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XCritic Interview: Tanya Virago


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XCritic Interview: Tanya Virago

Doctor Tanya! Give us the news! We got a bad case of loving you!


Tanya Virago is one of the fastest-climbing stars in the industry, often transcending the typical borders that hold porn careers back. Hailing from the UK but born in Ukraine, Miss Virago managed to capture the hearts of adult film enthusiasts around the world thanks to her amazing physique, sparkling camera presence, and of course, her sexy wild side. 


Beautiful and ever-charming, Tanya Virago’s career is one that’s destined for greatness. She’s already performed scenes with names like Fake Taxi, Pascals Sub Sluts, and CumPerfection. You might know her porn style, but do you know Tanya? I had the opportunity to chat with her and learn more about her amazing world. 


Ossiana Tepfenhart: Let’s start with a simple question. How did you get into adult films?

Tanya Virago: My world was far from the adult for the longest time. I am MD Physical Therapist and for 10 years, I practiced it. This is a responsible job full of stress which did not console me.


Once I had a patient, a model manager from France. He was telling me about the modeling industry and my potential for it. At that time, I did not pay attention to it. For me, it was a kind of small talk between doctor and patient.


Just two years passed when I decided to try working as a model with my friend, a photographer. The first shoot was not easy. I did not realize what means to be ”relaxed!”  


I had a series of shoots and uploaded them to portfolio platforms. In a week’s time, I was invited to the first art-nude shoot in Sweden. Photographer was a professional, he knew how to create an atmosphere for me. The result was awesome. I liked it so much! I started receiving proposals. In half a year, I realized that I would like to follow this new path.


One year later in Malta, a photographer asked me about the adult video circuit. I did not know what to say. On the one hand, I was curious to know what it really is. On the other hand, I understood it would turn my life upside down. I was seduced by this proposal. I took a pause to think about it and finally gave my consent. Everything changed then.


Ossiana: That’s intense! And as a major up-and-comer, you’ve already worked with some serious names. Which really stood out to you?

Tanya: Rick Angel was the first to believe in me. I appreciate him so much. I would like to mention Pascal White. Work with him gave so much experience. 


Oh, I can’t help mentioning Rebecca Jane Smythe and Tara Spades. They opened a professional side of the adult industry for me!


Ossiana: So, how did you first start to market yourself in the industry? It can’t be easy to start.

Tanya: It was not easy to find a concept that suited me. My transition from photo to adult was not an easy one! And I needed the second try and it took months to find an ideal pseudonym. 


I found the Latin word “Virago,” which means “strong Amazon woman,” as a reflection of my tall height (5'10") and my inner power. I needed it to overcome the barriers on the path of an adult actress.


Ossiana: Do you have any performers you really loved shooting with?

Tanya: This year I had a shoot with Keiran Lee. Paying tribute to his give and take, I would love to meet Keiran at big stage shooting. I’d like to get some footage with Jordi El Nino Polla, too. He got a unique charm and elegance.


Ossiana: That he does. He’s so hot. Now that you’ve started out, what do you find to be one of the bigger issues in porn?

Tanya: In my opinion, there is a big gap between the role of porn in daily life public attitude. I see a crafty contradiction in it. And it’s funny. It shows people are not ideal.


Ossiana: Let’s talk about life as a model. What are your favorite go-to outfits?

Tanya: I prefer go-to outfits that emphasize the advantages of my body shape and, for sure, G-strings and stockings.


Ossiana: The G-strings look amazing! Let’s talk about what some of the bigger surprises on set were. 

Tanya: I was surprised to know about what warm relationships and respect those involved in the industry have. There are a lot of family businesses in the adult world! One of the values I was surprised to see is the importance of a strong family.  Without it, one can make wrong decisions and fall into trouble.


Ossiana: Who was your biggest supporter in the scene?

Tanya: I don’t think it’s correct to highlight someone specifically. On my way, I met beautiful people who gave smart bits of advice which helped me to step on. I appreciate them.


Ossiana: Fair enough. So let’s talk about your favorite shoot. Which was the most entertaining one you’ve done?

Tanya: It was so positive and joyful, shooting for SplatBukkake. The atmosphere is always easy and friendly with them!


Ossiana: That sounds like a blast. And pet peeves, do you have any regarding the industry?

Tanya: From time to time, I deal with fake persons trying to scam me. I do not know what is in their heads. I wish they stopped wasting time and went their own way.


Ossiana: That’s definitely a common issue. Let’s talk about the Tanya off-camera. What are your favorite hobbies when you’re not shooting?

Tanya: I enjoy books reading, particularly detective stories. I adore Agatha Christie and her Hercule Poirot. Among contemporary authors, I am fond of Jussi Adler-Olsen books. Most of all novels “A Conspiracy of Faith” and “The Hanging Girl.”


Ossiana: And what about music?

Tanya: Oh! In my teen years, I was crazy about electronic music, particularly house. This love is still in me and I regularly listen to them. I am happy that Daft Punk and Chemical Brothers are still with us and release new stuff. They are fantastic!


Ossiana: As a raver, I approve! What are your favorite workouts? 

Tanya: I tried various sports from yoga to power-lifting. Step aerobics and swimming are my favorite. I work with a trainer on a daily basis. This is my daily routine.


Ossiana: That’s dedication. What do you want fans to know?

Tanya: My fans motivate me not to stop and keep going ahead. At my start, they gave me the courage to act so my doubts were left behind. It was very important for my growth. Without their positive feedback, I would have given up.


Oh, and another little secret! As a practicing doctor, I dealt with patients daily. It was tricky because of a strict communication protocol that was established in the hospital. Some situations were so wild, they could go out of control. It was so hard to restrain myself. Now I have some ideas to bring them to life on the stage. I think it'll be fun!


Ossiana: Ooh la la! One can only imagine what spicy scenarios you have in mind for the sexy screen. We at XCritic can’t wait to see them!


Everyone is talking about how hot Tanya is, and we’re all about it. Love Tanya’s teases? Follow her on Twitter, Manyvids, OnlyFans, or her own personal site, TanyaVirago.com

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