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The XCritic Interview: Jenna Sativa Part 1


Jenna Sativa

If you watch any amount of girl on girl porn you are probably familiar with the lovely Jenna Sativa, who has been consistently nominated for best all-girl performer by pretty much every awards organization out there and has taken a few of those trophies home! Don Juan DeMarko caught up with her the other day so that we could get a bit more insight into who she is. Our frequent readers know that we like our interviews to try and stay away from theĀ  "standard interview questions" that performers have answered 100 times elsewhere. This one is no different as Don and Jenna talk about her being a nudist and a very sexual person and then they chat about Tommy Chong and Snoop Dogg, which obviously centers around the topicĀ of marijuana and her love for the plant. You'll want to grab yourself a beverage and read this one folks!

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