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Parker’s Picks: Gianna Dior Edition


Nominated for eleven AVN Awards this year, newcomer Gianna Dior has created some of the finest pornography of the year. With mysterious dark eyes, long black hair, and a body to die for, she’s caught the eye of professional porn watchers and fans everywhere. 

Gianna Dior is a diverse and multi-talented beauty, developing as an actress and capable of creating stunning sex-scenes in all sorts of pairings and roles. If you’re not watching Gianna Dior’s porn, then you’re not paying attention. 

Here are a few of my personal favorite performances.

Gianna Dior and Mick Blue in “Whatever He Wants” by Vixen

In her Vixen debut, Gianna Dior scorches it up as a masked submissive for a kinky Mick Blue. Directed by Laurent Sky, the scene harkens back to Greg Lansky’s style with sharp contrasts and bright lighting. 

The whole opening and oral bit is an exercise in patience and anticipation. It’s such a tease, and Gianna’s blindfold only heightens the excitement.

Dior’s been blessed with breasts that will stun any warm-blooded man or woman, and Sky’s sweeping camera angles acknowledge those ample features lovingly.

Gianna’s oral is the highlight of this scene though. She swallows Blue’s dick after every sex position and she shows great variety in blowjob technique. At one moment she’s all kisses and cock-worship, and in the next, she’s deep-throating with the intensity of Kalina Ryu. 

It’s only fitting that she closes the scene with a remarkable looking facial followed by more tender and loving oral. A lot of the time, facials can look a little crass, but Gianna just looks beautiful and vibrant. 

Gianna Dior and Mick Blue in “Unlocked” by Deeper

Storytelling, passion, and cinematography are at the forefront in Kayden Kross’s tale of seduction. It tells the story of Gianna Dior wrestling with her desire for Mick Blue and the emotional weight of cheating on her boyfriend. The couple plays a game of emotional cat and mouse, culminating in a cathartic and carnal release. 

Released in late 2018 and nominated for an AVN for this year’s best boy/girl, this shows Gianna Dior coming into her own, not just as a great porn performer, but developing as an actress too 

What impressed me the most, was how she and Mick continue to tell Kross’s story into the sex scene. Much like Penny Pax in the “Emma Marx” series, their sex is the heart of the story. They fuck in a way that demonstrates the desperation and helplessness that Blue and Dior both feel.

Gianna Dior and Logan Pierce in “Gianna Is Tied Up In Marriage” by New Sensations

In my review of “Hotwife Bound 4,” I had this to say about Gianna Dior’s performance: “Every now and then, there comes a pornographic scene that makes even the most jaded XXX reviewer stand up at attention.”

Warm lighting, cuffs, chains, gags, and wildly hot sex make this stand out even amid the other stellar performances from “Hotwife Bound 4.” 

Director Paul Woodcrest manages all these intimate “in the moment” shots and the soft cinematic lighting highlights Dior’s perfect olive skin.


Gianna Dior and Lucas Frost in “Taste My Rainbow” by NubileFilms

Considering how many Gianna scenes are up for awards this year, I almost didn’t mention this one, but the truth is, “Taste My Rainbow” is just good porno. There’s not a whole lot of depth to the scene -- Gianna Dior is having sex with Lucas Frost, that’s it. That’s the story. 

And yet, I’ve been revisiting this scene on and off for months--almost a year now. I adore the way Gianna Dior fucks, and while there’s no shortage of films that offer a glimpse, the minimalism and simplicity evident in the NubileFilms production make this feel like a more natural example of Dior’s sexuality.

Sure, it’s a formulaic scene that sees Frost pleasuring Dior in all the standard porno positions, but nonetheless, it’s a beautiful scene and Dior looks fantastic in it. 


Gianna Dior and Jax Slayer in “Careful What You Wish For Part 1” by Deeper

So many of Gianna Dior’s scenes place her in the submissive role, but not this time. Kayden Kross depicts the tale of Seth Gamble trying, and failing to be submissive with Gianna, a professional domme. He can’t control himself, so she blindfolds the guy, cuffs him to a chair, and fucks Jax Slayer in front of him.

This one’s fun because Gianna brings so much attitude. Remember, this is all about breaking down Seth’s will, so in that way, the whole sex scene is an act of empowerment and defiance. She’s wild, loud, and in control of her pleasure.

It’s a unique scene for Gianna, and I can’t help but picture Elena Koshka when I watch this. Just like Koshka’s porns, Dior’s orgasm takes priority--and she manages Jax so as to get herself off first and foremost. It just goes to show what a dynamic and capable porn performer Dior has become. 


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