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XCritic Interview: Serene Siren


Serene SirenSerene Siren has become one of the biggest breakout stars in the girl-girl world, and that’s no joke. Her scenes are the stuff of legend. Her stage persona is spectacular, and her gorgeous curves really knock it out of the park. She's a true queen in the porn scene, but as I quickly learned, there is just so much more to her than her looks and performances alone.

Anyone who has seen Serene’s work knows why she’s a siren. You simply can never get enough of her once you see her in films. The MILF actress has been low-key holding a lot of other talents that movies alone don't get to show. She's a mother, an amazing fitness enthusiast, a college student, and also a musician. This girl is super-talented, and actually works so hard, she makes me look like a slacker. 

Honestly, this is one of those interviews where you just kind of have to be a little awestruck by the interviewee's personality. She's just that awesome. Here's what Serene Siren had to say about porn, life, and love!

Ossiana: Do you like the adult film community as a whole?

Serene: Yes, I do. I love playing all the different characters and meeting all these incredible women. I enjoy the community so much that you can often find me liking and retweeting adult work in my spare time. 

Have there been any very bad experiences in the community that made you decide to shun someone?

Thankfully not! I am lucky to not have a blacklist yet. There have been some "upsets" perhaps or drama, but nothing serious or so bad that I decided never to do it again. 

Have there been any seriously fun experiences you've had on set? 

Yes! Of course! I mean, that's really why I am doing this. I have a ton of fun shooting, even though some days are super long. I guess one of my favorite days was probably with Kenzie Reeves for the first time with Ricky Greenwood directing. It was amazing because the house was at the top of LA, which meant the view was amazing. 

The sprawling house had dreamlike qualities which made me feel like a true star. Plus they had a makeup artist on set who made me look amazing. The script was sex was simply incredible that day and the crew was super chill and fun to be around. They even gave us some home-cooked food and tons of snacks! I always love when they have food on set. Please feed the models! 

You've been making content with major names like DJ Darcie Dolce and Kenzie Reeves! Who have been your favorites to work with? Are you friends off-set too? 

It is hard to pick favorites because these women are just so amazing! However, I do have great chemistry with Sabina Rouge who I have had the pleasure of hanging with off-set a few times. We've had sushi outings and content trade shoots. It's always fun to have a friend like her who's drop dead sexy and also very kinky! Kenzie is definitely a favorite because when she sees me she comes running up and jumps into my arms for a big embrace :D Plus, the way she looks up at you and bats her eyelashes would make anybody love her instantly!

Who would you want to work with in upcoming gigs? Is there anyone or any company you feel would jive well with you? 

I'm still wanting to work for Twistys.com with Holly Randall and for Cherry Pimps with Dean Capture. They are like the pinnacle of the game for me. I've always thought their imagery was just outstanding! In terms of women, I'm wanting to work with the list is super long. First ones that come to mind are Lacy Lennon, Eva Long, Lexi Luna, Bunny Colby, Kendra James, Jenna Sativa, Cherie DeVille, Scarlett Sage, Cecilia Lion, Verronica Kirei, Aali Kali... 

Serene Siren

What does it feel like to be one of the hottest girl-girl performers on the scene? Do you have anything you'd like to tell fans?

Aww, that's sweet to say! I am honored! I am just so delighted to be here! I can't thank you all enough for your requests, rankings, and votes on sites that get me booked! It's really all the fans that got me where I am. It feels great to have worked often this year, but I don't take it for granted. I know that the market is ever-changing and people's preferences are fleeting. 

Your figure is on point! How do you keep your body so fit? 

Thanks! It's fluctuated a bit, but I've found that staying fit is one of the best ways for me to feel confident and healthy. I have a very athletic background, so fitness has always been a way of life for me. I love being strong and durable, and I'm grateful for having a body that can support my endeavors. My favorite fitness activity is hot yoga. It's intense and sweaty and makes me reach new peaks of flexibility and stamina. I love the mental zone I get into when I'm balancing on one foot with my heart pounding in my ear. 

Sounds crazy but lately, I've just not been into the gym, so I made an exercise room in my house where I've been doing most of my body sculpting. I prefer to blast my music loudly and stretch and flex wildly alone so I can find that zone. I thrive off of endorphins and the physical effect my hard work shows. I always feel the worst when I'm putting off my bodywork. 

With that said, I think I get a lot of benefit from the little things I do like squats while I'm washing the dishes or running the dog in the morning or doing lunges on my way to my bathroom. I swear the random little ab sessions I do throughout the day do wonders! Like if I lose a video game I'll make myself do 20 V-ups or 30-second wall sit. It adds up and keeps my muscle memory prepped!

Serene Siren

Let's talk about the Serene Siren outside of the adult film world. What do you like to do for fun? 

 Oh man, these questions are always hard. I guess I'd consider myself a cozy noise maker. I love to stay at home with my family and play games, make music, beat on my drums, hang in my backyard, go on hikes, lounge in bed. For fun, I love to listen to local bands, dance, play pool, go hot tubbing or shop on Amazon all night long. 

I am an avid beer drinker, which is one reason I always have to exercise. I have been singing a lot more and messing around with editing. I am also finishing my college degree. I'm on my last semester now, and it's been pretty nice polishing up my rusty mommy brain. 

What's your favorite food? What do you love to eat?

This is always the hardest question because I'm such a foodie, and yet I'm so conscious about diets and nutrition. Vegetable juices and smoothies are always a solid choice, and pretty much anything to do with avocados gets me excited. I believe in moderation and if you eat too much sugar, balance it out with greens and protein. I love soups, the brothier the better, and also noodles of all kinds! 

Do you like reading about anything? What are your favorite books and movies? 

Yes, I love to read, but right now the only books I get to read are for my college classes. Nothing too exciting that I'm reading right now other than the awesome scripts these directors have been giving me. I love reading scene scripts.  Also, I have recently gotten obsessed with reading lyrics to songs. New and old, each song has some grand story to be told. I am fascinated with the style, the poetry, the rhythm, the emotions that artists create with their songs.


Do you have a dating tip that you swear by? What advice would you tell female fans who are trying to find The One?

Ummm, some things come to mind. First off, if you're in a violent relationship where you don't feel loved nor appreciated, or if you feel downright unsafe and tormented, please run like bloody hell to the nearest anywhere and never return. So many of us rot away in unworthy relationships because we don't feel like we can do better. Stop wasting your life feeling stuck and scared. 

I have dealt with the worst kind of relationship you can imagine, and I broke free and found somebody eventually who genuinely cares for me above and beyond my expectations. Imagine your perfect partner, visualize, see your soulmate, picture it all vividly in motion with all of your senses. If that seems completely foreign to you, then you need to restart from the groundwork and work on yourself. If you love yourself and care for yourself, it will be easier to find a solid partner. 

When we are desperate, we are vulnerable and it opens us up to harm and neglect. It's up to us to decide what we deserve and to stand up for ourselves. Once you pour love into yourself, that love will be so magnetizing that you won't have to try to meet anyone. They will simply come. They will appear when you're ready. Also, I think something that is very important in this day and age is being realistic with expectations, limits, and guidelines within a relationship. Knowing what is expected sexually and rule wise is extremely important. 

Perhaps being more open to polyamorous tendencies or an open-relationship might actually be more beneficial than risky when it comes to heartbreak and the current state of the world. I've known so many couples that have thrown all their love aside for one act of cheating. Possibly, if the couple had communicated better about their fantasies, they could have fulfilled each other's wishes together instead of tearing each other apart with deception. 

Even if we lie to ourselves, we attract that deception from others. So be real and true to you and you will attract and receive real and true love. Try to feel loved and to feel worthy of love. Sorry, I'm blabbing!

Something that you wish that you could have known when you first got started?

KNOW WHEN TO SAY NO! Also, know how to not only say yes. 

Do you have a blacklist of people you won't work with?

 Thankfully, not yet.

How did you get signed to your agency? 

Dude, it was grueling. No one wanted to represent a MILF like me who's only doing GG. I got so many NOs. I had a list of every LA porn agency and also a profile on sexyjobs.com. Finally, 101 Modeling gave me a chance and put me up on their website. I'm technically not really signed to anyone right now. If I tried to be represented anywhere else they'd require me to sign something exclusive. 

I'd rather go independent since I do so much promoting and networking myself anyways. I am very grateful for 101 though because they said yes when I felt defeated. They have gotten me so much further than I thought I would have gone this year.  

Do you feel like adult film stars are wrongly stigmatized by others? Tell me your thoughts.

 I think like many things, people don't understand what they haven't experienced. I see us be stigmatized all day, every day in every way from restricting our bank accounts to deleting our IGs. However, we are the scapegoats because we chose a profession that has always been seen as naughty and dirty. If it weren't considered that way, we wouldn't get paid like we do! 

Call me crazy, but I have noticed that the more socially acceptable it has become, the more girls flood to the industry and the supply/demand effect kicks in. Contract girls in the 90s would get $10,000 or more a scene and now girls doing the same thing with the same knockout looks will get $1,000 a scene. That's because (in my ignorant blonde opinion) there's a sea of newcomers every day and they don't have to pay for us to show our titties anymore. The sexual revolution brought about a wave of freedom that feels amazing (I love showing my tits on the net), but it has also made people more desensitized. 

The war on sex is real, and it's happening, but we also have grown accustomed to being taboo, to being edgy and unique in our sexuality. I do wish we were treated equally, that we could be less censored, but I also know it would take incredible union and common interest to get all of us sex workers to be accepted. People are averse to what they don't understand and a lot of what we do is quite perverse. 

For instance, I was a nun who had sex with another nun. Of course, some people are going to stigmatize me for that and make me feel sinful whereas others will praise my prowess. In this industry, you must have thick skin and some good girlfriends or perhaps a therapist to shrug off the naysayers. In the meantime, I know we will create our own avenues to pursue our passions even if the rest of the world isn't ready to accept us yet. 

What's a common misconception that people have about adult films that you want to clear up? 

That it's easy! I think everybody just assumes it's a walk in the park. Okay, it's certainly easier than some jobs out there, but it's nowhere near easy. I don't even want to argue my point here, I feel like you can find enough threads on Twitter about this. However, I know that the people who matter can see how much effort and energy each of us we put into our roles. 

Behind the scenes, it's an intense hustle that involves tremendous drive and zeal and a stamina most can't fathom. I appreciate each and every one of you from behind the camera to in front of the camera to the promoters and reviewers. Each one of us has an essential role in the livelihood of our little naughty industry neighborhood. 

Serene SirenAs a true certified MILF, you probably sometimes have to deal with jealousy from other women. How have you managed to handle that? What was the worst case of a woman clearly being hissy about your looks that you've experienced?

Haha, I don't really feel like women have been jealous of me much. I was the naughty one they could shun or the scapegoat they could blame because of my untamed ways. If anything they were grossed out by me knowing I wanted to lick their pussies. The girls that have gotten hissy at me are probably that way because they think they're way better than me, not because they think I'm hotter than them. 

Being a real MILF means I just have a ton of motivation to make that money and keep a smile on my face. All I want is to be happy and less stressed than my parents were. So far, that's working. If I can stay this blissed out in this business, I won't have any wrinkles to worry about for a while ;)

If you could hang out with any musician or band in the world, who would it be? 

Gwen Stefani, but who knows if she'd ever hang out with a bad girl like me. 

What are your plans for the upcoming year? Do you have any special releases you're excited about?

I'm excited for all my releases! They're all spectacular! I'd say look out for the kitty kat fantasy scene that Ana Fox and I did for Wicked coming out shortly and also my first time working for Mind Geek with Anny Aurora for Babes where we made love during the sunset. My only plans are to keep it up and keep healthy mentally and physically. 

Also, my plans this year involve getting Black Label Mag more popular and recognized. They're simply an amazing company and they deserve some clout. Also, I may just be dipping my paws into the directing pool...


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Interview conducted by Ossiana Tepfenhart

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