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XCritic Interview: Gia Vendetti


In the porn world, beautiful women aren’t the exception; they’re the rule. Even in an industry that’s as notoriously high standard as adult films, few women have the kind of body and face that could go head to head with Gia Vendetti.


Her gorgeous long hair, her perfectly sunkissed tan, her long legs...oh my! It’s little wonder that Gia has been able to get a massive following, high visibility bookings, as well as recognition from every corner of the industry.


Recently, James from Galaxy was able to link me up with her. When I was able to chat with her, I quickly learned that her personality was a huge part of her wicked success. Once you learn about her deeply spiritual, mellow vibes, you’ll fall in love with her even more.


Ossiana Tepfenhart: Gia, you're one of the hottest new girls to hit the scene, and you already gained clout on Vivid Radio. What was it like to be on the spotlight so soon in your career?


Gia Vendetti: It feels great! I feel so privileged to be recognized the way I am! I’m glad my work is appreciated! Thank you!


When did you decide to be an adult film star? Was it an overnight thing, or did you spend years thinking about it?


I’ve always been a sexual person and have always loved watching porn. I’d watch porn just to study it or if nothing good was on TV, and not to be turned on by it. When it came to celebrities, I always idolized adult stars the most growing up.


I’ve always been fascinated by it but had a false perspective on the obligations as a performer! I’m glad I got the opportunity and now that I’m here and experienced what I have so far it’s all falling into place that this where I’m supposed to be and even wish I started a few years sooner.


So, how did you get in?

I was scouted by another performer.


As a hot porn star who's done work with names like Vivid and Mylf, you definitely have a serious career in front of you. Tell me some of your plans for the future.


I’d love to be able to work with more top companies! Build my brand. I hope to start producing and directing my own adult films and own a side company.


That’s super ambitious, and you definitely have the stuff to do it. Do you have any adult film star role models? Who do you look up to in the scene?


I look up to everyone who has been in the industry for years and years! This isn’t as easy as it looks and I admire everyone who continues to work hard and bring their amazing value to the industry, whichever you do, regardless of if you’re talent, a director, agent, or producer! Such strong people who are so appreciated!


How do you stay focused and keep your success steady?


I have some really great people in my life who inspire me and help me stay level-headed and motivated.


That’s absolutely a must in this scene, especially with all the little annoyances that come with the life. Do you have any pet peeves that you really can’t stand?


I feel as though people forget that being in the industry is a privilege and not a right…


As a public figure and an adult model, a lot of people look up to you. Is there anything you wish you could tell others? Something you might want to teach them about themselves?


No dream or goal is ever too big! Absolutely never give up, all your hard work will pay off. Just keep faith in yourself and don’t let people who don’t know you get in your head and disturb your peace!


Tell me a little bit about what you want to see in the porn industry. How do you want to make an impact on others who are just starting out?

I want to see more female directors and agents. I want to show them how empowering and strong the women in this industry really are.


What's the most important skill you learned in your career so far? How did you learn it?


I had great direction when starting out with my first agency. They taught me the importance of professionalism on set, to be prompt, on time, attentive, and I appreciate that.


Those are definitely amazing skills for anyone to have. A lot of the shoots you did look really intense. How do you prep for them?


I usually get everything ready the night before. I make sure to not go out, be in bed early and awake early with extra time to be prepped, fully prepared, hydrated and ready to make magic.    


And after a shoot, are there any foods you like to wind down with?


Cheesecake Factory or street tacos work! Yum!


I can definitely roll with that. I friggin' love tacos, and they do sound like icing on the cake after a good shoot. So far, what was your favorite shoot?


My favorite shoot so far was “Snatched My Roommate” featuring Prince. He has been one of my favorite porn stars, even before I ever joined the industry and I was ecstatic to work with him.


It was one of my first few shoots ever and we were laughing and having so much fun that day, was better than I could’ve ever imagined. Also, my “gangbang creampie” scene for Aziani was so satisfying and fulfilling I’ve never had more pleasure (and cum) in my life.

Generally speaking, what are your favorite scenes to shoot?

Femdom is my favorite!  It gives me a power I never knew I could have and I appreciate all the amazing subs who allow me that. I also love being given spankings!


Are there any scenes you hope to do in the future?

Yes. I want to do an all-interracial blowbang.


Speaking of interracial porn, I’ve also been pretty curious about something. Gia, you’re known for being petite. How on Earth did you take Mandingo?


I genuinely love taking huge cock! It felt amazing and I was flattered I was able to work with him so early in my career.


What are your favorite things to wear on set? Do you have a favorite go-to lipstick?

Haha, as long as my hair isn’t out of place I don’t mind what I’m wearing or not wearing, per se.


Overall, would you say adult films are empowering for you?


Yes! I definitely feel I truly have some sort of sexual gift to be able to make films and call myself a pornstar. And it blows my mind this is even a job.


Tell me a little bit about your lifestyle outside of shooting. Do you have any hobbies you really dig?


I’ve made work my life. So anything that can help improve the skills I need for my job tends to be something I do. Whether it’s doing things to stay fit, practice and refine my acting and modeling skills, or making content to be a better performer on camera...that’s what I want to do.


Let’s talk shop then. How did you keep your figure so svelte?


I like to stay moving. My advice is to only focus on staying active. It only makes positive changes to your body, mental health, and lifestyle! Anything you do should always only be for you.


And your ink. It’s become a trademark of yours. What’s the story behind it?


The diamond on my left hand was the first tattoo I ever got. I was a teenager. I was with some friends who had a homemade gun made from an Xbox battery, electrical tape, and a single needle! I have a red dollar sign on my middle finger; another sitting in my friend’s basement moment. I have a black star on my pinky. Right hand, I have a bass and treble clef meshed together in the shape of an “S.”


I have three drops behind my left ear and two behind my right ear. I have “Porn ⭐️” inside my bottom lip. My backpiece starts with “Angels Cry.” My hometown friend committed suicide in our school bathroom when we were younger and it’s a remembrance for her and two other friends who have recently passed due to drug overdoses. The back piece goes down to the Salt Lake City skyline because I am from Utah. I have my two stoner girls smoking on each side and three roses on my lower back.


Some of the ink has meaning, some is just a filler for empty space. I recently added a hot pink black outlined heart inside of my pussy, when if I fully spread, is the only time you’ll get to see.


Oh la la! And now, I know you were an exotic dancer before you were a porn star. That requires a connection with music. What kind of music do you enjoy?

I love all types of music. My playlists range from the newest trap music, to 90s pop, and 2000s rock, maybe even country sometimes!

Want to tell a secret to fans?

Sure. I secretly watch gay porn sometimes.


Finally, I did a little research. A little birdie told me you've got a soft spot for horoscopes and astrology. What's your sign? Do you feel like the typical description fits? 

I am a Scorpio! I do look into astrology and horoscopes a lot and I’d say my sign definitely fits pretty accurate about my personality.


Do you love Gia Vendetti? Follow her on Twitter and Instagram!

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