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Half His Age The Weight of Infidelity Right To Refuse

Pure Taboo. It's one of Bree Mills' many projects. A studio devoted to pushing the envelope in porn filmmaking and doing a damn good job of it. When we say pushing the envelope, we mean it. This studio will open your eyes one minute and make you want to squeeze them shut the next. You just never know what is going to happen onscreen. That's what great filmmaking is all about. Full disclosure, they are an XCritic advertiser but that doesn't mean anything to our reviewers. We don't always like everything they put out but a lot of times we absolutely love their titles. Sometimes, a title will generate enough buzz among the team that everyone wants to toss their two cents in and give an opinion, like The Weight of Infidelity. Here, I've chosen to feature 3 of the titles that we really liked and are definitely worth your cash. If you haven't seen them, make sure you do!

Like I said before, Pure Taboo is just one of many projects that reside under the Gamma Entertainment umbrella these days. They have a lot of specialty branches including Transfixed, Burning Angel, Vivid, Girlsway, Fantasy Massage and much more. All are separate channels on the AdultTime network which grows larger every day. You should definitely check it out if you prefer your porn to be online and subscription based!

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