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The XCritic Interview: Jenna Sativa Part:1


What do you do when you have mastered your craft, your profession and become the best that you can be when it comes to what you do for a living? If you are reading this article as an outsider to the adult film industry, may I be the first to tell you, porn films are not real and sex work is a real profession that takes every bit as much skill as it does to be a professional wrestler as well as an actor in other forms of cinema. It takes the best of the best to sell a fantasy to make every day on set be the best day of their life because the director's vision demands such things and requires them to make pain look like pleasure and to bury their outside emotions deep down to convince an audience that this is fantasy at it’s best. That is the brilliance of adult cinema as well as the beautiful and talented performer we tell a story with today. Jenna Sativa is a unique woman. Let’s put aside the fact she has won performer of the year and is on her way to becoming the greatest girl/girl performer of all time in this writer’s opinion, what else she is, that is the story we are here to tell. She is a woman who speaks two languages, who was a champion for marijuana usage, and its wonders before the whole country adopted her way of thought and vision. She is a woman who continues to show the world that a porn star is not a person looking for a quick buck, or fast way to places of darkness but people who have goals, who have artistic passion and more than anything look to spread that beauty as the message they send across the planet as a performer. If you are ready to see a side of Jenna you never have you have found the right article and for those of you who are looking to see the one-sided coin you believe the adult industry to be, get ready for the shock of your life.

Jenna Sativa 

Don Juan: So, for the public to get to know you, especially those who are just tuning in and discovering the amazing phenomenon known as Jenna Sativa, tell us how you got into this amazing business, even though I know you have told the story a million times I bet.


Jenna Sativa: Well it is simple Don, I have always been a nudist, I wanted to be a part of the industry that celebrated that part of who I am. Being a very sexual person as well as a nudist I found in life that a lot of people shame that. So, when I first discovered the adult industry and I met the people within it and found this acceptance in so many ways it made me want to jump into it in so many ways. In the beginning, I was webcamming and after a few months, I discovered within my heart that I wanted to be a porn star really badly and it took me a while to find the right agent, find the right way to begin things in so many ways. I discovered that a lot of people that I was reaching out to only had their agenda front and center. They were telling me that I would be more successful if I went into things doing boy/girl. I have always, since day one wanted to do girl/girl, and no one wanted me to walk that path in my career or to even shoot me. It took me six months to find an agent that would book me in all girl, and I was with that agent for a couple of years until I found Mark [Spiegler] and I have been with Mark ever since. It has been three amazing years I have been with him and that is my beginning, my intro so to speak.


Don Juan: That is amazing. You know, most people outside the business won’t get this but you do not know how proud I was the day I saw a girl/girl only performer become a Spiegler Girl. Mark is a man that represents the best and he demands that from his clients. It is a special relationship with the most gifted artists in our industry. The stereotype of our business is that girl/girl is not porn and I have always thought that's such bullshit because it takes the same amount of magic to make that fantasy fly, maybe even more so because acting and planning is even more in use on a girl/girl set. For many years, the fear of lesbian/girl-girl performers and the genre has just always baffled me. I never get all the hate the genre gets from fans and industry people.


Jenna Sativa: I don’t know, maybe they are just not into pussy as much as we are.

Jenna Sativa 

Don Juan: (As we laugh hysterically) Oh my God, that is some funny shit woman. It reminds me of this Tommy Chong quote, he said once, “You know, the secret to a long life is eating pussy.” I said, “damn that must be what is working as the fountain of youth for me time to time.”


Jenna Sativa: Tommy is the man! You know, no matter who you are, we are all fans of something in this world and I will admit that when I had Tommy Chong follow me on Instagram, I was Fan Girling so bad! There have only been a few rare times where that has happened but when he followed, there was that fan inside me saying, “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh, my god, oh my god!” To be honest, this made me understand and connect with my fans a lot better in so many ways. That is something I will never forget. I think that type of relatable scenario is humbling in a lot of ways, especially when Tommy followed me back. There were moments where I was second guessing myself and I was saying, “no, you don’t want to bug him, he has so many fans messaging him every day. If I have this many fans sending me messages, he must have that same thing but times a hundred, shit, times a million but as I found out he is cool as hell, he takes his time to write back. I try at times to not bombard him with questions in so many areas but that is what made me think of my relationship with my fans. Tommy is just so quick and funny and one of the humblest people that I have ever seen.


Don Juan: I truly hope that you get a chance to meet him. Industry folk, I think we are just the most amazing breed of human beings, he like you is a very spiritual man with the earth who has so much culture to who he is, he is very savvy like you and for the longest of times, people never got to see how knowledgeable and how down to earth he was, even in the modern era of the internet, most do not know that about him. I think most do not know that about you. That is why I think there would be such a great meeting and connection. Some critics only see him as the first famous pothead and that is so who he not is, that is just the beauty of what is on the surface, just like you.


Jenna Sativa: Yes, you know, I don’t think some fans or most critics realize that things that have brought us into their homes, that they see on social media or on a tube site or podcast, that is only a small part of who we are. There is so much more to people in the industry especially. There are so many positive things. For example, me. I am a porn star and I am successful in my porn career but that is just a tiny part of me, of who I am, of what my dreams, my goals, my desires are. There are many more parts within that complete me and make me whole. I think that is true for everyone. For instance, most fans, they only watch my films, they would never see the side of me that is this huge gamer. I am such a huge video gamer, I don’t think there has been a day in many, many years where I have not played video games. My dedicated fans, they know that about me but someone who maybe is just finding my film work, they would never see that, I think. Even when I was starting out in the business and I was finding my stride, I did not post about that part of me. I will admit until recently and now, it has led me to discover other ways that I can connect with my fans and show another side of who I am through Twitch. That is a side that maybe I did not think fans would be able to connect with me in any way and I have been pleasantly surprised that they have. Well, that and the industry has given me new confidence to show that other part of who I am and what I love. I think you are right; Tommy and I would relate that way because he is so freaking smart, he is also a lot more then what people see. It is not just about weed, about cannabis. He is so much more than that, he has so many passions, I am always inspired by him. He, of course, has his comedy, but you are right, there are some that only see him as the pot guy, as this stoner and he is so much more than that, as am I. He is a freakin’ genius.


Don Juan: Yes, you know, what he does not get enough credit for, this is the guy who said years and years and years ago that marijuana should be legal, that its something that is medicinal and it something that is good for the people and now that everything is legal, I think that is just the coolest thing that such a man could have said, “I told you so” but he chooses to be the humble man that made something wonderful happen in the world. That is something special.


Jenna Sativa: Yes, it is, he is I should say.

Jenna Sativa 

Don Juan: I am glad that we got to talk about Tommy and what he represents and started. To dive into the marihuana debate and talk about something I know is very important to you, as it is me and many people in this country, I found that learning about your discovery of weed when I was watching you on Snoop Dogg’s The Queens of the Stoned Age my true dream with you my friend is to see you old and gray, we are both old farts and there is a Jenna Sativa strand of Marijuana that fits you like a glove and is something that is you basically.


Jenna Sativa: That would be amazing. I have had some things like that in the work with some people and what I will tell you Don, when it comes to something that means a lot to me, like the benefits of Marihuana and what it can do for people, I want to be able to have a strain that bears my name to be something that is me. My name means so much to me and I want that strain, whenever that may come in life to everything that it could be for not just my fans but for people who use it like I do. I could go on and on about how much this natural wonder plant has helped me since I discovered. It. Weed is something that above all else, to touch a little bit on what my love is with weed, is that it makes me feel cool, it takes away my fears of so many kinds, it is the cure to my anxiety, it gives me patience. If you ever see me being impatient, that is because I have not smoked weed. (She laughs this beautiful Latina laugh. I cannot describe its melody but only Latin Island beauties have it, Cuban’s Puerto Ricans and Dominicans.)


Don Juan: I think that waiting for just that right strain is the right move. You want to be able to have your name attached to something that speaks about who you are Jenna.


Jenna Sativa: Exactly!


Don Juan: So, getting back into the nitty-gritty of this interview. If there is one thing that I had to ask you since I began my research for this interview. I have a very close friend who is no longer in the industry, but you got to work with her for Twistys. Her Mom, she is so supportive of her film career and I think that is the best of things when it comes to your family in this business. I was watching a Twisty’s interview and I heard you say, “my mom, she has always supported me, she has all these naked pictures of me up around the house.” I thought that was cool as shit because my friend’s mom is the same way. To me, it sounds like you have a very supportive family and being that you are on a path to becoming the greatest girl/girl performer of all time, did growing up the way that you did and having support aid you in becoming the person that you are when it comes to your sexuality and more?

Jenna Sativa 

Jenna Sativa: Oh, one hundred percent. My parents had me when they were very young, they were both teenagers. So, they had a very untraditional approach to how they raised me. My grandparents, they were more of your typical parental figure types. They were strict about certain things and conservative on some views. The type of people who are a bit more interested in you being a “lady.” My mom not only is she a nudist, but she is also bisexual. She had a girlfriend and I saw that when I was growing up and it was totally normal to me growing up. None of those things did I even for a second think were bad things. So that definitely molded my brain into what it is and who I am today. I owe of a lot of who I am to her and my upbringing as to why I am so open to a person and why I am so open to sexuality in general. When I had sex for the first time when I was fourteen, I told my mom and then I told my dad and they both had that same reaction. They were not surprised and they both had the same response. They both said, “you are my daughter and I am not surprised that you are a hypersexual being.” My answer to all that was like, “OK.”


Don Juan: That is something so special. My goodness, what a difference that makes in life does it not?


Jenna Sativa: Oh, big time. It is one of the most important things when it comes to any person’s being.


Don Juan: There is so much that can happen to anyone’s character and spirit when they are not supported and told that being themselves is a bad thing.


Jenna Sativa: Yeah, I mean kids start becoming sexual when they are teenagers. Everyone’s hormones go crazy when they are teenagers and then you have people telling them that sex is bad, that jacking off is this horrible thing when it is more natural than almost any other human encounter there is. That is what creates all these types of negative stories and people when we tell our kids that they are doing something so horrible when they ask about sex, when they do take part in something after a parent tries to avoid and deny something like sexuality in their kids. Those are children who will grow up to have no idea what sex is and how to satisfy their sexual needs in a healthy way, no, more so a fitting way for who they are. I really believe that is why so many adults are lost, because their parents shamed that, and it made them hide from that and hide from themselves. That shame is not good, for sexuality and sex is a part of who we are. The whole universe is fucking the way it is because of sex. We all came into this amazing universe because of sex, so why is it that we have been so ashamed? The thing I believe most people do not realize is that it has a massive effect on people as they grow older and older.

Jenna Sativa 

Don Juan: Damn, pure knowledge right there. You know, being blessed to have grown up with a gay brother but more so, I think I have a larger part of my brain that is in-tune with my feminine side and what that has made me see about today’s society. So many men are afraid of that side of their being, body chemistry and emotions that they block of so much of who they are and it makes them so unhappy. It is annoying as hell when you tell someone, “the thing that will help you with whatever is to get in tune with your feminine side” and they look at you like you just spoke words of pure death to them. So annoying!


Jenna Sativa: Oh, my goodness, you are the one who said it there man! I think it is so hot when a guy is in touch with his feminine side because they are not afraid of themselves, you are not hiding a part of who you are. So many people say that not all men have a feminine side and that is so not true, they are just so good at hiding it and even more so, suppressing it. Those types of men, they are damaging who they are in many ways. It is like not exercising a muscle that you have. Your feminine side is something that is a part of you and what happens to a muscle when you do not exercise it? It becomes weak and then you are not going to be able to empathize with women, you are not going to be able to relate in times when you must tap into that emotion. I think that is why men are so estranged from women.


Don Juan: (As giddy as a schoolboy with laughter, joy, and pure awe!) Yes, I agree! I had been waiting to ask you that forever! You have said this better than I have ever been able to and I have tried for years to find that rational wisdom that you just spoke. I think that you can relate to this better than anyone. I have had so many guy friends, mi familia, they are crying into a beer and I have heard it all, things like, “if I watch transgender porn does that mean that I am gay?” I tell them no, “that means you like what you like, and you are normal to be inquisitive to something that sparks curiosity like a transgender film or watching two women have sex., or two men for that matter.”


Jenna Sativa: Yes, that is so true. Watching something does not mean that you are doing it. I can watch two men having sex and by society's way of seeing things one-sided, does that mean that I am a gay man? No, it does not. (We share a massive laugh. Jenna has a wit and intelligence that is beyond her years, beyond mine for that matter, it is the only way I can explain the energy she conveys when she speaks.)


Don Juan: I love it! That fucking rocks darlin’! It is so important in life to have that in life. I'm honestly thankful for so much of my ability to cope and enjoy life. I think you saying what you just said is something that can change the world if people take the time to learn and see what that message really is. You truly fucking rock babe! OK, the next question is a weed question. I would love to know the story behind how weed began to help with your anxiety. I saw you on Snoop Dogg’s Queens of the Stoned Age and I was just so in awe that weed helps you the way that it does. I would love to know, how has this amazing wonder plant shaped you as a human being and when did you start smoking?


Jenna Sativa: It is a funny answer to the first part of the question. I am a very late bloomer when it comes to how and when I started smoking weed. I did not smoke until I was eighteen and that is because I had heard so much fucking bullshit behind the plant in every way that you can think of and I think many people can relate to that. Everything I heard was about how it is this bad drug so that led me to do some research on it and what I learned was that it relieved so much pain in the body and mind. My first thought before I educated myself was that weed only gets you high. It is then, finding out about the medicinal parts of the plant and researching all these facts about the plant that I said to myself, “why have I never heard this side of the argument before?” So, I gave it a chance to decide what I thought about it myself and oh my God, it took away my anxiety and I felt as if I were walking on clouds. I was finding out that when I was smoking, I never had a panic attack and I was also able to focus better in school because my anxiety was not a problem anymore.

Jenna Sativa 

 I truly found that I was succeeding in all aspects of my life. I had a great appetite, I had the energy to do my homework after school and I was able to do everything and this came from only smoking weed one time, granted, my tolerance then was not what it is now, (She so sweetly laughs) that is when I just noticed that everything that was negative in my life was fading so quickly because of how marijuana was helping me. After about a week, I had noticed that my anxiety was coming back, I was in class and I could feel a panic attack coming on. It was there that I took another hit after school and I got that feeling once again like I was floating on clouds. I was able to start crushing everything in school again and I also noticed after a few days, it was helping me at work too. Yes, when I was in high school, I was also working. All my time was either spent at school or spent at work. Whenever I was home, it was basically to do homework and go to sleep, that was about it. Before I started smoking, I would come home and be completely exhausted and I could not sleep. My anxiety would keep me up, so imagine that I am going to school, working, coming home, doing homework and then could not sleep a wink. It was only with weed I could get that serene feeling that I needed in order to fall asleep. This plant was something very special to me because of that. I hope that does not sound dumb, but this is truly how I became more efficient in life Don. I was able to see my life in many angles. I got a better job for myself and I was able to handle a busy lifestyle. My life got even busier after I started smoking weed and that allowed me to function and I had a better opinion of who I was when I was smoking and able to handle all of these things that life threw at me. Being high, being in that state of pain-free living, it takes everything away, depression, stress, negative emotions, and feelings. That is something very valuable in my life and always has been, which once again, I think that is why so many people can relate to my weed smoking and why I can relate to theirs……..


It is here that we must stop, as Jenna and I carried on for thirty-five more minutes. I was meant to only keep her for a half hour and the cordial beauty that she is, she stayed to make sure that we covered so much. Jenna has always been my fantasy as long as I can remember and many people within this business that I know. Trust me fans, you are not the only ones who talk within your circle of friends and say, “my goodness, have you ever heard of or seen Jenna Sativa?” In part two, Jenna talks more about marijuana and where her career has been and where it is going but she always speaks in depth about her, any passions within the video game world and how much that means to her. When you are lucky enough to interview the most beautiful women on the planet you truly get to see how much more to them there is then their beauty. Jenna was the interview I have looked forward to my whole career as a writer in both worlds that I do this as part of my living. What she showed me is that every thought of who I thought she was, it was incorrect. She is something even more massive than I ever dreamed. Smart, beautiful, articulate, passionate, headstrong, aggressive and so fearless. Jenna has long been called the greatest girl/girl performer of the new era. What she truly shows, is that this genre is not something to take second place and that is all due to her fire within, not her sexy frame, or drop-dead good looks. Jenna is an innovator, a dreamer, and a conqueror. Until part two dear readers, she bids you adieu.


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