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Sex Magick by Jenevieve Hexxx


Sex magick can be used for purposes from the mundane to the divine.  It can be useful for such succulent things as divination and astral projection as well as summoning demons, protection spells, invoking ancient occult masters for their knowledge, attaining eternal youth and achieving personal goals.  The requirement for doing any kind of sex magick (or any kind of magick) is the ability to concentrate single-mindedly with deep fervor, passion, and unwavering discipline. This ability is developed by the practice of kundalini yoga, intense chanting, and physical practice. 

Jen Hexxx

Sex Magick is not about making yourself a better lover but it can get quite insanely hot. It's not about sex positions or becoming a porn star.  It's all about using the human body for noncorporeal, interdimensional etheric and astral energy to channel through.  
You can explore the esoteric and obscure through deep powerful orgasmic power. The perfect alchemy for sex magick is, of course, the semen and the blood together like a supernatural elixir. 
Demonic Possession is definitely possible and should be avoided unless you are quite skilled in the arts. The power of the life force during orgasm leaves you wide open when performing such intense magickal rituals. It's best to have a wise guide such as a shaman, experienced witch or a practitioner of the arts that you trust to help guide the ceremony.
This practice is not necessarily related to love and it is not tantric sex so be warned before engaging in this seductive path. Do you want to learn about the techniques?    
In my next article, I will present meditations, rituals and physical disciplines that you can use to romance the forces of power beyond this realm.
Engage in this superior temptation at your own risk. ...

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