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XCritic Performer Spotlight: Reagan Foxx


Awards season is here, and I think that the industry has never seen a buzz as it has in 2018 with the amount of talent and great productions that gained so much steam. Reagan Foxx in part one of our look into how she began her amazing journey in the industry talked about how much she has seen and some of the amazing places that her sexuality has taken her. You would think that this football loving hottie has seen and done everything in the world of adult entertainment but as we learned, she is just getting started. In part two, I had to find out where Reagan’s passions lay. See, if you were to know how Reagan operates behind the scenes, you would know, she cares so much about her work. She is always looking for an edge and not for the reasons you would think. The devotion to her fans is amazing but the true love and compassion she has for her co-workers in the industry is something. What I can tell you porn fans is that Reagan is the real deal. As she spoke of in part one, the swinging lifestyle has long been a part of her sex life before she even took one step in front of a camera. I had long heard many stories about Reagan and that shoots had turned into something even kinkier then expected. From second one, I will admit I was intrigued beyond belief. This is a woman who simply could make any red-blooded human being melt into a puddle of goo with one word. My goal was to find out what she wished to gain from adventures in the industry and something told me, it was going to be something more than any of her fans thought was behind her driving force.

Reagan Foxx 

Don Juan DeMarko: Damn, oh how I know the feeling of being intimidated at experiencing a massive lifestyle party where the flesh is in abundance and you do not know what the fuck to do. Part of the fun of sex I think is discovering what to do. I think that is something so many people miss, especially the critics of the lifestyle we all lead. I remember telling my girl, “Uh, my little guy, he isn’t coming out. He's frozen like a prison inmate in the searchlight. Scared shitless like a turtle.” (We both bust out laughing as hard as can be. I am snorting as I laugh, and Reagan still manages to sound sexy as can be.) I was a young man then, she taught me so much about intimacy and how to push a girl’s buttons. Those were great times I will never forget.


Reagan Foxx: That is so awesome, I freakin’ love this chick.


Don Juan DeMarko: I got lucky, the first gal that I had ever got with in the industry, she was in her late thirties and I was about twenty-two. At that age, I did not know what the hell I was doing and of course, she did. Like I said, fond, fond memories. So, the next question, this one is burning a hole in the paper! Being that you are a sexual dynamo on and off camera, who is that you have yet to shoot with that you must work with them? Who is it that you have this unrelenting passion and admiration for that you would wave your day rate in order to shoot with?

Reagan Foxx 

Reagan Foxx: Wow Don, that is a wonderful question. Can I have some extra time to think about this one? Well, I have worked for Kendra Lust in a movie, but we have never worked together. That might be on the top of my list. Yeah, Kendra Lust. Maybe I should say, that she is on my “wish list.” Angela White might be another one. She is on fire right now, so I might need to wait a little bit because she is a girl in demand right now. I have to say, those two are my picks, Don.


Don Juan DeMarko: Oh, my goodness, we need to get them both on the horn here. That would simply be a couple of pairings beyond belief. Those are the types of scenes that fans would kill for too.  Actually, I was telling Angela we were sitting down for an interview and Angela had nothing but wonderful things about the lovely Reagan Foxx. Now, side note here. I find it so cool that her fellow performers have so much admiration for all she is. She is a freakin’ machine. I do not know how she does the things she does in this business. I think you two would gel in an instant.


Reagan Foxx: I love a woman who loves what she does. Then you see that she is this beautiful woman with this amazing business sense too. I just really love that Don.


Don Juan DeMarko: There is nothing like a woman who has that type of drive to match her amazing look and character. I see that in you too Reagan. There is nothing like you empowered women. Take it from this guy, when a person sees an empowered woman, it radiates in everything she does. It glows like fire. I never knew what you did before the business until today. I knew that it was something where you had a lot of success in. You can just see it in a person’s eyes. That is truly you, amazing!


Reagan Foxx: Thank you, sweetheart, I appreciate that.


Don Juan DeMarko: I had been waiting to talk to you for a looooooooooong time!


Reagan Foxx: I know, me too, what took us so long?


Don Juan DeMarko: I know. The thing about being a writer for so long, well maybe I should say, starting to really research people as a subject and trying to create splendor, it is so hard to do in entertainment. Time flies by faster in the industry. I think a day is like four days in any other profession if that makes any sense. When you have those people, who they simply do not belong, and they waste your time, it leaves so little time with me for the ones that do.

Reagan Foxx 

Reagan Foxx: You were talking about a number earlier, about six hundred girls entering the market. I don’t think that is such a big exaggeration, Don. I see so many new girls in the industry every day. You see some that learn what it is all about quickly and they thrive and others who they look the part, they seem to have what it takes in the beginning and then they are gone. I can only imagine seeing it through your eyes. I do not envy your job, Don.


Don Juan DeMarko: So, with that said, you are truly making me think of Kendra now. Not to jump off topic but have you gotten to meet the entire Society 15 team and all those amazing behind the scene folks? I am just dying to know how much you have gotten to know Kendra because you are talking about people that belong, Kendra, she is simply another hard worker who I love to death and who does have so many amazing people behind her.


Reagan Foxx: I have only gotten to meet Kendra, I have not gotten to meet the behind the scenes players yet who are always her right hand in everything. When I had worked for her, we were shooting a big tit MILF movie and she was kind of sitting behind the camera. She was sitting on the floor I observed as we started the scene. As things went along, I kept hearing this noise. (Reagan starts to make these sexy moaning sounds.) So, I am hearing these oohs and ahhs and I am not looking at her because we are rolling. Once the scene was done, I went over to her and said, “Hey Kendra, I think I heard you under there.” She grabs my hand and says, “Oh, I am so sorry, I just love watching hot sexy scenes take place on set. It just really turned me on. Her telling me that and doing what she did, it just made her even more sexy to me and, when I was hearing that going on behind the table, it made the scene that much sexier as well. Getting to hear her while we were performing, (Reagan starts to get a little bashful and her voice gets a little high pitched as she smiles and laughs as she reminisces) it was just something so hot. I will never be able to get that out of my head.


Don Juan DeMarko: That is one of the steamiest stories I think we may have ever presented fans here on XCritic. That is hotter than hot. I really love and respect Kendra. She is a true sexual dynamo. I hope that someone books you both for a scene, or that Kendra gets an itch that she can only scratch herself in one of her own films. I really think you two would create something so wonderful for the fans. I think the way that she has become a director is so amazing and it says so much about the women of our industry. It is about both of you through and through, you know?


Reagan Foxx: Yes, I agree. One of the things that I love about it too, is that she is always doing other things as well. She has her supplement line and she always has this great mind for business and I love that.

Reagan Foxx 

Don Juan DeMarko: One of the best aspects of what you just said, is how a business-strong woman like yourself, has that passion for another woman of such grand stature. I have had so many performers say they just want to sit down with her and pick her brain as much as they can. That is something truly special. I love the fact that she has launched that supplement for women. I mean you never see that and there should be more of that.


Reagan Foxx: Yes, I love that.


Don Juan DeMarko: Now, speaking of empowered women, I love the fact that you shot with Jacky St. James. I would love to know what it was like to work with Jacky and tell me all about this amazing role. I know you had been looking forward to doing a role like this since you started in this business and it was truly something special to see you land that gig.


Reagan Foxx: I LOVE HER! I just love her Don. I feel like if I were not a porn star and she was not a director and we were to somehow just live on the same block, in the same neighborhood, she and I would just be best friends. I think that she is amazing. You can watch her behind the camera and yes, a little confession of mine, I was doing this quite often. You watch her work and she always has her hands at her face, she is always watching intently on every aspect of the production. She is paying close attention to those details that make her films so great to be a part of. She knows what is going on in front of the camera and she brings that approach to what she is doing behind the camera. She works so well with all her camera people and they all collectively make the decision of what works best. I like the way that she runs her sets and that is why it is so much fun to be on her set.


Don Juan DeMarko: To hear that her cast has that much admiration for production because of her. That is a bold and beautiful statement. Jacky, she is one of the best actors in the world. From the outside looking, I can only imagine what she is thinking when she goes with some of the combinations she does in every design of her films. It is like you said, she brings that excellence with her everywhere that she goes. She seems like a woman who knows what she wants, and she knows how to get it. Is she as fierce as she looks on set? Or is she totally not what the fans would expect her to be on set?

Reagan Foxx 

Reagan Foxx: I would not call her fierce at all. I think she is direct and that is what you have to be when you are in charge of everything. It is like you said Don, she knows what she wants and when you are making a film you have all these things you must account for. Jacky, she makes it all happen and that is what you want. So, I guess you could say fierce Don but fierce in the most positive way because she gets things done and when you have worked on a lot of different types of sets and shoots you appreciate that so much as an actor and performer.


Don Juan DeMarko: Yes, that is exactly how I mean it. I love directors like that and you know what? Their films are always these magnificent pieces of art. Maybe that is why they are so bold because that is what it takes to make something come alive that you have so much passion for and I hear all the time of how wonderful her sets are in this way. The people who are the true stars and hard workers of this business they love Jackie and you just added your testimonial to her amazing persona. I think the industry needs more directors like Jacky in it.


Reagan Foxx: You know what, now that I think of it Don, there is something else that I love about that woman, she is the only person besides me that I have seen in the industry that actually wears high top converse with a dress.


Don Juan DeMarko: (We both share another massive laugh) Oh my God! That is awesome, now I wanna see a picture of the that!


Reagan Foxx: Yes, I am over here saying, “get out my closet girlfriend.”


Don Juan DeMarko: Yes, my sweetheart, she has gone to a few parties and had on these cute pants suit bottoms with this very cute blouse and some sneakers. She asked me what I thought of the ensemble and I honestly told her that I loved it.


Reagan Foxx: I went out for drinks just last night. My attire was my old school Vans and this cute dress. This guy actually came up to me and told me how much he loved my outfit and I tell him, “look, I am tall enough as it is, and I just want to be comfortable.” I am a better drunk if I have tennis shoes on, opposed to high heels.

Reagan Foxx 

Don Juan DeMarko: I always forget how tall you are darling. I have so many close friends who are the taller models in the industry and I tell them all the time when they get into their stilettos, “put those fuckers on, tower over my ass.” There is nothing wrong with that elegance that is height on a woman. I simply hate hearing men whine when their woman is taller than them. Nothing is more annoying to me.


Reagan Foxx: Why are guys always like that! I must know Don! I hear that all the time!


Don Juan DeMarko: Honestly, it comes down to the masculinity of a man gone haywire. A man does not know how to tap into his feminism enough to where he sees the height does not matter and that the woman is not trying to control you or upstage you if you both show up at the company Christmas party and your wife or companion is taller then you. I think men have a hard time releasing that silly thought because they think it is control. I have seen some men lose some great women, even as just friends because of such silliness. It is passed down to us by our fathers. My Dad even once told me, “Son, you have to get a wife who is shorter than you.” It is silly beyond words. I told him this, true story, “Dad, but the taller woman, that is more woman to love. So how is less better?” He did not have an answer for that one.


Reagan Foxx: Yes! Plus, it puts my boobs right into everybody’s face!


Don Juan DeMarko: “Holy Guacamole!” Well, …. That too. (We start laughing. The charm of this woman. It is the rarest of things. It goes beyond the realm of her being a performer. She simply is confident and beautiful as she wants to be and that is truly who she is. It radiates from her.)


Reagan Foxx: Well, I can see why your Dad could not come up with an answer for that one either. Who does not want more woman? I sure do!


Don Juan DeMarko: When I was at XRCO, I took a very close friend at my date and she was so statuesque and beautiful. She was wearing six-inch heels I believe, and she was towering over everyone. Almost every single fucking guy came up and said, “you do not mind that she is taller than you?” I said, “No, why should I be.” It was hilarious.


Reagan Foxx: That is great. Well, at least everyone saw her.


Don Juan DeMarko: (We are laughing hysterically) I told her, “babe, put those things on, you look glamorous. Who cares if you are a foot taller than me afterward.” (More uncontrollable laughter.) Talking some more turkey, here is another thing I would love to know, being that you are one of the most under-rated actors in the business, what has been your favorite role, where you really get to put that type of dedication into what you are doing on camera? What has been your favorite so far I must know woman!

Reagan Foxx 

Reagan Foxx: I have had two really massive roles come up lately and if I had to choose. It would be among those two. The first one is Axel Braun’s The Possession of Mrs. Hyde. I really enjoyed that role. It really gave me a chance to open up and not play the “stepmom” even though I was playing a mother, the sex scene had nothing to do with me being a Step Mom and I thought that I was able to show a different side of the actor that I always think resides within me since joining this industry. The other film was the work that I did with Pure Taboo and I will never forget that piece of work because they actually had me cry and that was such a unique experience to do on set. Don, I am telling you, I balled! There was snot coming out of my nose Don and it was like this big string. I looked at the production staff and I said, “are you going to get rid of that?” They said to me, “…oh no! We are keeping that!” I am saying to myself “oh goodness no!” I was genuinely sobbing during this scene. They gave me a chance to try my luck at pulling a scene like that off. These two scenes, I am so proud to have them come out and to be a part of something so wonderful in my career.


Don Juan DeMarko: Awww, I have to see these films. Now, no bullshit. Before I touch on the acting side, I have to talk about the emotion that is already there when it comes to sex and sexuality. Mindi (Mink) I remember when we were doing an interview a few years back and we talked about all that can occur. She was literally on set and experienced the greatest sex scene with another woman and she simply began to weep from all the intensive emotions that she was feeling. I said to myself, “this is the most beautiful thing that I have ever heard.”

Reagan Foxx 

Reagan Foxx: I think I have seen that very scene. I think that I have seen Mindi cry. She is a woman who is one with her feelings.


Don Juan DeMarko: I must see these scenes now because I am a bog romantic deep down. I love to see that type of happiness on camera. There is nothing else like that no matter if it is the sex or the acting. I love those directors that bring that out in a performer. I think that there is nothing more beautiful in this industry. Those are the films that we need to be making more of. Tell us more about working with Bree. She is the hottest thing going in the industry right now and Pure Taboo is simply off the wall with how much they are being loved and excepted by fans.


Reagan Foxx: Yes, the scene with Pure Taboo is called Like Mother, Like Daughter and I wanted to say. I have been on set with Bree before. I was on set when Gia Page wrote her amazing script for her Pure Taboo creation. I was the stepmom on that one. I really loved getting to work with Craven the first time when I got to finally be one of the stars of the show and not an extra. Hey, getting extra work is great but every performer wants to be in one of the starring roles. Getting to see them all work together. It was just amazing. They work so well together. They mesh really well. I would watch them and what I would see as I was watching the others act, was this group really challenging each other. They would talk about ideas and if one person did things this way, they told the others why they thought that this would work. It is something so comfortable. It is very, very easy to be on set. It is something to remember when you work with people who know each other, who love each other and have done so for many years. It is just one of the best sets to be on.

Reagan Foxx 

Don Juan DeMarko: I love that. I love Craven to death. Yes, I will say this, he is the cuddliest dude on the planet. He is so warm and outspoken. He is a master at what he does, and he has a heart of gold to match his amazing eye behind the camera.


Reagan Foxx: I so agree with you, Don. He is so sweet, and he has got this rocker look that is, perhaps a little intimidating if you do not know him but once you get to know him, his kindness is what you remember most.


Don Juan DeMarko: This is something that I wish everyone could experience in life. I mean, when you are a critic, things can get “hairy” with some directors and I get that. A film is a director’s baby, their work of love. With Craven, getting to talk to him just online was something joyous but when I got to meet him, I told him who I was at XRCO and he tells me, “get over here and give me a hug brother.” That is the beauty and wonder of Craven Moorehead. I think you hardly ever see that with men. I mean that. Craven, he is kick ass because he is who he is and I tell the guy when I meet him face to face, “Dude, I am a hugger too.” (We bust out laughing) He is one of the best damn human beings I have ever met in this business. Working for him and with him had to be off the chain!

Reagan Foxx 

Reagan Foxx: Yes, you know what? What I truly want people to know is, especially when a person has been on set all day long and I am a hugger too, by the way, I like to give out hugs after I have been cum on and that does not really go over very well. (we erupt for the most massive laugh yet)


Don Juan DeMarko: You are too much woman. To get real for a second, I could tell that you are a compassionate woman. It shows so much in your eyes. One can tell you are a hugger.


Reagan Foxx: I would like to think so. I mean, I truly hope that comes out in many ways with not just my fans but with all people. Industry friends, the random person you meet at a convention, a husband or a wife. A person tries, well I know that I try to. When I think about that Don, I think about my camming, not just how I got started, or that I should do it more often then I should. It is the thought of letting people in to see who I am and that is truly me. I am a very fun person and I hope people see that when they see me on the other end of that camera and I am at home, or comfy with another performer in theirs.

Reagan Foxx 

Don Juan DeMarko: Oh, it does sweetheart and I am not just saying that. I see so much in you, especially now that I have gotten to sit down and talk with you. Now that you are in your third year, so much wonder is on the horizon. I mean that, and I am not just saying that. The fourth and fifth year and I have heard this since the era of Jenna Jameson, if it gets to repetition, as it does with any job, you will start to miss that nervousness, those butterflies that push a person to greatness and you begin to yearn for them. You miss that reaction that you were not used to when you first began and you that this ride is something that must always be enjoyed no matter the place you are, or what place you end up within the stature of the industry. This industry, it needs those women of success in it, because we need that heart of yours at every corner of the game and it does show always Reagan.


Reagan Foxx: Oh, thank you, you are very, very sweet. I just want to say, that if you ever see me in a scene and you see me giggling, that is a true-blue moment where I am being me. That is a true part of me that gets put into scenes unimpededly at times. It is either that I am having so much fun, or that I am lost in the moment. See, just thinking about it has me getting lost within the memories of my mind. I hope that always shows. (She honestly gets a little teary-eyed. She is so loving this woman, I can not express how much that is in her very voice at every second of this interview and the moment gets her choked up. It is very beautiful.)


Don Juan DeMarko: Awwwwww, you are just beyond words. (Comfortable silence.) OK, I must bring in some improv questions from the fans. So, I take great pride in researching the amazing subjects that I am privileged to get to know. I have heard from a mutual friend that you love to garden and that you are a big outdoors person. Is all this true?


Reagan Foxx: Oh my gosh! So, if something is bothering me and I am outside, either I will plant, or I am tearing stuff down, or trimming things down like the bushes. I love that release. It gives me so much pride to be able to look out my window and say, “hey, I did all of that.” Being outdoors doing all that, it makes my mind become clear always. I love to be outside, I love to hike. I do not really have anyone that can hike with me, so I do not hike very much anymore but anything I can do outside, if it involves the sun, oh my goodness, yes, I am there.

Reagan Foxx 

Don Juan DeMarko: Oh, how I knew we were going to get along on this little piece of work of ours. Madam, I am one of the lone males in this industry who can tell you what a perennial and an annual is and what makes them differ. I love gardening, I love plants, trees, everything.


Reagan Foxx: Oh, my goodness, (She starts laughing as I keep interrupting her as she is telling the story of her passion for the outdoors.)


Don Juan DeMarko: Topsoil, it is my best friend at times.


Reagan Foxx: Doesn’t it make you feel good? You can just look outside, and your body is sore, and you have blisters everywhere. You look at your hands and no matter how much pain you are in, or how much blood and sweat is everywhere from your head and hands, does that not feel good?


Don Juan DeMarko: Yes madam, it sure does. You know, the other thing our mutual friend said was that we would get along because of the animals we have had. I am a big animal nut. Me, my boy, planting some carrots in the back and some green chili. That is heaven. The girls always bust my chops about being a lesbian in a man’s body, which I think they may be right because of how in tune I am with my feminine side. My dog may be what proves it. My boy, he is a little Schnoodle.


Reagan Foxx: So, does he have curly hair?


Don Juan DeMarko: Well, he looks just like a schnauzer. He has that really coarse black hair here and there like a poodle, but his coat is mostly that smooth fur that all schnauzers have. He has changed colors two times. He was brown, then he turned grey, now he is turning brown again.


Reagan Foxx: Oh wow, is he a miniature or what size is he?


Don Juan DeMarko: Yes, he is a miniature. I only get little dogs. I am indeed a candy ass. (we both start laughing) I simply can not handle picking up poop that is bigger than mine in the backyard.

Reagan Foxx 

Reagan Foxx: I love that we can relate on this level. I have had many breeds of canines. I have even had a few schnauzers. They can be a very temperamental dog. So, I am wondering what a Schnoodle is like.


Don Juan DeMarko: Oh, he barks at everything, it is insane. It is hard to take him out an about at times.


Reagan Foxx: Now that is funny. You must love those phoo-phooey dogs. They all have that Ggggrrrrrr to them that is just beyond cute.


Don Juan DeMarko: Yes, see you get where the love comes from. The little Schnauzers, the thing I wanted to ask you is if they have even smaller tails don’t, they? They have little nubs, don’t they?


Reagan Foxx: Yes, they do. They have little nubs it is because they cut them off. “Nubs” oh my goodness, that is funny.


Don Juan DeMarko: Reagan, I cannot even begin to tell you what a joy this has been. You are truly a one of a kind woman and a one of a kind performer. With AVN coming up can you tell us about any projects that you have upcoming? Also, is there anything in closing you want to tell your fans?


Reagan Foxx: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh yes there is Don. I love my fans and there is something I want to say to them. I have the most loyal fans that anyone could hope to have. My super fans, they are amazing, and I just have to say that I am so lucky to have them, Don. I know I do not say thank you enough or do enough for them but in these types of interviews, where my schedule finally slows down, I finally have time to give them the thanks and appreciation they deserve. I want them all to know, I would not be here if it were not for them. Thank you for having me, this was fun.


…. And with that, she was gone. The only way a beautiful woman of true power could be. Many do not know, Reagan also is a woman who built her own website as well. She has been a performer who has earned every accolade and roll she has received. She is nominated for MILF Performer of the Year again here in 2018 and one thing is for sure, with what she contributed to a film like the Possession of Mrs. Hyde from Wicked Pictures, there is no telling what this beauty has in store for 2019. She is simply a woman who is all heart. A woman who looks to get that out of all she works with. She sparked something in me from her first words spoken and I truly think that by the time this beauty hangs it up, we will all see the older woman’s role in the industry redefined. That is simply Reagan…

Don Juan DeMarko 

Find her on her social media & websites here:


Twitter: @ReaganFoxx_

Instagram: thereaganfoxx

Website: www.reaganfoxx.com




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