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The XCritic Interview: Jillian Janson


This video interview is something that goes far beyond respect, love and courtesy for a performer of this industry who is always innovating, always working but even more than that, is always moving forward no matter where life takes her. Do not let those words fool you, this is no tale of sorrow. This is a look at a performer, who since day one has grabbed this industry's brass ring and never complained about how hard it was to obtain or even an opportunity to reach for it. Jillian Janson @xoJillianJanson is more than just the star of over two hundred adult films. She is something larger than the Best Female Performer award winner from Nightmoves, or AVN Best Scene recipient. Jillian is a woman who has accomplished more than eighty percent of what a person will hope to do when they enter this business and she has done it all with a smile and the same charming character that she had when she entered this business at the age of eighteen and you are about to meet this person in part one of The XCritic Interview. A woman who lives life without fear, who has faced many climbs up the hills of adversity in life and never once have I seen her complain of the difficulty it is walk that path day or night.

Now that you have learned a little bit about this beauty, let me fill you in on some of my personal outlooks of Jillian as a critic, writer, and editor. What Jillian has begun, is an OnlyFans account that sets the bar high. Not only that, she was one of the first starlets to begin making her life available for fans almost 24/7. Now that is dedication and devotion. There are very few performers who you will see at every adult convention, at every awards show and even more so, the big productions and the small. That is dedication. Jillian is a person who loves this business and loves her fans and shows respect for all those in the business. Many performers and actors in this business say they love their fans, but Jillian is one of the only starlets I have ever seen prove it on a year to year and day to day basis. All of this and she is also one of the most talented feature acts I have ever seen. Jillian makes you remember why going to the strip-club was something tempting and forbidden with her planned presentation that is as erotic and sexy as it is lovely and glamorous. She is a performer who does it all putting her in one of the rarest classes in the adult industry, destined for legendary status. She is a throwback to the legendary performers like Shayla LaVeaux and Nina Hartley. She eats, sleeps and breathes this business. 

Now, we could not conclude this presentation after part two of this interview, we are after all a company that specializes in getting fans the best recommendations on the films they cannot afford to miss. In her latest work, alongside Mick Blue and Kenzie Reeves in the Tushy film Anal Threesomes Volume: 6, we see that this beauty is still going strong, creating a scene that sets the bar high for her co-stars and steals the show in every way. If you had to press me to ask what Don Juan DeMarko thinks her greatest work is, I would have to go with the 2015 gem Just Jillian from Jules Jordan Productions. This is a film where you get all Jillian and that is what you want with a performer who shines as bright as she does. I hope you have enjoyed this trip in meeting Jillian Janson and what I will say in closing on a personal level, if a fan ever wanted to know who Jillian Janson is, the only word that comes to mind is "real." She is a woman who is as kind to her fans as she is to her own mother. A friend who is as kind to her new pal she met in Denver as is to her long-time best friend in Florida. She is everything that is not just good about this industry, she everything that is good about a human being, for she is one of the best in this world who shows that you can create success, fame without stepping on the person next to you. She is a woman who never let anything hold her back and achieved dreams that most never even act on in a lifetime, for that is what Jillian is, a once in lifetime occurrence. Something as rare as Haley's comet but ten times more beautiful.

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