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The XCritic Interview: Mackenzie Moss Pt 2


Don Juan: Dude, that is so cool! You are a fucking scientist!

Yes, that is how we begin part two of this amazing interview with new starlet Mackenzie Moss. In case you missed part one, here you go, just click this link to one amazing intro. Here are the facts that you must know. This blond beauty indeed has the looks and the figure to have the designation “Moss” attached to her stage name. What goes beyond that title is an intellect and passion that made her a Spiegler Girl, has put her in some of the largest roles that I have seen any rookie take on in many moons and she has her shit together in every other category that we cannot share with the public. Well, we will reveal what we can, this industry is built off how well one can tease an audience correct? So, before we start the fun of round two, make sure that you check out Mackenzie in her latest Evil Angel film: Manhandled 12 from the amazing Aiden Riley, whose pretty pictures accompany this amazing article and thank you, Evil Angel, for that graciousness.

Mackenzie Moss 

Don Juan: There seem to be more and more ladies within the industry that have their degree as they enter the industry and that is simply amazing! OK, to switch gears on you and get to some of the film stuff, I have seen two massive scenes are due out from Evil Angel and what I would love to know being that you shot with the Maestro, is he as fun-loving off-camera as he is one camera? I am dying to know this.


Mackenzie Moss: (She laughs the cutest laugh you have ever heard in your life.) Yes, he is really cool. That was actually my second scene ever. I was, well, I would not go as far as to say that I was nervous, but I found that around this time, during this shoot I was really beginning to find out who I was within the industry. Being on his set was very helpful with my comfort. Claudio is super friendly and from the moment that I walked in; he was so friendly. It was the Maestro who was taking the sex stills for that shoot or the “pretty girls” and he was super awesome with posing for the photographs. For me, being a woman who does not have a formal modeling background up until that moment, I did not know what looks good in a shot, I was not confident with my posing and how to pose properly. He made it so simple for me to understand how to position myself and that is something that is very difficult when you know absolutely nothing about what needs to be done. Fans do not get to see the little things like the cuts that happen to make a scene look the way it does. The way that Claudio helped me to position myself during cuts was very helpful. To this day, I still remember the things that he told me.


Don Juan: That is one of the coolest stories. Therefore, I wanted to interview you so desperately. Fans may never know what it is like to work with a trained photographer or a cameraman. They are trained to always get the right angle, to see sides of you that you never even knew existed or looked good. That is so hard to deal with. At least it would be for me. I always love asking about Maestro because his house is so beautiful!

Mackenzie Moss 

Mackenzie Moss: I know, I love it. I have since shot there a few times and every time I go, I just have an amazing time.


Don Juan: You know, the big question in this interview I wanted to talk about, you know that you are one of the first models who had a published scene by Girlsway.com that was shot and created by Casey Calvert and Eli Cross right?


Mackenzie Moss: Oh, my goodness, yes that is true!


Don Juan: I would love for you to tell the fans, what was that day like on set? That had to be something unique, even for a new starlet.


Mackenzie Moss: Well, one of the first thing that stands out in my memory is that when I first arrived in Los Angeles, Mark took me around to a few sets to meet people with production companies. “Go-Sees” is what we call them. It was there that I first met Casey on set at the Girlsway studio. So, when I found out this is where I was going to be shooting for them, I had such a great feeling of familiarity with everything. I knew a lot of people who were on the set already. So that was cool. That was the biggest thing I remember from my first Girlsway scene. The excitement I had; I just cannot even describe it. I will also admit, I was a little nervous because yes, I wanted to make a good impression. So, as I arrived on set that day, I remember two make-up artists and they had their hands full being it was me, Alina Lopez, Kenzie Reeves and London River in the scene. So, do you know Mo?


Don Juan: Mo Reese, why yes I do!


Mackenzie Moss: Well, after we finished with our make-up, Mo took me upstairs and we did what we call “The Pretty Girls” shots. Those were to be photographs that go with my profile on the Girlsway.com website. He was just so nice, and it was great to work with him doing that for the first time with this company I really had so much admiration for going into things. This scene was something that I got last minute so that added a little bit of extra excitement to the night and day before. It is always a unique experience to get a phone call from Spiegler around 10:30 PM telling you that you just landed a big film shoot like Girlsway. So, I had literally been looking at the script all day and all night as I got ready for this shoot. When we started shooting, Alina and Kenzie made it really easy to get things going in every way possible. It was cool to be able to bounce ideas and dialogue off of each other. So when we got down to the sex scene, it made for us to have really good chemistry with each other so I think that is what made the scene come out pretty cool. I think it also played a part in all of us being able to squirt in the scene when the script only called for one of us to. Kenzie, she was able to beat us both but Alina and I, we were able to hold our own. (We both laugh. I think there is nothing cooler than hearing a performer talk about a scene like this and show such joy for the work. It is the best thing to capture I have found in an interview.)


Don Juan: Kenzie Reeves, she is superhuman. She is such an amazing performer. This had to be something so unique for you to be paired with them like this. You three are all amazing ladies. Kenzie, she is my home slice, she is awesome.


Mackenzie Moss: Yes, she is beyond adorable!

Mackenzie Moss 

Don Juan: Alina, I have not had the pleasure of having her on the hot seat for an interview yet but she is amazing. There is this video she posted where she is playing acoustic guitar and it is beyond insane how talented she is.


Mackenzie Moss: Oh yeah, I know just which one you are talking about on Twitter.


Don Juan: I can only imagine what it was like for all three of you to build that scene together. You now saying you ladies improved the squirting into something even more grand says that there was a great meeting of the minds on set?


Mackenzie Moss: Well, Don the thing I will tell you is a lot goes into a squirting scene and being able to work with two other great performers who feel that energy you are giving off. It was fun. We put a lot into that scene and were spent big time after.


Don Juan: I think as we enter this new age of erotica and we see that fans want to know how the business works in many ways, showing them insight like how much of a brain Kenzie has for this business and telling stories of how you three really planned this thing out, that is true behind the scenes that fans want.


Mackenzie Moss: Oh, Kenzie is such a thinker when it comes to this, Alina is too. The biggest thing I want both to know is how super thankful I am to have had their help with so many things in that scene. We all had really cool ideas and they allowed my voice to be heard when the creation part was going down and that left an impression on me.


Don Juan: That is amazing that the first couple of scenes that you did in the business was with women who reached out a helping hand when you needed it. We need more of that comradery in the industry. Now, I want to talk about the other amazing woman in the production. How was Casey’s demeanor? Did she have a lot of insight for you guys, or did she just let you all go for it?


Mackenzie Moss: Well, on this day, it was a mixture of Eli and Casey. Eli was handling a lot of the direction and Casey was looking to help with the small details of production that are a secret of the industry. Not that we can not tell that fans what we are doing but that is the mystery that makes “movie magic.” Casey being a performer as well as a director, she was super busy and I think after our shoot, she had to leave to go to a shoot of her own, so that tells you what you need to know about Casey Calvert. The one thing I will say about both of them is that they have passion for what they do. There was a moment in the script where they knew exactly how they wanted the direction of the camera to go. They wanted us in a daisy chain position eating each other out and then at that moment, London River walks back into the scene. The premise of the scene is that we are cleaning girls and London is the bitchy boss who is treating us like shit. So, the sex of the scene comes out in the open as the three cleaning girls decide, “let’s get back at her.” That is where the idea came for all of us to squirt everywhere. So, to get back to Eli’s direction, as London walks in and says, “Hello, I am back,” he showed me how a director sees every part of a scene. For the most part, the directors let us do what we do and that made it for a great experience. To be able to be fucking for the whole scene and literally fucking in each other’s squirt, that made for something so awesome. I loved it, Don!


Don Juan: That is so cool that you have that kind of passion for what you do. We need more of that in the industry. I think the fact that you and Alina were in this scene shows the future of “The Spiegler Girls” in ways that are going to be like nothing we have ever seen. The business needs actors who have various backgrounds like you both do. The stigma of this business is that we are all uneducated, no talent, degenerates who only care about sex and money and that is so untrue. You both show another side of the performers of the industry that is as big as it gets in the modern world of show business. Just look at the two of us, here are two college graduates sitting down and talking about something that has changed our lives in amazing ways!

Mackenzie Moss 

Mackenzie Moss: Yes, that sounds exactly what my partial inspiration was behind getting into this industry Don Juan. So, let’s backtrack a little bit because this is a story that I would really love to have my fans and the critics of the business hear. In New York, I was stripping, had a lot of friends who were also sex workers. I was really being a bit anonymous before but what I really want people to know, as fake as this may sound to some people, I am really doing this to destigmatize the way that people see sex workers, adult entertainers. I hope that being able to be a positive example that it helps to impact a lot of people who are out there in the world and may not be as lucky as us to have people around them who back and support them and understand what they feel inside.


Don Juan: My goodness, that is so wonderful. Now, I know what you are saying as I interrupt you for the eighth time in the last ninety seconds, “who is interviewing who mother fucker!” But I once dated a woman who her only outlet in life was watching adult films. She never knew what this was inside of her and the man she was with would suppress that and I would see her always in pain, always confused as to what life was showing her. No bullshit, adult cinema helped her become her.


Mackenzie Moss: I agree.


Don Juan: That is the most amazing thing. You know, I have met more honest people within this business then I have met in any other profession and that says so much. That is something the world does not know that they need to know.


Mackenzie Moss: Yes. You know, people will be people and point to the bad parts of the industry. I think it is why you also always hear that this is the place where all the bad actors and acting is and that definitely is not true. I think that it happens in every other industry to be fair. The only reason that the adult industry is demonized as it is because it involves sex and it shows sex unapologetically. I think that the United States, in general, has this overall fear in general about sex and the thing that I really do not understand about it all is why is this attitude being perpetuated because everybody watches porn basically. So that is very strange to me that everyone has that first instinct to demonize something that they just got done watching before they spoke up to the person next to them in that negative way. Why would they want to shame something that they do enjoy?


Don Juan: My goodness, you speak of things that so many can not put words on. You made me think of Kenzie Reeves again just now. She and I, we started to bond as people when I spoke with her for the first time and I learned that her grandmother had nineteen children. My grandmother had sixteen children. Our grandmothers are very religious and we both love our grandmother’ very much but what we found a little funny was here were two women that had almost thirty-six children combined, and that generation had this view that sex was bad and not moral. We just were puzzled when we thought of that and how our grandmothers would look at the industry.


Mackenzie Moss: (We are both laughing) Oh my goodness, this is so true! That is so funny.


Don Juan: I feel ya darlin’ and isn’t that exactly what the country is though? Two women can have thirty-six children, yet sex is stigmatized, the wonderous natural act that created those thirty-six children, at every level possible.


Mackenzie Moss: Yes, it is so crazy I do not get it. I hope that one day we will though, everyone, together even those people outside of the views that we share.

Mackenzie Moss 

Don Juan: You know, my true prediction, when you analyze everything that human is scientifical. I guarantee you that one hundred years from now, when they have figured out everything there is to know about what makes up a human being from emotions influence on the cellular level and so much more, that we will discover sexuality is the key to unlocking everything and that those imperfections in our sex and sexuality are what truly make us human more so than anything else. We will see what it does to mental health, overall physical health, the whole nine yards. So, this brings me to the big question, what to you Makenzie Moss is sexuality?


Mackenzie Moss: Wow, that is a great question. I would say that it is more than just one thing. It is something that when you embrace it, especially at this level, it is something that is very freeing in so many ways and I think that it is something that is also very fluid and that is what can make it a bunch of different things to many different people. I think that it is something very powerful. I feel that since the day came that I embraced my sexuality more and especially being in porn now, it has freed me from some of societies constraints in so many ways. It has helped me to become stronger. It has helped me to not fear another person’s judgment. You know, most people can relate to the scenario of a growing up in high school and middle school, I was not considered to be someone who was “hot.” I was made fun of because of how skinny I was. I never felt that I would ever fit in and that messed with my own self-confidence. I feel like now that I have embraced it and I have been around people who also embrace it for so long now that also look to be creative with it that I can do anything with these ways about myself that I have always known are there and opening up to my sexuality helped me find that within myself. I do not think that people understand how valuable it is when you have that confidence in yourself that you no longer care what other people think about you and that is where sexuality has taken me, Don. I think that is what makes it something that is constantly changing. Sexuality does not just mean that you only like girls or you just like boys. It can become something where you say, I want to lick a bunch of objects and maybe with a friend, maybe not. It is not something that is bad or to be ashamed of. I think that is what sexuality is to me, Don Juan.


Don Juan: So, this has become a massive part of your life, how amazing.


Mackenzie Moss: More than you can imagine Don. This was something that traveled and grew within me when I went to college. When I was a junior, I discovered something called Fet-Life, do you know what that is?


Don Juan: Yes, I do. It is something that has been a part of my life for more than a few years now.


Mackenzie Moss: So, you know exactly how life-changing it is. See, with Fet-Life, I found my first boyfriend there, well, let me rephrase that. It was a place where I found my first boyfriend who truly let me feel like I can explore more about myself and my sexuality. It was something so wonderful to be with someone who let me be kinkier and explore things like becoming more submissive. I think that everyone should try to discover the things that they do and enjoy and find out the things they do not. That is how I think so many people can find themselves because that is what it truly did for me.


Don Juan: I am assuming that you have discovered things like the release of endorphins during such things as bondage?


Mackenzie Moss: Well, a small part. I have only done bondage a little bit. For me, this is a more recent discovery. There has been a little bit here in porn that I have gotten to partake in and also, right before I got into the industry, a lot of my sex worker friends who showed me a little bit of the lifestyle. I have some friends who were dominatrixes and we would all have sex parties and I got tied up a few times here and there.


Don Juan: That is gangsta! (She laughs the cutest laugh) See, I am a late bloomer and I never got to experience what any of this was till I started dating a gal in the industry who was massively into fetish to make her living and discovering that endorphin release is a trip. That was a little hard for me to not judge being that I am a gentleman and looked at it the wrong way for years. When I began with her, I was on pins and needles and as I opened my mind, things changed in ways I never thought possible.


Mackenzie Moss: Yes, that is the beauty of opening your sexuality. I think that a lot of guys do have some fear when it comes to opening that side of themselves. Most guys do not want to partake in being tied up because they see only the submissive side of things and that is not the only way you necessarily have to get involved in that type of expression of sexuality.


Don Juan: You know, being that I am talking with a scientist here, one of the things I love is biochemistry, especially the things that deal with what makes a human being. I think in the future, as things do become more excepting, we will find that the number of gay and bi-sexual men are far more massive than we ever believed. It is something that must be so when you look at certain statistic with the opposite sex. I think men just can not get past that fear from society to embrace even a small part of that.

Mackenzie Moss 

Mackenzie Moss: That is an interesting thought.


Don Juan: Well, I think that a male’s chemistry has more female cells then we let on. One of my best friends in the industry, she once labeled me the “lesbian cupid” of the industry because I was always looking to hook gals up in the business with other gals, or someone I was dating. It was at that moment I realized that I had a female dominant brain in so many ways and it is more than just the fact that I love shopping, I love little things like a woman’s nails and the obvious things. I also love to analyze and think intricately. I love to nurture and care before anything else. I think many males have this, but most will never say. Me, I embrace that side of who I am, and I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks. The feminine side of me is a side I embrace and love and it has led to so much good in my life.


Mackenzie Moss: That is amazing. You know, I have so many friends like that back home and they are people who also embrace who they are. It is having them by my side that made me realize that those are the only people that I want to have surrounding me. Those are the people worth letting into your life. I think that when anyone embraces femininity at any level is something very powerful and awakening. Not to get too political but it is the societal division of masculinity that has had so many men act and live and certain way. By no means do I hate men, or masculinity but there are two chromosomes in all of us and getting to know both sides is something every human being must do. That is the way I see it.


Don Juan: I think that the misogynistic side of the coin has led to a lot of suppression with both males and females. I think I read somewhere that when a mother gives birth to her child, she carries the baby’s cells for up to two years after the baby is born. That is because you all are the true mothers of the earth. You are thinkers, you are these beautiful emotional creatures who must be thinkers in order to carry so much of the world’s weight on your shoulders and misogyny has suppressed that for such a long time and made it look like weakness when it is truly the greatest strength. It has suppressed so much in men as well. OK, so just a few more questions and we are done. So, something I want to ask a new starlet, especially being that you have these two amazing scenes out that show role-playing character and the other this gonzo sexual escapade, which type of scene has really tickled your fancy the most so far? What can we expect Mackenzie Moss to become? Perhaps the gonzo princess of kinky encounters? Or are we talking acting trophies from the get-go?


Mackenzie Moss: Oh my gosh, that is another great question. I do enjoy both but one thing that I have been working on from the start is to perfect my acting so that I can do features in the future and have the lead role that is in such films. I do not have any formal acting training or education so as the years go on, I hope to get better and better at it if that answers your question. I think that most performers are self-conscious about their acting when they start. I know that I am. Acting is what I think of the most as you ask that question.

Mackenzie Moss 

Don Juan: So, the second to last question, which is another I have always been dying to ask a new performer. What has taken the most adjustment in life as you become a porn star? Is it the traveling, the sexual encounters with amazing hotties and then coming back to reality after a great shoot? I am dying to hear this aspect from a person with a brain like yours.


Mackenzie Moss: The first thing that I thought of when you asked me that is managing my health actually. Because I have been working a lot that might be the difference between me and another newbie in the industry. It does take a toll on your body just like we were talking about. So much goes into just taking photos, with the arching of your back. After my first couple of weeks, my back was killing me and I knew that I had to start doing more to make sure that I could keep up at this pace. Learning to manage your health as a model. It has been the biggest adjustment by far for me. This is a job where when you catch a cold, there is someone else that could get your spot in a movie. So, you have to make sure that you are doing everything you can to be healthy and be productive.


Don Juan: My goodness, that is one of the coolest insights I have ever heard. I do not think fans or critics of the industry ever know that you ladies must do such things, amazing! OK, last question Mackenzie. Tell me, what does the amazing Don Juan DeMarko not know about the new starlet known as Mackenzie Moss or the woman behind the alter ego?


Mackenzie Moss: Wow, I think that I must be able to tell you something insightful that you would never know unless you were in the circles that I use to travel in. One of the wildest things about me is that there is a lot of this industry that is apart of my personal life too. So, when I was in college, I had stumbled upon this book club, as I am an avid reader. To make a long story short, we would all meet monthly for this book club, it consisted of friends and a few people I did not know but others in the group did and this monthly book club and every time we would meet, it just turned into an orgy basically.


Don Juan: My goodness, now that is the best answer I have ever gotten from a new starlet. Who would have ever known that joining a book club is the modern way to take part in orgies? Oh, what a woman. That is Mackenzie Moss dear readers. She is already beginning to show her ability to handle the role of being a part of the biggest agency in the industry and she has even been given supporting roles that grow bigger and bigger each day. 2019 has given the adult world Mackenzie Moss and I see this beauty setting a new standard for how we see the adult film star in more ways than one. Talk about the wave of the future.

Don Juan DeMarko

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