. Whoops, did I say that out loud? She has the confidence that every human being dreams of, with this kindness that I think every person who has ever fantasized about a woman has in their head. Just texting her, she simply shows a heart that makes you feel as if you have known her forever. We start as I give her a call and she picks up and we jabber on about athletic woman having sex as if we were two peas in a pod, no bullshit.) First question and I have a couple of surprise questions that you are just going to love. 


Aria Khaide: I’m excited!


Don Juan: First one is an easy one, tell us how you found your way into this amazing business known as adult films?


Aria Khaide: Because my husband looked at me and said, “you are a greedy slut, so you might as well make money doing it.” (I nearly piss myself with laughter. She has the charisma of chilling with the boys but then you realize she is one of the sexiest women on the planet and the joy just gets even more immense.) So, my husband and I, discovered right out of the gate that we are “kinky” and that is a word that I use very sparingly because kink can be defined so many different ways. The first time we slept together I literally grabbed his hand and put it on his throat. That is probably not the first thing you should be doing when you sleep with someone for the first time but we did and we ended up posting all out stuff on amateur sites like ClipsForSale and Fet-Life, then people started asking us, “where else can we find your stuff?” To which we said, “what do you mean, “find our stuff?” From there, that is what led me to say, “OK, let’s try this out.” It was then that we ended up getting pregnant with our two children, so we had to put that dream on hold for a little bit after being pregnant back to back with our kids. That takes a lot out of you two plus years and two at a time. Then, finally a year ago and eXXXotica New Jersey, I said “let’s do this!” I went and jumped two feet in, and it ended us shooting with some great people at eXXXotica. I ended up shooting with Richard Mann, Black Pipe, Sara Lace and they were all just amazing people and I just have not stopped since then.


Don JuanOh, that is wonderful. Isn’t that just amazing? You know, the people of the world, it is so funny how we all have this in common. It was my girl who introduced me to Fet-Life. I had no idea what it even was.


Aria Khaide: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. It was my husband who introduced me too. (We both share this robust, massive laugh as high pitched as you could imagine. At least mines was.) I was very glad that he did.


Don JuanIsn’t that crazy though? It is so cool that as people we all have that connection in some way in the business. I am so smiling ear to ear with the tale that includes this comment, “where can we find your content.” That is just fucking awesome.

Aria Khaide


Aria Khaide: Yeah exactly. My husband, who was at the time boyfriend when all of this was going down. It was something that just kept growing and growing you know.


Don JuanAwww, that is so cute. I love those kinds of stories. That is so awesome. I love it! I love doing these because you women within the industry, there is so much to your personality, depth, and character. I loved that you talked about being a mother. I think too many people do not realize, mothers, sisters, neighbors, friends and everything in between are a part of this business. I would love to know about the person behind the performer and have you tell the story of you, most important, when did you get into wrestling and track and field? (For a few days, she and I have been messaging each other about our athletic days. It was then that she told me that she was a collegiate athlete and I knew I had to find out more that instant.)


Aria Khiade: So, the story begins with the older brother who beats up the younger sister. My younger brother he wrestled his entire life and it got to the point where I was telling him what move to do next before his coach was even telling him. I went to every single one of his wrestling matches and I knew that I could understand the sport pretty good. Now, my thoughts were if I could make the thoughts go from my brain to my body. I was able to do it and honestly, it was the greatest workout of my entire life. It was something that also taught me discipline better than anything previously had. I think after I tell this story and it is not a very glamorous story, after I go home and tell my brother what it was like, talking a mile a minute like I always do, all of a sudden I paused and then just melted into a chair and started sobbing. It wasn’t because I was sad or emotional. It was just that I was so spent that my entire body had no idea what other reaction to have. I gave it my all and it produced this amazing feeling that there is only one way to react. I wanted to wrestle first during my freshman year in high school, but the coach was a massive shit head. He actually laughed at me when I approached him, and I said that I wanted to wrestle but the sophomore year was something special. I was on a team with all these special, amazingly talented people. That year when I told the coaches that I wanted to wrestle they were my biggest cheerleaders. I was really lucky to be a part of that team and cross country, I was first a soccer player and it was my Mom who came to me and said, “well, if you are going to wrestle then you need to do cross country thinking I would never quit soccer and one day I just came home and told her, “hey, I am going to do cross country.” She said, “oh shit, I guess my daughter is going to be a wrestler and I never looked back.


Don JuanThat is fucking gangsta. You are talking to an athlete who knows what a fireman’s takeover is. People do not understand where the basis for sports comes from. Sports are all about the mind. The physicality, yes but I think it is minor in comparison. The mind, the endurance and were you can push your body, oh my God! I wish I could have got to see you wrestle.


Aria Khaide 

Aria Khaide: Well, you never know. Usually, if I get a couple of drinks inside me and my husband will say this to you, “see this skinny white girl? This cute, happy little thing bopping around?” Then the first thing I will do, especially if we are all hanging out with his guy friends. I will start with some double leg takedowns. One of the first times I met one of my husband’s friends, he wasn’t the jockiest of dudes and he was not expecting it and I put him through a wall. I totally thought there was going to be some weight behind this guy. That was a nice “hello, nice to meet you.” That is how you truly say hello to someone, by throwing them through a wall. (We share a nice ten second laugh. Once again, talking with Aria is like talking with your boys at the bar watching the UFC fight. Her charm and wit are so unique and wonderful.)


Don JuanOh, my goodness, I gotta hang out with you woman.


Aria Khaide: Whiskey and double leg takedowns that is my kind of party.


Don JuanOh, my goodness, we have to introduce you to Ariel X!


Aria Khiade: Yes! Pleeeeeeeease! I would love that! I am telling you I would absolutely love that. I have been begging for that.


Don JuanLet me see if I can somehow put you two in contact here together. I think you would be an amazing fit to have on her website. Oh, she is just amazing. I can only imagine what she will think having a true wrestler to shoot with and compete. She is as badass and legit as she looks. I love her to death and what she does for this business. To see what she has in terms of set, oh my goodness, I could see you now, you would be like a pig in shit.


Aria Khaide: Yes, I would. I would be smiling like a goon the whole time.


Don JuanYes, people would get to film it, then we get to watch it! YEAHHHHH! (I sounded like a fucking goon just hearing this beauties enthusiasm.) Now, part two to this question, I always enjoy getting to tell this story. Were you a very sexually outgoing person when you were younger?


Aria Khaide: So, I actually had parents come up to me and they said, “I am not comfortable with you wrestling my son.” I would say to them, “What are you talking about, this is a sport?” That is how I thought. I was a late bloomer. Self-exploration was never poo-pooed on in my house. It was basically said that if that is going to happen, you do it behind closed doors. So, I partook in a lot of self-exploration when I was at that age and my first ever sexual encounter and relationship was with a woman. I was really young when that happened. I was probably thirteen and she was a couple of years older. My first sexual encounter with a man was not until my senior year of high school and it was not glamorous. I was dressed up like a hooker policewoman on Halloween and it was in the back seat of a car.


Don JuanThat is fucking awesome woman! Those are the best of stories. I think that fans never get to see such amazing qualities of people in this business. They think that we are so different, but we are all really just the same.


Aria Khaide: We are probably more fucked up, but we know how to hide it. (We share another quick laugh. This beauty has to be the ultimate bar-hopping partner. That is how witty and funny she is.)


Aria Khaide


Don JuanSo, was this your first year attending AVN as a performer?


Aria Khaide: This was my first AVN period. I had never attended the event and it was also only the second time that I had been to Las Vegas. It was a really, really cool experience. I always tell myself whenever we go to an expo that we are only going to do one or two shoots a day, then I end up getting overzealous and it turns into four shoots a day. I really got to work with some amazing people. I really do not know how to say no, because I am a greedy slut. Trust me when I say this that I am the greediest slut that you ever will meet. It was all just so amazing to meet all of these really cool people and get to work with people who were on top of my “fuck it” list.


Don Juan: Damn that is fucking genius! A “fuck-it” list. How is it I did not come up with such a name for a list. You need to patent that shit.


Aria Khaide: You know, it is us housewives in Jersey who come up with the best damn slogans. These are the things that we come up with from lack of sleep.


Don Juan: You are simply badass darlin’ and now we are starting to get into my two favorite questions. So, a little birdie told me that you got to work with one of our new writers with XCritic, her name is Sierra Slayter. (Before I can go on, her voice changes into this more exuberant pitch and you can tell her heart is aflutter at just the mention of her name.)


Aria KhaideOh, yeah! She said you were catfishing her at AVN(We share the most monstrous laugh. These two ladies are simply amazing, that is all I can say.) 


Don JuanAwwwww, poor thing. I deserve that. I was supposed to hang out with her and Damien as we have become Twitter friends even before she began to work with XCritic and I was only one day there on business and I missed seeing her and getting to meet her face to face. So, I deserve that from that sweetheart. I have the biggest crush on her and I love Damien too, he is truly a wonderful, wonderful man.


Aria Khaide: They are both so amazing and so sweet. Sierra is my porn wifey, we say that all the time.


Don Juan: That is so cute, yes that is what she has told me too. I know I made her mad by not getting to see her. She is quickly becoming a trusted friend and we talk about cooking, talk about hunting all the time she is such a wonderful spirit. Being that I have missed seeing her twice now, as I missed Jersey too, she deserves to kick my ass for letting her down. Being a guy who works in publishing, I never sleep either but I am married to my work so it usually has something that gets spaced but honestly, I promised her that 2020 would be different and I can not wait to meet her.


Aria Khaide: Just be careful, don’t challenge her to an arm-wrestling match.


Aria Khaide


Don JuanWe get along so much, she is my buddy. I have been blessed with a female brain and there are so many things about my feminine side that I love, and I embrace. What I think is so cool about sexuality, Sierra has this amazing side that is amazingly masculine and I fucking dig that. She and I seem to meet in the middle, in the kitchen as friends. We can talk about hunting, our fathers and about fashion but cooking is were we are rock and roll.


Aria Khiade: With the two of you it makes a full lesbian!


Don JuanYes! Being a person who was a collegiate athlete and fuck me, I can only fans get so tired of hearing this story, but it is truly a way that I think has always had me connect with performers. I worked a little with the “ladies of the night” when I was putting myself through school and also having a gay brother, I knew from a young age who I was but more importantly, that we are all born with certain aspects of our being we can never change and my feminine side is a massive part of me. Always has been. This may sound a bit stereotypical, but I get teased by my closest brothers that I am the lone man who loves shopping. So, this really connects to my next question, what was it like to work with her? 


Aria Khaide: So, we had shot before AVN together. We worked together first at eXXXotica and that was really fun because she confided in me that she had a crush on me. Then, my husband also told me that, “no, she really does have a crush on you.” We had a really nice and genuine encounter. It was very much a “pretty girl” scene as I like to call it. This first scene we truly began with exploring the other person with all the little things like kissing, exploring each other’s bodies. It was nice. It was a very feminine scene together.


Aria Khaide


Don JuanI have told this idea a few times to Damien and her, shooting a scene that has the natural way that two women make love would be amazing and she is such a passionate woman, I think that she is truly the person that could make it become not just a reality but something that is so beautiful to watch that fans would love. I think that would sell and people are so afraid to sell it in this business because they think that the fans will not buy it and I think that is bullshit!


Aria Khiade: So, I am thirty years old and I am from Jersey, so I do not have time to bullshit. I joke that I don’t like faking an interaction, especially when it is my content during a content trade, I do not have time to fake that. I want good content. So any interaction that any fan sees within my content is a very genuine interaction and I have been so lucky to get to work with women who are so positive and also love women that all of my girl/girl scenes have been all “pretty girl” and very feminine. I think that comes from being able to have people that I have worked with who also have a passion for women authentically. So, my most recent scene that I just did with Sarah Vandella, at the end of the scene, we both joked that because our pussies were so swollen and our make-up was running that was due to that fact that things were so hot and I just stopped and looked at her and said, “how long was that scene?” Because it was not a very long shoot at all because from second one, we did not stop because we just kept getting ourselves off. We were loving it and that describes the types of encounters I have had. I am so lucky to have worked with women who do embrace themselves and do embrace other women authentically.


Don Juan: That is one hell of a way to start your career in this game. You know, being a person who is paid to review porn I do not say it very often that the porn that I still to this day watch strictly as a fan is lesbian porn. Well, it does go beyond that because I love watching two women in real life as well. What most women do not know, and a shit ton of men definitely do not know, a woman can cum from just another woman’s touch. Or, even better, with just a look.


Aria Khaide: I can make a woman cum just with my Jedi Mind power. Us women we are much more mental creatures. I mean yes, there are times that we like to be treated like greedy little sluts but at the same time, we have the ability to be more in tune with our mind and our bodies.


Don JuanYes! My girl and her wifey. One of the most amazing things to watch and I wish they would let me be a voyeur when it happens, is watching them just look into each other’s eyes and after one kiss they have cum. Or, as my boo told me, “Babe, I came right when she looked at my lips.” There are so many times I have seen them just touch each other’s hand and they are there. I tell her, “please let’s record it and sell it?” Her response always, is, “No one will buy it!”


Aria Khaide: I’ll buy it, I ‘ll buy it!


Don JuanYou fucking rock doll! OK, so the next part to this question, this little birdie told me to ask you about her tri-boob. 


Aria Khiade: Oh my God! Did you see those pictures? Was it your crew who took those pictures?


Don JuanNo, I missed out on getting them to take such a splendid sight. I am dying to know this story.


Aria Khaide: They were such hilarious pictures. What this was all about, you saw the “Free the Nipple” stuff they had plastered everywhere at AVN right? They had these stress balls that were shaped like a boob. So, I told Sierra, “you have to just walk around the convention like you have a third boob. So, she did, and we were walking around everywhere asking if people liked this. It was me, my husband and Sierra and Damien and we were doing all this while hanging out and checking out all of the AVN gift bags.


Aria Khaide


Don JuanShe would not tell me what it was. I kept trying to twist her arm. 


Aria Khiade: I think that she posted it on her Instagram at like 6 AM just randomly. It was so funny.


Don JuanOh, my goodness, she is so adorable, isn’t she?


Aria Khaide: Yes, she is. She is just so cute.


Don JuanAll right sweetheart, home stretch and these are always my favorite questions. As a performer, as a woman, as a mother. What does the word sexuality mean to you? 


Aria Khaide: Hmmm, that is a good one. That brings to mind so many things. The obvious answer I think people expect to hear are things like, “I love kink” or “I love squirting.” My answer, it will always have something to do with energy. To me, sexuality is that click of positive energy whether it is just me having time with myself or with another partner. I must be within that realm of positivity when it is an exploration of myself and that is what leads to allowing someone else to come into any mutual sexual encounter, does that make sense.


Don JuanIt sure fucking does!


Aria Khaide: I think that as a woman, you come to appreciate your body, what your body can do and what others can do to it as a secondary when you get older. I think that when a person gets older they start to discover what it is that you can from sexuality that you could not understand when you were younger you don’t always understand what you can get from sexuality and what is achieved through discovery as the years go by. Finding out what you need sexually is so important. I think sexuality is a lot more about understanding what your needs are. I don’t know if that really answers your question but that is what that words sparks in me because honestly, sexuality also has to do with what mood that you are in. Like I had said before, there are some weeks where I have to have my husband just Dom the hell out of me and I will need BDSM, I will need whips, chains, and handcuffs. Then, there are times when I want to be the Dom and as everyone says, have that “plain vanilla sex” you know? So, I think that sexuality is based on your mood and knowing what it is that you need.


Don JuanThat is one of the most wonderful insights I have heard when it comes to a human mind. Thank you for sharing that. I think there is no such thing as a wrong answer in this department. I think that it is the most wonderful of things. I have seen a lot of places, met a lot of people and nothing is as powerful and unique as sexuality to us all. It is the greatest discovery that you can unlock in yourself. I truly mean that. I have found that the most amazing thing about sexuality is that I discovered my other family. The people in this business are like family and it is so ironic that society tells the world such things could never occur here.


Aria Khaide: No, you are right. Everyone in the world underestimates that. They do not understand how relationships can work within the industry or how one person in the industry speaks for everyone else and it simply is not true. We really are lovers you know.


Don JuanYes, yes, yes. Not just that, the value of capturing a person’s heart in this business is not taken for granted among us. There is something more than sexuality unlocks within us. It is power; it is knowledge and confidence. All things needed for survival in this world.


Aria Khaide: It is hard, it really is, especially when there is so much close-mindedness and obviously not everyone is going to be for open sexuality which is perfectly fine. Then there are those people who will not be accepting of others at all and show understanding in the least bit either. It is definitely hard.


Don JuanThe last little tangent that I will speak on that is that being a person who sees the analytics for his own company that he works for and many others, the numbers show that there is a massive amount of people worldwide who consume what we create. There is maybe one out of every five people who do not view what we make in the industry. Which statistically speaking, there is no way in hell we are the only people who feel this way. It just can not be. Getting back into the swing of things being that you are an athlete, as a woman, what is your most epic sexual conquest or accomplishment, inside or outside of the business?


Aria Khaide: That is another good one. This is something very hard to answer. I will do one each for you. Both kind of have to do with the same thing. So, being comfortable with myself enough to let the real slut come out I think has been my biggest accomplishment and I feel that I am very lucky that I found a husband who loves it and cheers it on. He is the person who is there for me who can make me squirt like no other and now I can go out into the porn world and be like, “would you like me to squirt all over? Yes, I can do that.” I am confident, I feel good and because of that, I have been so lucky. Like I said, I have checked off almost everyone on my fuck-it list, and I have only been in the industry for a year. The massive amount of “check-offs” on that list happened within the last six months. So, I have just been on this massive high from that.


Aria Khaide


Don JuanI love that because that “slut” aspect, or character trait, it is a part of every single human being. We all have that within us.


Aria Khaide: Yes, it really is. You just have to be OK with it being there and you have to always nurture it.


Don JuanYes, exactly and what proves that to be true is that when you find someone that you love, and I mean that upper echelon of love you will want your lover to be happy at all costs. No matter what facade that is in your lives. If their happiness is that they want to have four guys at once, or that they need to always be sexually gratified and seeing them happy with that smile on their even if that is not with you is true love. You must know someone’s hearts and desires to the bone to be at that level. The most surprising thing to me is that I have had seventy-year-old couples tell me that they have discovered who they are again.


Aria Khaide: I agree because there are times and it does not matter if you are a porn star, or a nine to fiver who has sex with the lights off, there will always be moments where we are self-conscious and maybe there is something that we want to explore but we do not know if our partner is going to be OK with it. Having a partner, no matter how crazy that exploration or thought may be that you feel safe and loved to able to listen to it with an open mind and an open heart and even possibly try it because it is something that you’re intrigued by, or you are curious about because that is a feeling and an acceptance that is very powerful.


Don JuanMy goodness, how true is this. One of the loves of my life, she literally got to partake in her very first threesome because of the business. I can remember just wanting to see her smile all day because this was something she fantasized about for the longest time. The best part of that day was getting to just cuddle with her after we all went to dinner and seeing that smile and hearing her story of bliss. Oh, I can remember it like it was yesterday and it was more than a few years ago. To me, that is the best part, that is what you truly take with you at the end of the day. 


Aria Khaide: My husband always has to tell me, “don’t look in the direction of the camera.” I am messing up the videography because half of the time there will be something amazing like throwing a twelve inch dick in front of me and I smile and look at the camera and say, “look at what I get today.” “Look at what is happening, look at what I can do.”


Don Juan: I can picture it now, “don’t break the fourth wall damn it!” (We share a massive laugh.)


Aria Khaide: Yes, I can see him right now saying, “stop looking at the camera you dumb bitch.” (We once again share a massive laugh. From time to time you meet a porn couple who have such unity, their friendship alone is as powerful as most marriages are in other couples. What is so amazing is the way she speaks of the trust and power exchange with her husband a man who is also known as a sweetheart in the industry and lifestyle. These are the interviews and comments you live for and love to see.) It is this wonderful look of approval I am always seeking. I am always asking him, “that was hot right?” His response, “yeah, yeah, yeah.”


My goodness is it ever hard to say goodbye to a starlet who has this much wonder withing everything she does in this business. As with every performer and good interviewer does their homework and has something to bring to the table that showcases who this model is. Normally, I would be telling you about big productions or future roles she will be starring in but a talent like this needs no such introduction. When you go onto her Twitter page, for instance, it is filled with a look into a woman who wants to be here, who loves to be here and enjoys what she is doing as much as her fans do. It is not very often you meet a performer who is not feeding a line of politically correct answers to sell her brand and that is cool because this is entertainment, this is fucking “Hollywood.” That journey through twenty posts on her page will not only have you becoming an instant purchaser of her scenes, it will show the fans who truly love this business that there are those mythical creatures that exist in the world who have as deep and wonderous fantasies as you do. Every performer she worked with when I approached them about writing this article said that working with her was something they would never forget. Take a look yourself and I guarantee that what you will find, you will never forget. That is Aria Khaide.

Don Juan DeMarko


Follow Aria on Social Media:


Twitter: @AriaKhaide


Instagram: xoariakhaide


Only Fans: OnlyFans.com/AriaKhaide


ManyVids: www.manyvids.com/Profile/1001312486/Aria_Khaide/Store/Videos/



Special thanks to Aria, XXX Star PR. Photos Courtesy of the Spizoo Network

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