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The XCritic Interview: Christiana Cinn


Discovering who Christiana Cinn is something that I think takes more than a magazine article or even a few hours of sit-down conversation with her. In the modern era of adult entertainment, Christiana is a throwback to the days when performers were not only the ladies of fantasy who donned the box covers of the films we visited the back of the video store for. They were women who had a range of talent that went far beyond the seduction and intimacy that made them household names. They were stage actors, they were musicians, athletes, gymnasts, dancers. Christiana is a woman whose resume includes feats such as being a correspondent at two AVN Award events. She is one of the new age queens of softcore, women who have frequented HBO and Showtime as performers who reach every phase of acting and allure with nighttime films that showcase the talent just as much as the beauty. She is even in a band. Christiana, she has much more to her than just her talent. She is a woman who has a close bond with many performers in the industry. She is a woman who I always see creating this sisterhood with her fellow performers. Creating something bigger than just what lies within her own world. That is Christiana and that is what I hope this interview will showcase. She is like the sexy version of Tony Robbins within the business but with a lot cooler job. I knew when I met her the first time, I had to bring that out. So, ladies and gents, let’s meet the other side of Christiana in part two of The XCritic Interview with Christiana Cinn.

Christian Cinn 

Don Juan DeMarko: So, the next question of this interview takes us to some more of the personal side of Christiana Cinn. My favorite part of you. So, one question I have always wanted to ask you, what does sexuality mean to you? As an independent woman, as a performer, as a model, as an actress, how has your sexuality shaped you and all those parts that make up my friend Christiana?


Christiana Cinn: Wow, that is a deep question. For me, sexuality is something that has connected me to all the people in the world. Everyone in this whole wide world is sexual, that is how we all got here. We have all the parts to keep this place growing that will all reside within. I guess Don, the way that I look at myself, I am a vessel. I am also that open book that wants to be read, that wants to spread knowledge because I can express my sexuality openly and I enjoy doing so. I have found that there are so many ways to express it by taking the time to see what it is in other people. I don’t think people look at sexuality for what its basic principles are. It is a way that we meet people, how we bond with them on many levels and not always something physical. Many people think that is all there is to sexuality but that is only a smidgen of what it is and can be. I have always loved to just hear about the things sex and sexuality opens up in people. I have never been a judgmental person, even before I got into the industry. Sexuality, it is this massive spectrum you know? People have so many shades within themselves that means something different from one person to the next. Nothing is right or wrong when it comes to sexuality in my eyes. It is human nature. It is how it has always been too.

Christian Cinn 

Don Juan DeMarko: Awwwww, this is why I have always wanted to ask you that. Damn, that is deep my friend.


Christiana Cinn: Yes!


Don Juan DeMarko: You know babe, the first time that you and I ever got to speak to one another, I think that is right when the transgender genre was beginning to honestly get the spotlight it has always deserved and performers from our side of the business were going over to make films with companies and performers they have always wanted to, despite the fear people had of being blacklisted. I think we have made such strides as an industry since then.


Christina Cinn: I look at people who just dive into and do the things they really want with so much respect. My admiration for them to do the things that they love, that they are passionate about. Shame on anyone who does that to performers, who tells them that they will ruin their career if they do the things that they love to do with all their heart. I think that is why so much of the world is close minded to the wonders of sexuality. Without ever even finding out what it is within themselves even; they judge, and they shame. I think that is why it is so important that we set the example of positive change within the industry.


Don Juan DeMarko: You know, one of the most amazing people who I have been so very blessed to get to know over these last two years is Angela White. She is honestly a person who is on the same wavelength of life that you are. She has this type of vision for herself and others and like you, it is so beautiful to behold in another.


Christiana Cinn: Awwwww, that is so sweet that you said that. Hey, maybe I can get the opportunity to hang out with her more.


Don Juan DeMarko: I think that would be something amazing doll. She is a gem of a human being just like you are. She has said that exact phrase to me before. She has said that we are all vessels for something more in this industry because of who we are and what we believe and love. She calls it, her “journey.” My goodness, the things you just spoke of, they are eye-opening and truths to happiness in life. You know, I hope you always know how much you make a difference. I will prove it to you. I once dated a gal when I was in high school, I stole her from the douche bag,….

Christian Cinn 

Christiana Cinn: Damn babe, even when you were young you were this sweetheart? This knight who was the rescuer. Dang! (We both share a very intimate laugh.)


Don Juan DeMarko: Oh my God, you are going to love this babe. So, this guy was such an arrogant asshole, the only time he would let her be outgoing, be sexy, I mean this guy would not let her wear make-up, he would pick out the things that she could wear. The ultimate piece of shit. The only time that she was allowed to be herself and honestly, see some of the outside world when it came to expression, sexuality, and adventure, was when he would bring home an adult flick and she would watch it with him. This was back in the VHS days, so she began to understand by watching the performers in the 1990’s that she was a very hypersexual woman, she discovered that you know, expressing yourself sexually is who she was. My goodness, she had an amazing body, still does and she discovered a part of herself that perhaps was always there, but society locked it up within her, especially this asshole. The performers of the adult industry and its films set her free. No bullshit. So that proves you all save lives in so many ways. You have no idea. When I took her from him, I told her, “build off this. If this is who you are, that is beautiful. You cannot hide from yourself any longer.” I think adult films played a big part in her becoming who she is. You all helped her to discover who she is and find beauty within herself. You all helped her to become an empowered woman.


Christiana Cinn: Awwwww, I love that. I want to quote that. I want to print that out and put it on my wall.


Don Juan DeMarko: Isn’t that just an amazing story?


Christiana Cinn: Yes, I love it!


Don Juan DeMarko: You know, if you ever come to Colorado for a convention, I will introduce you to her.

Christian Cinn 

Christiana Cinn: Yes, we need to hang out in Denver, we need to go and get together.


Don Juan DeMarko: Then, you would get to come over to my crib, we would get to have dinner and you would get to meet my girl as well.


Christiana Cinn: Yes, that would be amazing.


Don Juan DeMarko: Denver is so beautiful too, it is right up your alley with all there is to see.


Christiana Cinn: Yes, you are the second person to tell me this. I so badly want to go to Colorado too. I want to check out Denver and Aspen more than anything.


Don Juan DeMarko: Aspen is amazing, oh my God! The food is to die for out there.


Christiana Cinn: Oh, nice. You know that I am a big foodie too.


Don Juan DeMarko: Now, I must ask you about this when it comes to your work that is in and outside of the industry. You know me, babe, I am always the big researcher. I saw that you have another big feature that you were apart of with Teen Fidelity. We would love to hear about this film. To me, it looks like something that was right up your alley.


Christiana Cinn: Yes, Knock Me Up! Now, this is something that I was very proud to be a part of. James and I worked together, and he is a legend in this business plain and simple. I really put so much into that role and scene and for him to say he was impressed with the way that everything turned out, it is something that is really a highlight of my year. I mean that, it meant so much to me.

Christian Cinn 

Don Juan DeMarko: Well, don’t sell yourself short love, you are that badass of a woman that you are always commanding when the role calls for it in your scenes. You are a very versatile performer. I am not the biggest James Deen fan but what I will say is that the man knows how to create sexual magic on camera and darlin’ I can only imagine what this scene is like. I know that you both made something explode onto the camera.


Christiana Cinn: You know what? James he and I work really well together. That says a lot, Don. Being able to work well creates so much of the things people love to see in these films. I think it is the most essential thing. You know this, I am a very communicative person and when I have someone who gets that, who is that strong in return, in the same way, great things happen on set and that is what happened in this film. Let’s just say, it worked very, …. Well. (She has this geeky little laugh that only comes out when she is really enjoying something I have found. Hearing that laugh is something everyone should strive to hear.)

Now, when it comes to the scene Don, I think that I even surprised him. I wish that this scene would have got nominated. I mean this is some of my best work. I even did a very, very detailed review of what everything was like when creating this scene. I put so much into what I wrote, and I thought that it would get nominated for sure. While I was writing this review, I was reliving some moments and I thought to myself, “should I throw in this part or this one?” It was nerve-wracking but so much fun. I guess that the scene got missed or something, but I still have so much pride in it. James, he is such a great actor, he did not even have to read his lines. He had them all memorized and that was the coolest fucking thing to see Don. I know you would appreciate that. He is truly one of the best actors I have ever seen.


Don Juan DeMarko:  Yes, see that is why I am always half and half with him. Because he puts in so much work, he really does. I will give him credit for that until the cows come home. I will never be the guy who does not respect what he has created because he is not a lazy actor, producer or director. James has one hell of a work ethic and that is a great thing.


Christiana Cinn: Well Don, I think the thing that we must do is give people a chance to see many things. James spoke with me and he spoke with me in a very kind, professional and gentle manner. In my opinion, I think that James is a person who has become something even better now in today’s industry and we all deserve that chance.


Don Juan DeMarko: Sweetheart, you never seem to amaze me. You are a woman who truly is a bastion for good, honor, honesty, and forgiveness mixed with compassion. This industry is so lucky to have you a part of it. I mean that with all my heart. That is one of the biggest, brightest statements I have ever seen, and it is something that made me just open up my own eyes about judging people and true forgiveness.


Christiana Cinn: Yes, I think that it takes a real man to admit such things about themselves. I had a lot of fun with James and I learned a lot from finally getting to work with him and everything was great. One of the best experiences of my career. This was something very spontaneous and fun in the way that it is always meant to be on set. It was just the kind of scene that I like. There was amazing intensity and he is a giver too! (We both laugh and laugh and laugh. You never hear a performer say this very often on the record.) I think that there needs to be more recognition to that. In every database, there needs to be something that talks about him being such a giver. Don, let me tell you, while he was going down on me, I started to pour the water bottle so it would go from my boobies down to my pussy and all the water was just cascading down my body and into his mouth, it was hot! I was thinking to myself “Oh no, I think I am waterboarding him!” (We bust out in the biggest fucking laugh imaginable. That is Christiana, pure entertainment always.) Then, he came back up and he spit it in my mouth, ahh, it was just something wonderful. It was perfect!

Christiana Cinn 

Don Juan DeMarko: (I am laughing so hard, I nearly pissed in my pants) Oh my God dude, you said you were waterboarding him, fucking hilarious! You know, I shit you not, you are such an amazing idea person when it comes to anything work. If we never get a chance to just write together, …..


Christiana Cinn: Yes, we must! I would even meet you in Colorado.


Don Juan DeMarko: Well, my work is going to be soon taking me to Los Angeles so I think that nothing would be cooler to just sit down with you and see where that mind for film goes when it comes to creation in this business. You are such an energetic person, I think we would be able to feed off of each other in such a great way. Plus, I can only imagine what it is like to pick that beautiful brain of yours when it comes to ideas.


Christiana Cinn: Yes, when you come out here, let me know if you are looking for places still. Let me just tell you this Don, to get serious on you for this subject, if there is one thing I regret it is not putting in a little more thought into location. For where I am at now, which is nice, I could have gotten a lot more. Now that I know what I know about LA, I could have been able to do more, and I want you to be able to do that. There are some amazing places out here and if you are coming to begin doing some other work in the business, I think that Burbank would be the place for you. I know some places that are great neighborhoods, nice and quiet, places where you can actually park. If you were to ask me, I would truly take a place there because you do not have to get something in the valley, Burbank is right up your alley babe. Trust me!


Don Juan DeMarko: Darlin’ I can always count on you for anything. I honestly can not wait to see you this year and get to check out everything with the “City of Angels” in so many ways. Yes, we must throw a party or something for when we arrive there. Now, you know what I would love to talk about? I have seen so much wonder when it comes to your hosting gig. Tony and many people at AVN have told me they were just blown away by what you did this year and last. What does having that gig with AVN mean to you as the performer looking to help the industry grow?


Christiana Cinn: Well, you know first off, this was a dream come true for me. It makes me so happy to know that people were that pleased with my work. I like that a network like Showtime is investing so much in this awards show. Not only that, I think that the films that they are creating and putting on their network are so good for the industry. We need more of that. I love Tony Rios so much, everything that he is doing is taking the industry to places that are just beneficial for all of us. The other thing, on a personal note, Tony is such a positive person, his vibes are something that always make me work that much harder to make things good.


Don Juan DeMarko: Aww, sweetheart. Everything that you say is something just so warm and inspiring. I really mean this, it is such a joy to get to talk to you always. You always manage to lift everyone’s spirits in the room with just your warm character and line of sight that is always so positive.


Christiana Cinn: Aww, so are you. I can remember the first time we spoke, and I was getting ready to go to a photo shoot. I was in the make-up chair and I did not know what to expect, no one does when they are talking with someone for the first time. I had so much fun talking with you. It is something that I will never, ever forget. Everyone who was on set looked at me and asked, “who has that? He sounded so awesome!” I told them, “yes, he is the best!” Now, you have been with XCritic for a while now haven’t you?


Don Juan DeMarko: Yes, I am the assistant editor now.

Christian Cinn 

Christiana Cinn: So, do you handle most of the stuff on the website or is it just interviews like with your last company? The reason I ask, I think you guys would do great with having performers profiles on the site. I must admit, I was kind of bummed when I did not see a Christiana Cinn profile on the site. Something that maybe has all my stats for the fans. Some links to my favorite films and stuff like that. I would love to see that with XCritic.


Don Juan DeMarko: Yes, I think that any idea out of your brain is amazing sugar. I think that is a great idea. See, I think there is so much innovation going on in the industry. Everything with the web is becoming the go-to source for everything. It is you ladies who put the “asses in the seats in this business” anyway and I think maybe I will bring this up with my boss.


Christiana Cinn: Well, I think that it is such a great idea because that also gives performers a better shot to be noticed. There are so many people in the industry, and I think fans need that aid to find the best of the best in the industry. Even if it just the best work of their favorite performer. I knew that this was going to be something good with you, Don. I am so excited to be up on the website. These things mean so much to me as a performer. I love being able to get my name out there with the XCritic fans. I see everything you guys put out all the time and now I get to be up there with the rest of the porn stars. Yay!


Don Juan DeMarko: You rock babe! You know, I always love telling the fans about all your work, tell us about the whole shebang. What other scenes do you have coming out? Also, does your band have anything big coming out after the rock opera you did around December?


Christiana Cinn: Well, I have some great anal scenes coming out that I think fans are just going to love. I know that I had so much fun creating them for the fans that is for sure. Don, I mean these scenes are super-hot, you have no idea! So, besides that, we had a great show that we did at the El Cid Theatre. It is this great historical theatre that you would simply love Don over in Silverlake. This rock opera was one of my favorites, the production was named: Sugar on Top and I produced that with the band called Hot Sauce Holiday. Don, I know you said you were in the crowd, I did not see you there babe but I could feel your presence there. It was a great show. This was something I was so proud to be a part of and thank you and XCritic for showcasing that side of my work.


Don Juan DeMarko: Oh, sweetheart. We love to showcase these sides of the performers in the adult industry. There is so much fans never know that you all have within you when it comes to things like your music and dance background.


Christiana Cinn: I remember when I sent you that trailer Don, I was so proud of being able to show you that work. It is so good. It was something that pieced together footage from the show. If a person has never seen a rock opera, what they must know is that is it is theatre, it is interactive. This is a show that we want the fans to participate. I don’t think there are too many shows in Los Angeles where people could bring someone with them and have this much fun. This is music for everybody. This was truly the best of all the shows. We have added so much to it. Once we went to Vegas, we were so inspired to add so much to this show. There were a lot of surprises I will say, let’s just say this is something people will not want to miss, this could be the luckiest day of someone’s life!

Christian Cinn 

Don Juan DeMarko: I love it! You fucking rock woman!


Christina Cinn: This show went so smoothly, and I really must thank our lead singer for so much. He did so much. He wrote the play, he created almost everything without interactions with the fans and the look of everything. Because of him, things went very smoothly. He also added all these different characters to the play that really made all the bad mates so excited to take things to another level. We spend about two hours before the show getting all the tables set-up and stuff to interact with, just like Rocky Horror Picture Show. For instance, there is a part where the audience will have to bust into their provided bag of tricks and start blowing bubbles. It is cool. It is just this cool little gift bag that everyone got to take home at the end. This show has everything Don, it is sexy, it is funny, and it is beyond interactive.


Don Juan DeMarko: Damn woman, I am over here on your page and my goodness, your photos are so stunning. You know, it is you that has inspired me to do so much magazine work and the creations that I have put into those spreads. Your photos are always so beautiful, and I love that you are always so dedicated to your craft. It has been so exciting for me babe to book the model, book the photographer and put our heads together to make something amazing.


Christiana Cinn: Babe, that is so awesome. You deserve that so much in your career. I can only imagine what it is that you came up with. You know, if I can say one thing in closing Don, it is that there is so much talent in this industry. There is so much that I think we are only beginning to discover. This year is going to be huge for the business and I hope fans are prepared to see the things that we are capable of. Babe, please make sure you do not miss our next show. I want you to see our next creation. To all my fans, I love you, thank you for supporting me.


Don Juan DeMarko: The cool part of this and this is how I met Ambriel, the hottie at XRCO who my date was. See, she is a mainstream model. So, what we did, we had her get bound with rope to almost mimic this stunning Michael Ninn spread from many years ago, it was gorgeous. I put her on this white, square box, with a matching all white background, it was amazing. She was bound from head to toe with rope. It started it her hair bun and went around her face, through her mouth, then through her left arm, around her stomach and then down her left leg, it was gangster. I have been hooked ever since then and I look forward so much to these different types of artistic layouts. That is why I looked on your page and I went gaga!


Christiana Cinn: Thank you so much. I am like you, I am so much about the art. I love that, you and I are just so similar, that is crazy.


Don Juan DeMarko: You know, to fit this in the interview because you have me thinking so much about Ambriel and getting bound and rope and fetish. I have always wanted to ask you this. Being how big and beautiful your brain is, what is your fetish woman? I am so dying to know and every time I get to talk to you, I forget to ask. I have always wanted to know.

Christiana Cinn 

Christiana Cinn: Um, my fetish. Huh…… I like role playing. I mean I really, really get into role play. I get so into it Don, it just makes me cum every single time I partake. I did a video a while back where I made up this character. I was playing Pikachu and I had to do the voice and everything. I had such a fun time just going around saying “Pikachu, Pikachu.” I went all out. I dressed up total anime. I was having so much fun that I started to cum almost immediately as we were having sex. I actually started squirting from anal. This was just something that really turned me on. That is why I really get into role play and I think a lot of people do too. I think it is the art of becoming the character that does it for me. The accessories, the extras when it comes to your make-up, I get really into that. Even if I do not have all that shit, I can just get into my head and become a roll and it becomes something very intimate for me. Now, I must add a little something extra to that Don because now you got me going. If there is something that I do not get to talk about enough, it is what type of porn I like to watch. Because yes, I love to watch porn. I like to watch real couples. Amateur couples, oh my, that just gets me hot every time. I love to watch real people, even if they are not the most sexually conventional, or make their show extremely glamorous, I do not care how they look. I love to see the couples that have that genuine connection and the cum is literally coming out of there body from this passionate and emotional union. You get to see all of those little things, like legs shaking and hands, those things that you can actually see. It is so intimate and that is what I really get off on. I tell people all the time, you are watching me, I want to be the one watching you……. I tell so many of my fans and people I meet in the business, “I wanna see you!”


Don Juan DeMarko: Before I met this last gal I attempted to be with in this business, I met this stunning beauty in Florida who is a big fetish performer. We went to an AVN party a few years back and it was a little get together with industry people only right. I am still scared shitless to participate when it is a group activity, so I was the lone guy in the suite who is just watching everyone else. That is how I met my ex. She was also only watching. So, we are navigating through this room full of flesh and I am like, “hey, someone else who is only watching! Yay, what’s up!”


Christiana Cinn: Awww, that is adorable, you guys met each other at an orgy.


Don Juan DeMarko: Yes madam, we sure did.


Christiana Cinn: Oh my God, only you! (We start laughing so high pitched. Christiana has long since been someone who I always enjoy sharing my embarrassing stories with. She always shines a light on how common things are in life. She makes me feel cool to poke fun at myself in situations that simply scare the shit out of everyone, but we never think it does some people.)

Christiana Cinn 

Don Juan DeMarko: I shit you not and you know me babe, I am an open book. Most of the times I am but facing that scenario I still am not brave enough to go forward. I tell the girls this all the time. Eventually I will brave enough to participate. I am easing in and still enjoying being a voyeur.


Christiana Cinn: You know what babe, that is how it just truly is sometimes. I took the entire band, yes, I took all six guys to an orgy. (We start laughing) I tell them as we are getting closer and closer to the house, “..you guys are fucking coming in with me!” None of them got laid, except for our lead singer and myself but just like you said babe, the guys were just so mesmerized by just being there and getting to look around every corner and have your mind taken to this really amazing place. All my fellas, they are gentleman Don. They are really amazing guys. I could see in their faces, the levels of fascination, the fact that they were there, it took control of them in way where they still had so much fun. I thought that was really cool, because that is a lot to take in for anyone, I do not care who you are. It is sensory overload.


Don Juan DeMarko: I think that is so cool you shared that. Because I am a very passionate man when it comes to women. I mean women, there is nothing that is higher in my book…


Christiana Cinn: You are just passionate about everything Don. I could tell that in the moment we first said hello.


Don Juan DeMarko: The crazy thing was, my ex, she was really into some aggressive shit and it was so hard for me to find that part of myself to please her but what is amazing about all types of fetish and sexual experiences is that discovery. Hearing that your boys did the same thing as me and my girl. That is a cool story love. It makes me think of my ex and when ever I could not get rough with her, she would say, “damn you suck!” Because I was too gentle and the way I saw things.


Christiana Cinn:Oh no. (We both start laughing.)I think that so many people never get to understand when it comes to sex, it is OK to take your time. It is OK to fail here and there. It is OK to not be disruptive and see where things could go. That is the beauty of sex and its many forms and it always will be babe!


With that, the interview came to an end. Christiana is a woman who I can literally talk her ear off for hours at a time and have on a few occasions but what really made this interview special was how she honestly told a story about sex that many people never get. There is no such thing as a hand-written rule book to how you have sex, or, in all honesty, what defines a porn star, an artist, a musician. Most people who would only hear Christiana’s voice, I bet it would be hard to guess what it is that she does for a living if you did not know who she was, if this was just a random tapped interview of someone with no name. She is true essence of what this modern world can be. Christiana is a new breed of performer, a person who truly has sexuality, love and passion running through her veins within her cells. It truly makes this writer so happy to see that the modern industry is going into the hands of such people. I feel that there is going to something magnificent on the horizon when it comes to adult cinema and that is thanks to people like Christiana and true love for what is within themselves, that shows us all, it is OK to be who we are as well, no matter if you are a fan or a fellow performer.


Don Juan DeMarko 


Special Thanks Goes to: Star Factory PR and Tanya Tate, without her, none of this could have come together.

Photos Courtesy of: Elegant Angel Oil Explosion 4 and Big Wet Asses 28


Follow Christiana Here:


Twitter: @ChristianaCinn

Instagram: ohlalachristiana

Webiste: CinnVIP.com


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