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XCritic Awards Winners 2018 – Round 2


XC Awards Winners

Welcome to 2019! We are pleased to announce the winners of our XCritic Awards! Here's the rub...we are doing it in batches, so You'll need to check back daily to see all of them! But for now, here are the second four! These catergories are always fan faves, so we thought we'd put them in their own group!

Best BBW Performer
Karla Lane

Best Trans Performer
Aubrey Kate

Cherie Deville

Best New Starlet
Honey Gold


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jasbellababe Preview
jasbellababe US
23 years old
Claudine Preview
Claudine US
41 years old
Rosie04 Preview
Rosie04 GB
24 years old
TaylorVause Preview
TaylorVause US
23 years old