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The XCritic Interview: Luna Rival


The XCritic Interview has reached a new level, literally. Never have we been able to bring you the superstars from across the Atlantic like we are going to do today. This week marks something very special for us. We have brought you some of the biggest stars in the US market and brought them to you with inside interviews that truly showcase sides of the starlet’s fans may not have known to exist. This time, we bring a whole new outlet. The XCritic Video Interview will feature digital footage, up-close and personal with stars from every corner of the industry. This week’s featured starlet, French superstar Luna Rival @LoupRival

Luna Rival 

For those of you who do not know, this Burgundy native is known throughout the European Union to have not just one of the most ferocious appetites for anal and submission, she is also a woman who has just as much love for the beautiful outdoors and countryside. This lover of animals and the outdoors sits down with XCritic and tells us everything about how she started in the business, to how she explores her sexuality both inside the industry and out. This two-part piece is something that shows that miss Rival is simply more than just one of the sexiest accents in the industry, she is truly a force ready to make an impact on the American market and XCritic is right here at ground zero with you, the fans.

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