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XCritic Interview: Misty Stone


Anyone who has watched ebony porn knows who Misty Stone is. She’s the graceful, leggy babe with the smooth, velvety voice and brown eyes filled with warmth. A true icon in the adult film world, Misty Stone has been featured in a lot of different films, features, and photo shoots. Simply put, if you love ebony porn, you adore Misty.

My good friend James at Galaxy Publicity was able to get me a chance to sit down with the superstar and hear what she had to say. What floored me was the fiery passion that she has for empowering young models and helping promote equality in the scene. At the time, Misty had just gotten out of surgery after suffering a leg injury.


Ossiana Tepfenhart: It’s awesome to start talking to you.

Misty: It’s awesome to talk to you too!

So, let’s talk about you. I want to know how you got your start as an adult film star.

Well, I had the prerequisite of having a job stripping, and before that...Yeah, I was just dancing and I decided to get into the adult industry.

Misty StoneI definitely respect that. I recently started pole dancing and oh my God, my arms hurt!

Haha, well I’m in my thirties right now. So I don’t even remember what the pole is like. I’m sure it can be dangerous, I remember those bruises. I never really had expertise in pole, as I wasn't a feature dancer.

Oh, I’m just getting acquainted with the bruises. So tell me a little bit about what a typical day is like as a porn star? Do you go on go-sees, do you shoot in different countries?

Well, for the younger girls who don’t really have much experience, they’re definitely going on go-sees. But for someone as seasoned as me who’s been in the scene since 2006, I don’t think a go-see is going to work for me, baby. My typical day, right now, is a little different.

If it’s a shoot day, because I’m very particular about who I shoot with, it’s one of four or five times a month. That’s not often. Most of the time, I’m doing a lot of stuff for my OnlyFans, doing a little tease in my bed. I see a lot of girls making more money on that.

That’s new. As a veteran of the scene since 2006, you’ve probably seen a lot of change, a lot of new faces, and a lot of different things happen.

Oh yeah!

What was the biggest change in the industry, that kind of caught you by surprise?

Uhm, you know? It would have to be that there doesn’t seem to be any more black porn companies, that there are no more black agencies. It’s like we dissipated, dissolved into nothing. It’s weird. I think it’s odd.


You know, back in the day when I first started, there were black agencies, you know, black model houses, black companies, you know, black on black. Now we have these white companies that shoot black men on white girls, but no one wants to shoot black on black.

That’s really messed up. I mean, first off, black women are super hot. And two, there needs to be equal Misty Stonerepresentation in the adult film world.

Yeah, and because of that, the demand for black women is not as high. They’d rather not shoot us. They’d rather go for little white girls with the big cock. So, there’s also a lot of favoritism in the scene and the work is very limited. There’s usually only one or two black girls who are dominating in the industry and actually working.


The rest? Well, they’re fighting for scraps. Mhm, fighting for scraps.

That’s terrible. What do you think was the biggest issue with this kind of discrimination, aside from just the companies dissipating? Did you have a hard time trying to help other models?

Oh absolutely. There’s a lot of colorism, and when I say colorism, I mean there’s a lot of discrimination based on the particular shade of skin you have. I had two proteges who I helped out, and they did very well in the industry. One was light-skinned, the other dark-skinned.


But, because of colorism, one surpassed the other.

What advice do you have for young black women who want to start modeling, not only in the adult industry but as fashion models as well?

It’s all about feeling beautiful in your skin. If you feel beautiful in your skin, it will exude in the video. So just be confident, and you’ll do fine.

What would you advise girls who are trying to date while in the adult film world?

Mm. No, I don’t think I want to give any advice there. I haven’t had a man of my own for over eight years. I date but because I’m such an alpha female, I’m very intimidating for a lot of men. None of the adult actors in the industry tried to date me. I’m not one to give any advice there, baby.


I don’t know about you but I’d call that freedom.

It’s definitely freedom.

Misty StoneAre there any companies you want to shoot with again? Are you looking to start your own black company?

Well, I’ve shot with just about everyone I wanted to shoot with and if they haven’t shot with me by now, it’s their loss. I definitely want a home for us! You know, where it’s black on black only. I honestly want to shoot ‘us!’


I want to have a place to go for African American porn. It would be wonderful. You know, it would be so empowering to have a black production company, and I definitely could see this improving my brand. I want to expand the little legacy I am building, baby.


I just got to get my funding up and my foot better.

I definitely think there are more people who want to see diversity in porn.

Oh absolutely, but there’s a problem with actually getting people to pay for it. I just gotta get everybody to buy it. The consumers that want to see it, which are the black people, wanna see it but want to get it for free. So, my struggle is getting it encrypted so I don’t have to make it for free.


Hence, that’s why we don’t have much black on black porn. People just aren’t buying it.

I understand that. So tell me about your pre-shoot process. Do you have a ritual?

I wouldn’t say a ritual, haha. I just try to get there on time. I do light up a blunt before I get in the car, cause you know that LA traffic. I know that’s not good but…

Studies show people who smoke weed are thinner and healthier than people who smoke cigarettes.

Wow. So, there you go!

What’s your favorite strain?

That would have to be...You know I love my OG but sometimes I want something a little fruitier. So you know, my exotics, like maybe, uh, Cheery...Cheery something. As long as it has a nice OG kick. I have to smell it and taste it first.

Now I know you’re in Cali. I’m stuck in Jersey. In Cali, weed is legal. Have you ever gone to one? What’s it like?

It’s nice.I liken it to a buffet. Everything is behind the glass, ready to go. You can pick out the strain, smell it before you buy. You used to be able to sample it but that stopped. So we can no longer try the weed, but we can smell it, hold it, break it apart. Just get the feel of it, you know?


They have a little of everything, it’s a little store. It’s a one-stop shop. They have the pipes, bongs, trays, vapes...They even have edibles. Brownies, soda pop...

Have you ever made edibles?

I have!

What’s your favorite to make?

Well, I only did it once so I’m not sure that it’s something that I can say I have a favorite. But I made a kind of rice krispy treat, with Cinnamon Toast Crunch. So, not exactly a rice krispy treat. They were pretty good.

I tried with nachos but that didn’t go very well. I somehow made edibles that were inedible.

That’s hilarious!

Outside of smoking cannabis, what do you like to do when you’re not shooting?

I like to spend time with my dog, she’s a pit bull mixed with a terrier. I’m very active. I like to go hiking, go-kart racing. I wanna go bungee jumping, or on a hot air balloon. Right now, I’m resting as my leg heals. So I can’t do much aside from television.

How’d you break your leg?


That’s terrifying. How’d you have someone find you?Misty Stone

It was scary. I was luckily near the end of the path.

I tripped, twisted my ankle. It’s called a pilon fracture. When it twisted, it broke in a spiral all the way up my leg. The first operation was 45 minutes, the second was seven and a half hours.

Seven and a half hours!? I hope you have a good recovery.

Oh, I’m doing very well. Getting physical therapy. I’ll be back in action soon. I’m doing very well.

Going back to hiking, what’s the best trail you ever hiked?

I don’t quite remember the name, but it was beautiful. It had streams, underpasses. It had gorgeous paths, plenty of trees, had a nice almost cave-like areas. Then it opened up into a clearing with a rope that you could swing on and jump into a huge ocean.


A good friend of mine, Emy Reyes, was the one who showed it to me. We had a lot of fun. There were so many people there too. You wouldn’t imagine going to these caves and seeing the people, a lot of college kids. Then they were lining up to jump in the water.

And this was in Cali?


I need to go to the West coast.

It's great. Yup, with a broken leg I can’t really do anything with that right now.

But you got to watch TV. Do you have a favorite show?

Oh yeah. I’m caught up on everything now. Game of Thrones killed it for me. They’re amazing. Such a good show. It’s crazy.

So if you could date any guy on Game of Thrones, who would it be?

Mkay, tough one. I would definitely...If I can go back to the one that died? Khaleesi’s first husband, oh man. He was super fine! That barbarian guy? Oh my goodness, he was amazing. He was gorgeous. That barbarian ass. Savage. I like them like that.

That casting director had such good taste.

Yes, those men are gorgeous.

While you’re recovering, are there any other activities you do?

I still post on OnlyFans, have friends and family come over. They visit all the time.

What’s your favorite food?

That’d have to be gumbo. Homemade gumbo. I love creole food.

Now I heard that you also had some other accomplishments…

Yep. As everyone knows, I released my own hip hop single.

That’s pretty epic. How was it received? Will you be doing something similar in the future?

Well, that was more or less a one-off thing. I had fun with it. It was very well-received.

If you could be part of any lineup, who would it be?

I’m a West coast type of girl. It’d have to be all West goes guys like Dre, DJ Quik...I really like Def and the dudes. Daz and Korrupt would be on my tour. I’d be the only female artist too, write that!

There are definitely a lot of cute faces you mentioned so I approve that lineup.

Haha, good!

Are you going on tour?

Unsure. I’m going to do a video for this. I might also perform at the Urban Ex awards.

Have anything you want to tell your fans?

Thank you so much for your support, and thank you for your donations through the GoFundMe. I would like to thank Fleshlight for donating those thousands of dollars. I had $11,000 donated. I’m just waiting in my penthouse. I’ll be back soon.

You can buy my Fleshlights - my pussy, ass, and my mouth! All three orifices.

Editor's Note: There is a GoFundMe account setup by jessica drake to help Misty with her medical expenses: Here


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