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Parker’s Picks: Kenna James’ Best Boy Girl Scenes


Kenna James spent nearly three years as a renowned solo and girl-girl performer, but in 2017 she unveiled her unique brand of ever-evolving boy-girl porn. Since then, it’s been one breakthrough after another by this inspiring blonde bombshell. 

This week, we delve into five of Kenna James’ top boy-girl scenes.

“Kenna’s Sexual Fantasy” starring Kenna James and James Deen by X-Art

By 2017 Kenna James had already been named Penthouse Pet of the Year, racked up several AVN nominations, and had made a name for herself as one of the most and girl-girl performers since Jenna Sativa. But in March 2018, Kenna James and longtime collaborators at X-Art offered something revolutionary: Kenna’s first boy-girl scene.

Paired with James Deen, it’s a match made in heaven. As stated in interviews, Kenna was a longtime fan of James Deen well before entering the industry, and according to interviews,  it was none other than James Deen who would become a sort of mentor and guide for Kenna’s early porn career. It’s only fitting that Kenna James’ first boy-girl scene should be with her porn-crush.

I love this scene because it is so real. There’s no suspension of belief necessary: it really is Kenna’s sexual fantasy, and you can see the truth on her face. It’s the perfect blend of emotional and sexual connection. The whole thing is purely cathartic for Kenna and serves to remind us how magical sex can be.

It’s also a landmark moment, as this scene opened the floodgates for a plethora of extraordinary scenes, and paving the way for Kenna’s best sex-roles: boy-girl-girl threesomes as well as a few surprisingly hardcore moments over the next few years.

“I’ll Be Your Cover Girl” starring Kenna James and Mick Blue by Vixen

Following the overwhelmingly positive reception of “Kenna’s Sexual Fantasy,” Vixen founder Greg Lansky jumped at the chance to book the newly-turned boy-girl starlet in what remains one of the highest-rated scenes in the Vixen empire. 

The story elements of Vixen shooting makes “I’ll Be Your Cover Girl” one of the first glimpses of Kenna James as an actress. Her dialogue and presence are extraordinary, and it’s no wonder that she would eventually receive a nomination for Best Supporting Actress just a few years later. 

Whereas Kenna’s first scene with James Deen was raw and blissful, “Cover Girl” marks the synthesis of Kenna’s renowned sensuality with the new boy-girl element. Her gentle showmanship in the blowjob sequence is legendary, and she begins to apply those trademark eye-rolls and hair-whipping that made her girl-girl sequences so engaging.

Kenna shares tremendous orgasms, and by the end of the weirdly romantic facial, it was clear that Kenna James was the real deal!

“Just a Taste” starring Kenna James, Khloe Kapri, and Justin Hunt by Vixen

Kenna James excels in the threesome support role. She has this intense interest in the shared sexual experience of her partners, and that’s what makes her really shine. It’s the way her eyes come alive when she’s watching her own private porno unfold before her eyes.

“Just a Taste” with Khloe Kapri offers all that and more. Kapri has always been more of a hardcore performer than Kenna, and her nipple rings hint at some of the grittier porno nature of this scene. Oh sure, it’s beautiful and loving, just as anything else you might expect under the Vixen brand, but it certainly offers some harder elements.

A little less romantic, you start to see Kenna stretch her boundaries with some good carnal fucking. All the while she retains the sweetness we’ve come to know and love, particularly when Kapri takes a spin on Justin Hunt’s cock.

We get to see a hint of squirting, compliments of Khloe Kapri, and Kenna gets really sexy at the end, gleefully licking Hunt’s creamy load from Kapri’s delighted pussy. 

“Model Perfect” starring Kenna James and James Deen by New Sensations

Directed by Eddie Powell, “Model Perfect” further highlights Kenna James’ penchant for quality acting while delving further into the realm of impressive hardcore. In my review of the New Sensations DVD, I wrote that this had become my favorite Kenna Scene of all time and to date, that just may hold true.

In addition to a solid story, it features lots of those classic Kenna James orgasms compliments of longtime collaborator James Deen. It also sees Kenna going further, with intense squirting climaxes of her own.

“Losing It All Over Again” starring Kenna James and Johnny Sins by Vixen

Talk about a killer combo. Kayden Kross directs Kenna James and Johnny Sins in a beautiful and uninhibited free-for-all. It feels a little like an evolved version of Kenna’s first boy-girl scene. The chemistry and excitement is there in force, but this time, Kenna James is fully equipped to share the moment with her fully developed pornstar showmanship.

Of course, porn is a team sport, and you have to give Johnny Sins credit for living in the moment and sharing something very special with Kenna, and by extension, the world. His sex is measured, rhythmic, and all about her pleasure. She comes first--always.

This is one of the first Kayden Kross / Vixen collaborations and acts as a hybrid between her TrenchcoatX and Grek Lansky’s Vixen work. Aside from the visceral passion, there’s only a hint of the darker content that Kross would go on to explore with her Deeper studio films. 


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