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The XCritic Interview: Aiden Ashley


Now, this is what the XCritic Interview was meant for. We need no fancy parlor tricks or pyrotechnics to introduce this starlet who is pure rock and roll. Don’t believe us, check her out alongside the late great Wayne Static and his misses in this metal masterpiece: Assassins of Youth.

Aiden Ashley Now, this is exactly the light we love to show the models of our beloved industry. Since day one, Aiden has been destined for not just greatness but something that I think few performers, actors, artists ever get a chance to experience.

Doing things their way and getting to enjoy the ride in so many ways. I can not spoil this amazing interview for the fans but what I will say is that after getting to see this look into the amazing character of one of the this eras greatest actors, you will see something you never did before that I guarantee. As we edited this video, all we could think to ourselves is how much this beauty shows that she is a true actor at heart.

This year’s nomination for Best Actress in the Burning Angel epic Insomniac has Aiden back in the spotlight but to us at XCritic, she has never stepped away from. Aiden is a woman who has a Midas touch in so many ways.

When you hear of her first awards nomination of her career, many moons ago and how it came about, I think that your appreciation for not the just the performer side of this amazing model will be given your just due, but her artist side as well. These are the looks XCritic prides themselves in helping the fans to discover.

We see a woman who made her mark in so many ways, set a standard for beauty that I do not think even the next three generations of porn fans will be able to forget. After you take a look at this one on one interview, be sure to relive her amazing XCritic Intro Photo Gallery. Happy Holidays from all of us at XCritic and from the land of Evil Aiden!



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Follow Aiden on Social Media:

Twitter: @AidenAshley

Instagram: evilaiden

OnlyFans: onlyfans.com/aidenashley

Website: EvilAiden.com


Shot, Chopped and Edited by Dominic Ace with EMM Report.

Special thanks to Aiden Ashley for all her patience and wonder creating this gem of a series for the fans.

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