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The XCritic Interview: Kylie Kingston


As we celebrate the end of one career this week, we also rejoice at the beginning of a new one. Kylie Kingston, a beautiful blond whose curves and acting ability have created a type of following that has not only directors looking to maximize her potential but the fans as well. I sat down with Kylie on a Friday afternoon and we talked shop. This beauty has the look of legends from that past with charisma of the present world for which we live. What unfolded was a conversation with one of the most well-spoken new starlets I have met in a long time.

Kylie Kingston 

Don Juan: Oh, it is my favorite of things. First meeting a new starlet and then getting to have her tell her story the fans on how she made her way to the land of fantasy that we all know and love.


Kylie Kingston: Well, it is something that just sort of fell into my lap, Don Juan. I have always loved acting. I have also done some mainstream modeling here and there, so I knew some photographers who dabbled in both worlds. It was from those people that I was discovered by Motley Models. From there, I met Dave, and everything just fell into place after that. Now, when it comes to my reasons for wanting to become a part of this industry, it is truly a passion of mine. I have always been a very sexual being in my personal life. Then, add in that I also have a flair for acting, for learning how to take on a role in a production. Those are things that have just always been apart of who I am. I think that is what made me simply say, “why not?” When Dave approached me a contract to be apart of Motley. It is that passion that led me here.


Don Juan: So, would you say it is your sexuality and passion for sex that was your biggest factor in coming here?


Kylie Kingston: Well, it was not the biggest factor. If I were to pick one of the many things that did as the biggest reason why I chose to do porn, it is that I reached a point in my life where I really did not care what people thought about what I do or what the plans are to do with my life. It took a lot for me to truly see that it was not their life to live and it was mine and that has led to so many good things for me, including finding my way here.


Don Juan: I think that is one of the most important things in life. There is nothing like discovering that you have that strength within you to follow what it is in your heart and being. Especially when it is something like work, how you make money and how you spend most of your time putting a roof over your head and surviving, or should I say living. Now, for a second part to this question. I would love to know what it is like to be apart of both sides of the coin. Do you find working in adult easier, or more fun than working on the mainstream side? Did you get to do the fashion side of things?


Kylie Kingston: No, I did not do runway modeling. Most of what I got to do was a lot of bikini and artistic photography and advertising. It was fun to be a part of an artist’s project and be the model who gets to pose all day long at the beach, or in this open desert. Now, I also got to do a little acting in some small projects here and there and I will say that there are some great similarities. The thing that I really love is that here in the adult industry, we get these long scripts when working with a big company. We will be on set for four hours and there is so much acting that goes into creating a scene and I love that. It is something unique to take on this role where you can be anything. I have gotten to play this mean, bitchy, cruel lady and it was fun. To be sexy and sassy is something not a lot of women every get to do. That has been one of the most exciting aspects of making the films I have so far Don. Mix that in with going through hair and make-up, then you get to fuck this hot person on set as part of the production. So yes, it is a lot of fun. I have enjoyed every minute of my new career so far. I will be coming back to LA shortly for another weekend shoot, so I am looking forward to that.

Kylie Kingston 

Don Juan: Oh yeah, you are a Las Vegas gal, that reminds me now about the next question I was going to ask you.


Kylie Kingston: Yes, I am a Las Vegas girl. Most of the work that you have seen me do for Brazzers, Naughty America, like we were talking about earlier was all done here in Vegas. I do love going out to Los Angeles to shoot. It makes for a fun road trip each time.


Don Juan: Your filmography seems to grow larger and larger every day. I am happy for you and am wishing you more bookings as things progress for you in the industry. What we need in this business is more actors and more people who look to act within these films, so no one is more excited than me to see you make a splash. This brings me to my favorite question, what inspired you as an actor? Are you a big movie buff? A huge reader with a vast imagination perhaps?


Kylie Kingston: Growing up, I have always loved movies. I think when I first wanted to be an actress, I was sixteen, but it is something that has always been with me I think now that you ask. As a kid, I was always acting out these roles that I would see in the movies or on television. I even had a few characters that I made up myself and acted them out in these amazing scenarios. For me, being raised in the household that I was, acting was an outlet for me. It was a way for me to have a release in many ways. Getting to become these characters with my older brother is a very fond memory. We would almost put on this show together, where we would be funny, the comedy relief and I was taking on a role where I got to act weird and silly. We took on so many of these roles where we just acted like people…


Don Juan: Oh, my goodness, so you are a true artist when it comes to your acting. So much so that you got your brother when you were children and basically created yourself a scene partner. That is fucking awesome. I am sorry to interrupt you but that is one of the coolest stories I think we will ever get to tell at XCritic.com So I am guessing you have more than one hidden talent?


Kylie Kingston: Yes, I love to do make-up. It has always been something I have loved since I was a kid. As a matter of a fact, I was just doing my eye shadow on set the other day and I was talking with other talent on how I blend it with just my finger. Oh, you could get me talking for days when it comes to make-up. If you were to sit me down and have me pick which is my true passion, I would have to go with my acting Don Juan. Being an actress, it is something I have strived to become for as long as I can remember.


Don Juan: So, was this something that you had enough passion for that you took classes for, or attended workshops?


Kylie Kingston: Well, I have attended acting classes, so yes. I have taken them since my early twenties and when it comes to modeling, that was something that just came hand in hand with becoming an actress so naturally, I had to learn that craft through taking classes as well. It is something that is truly in my blood Don and always has been.

Kylie Kingston 

Don Juan: You know, being a true writer, I love to always hear the stories of how actors become actors. There is nothing more amazing to me. When you told me that you were putting shows on with your brother, that is something that I only hear the true actors speak of.

Because such a passion I think is with you from birth. That is what makes it true art. You have me smiling ear to ear imagining what one of these shows you use to put on with your brother was like.


Kylie Kingston: Oh, it was fun. It makes me think of Axel Braun and what he is doing with his Marvel parodies. When I was growing up, my brother and I thrived on films like X-Men and when I see what Axel Braun is doing, that is something that I would love to do more than anything because of my upbringing and my passion.

You know, something I think that would be amazing in the industry, is if they started to make parodies of Disney movies. I would love to play a character like princess Jasmine. That would be so amazing. I think a lot of women in the industry would love to do something like that.


Don Juan: You know, some people would say it can not be done because of a company like Disney but I think that parodies are something that reaches out too many generations. The generation that first saw those films are all grown up now. It makes sense that you could make a parody of such things. There is an idea for a production company huh, the Aladdin parody.


Kylie Kingston: Oh, Don Juan, you are speaking my language. That is why I would love to be Jasmine. Or, since I am blond, what character in a Disney film is blond? Now that would be another great role no matter what.


Don Juan: No, if I am not mistaken, wasn’t Sleeping Beauty a blond? They have not made a live-action version of that yet. Perhaps that could be the idea that you pitch to Wicked and Axel Braun and all that effort lands you the starring role. Stranger things have happened darlin’.


Kylie Kingston: Or Rapunzel, you just made me think about her!


Don Juan: Yes, that is right. (We share a massive laugh. Kylie has such a great ability to speak, with that quick wit that everyone imagines comes hand in hand with a California blond.) Or, even better, we can do an adult version of Into the Woods. Now that would be dope!


Kylie Kingston: Yessssssssssss, I am so down! I can not sing but I think I would be able to wing it at a few parts. (We share another laugh.)


Don Juan: You know, all kidding aside, the industry needs actors. I keep telling you throughout this interview, but you are truly well spoken. I wish we were doing a podcast your flow is that smooth and your diction and vernacular is the essence of a true performer. I am in heaven here. I want to see so much in 2020 with Kylie Kingston.


Kylie Kingston: You know Don, the only thing that I can say to your praise besides thank you is that I try to be this nice person wherever I travel in life and in the industry. I try to put this foot forward every time I am acting on set or I am engaging with my fans. I live my life by the rule that I treat people the way that I want to be treated and that is the only thing that I can accredit my actions to Don Juan, today and always.

Kylie Kingston 

Don Juan: Now, does this make it harder to become a character that is maybe the crazy-ass ex-girlfriend, or the psychotic neighbor who is looking for revenge?


Kylie Kingston: Oh, don’t get me wrong Don, I can flip a switch and become that psycho, crazy bitch on set in a heartbeat. In my recent work with Brazzers, I got a chance to see just how much being able to become a character like that makes a scene complete. Getting to do what I have done so far; makes me want to be able to be the villain in a 007 movie.


Don Juan: With what I am seeing today with you, I can picture you as the bad guy in an epic film setting. I can see you being the evil villain who gets everyone in the end, and we do not have a happy ending. That is what I see with your talents already.


Kylie Kingston: I would be the bitch that poisons everyone at the end of the film and gets away with it.


Don Juan: So, that once again takes me into my next question. So, I had heard from a little birdie that Girlfriends Films, they saw one look at you, and they said, “cast that woman.” I do not know if you know this but getting to shoot with who you for Girlfriends Films, B.Skow, he is one of the most legendary film directors in the history of this business and it says so much that you have already been in a great dramatic role for him.


Kylie Kingston: Really?


Don Juan: Yes, he used to be a director for Vivid in my eras Golden Age of cinema. He made some of the most amazing films. So, I am dying to know what it was like to get to work with him?


Kylie Kingston: Oh Don, it was amazing. He made me feel so comfortable on set. From the second I walked on set; everything was just the way I pictured things would be. He is not only an amazing director but he is an amazing everything. He knows how to have a model pose when they are taking pictures. He knows what will look the best on-screen in so many scenarios. I simply had the most amazing time getting to be in front of his camera, Don. There are pretty girls and then there are “pretty girls” with him and it was just an amazing experience. The only thing I can say about the photos and the film, they came out fucking phenomenal!


Don Juan: I have heard this so many times. I will never get tired of a model’s story about how he makes his sets so welcoming to performers and how he brings out the best in them in their own eyes. That is not the easiest thing to do with you performers. You all can be very harsh critics of your own work.


Kylie Kingston: Exactly Don. You know, most fans would not know how valuable it is to have that type of surrounding warmth when you are on set. It allowed me to become that character and feel a comfort level acting that part as my character would. Having a director that gives you that, nothing else measures up to its importance on set. It also allows you to enjoy the sex that much more with your fellow performer. If you are not feeling that comfort from your director and his camera crew, then nothing is going to happen. For me, the sex became so much more than I ever thought it would be on his set. Everything just flows Don, from the acting to the sex and the character and when you can do all that while becoming your character, you have more fun and that is so important.

Kylie Kingston 

Don Juan: Oh, my goodness, you said it all right there madam. Most people do not know how hard it is to make a sex scene flow with someone you are meeting for the first time, let alone acting out this scene where you need to have so much anger and hatred towards them. You must have comfort and release more so than any other type of actor. I think the fact you have been on that set and made such a memorable part of that film says so much about you.


Kylie Kingston: Yes, I really want to work with him again. Thank you for saying that. My goal is to work with as many amazing directors as I can. I think when it comes to a performer's film list, the more starring or supporting roles with great directors the better.


Don Juan: That is so awesome. You know, the person that I can really see you fitting in well with on set and I do not know if you have worked for him yet is Mike Quasar.


Kylie Kingston: Yes, I love his work and have heard so many things about what it is like to work with Mike. I would love to work with him in the future. He is definitely on my list so far.


Don Juan: He is a man who comes from a background of learning how to do things his way. He is a true filmmaker. I think that all true filmmakers and actors for that matter must start out learning things their own way while they scratch and claw their way uphill to become the best. Mike is a man who has seen everything in the business and still manages to put out an amazing film after amazing film. That combination you have of model good looks and an acting background that has my imagination running wild as to what happens when you are getting into character. It just has me swooning to see you both in action together.


Kylie Kingston: Well, to all the fans out there, please recommend me to your favorite production companies. I would love to work with him. That would be a dream come true.


Don Juan: I think that everyone in the business will soon be getting to see the talent that you possess. Acting in this business it takes so much.


Kylie Kingston: Oh my, yes it does. It takes talent. It takes a passionate outlook on what you are doing to generate something that is going to be convincing. It also requires that you are comfortable enough to enjoy who you are becoming and what you are taking part in. That is when the character comes to life the most with me. Acting is something that I will always love Don Juan.


Don Juan: Being a writer, I do get very jealous of you girls. Anyone who has ever been a writer they have always wanted to act in a film or in a play, or anything that is this big production to the public. I have never been good at hitting my ques. I have lived among actors, worked with actors for years, shot actors, written for actors it is one of the most difficult jobs in the world.


Kylie Kingston: Yes, I think that the sex portion of things is so important. Don’t get me wrong Don, I think that acting is the key to a whole lot in this business, but you must be enjoying yourself in so many ways when it comes to the sexual side of things. You have to be able to make things come to life with the sex. I don’t think a lot of performers talk about that. Most times, we forget that if you are going to be playing this hot, Latina office worker, who oversees the people in the cast, she had better be someone who is a bitch in bed. You must be able to bring that fire to the table or it will look like a very bad scene. Do you know what I mean?


Don Juan: Oh yes, you must be able to make that sexual chemistry, that sexual tension and fear come to life. That is the most massive part of the fantasy. The most enlightening part of this business and I get to see it so much these days because my girl is a performer, is that when you open up your sexuality to the world it is something so releasing and real. If you just think about things like the human heart and soul in those terms, sex and sexuality is something so opening to a person’s character and way of life direction. That is a truth of life I believe.


Kylie Kingston: One of the most eye-opening, freeing actions of my life has been when I discovered the feeling of being on set that every performer must feel. There is this natural high that comes with being on set when you know you are going to be able to unleash a part of yourself and when you leave for the day and the shoot is complete, you feel that buzz deep within your skin. It is the most amazing feeling. I think that is something anyone can discover when it comes to sex. It is a combination of fear, nervousness, and joy. That is what I love about sex and expressing my sexuality. The discoveries. I am pretty sure that even your girl has told you how much she gets that high.

Kylie Kingston 

Don Juan: Yes, we talk about that all the time. I love hearing her stories of being on set and how much a good performer makes her feel this high you speak of. I find that so amazing because my girl does not drink, or smoke weed so this “high” is something I think not a lot of people even know exists because of how taboo sex still is in modern society. So, this goes into my next question. What does sexuality mean to a new starlet coming into the industry?


Kylie Kingston: Sexuality, even to me as a person before I got into this industry, I am a person that has always seen sexuality as an art form, as an expression and it is human nature at it’s most simple and it’s most complex. It is apart of living and life. When I first discovered what masturbation was in my childhood years and because I grew up in a household that was a little bit conservative, I was given messages not always spelled out but spoke of things like, “oh no, you can not touch yourself, that is not a good thing.” (We both share a massive laugh.) I think there are a lot of people that can relate to growing up with a parent who puts themselves in this bubble that keeps them from everything in the outside world that helps you to grow, live and further who you are. It was because of growing up in a household like that, I was able to find my own ways to discover the pleasures and the release and wonder of sexuality, masturbation and more. The most important lesson I think that I could have learned above all else is that what I was thinking, what I was doing, it is natural. Sexuality is the most natural occurrence on earth. I was a girl who grew up in a good upbringing. I was never touched by anyone in my family or neighborhood contrary to what the stereotype is of the people in our industry. I did discover that touching myself was a great thing though Don Juan. For me, that release that comes from masturbating, it led me to think more. It also was something that made me ready to share this with a guy as well and become something bigger, better and eye-opening as each occurrence came and the hereafter. When I reached adulthood and I think everyone feels this way when they turn eighteen. They feel like you are an adult, it is time to discover what life is about, it becomes, even more, freeing to the people who choose to follow what it brings out within you and the world around you.


My goodness, this beauty, what breathe of fresh air she is. She is able to show a side of a new performer that we never get to see. Her roles with Girlfriends Films have been something the industry has gone abuzz about. I think that what the true hype is, lies within her heart and passion as an actor. In part two of this interview, we will get to find out more about Kylie. See what a day on set is like with a new starlet and even more so, who it is that she finds to be her “porn crushes.” Her honesty is contagious and beautiful. Make sure to visit all her pages on social media and tell her Don Juan sent ya.

Don Juan DeMarko

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