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XCritic Interview: Kimberly Chi


If there’s one thing that adult films emphasize, it’s looks. The girls who make it big in this scene are breathtakingly beautiful. They have the bodies of Greek goddesses, perfect smiles, and some of the most epic hairdos you could ever imagine. Their looks are what get people interested in the leading ladies they love, but if you really want to stand out, you have to have an amazing personality too.


That’s what makes my newest interview such a dream come true in the eyes of so many fans. She’s beautiful inside and out. Kimberly Chi is one of those girls who just glows. She’s bubbly, excited, and always ready to giggle at the next silly thing you say. That being said, she’s one of the most talented and unique people I’ve met while interviewing adult models.

When I started this interview, I had no idea that Kimberly would blow me away the way she did. You’ll understand what I mean when you read what she has to say…


Kimberly,  you are an amazing star who's famous for marching to the beat of her own drum. What's it like to be the "it girl" that always grabs attention?

It’s a wonderful feeling, coming from a small town and always being judged for being different than others.  That is really what I live for; it’s being different as much as I feel comfortable being. I want to inspire others and tell them that it’s okay to love yourself for who you are than rather than trying to fit in pretty glass heels that don't feel comfortable.


Being different is amazing, and you definitely brought a style of your own that set you apart from the crowd. I love your ink. Where did you get it done?

I got my dragon tattoo that is on my back and also my left arm tattoo that means “faith” in Japanese by my friend Atul, back in Modesto. He also tattooed my wings that are on both my arms as well. I had got them started at the age of 15! He also did the henna designed tattoos that are on the back of my thighs.

l  also got my both legs tattooed in Modesto. The ones on my finger and on my left back, I had got in Thailand in a city called Phuket,  and the ones on my knees? I had gotten those in Waikiki, Hawaii.


What's your favorite tattoo?

I love them all!

Are you getting any more?
Yes, I want some tribal tattoos! I’m thinking about getting a snake and hummingbirds...and maybe a kiss print on my lil’ behind! (giggles)


What's the story behind your favorite ink?

A lot of my tattoos are about spirituality and my character traits.


Tell me a little bit more about the spiritual side of things. Now you’ve got me curious.

Well, if you look closely, I have a lotus flower, as well as a lot of symbols dealing with the Flower of Life. These are a throwback to my spirituality.


How did you get into your spiritual path? Did it start with your love of healthy living?

My grandfather was a San Yat shaman, and he was very involved in using shamanism as a way to heal others. San Yat is a form of shamanism that is all about manifesting things by speaking them into existence. He was very close to nature, but I also remember him going to temples and getting tattoos, using saliva as part of rituals, and just helping others.

He was a real role model for me. It started to get me thinking about health and helping others. My tattoos reflect that love of spirituality and healing he brought into me.


It’s interesting you mention saliva as part of healing rituals. I recently read an article that suggested that humans kiss as a way to figure out whether or not we carry the right goods for healthy offspring. Apparently, our saliva can tell us who’s a healthy partner and who isn’t!

That’s amazing! Isn’t it wild how science backs up spiritual beliefs?


Your body is known for being incredibly toned and healthy. How do you do it?

I make a point of eating well and living well. Once again, my grandfather was a great role model here. He lived to be 98 or so! I stay active! I go on lots of hikes, I lift heavy weights 4 to 3 times a week, I eat lots of nutritional meals on a daily basis, and I stay sexually active!


Do you have a favorite exercise? Are you a gym fiend? Or do you prefer to exercise elsewhere?

Yes, I have a favorite exercise...It’s having sex before a healthy meal! (giggles) Just kidding, my favorite exercise is sit-ups, you know, to get nice toned abs and yes, I sure am a gym fiend! I love the feeling of being healthy! It’s a natural high for me, it keeps me energized and feeling stronger throughout the day and it also prevents me from getting sick.


They say abs are built in the kitchen.  Would you say this is true?

That is very true! Ever since I switched to a plant-based diet and ate more plant-based protein and starting lifting more weight and staying consistent, I started to see lots of improvement.


You're infamous for your culinary skills. How did you learn to cook so well?

I actually learned from my sister,  the Food Network’s cooking shows and YouTube. From there, I made it my own.


What are your favorite cuisines to cook?

Mediterranean food, definitely.

Do you have favorite recipes you want to share?

Yes, but I’m going to save the actual recipes for my upcoming cookbook! I really love sipping on mango-pineapple smoothies and berry smoothies. They are so refreshing.


What's a typical day for you like?

Waking up in a different city or country, then exploring many different foods and hiking different mountains.


Do you have any dieting advice?

Yes, I do, going vegan is the way to go!


Do you do wine pairings with your food?

Yes, sometimes, depending on what I am eating. I love pairing Italian food with red wine.


If you could go to any restaurant in the world and learn to cook its menu, where would you go?

Any vegan restaurant in the world that has no sugar salt or processed food.


I love your hair! How do you come up with so many cool styles?

I always ask random hair stylist for ideas, haha.


Lately, your career has been exploding. How do you do it all?

I stay dedicated to my fans and my work and I keep showing up to all the conventions so I can meet all my lovely supporters. It’s all about the fans.


What are your plans for your future career?

I plan on making more blogs of my real life journeys and sex and travel and also creating a sexy cookbook...and maybe a cooking channel where I invite sexy pornstars to be my guest. I really want to tell the story behind my cooking and show people that good food can be good for you.


What are your favorite scenes to shoot? Do you have favorite stars to work with?

I love working with all stars. My favorites are BBC, gang bangs or deepthroat.


What's a fantasy you would want to shoot in the future?

DP! I always wanted to get fucked in both holes at the same time.


Do you see yourself becoming a more mainstream figure in the future?

It doesn’t really matter to me as long as I can make my fans happy. That's all that matter to me


When did you realize you wanted to do porn?

I always have been a fan of porn, even when I was way younger. You know, I always loved watching but I had never expected to do porn at all. But I’m so glad I did.


Do you have any nonprofits you work with?

Yes, I do! I support the Alzheimer Association, the American Cancer Society, and the Heart Disease Association.


A lot of adult film stars love to educate others, especially if they are as talented as you. Tell me something you want more people to understand.

Foreplay is really important! Oh, and I believe sex is much better when you spice things up.

What was the most memorable moment in your career so far?

It is being with industry people, knowing that these people are so similar to me.


Tell me about how you're evolving as an actress. We all see the changes and seeing the new fire in your eyes is incredible. How did this all come about?

Being around people who inspire me and motivate me and also being comfortable with who I am. It’s a journey, but it is worth it!


Tell me about your prep shoot prep routine.

I always stay organized a day before and I visualize how I would want to be fucked in a scene. Then, I make sure I get good cardio and get lots of rest and eat a healthy light meal.


What's the best tip you have for guys who want to date a porn star?

To be understanding, accepting and non-judgmental. We are not your average lovers!


What are your favorite hobbies outside of cooking?

I love playing basketball, skating, riding bikes, football, and pole dancing.


Do you have anything you want to tell your fans?

That I love them and appreciate them jacking off to me and showing me love and support and because of them, I get to support my family and save people from cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer.  I have many more goodies coming! They can also buy my new 3v stroker on pleasureproductsusa.com and also purchase much more cool stuff on my website kimberlychiixxx.com. If they are new to my work, I want them to know that they can subscribe to my onlyfans.com/kimberlychixxx.

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