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Sex Magick Pt. 2 By Jenevieve Hexxx


Sex Magick Part 2: The Technique
By Jenevieve Hexxx

If you read my last article, then you know we discussed the purpose of sex magick and the potential for miraculous results as well as demonic risks. In part 2, we practice meditations, rituals and physical disciplines that you can use to romance the forces of nature beyond this human realm.Jenevieve Hexxx

Sexual fluids: semen, vaginal or menstrual blood are the source of life in sex magick. You can also use masturbation to reach your goals. The energy is passed through the head center to the sex organs which are the "altar" of this union.

Here are the steps to manifest your destiny.

Create your sacred seductive setting. Draw your sacred symbols, VISUALIZE the magick symbol intensely and chant to your chosen deity (determined by your goal) like crazy while making the sacred space as well as during the sex act and orgasm.

Mercury and sulfur represent male and female essence in alchemy. Those symbols are my personal additions as well as Mars and Venus, but you research and choose.

Research the shiva/shakti connection, too.
Find transcendental music that best suits your ritual. It will transport you to the otherworld.

For Maximum Power I recommend a candle meditation focusing on the flame for 33 minutes with prana (breath work) breathing up and down the spine puffing up the belly on inhale emptying on the exhale. Then balance the male/female channels with alternate nostril breathing. Hold right nostril breath through the left, hold both sending the energy to the third eye, then repeat alternating sides.

Anoint a talisman and all sacred symbols with the fluids of your orgasm. Very important, I also feel you should spend three nights before, during and after the full moon chanting and consecrating your own personal charm with the sexual fluid of your own masturbation prior to meeting with your magick partner for your ritual sex magick. An altar must be made at home and AT LEAST the three nights of chanting, focusing on the intention of the ritual and its accompanying deity or spirit invoked. Like all practices, energy builds up over time. I’ve been practicing various magick for so many years that I can summon my guides quite quickly, but I could NOT do that years ago. There is power in practice just like anything else you choose to learn. Make your sex magick ridiculously intense. Don’t be a lazy lop and expect blissful nirvana.

The woman is seated to the left and man to the right.

Eat of the sacred fruit. Feed phallic sweets to each other as an offering of the flesh.  

Use proper lighting! No fluorescents. Red lights or candle flame or cauldron or fire pit (if you’re doing it in nature) but be safe.
Wear ritual robes. Before you start the sex take a ritual bath and walk out backwards while burning two white candles.

Clean the partners sex centers using incantations or chants.

Research deities, gods, spirits, goddesses, demons, angels or whatever your pantheon of beliefs involve. Call on them!

Do a shoulder stand.
Practice Lotus with woman on lap and embrace while connecting the sex centers.

Practice bandha locks (lock the energy in the sex regions and send it up the spine). The chakras must be balanced for the sex.

During the whole ceremony and while approaching and during orgasm make a protective circle. Draw symbols on the body and create talismans/charms that reflect your intention.

Arouse each other over and over without the man ejaculating. Get exhausted with this, it’s great!  To prevent premature ejaculation, put your tongue to the roof of your mouth and breath the energy up your skull. Choose positions that support your magick goal. Is the woman to be in the dominant or the man? That depends.
Now you don’t have to do all these things, as many don’t, but why be half-assed when you can be superhuman and gain self-mastery and immortality?

Jenevieve HexxxClosing the circle:
Say these words or make your own: “I dismiss any spirits who are known through ritual and release your properties and habitations, injuring none. Let there be peacefulness between us and thee, and I thank you on your way. Let presently there be peacefulness between myself and thee. I Currently declare this particular ritual appropriately closed.” Now let the magick manifest.

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